🚨 Daily life Safety with AMBER | EP 01 - 04 | Robocar POLI | Kids animation


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    Peter is the best charecter. He is the most relateble out of every other charecter. Everyone else is just perfect or has little flaws while peter is the most flawed. This charecter onestly speaks to me. He signafies the human's 7 deadly sins. Greed, because he always wants things for himself and no one else. Glutonny because in the episode where he almost choked was caused by him taking more candy than he should. Sloth because in one episode him and johny where playing soccer, he was to tired and lazy to get the ball. Pride, because he believed he was the playground master. Envy because he gets angry when someone else has somthing he hasn't. Anger because he got mad when his kite didn't work. And finally, lust, because he likes being around amber. You can feel the sexual tension between them. At the end of the day he always learns his leson, but then commits fouls again signifying the humans tendensies to not learn.

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    17:08 he almost dead

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    See me transforming tomorow Poli,Roy,Amber

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    Русский мозг? Русский мультик эмбер хочу

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    Знаешь что я то же жду уроки безопасности с эмбер на русском языке

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    10:44 did you say. Addtwo Amber

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    I love Amber I like Helly

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    Sing is so good to know what you doing now babe I love you too and she said it would make 21st birthday party and then the next one will come in

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