Ant drinking liquid candy


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    the music is perfect

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    bout to start gang wars. crips vs bloods

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    *Ant drinking jello* Oh wow

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    Day 1 Of Trying To Get Subs By Commenting

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    Mandy Qiu congrats

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    Где ферму покупал?

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    Nice videos

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    Thats funny 🤪

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    Their Christmas lights

  13. B Parker

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    LOL the ant drowned in the green pool

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    *”liquid candy”*

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    lps sunflower tv7 hari yang lalu

    Like the music

  16. Poonam .O

    Poonam .O8 hari yang lalu

    I seen this is in my childhood..when I was 11 year old....nd it's really amazing guyss.....U all can't believe I wasted one glass of mountain dew on ants 😆 to seeing how they drink MD...But I'm surprised whn I'm seeing that....🤗

  17. Sacred Gamer

    Sacred Gamer8 hari yang lalu

    🎵 The ant wants candy 🎵

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    Ants loves crawling on me whenever I play my PC like *what da hell do y'all want? *

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    That's not how asterisks work.

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    man ice man ice

  21. 2D04張?朗

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    man iies

  22. 2D04張?朗

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    swissman swissman swissman swissman

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    swiss swiss swiss swiss

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    И где сам то покрасил?

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  26. Credits unknown

    Credits unknown11 hari yang lalu

    I like how when one falls down every ant is like eh Like the candy has chosen a Sacrifice

  27. azalia G

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    One like for the ant that just drowned is the green

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    Nice editing man😆

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    The end is just different teams of zerglings

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    1/9 in the. ×

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    2:33 is when the ants actually start drinking colors for all you impatient folk

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    Thank you so muchhh

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    Thank u

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    Who else hates ants but still watched this?

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    I did

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    At 2:47 ant bath in liquid candy

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    para de cagar a vida dos animais

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    very beautiful

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    Lol there alot

  47. bacon dondy37 videos

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    So cool oooo:

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    ada banyak semut

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    Ok now that was just click bait :

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    No? They drank it.

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    Very good👌

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    ._. ew

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    B E A N O S

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    Hahaha nice video

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    4:01 me waiting for my luggages at the airport

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    So true lol

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    Haha lol

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    Of u saying

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    christe ahlmeron this was bad

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    Some casualities occured there

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    Anyone turned yellow?

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    Thumbnail is extremely misleading

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    Upup P

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    4:22 HOW THE HECK IS IT GLOW IN THE DARK IF U ATE DIS U BE DED RIGHT NOW! WHAT DA HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? R.i.p. To and perfectly fine ant until somebody killed it will glow in the dark liquid candy *dun dun dun dun. Dun dun dun*

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    MERP no

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    You need to chill out

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    that’s a lot of ants 😅😅


    JESSEN FERNANDOBulan Yang lalu

    Me at 3am Me:Time to sleep IDreporter:See this vid how ant drink candy liquid

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    It’s not good for ants to be in the light for long, they’ll think their nest has been exposed and will panic

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