Japanese Street Food - DANCING SQUID SASHIMI Hakodate Japan Seafood


  1. Morgan Jarvis

    Morgan Jarvis35 menit yang lalu

    Those poor squids

  2. where is my wall

    where is my wall4 jam yang lalu

    if you don't enjoy this type of food than get the fuck away from this channel why stay here insult other cultures while you fucking chewing on meat yourself ..and if your vegan and you visit this channel that means you have a serious problem ..

  3. Serbey Erikli

    Serbey Erikli4 jam yang lalu

    İnsan değilsiniz yavşaklar

  4. James Watson

    James Watson5 jam yang lalu


  5. virginia calma

    virginia calma13 jam yang lalu

    12:59 I dont get the purpose of a squid head on top of the noodles the part of the video where you eat raw squid parts I get that but 12:59 was that really necessary?

  6. DMGamer99 DMGamer99

    DMGamer99 DMGamer9915 jam yang lalu

    12:32 who tf turned on the squid car alarm?

  7. Just a dumb weeb

    Just a dumb weeb21 jam yang lalu

    9:23 yeeted from the grave

  8. Relampago Marquinhos

    Relampago Marquinhos23 jam yang lalu

    This is scary....


    PENGDOHari Yang lalu

    Hope aliens come and eat all the people

  10. Noob 555t

    Noob 555tHari Yang lalu


  11. Noob 555t

    Noob 555tHari Yang lalu

    disgusting disgusting poor octopus dislike🦑🐙

  12. ねこ

    ねこHari Yang lalu

    おいしそうー するめいか?

  13. Esma Esma

    Esma EsmaHari Yang lalu

    İnsan kadar tehlikeli canlı var mi acaba😤

  14. HappyHalloween

    HappyHalloweenHari Yang lalu

    Everything kills to eat & survive but, this is cruelty. There is no reason to create more suffering.

  15. Kpop Lover

    Kpop Lover2 hari yang lalu

    I love Asia but I hate that they eat anything they find they should just eat like us American normal food cause I dont get in America we respect animals well some people but in Asia they just dont care they even kill dogs for their leather and meat and I cry a lot. I love Asia tho but like that is animal abuse.

  16. Hee Fababalayee

    Hee Fababalayee2 hari yang lalu

    5:18 Squid: uhhh can I have my body back p l e a s e

  17. Guinevere Fav.

    Guinevere Fav.2 hari yang lalu

    Gordon ramsay:where is the seasonings?

  18. Stephany Pulido

    Stephany Pulido2 hari yang lalu

    Damn, messed up. That was disturbing and I'm not a vegan. Other nations are disgusting. Upvote if you're an Israelite from one of the twelve tribes.

  19. The Vector

    The Vector3 hari yang lalu

    3:11 and 5:15 Is no one gonna talk about how creepy that is?

  20. aris the fire

    aris the fireHari Yang lalu

    In Japan? No

  21. Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

    Jose Juan Rivera Reyes3 hari yang lalu

    Does it taste good? What's that brown stuff?

  22. Ryn

    Ryn3 hari yang lalu

    lmao that looks gross. it moves ewww

  23. Victor Diaz

    Victor Diaz3 hari yang lalu

    Looks scrumptious. 🦑 🇯🇵

  24. lil nightmare

    lil nightmare3 hari yang lalu

    i’m a simple person man i see the dancing squid in my recommended i watch the dancing squid.

  25. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy4 hari yang lalu

    Nasty mouth always said it gross, cruel, not safe for eat.... Me : Just eat it!

  26. JungHwan Lee

    JungHwan Lee4 hari yang lalu

    1:03 아빠가 빨리 와야돼

  27. 100k subscribers without any videos

    100k subscribers without any videos5 hari yang lalu

    The nociceptors in the squid much like other species are used to detect stimuli for its surrounding in case if there is potential harm which is why it reacted to the soy sauce at 13:11 another way it reacted to the soy sauce was because the muscles still had ATP so when the muscle absorbed the soy sauce (or any sodium) like a sponge it releases muscle movement/spasms. Anyways Squids have nerve fibers but instead they are motor fibers (Aka Nerve Fiber C) and use it for movement and propelling through water in their arms whilst nerve fibers (Mostly Nerve fiber A/C but B is moderately myelinated) are mostly used to feel pain like all mammals so I believe it would be necessary to do this regardless if its alive or not (even though the squid was dead). Although a Squid Much like an Octopus are Intelligent creatures and can feel emotions they are only capable of feeling basic emotions so the pain they feel may unexpressive or too complex for humans to understand such as fishes. The amount of neurons squids have are usually clustered around the arms and its responsible for behavior/Motor Controlls on the arms so it may be invalid to conclude that squids can feel pain because they have 50% more neurons than lobsters/crabs when most of those neurons are responsible for something else yet are around different parts of the body

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    追Алексей с Сахалина5 hari yang lalu

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  29. TXT boy story

    TXT boy story5 hari yang lalu

    Poor octopus 😭😭😭😢 RIP.

  30. trashyfinnie

    trashyfinnie5 hari yang lalu

    as much as i love japan, i hate that they do this :(

  31. Laila Namati

    Laila Namati5 hari yang lalu

    I'm down to eat this as long as it isn't spicy

  32. Justin Y’s Friend

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    Category: *Travel & Events*

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    I want your pussy in my anus6 hari yang lalu

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  34. pasojancok

    pasojancok6 hari yang lalu

    Ga waras semua ini

  35. Ctrigger32

    Ctrigger327 hari yang lalu

    anyone else kinda feel bad for the squids?

  36. Sam Afgan

    Sam Afgan7 hari yang lalu

    Damn I feel bad for all those poor squid that’s literally like a living version of the movie hostel for sea creatures.

  37. Elizabeth Pajwo

    Elizabeth Pajwo7 hari yang lalu

    Poor creature ;(

  38. Yersson Aaron Neniux

    Yersson Aaron Neniux7 hari yang lalu

    no se porque tanto dislike??

  39. un Y

    un Y7 hari yang lalu

    빨갱아 좀 죽어

  40. Henry Discipline

    Henry Discipline7 hari yang lalu

    That squid actually looked like it enjoyed that.

  41. Henry Discipline

    Henry Discipline7 hari yang lalu

    That squid actually looked like it enjoyed that.

  42. 어머

    어머7 hari yang lalu

    나의 동족이 사냥당하여, 몸이분리되고 내장이뽑힐때 그걸보며 즐거워하는 인간들의 모습이 무섭다.그들의 숭고한 죽음을 기리기위해 영상을끝까지 보려 하였으나 더이상 참지못하겠다. 오징어회 먹으러가야지

  43. the olimpus

    the olimpus8 hari yang lalu

    Chinos hijos de remil puta como me gustaría tenerlos atado y cortarle la piel poco a poco sacarle la carne de los brazos sin matarlo para qe sufra qe mierda le cuesta matar al animal rápido para que no sufra hdp

  44. Jaydeeezy

    Jaydeeezy8 hari yang lalu

    Is this allowed in the States?

  45. Makayla Vasquez

    Makayla Vasquez8 hari yang lalu


  46. Kill Trigger

    Kill Trigger8 hari yang lalu

    I'd love to try this but uhh those are straight out from the pool... with all bacteria intact? Or do they sanitize the pool?

  47. paintedghost

    paintedghost8 hari yang lalu

    Honestly I feel so bad for these poor beautiful little creatures.... like. Terrible. But at the same time... I love eating squidddd 😫😫🥺

  48. Nexus_ 1z

    Nexus_ 1z8 hari yang lalu

    People dislike these videos saying animal abuse and then they end up eating them.

  49. Dara Quinn

    Dara Quinn9 hari yang lalu

    *S q u i d w a r d h a s l e f t t h e c h a t*

  50. Timmy_The_Bass

    Timmy_The_Bass9 hari yang lalu

    *licks lips* catfish love squid

  51. Night King

    Night King9 hari yang lalu

    That's a break dance

  52. Shaggster 258

    Shaggster 2589 hari yang lalu

    MOTHER FUCKIN Holocaust for squid 🦑

  53. hugo garcia

    hugo garcia10 hari yang lalu

    Olv a que sabrá ese caldito

  54. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow10 hari yang lalu

    Hm... Which squid will I eat today?

  55. chelsea osuji

    chelsea osuji10 hari yang lalu

    ew the fuck nigga. DID THAT SHIT STAND UP im vegan now *Eats chicken the next day*

  56. MilkTea

    MilkTea10 hari yang lalu

    god i smell so much PRIVILEGE in this comment section... any of yall actually kill the meat you eat yourselves?

  57. Dark Sister

    Dark Sister10 hari yang lalu

    If my food was still moving. I don’t care how it cost I’m not paying and I’m not eating

  58. Pedro Tangerino

    Pedro Tangerino11 hari yang lalu

    I mean apart from the fact that it moves in your mouth... it should taste good

  59. 最強のパラ

    最強のパラ11 hari yang lalu


  60. Igor Bugaev

    Igor Bugaev12 hari yang lalu

    Fuck people.

  61. Nein 670

    Nein 67012 hari yang lalu

    poor Squidward