Japanese Street Food - $100 GIANT CLAM Seafood Japan


  1. Rachel Crider

    Rachel Crider14 jam yang lalu

    mmmm, yummy!!

  2. PASIT D.

    PASIT D.2 hari yang lalu

    ของกินมีเยอะแยะก็ยังจะไปจับของที่มันอยู่มานานหลายสิบปีมากิน มนุษย์

  3. ie_be 27

    ie_be 272 hari yang lalu

    Kerang jenis ini bukan y udah di atur undang" kalo' di lindungi,di larang di ambil..??

  4. Vally Bae

    Vally Bae5 hari yang lalu

    I think the most uncomfortable part is, when keep thinking to yourself is it dead yet? Cuz no head, no eyes and I don't know how to tell. Every time it moved I was omg, bruh I thought u was dead. Giving me a heart attack.

  5. Ulfia Febriani

    Ulfia Febriani6 hari yang lalu

    Mantap jiwa

  6. K_Karli Chan_C

    K_Karli Chan_C7 hari yang lalu

    Eso me recuerda a este emoji "😖" por la boca Jajaj

  7. Rini Dolken

    Rini Dolken7 hari yang lalu

    Yg komen bahasanya bikin pusing juancok

  8. Roy Royer

    Roy Royer9 hari yang lalu

    Tremendo molusco...

  9. Mr. J

    Mr. J12 hari yang lalu


  10. Dimension Force

    Dimension Force12 hari yang lalu

    2:35 ~2:41 😬

  11. Alvin Paganini neoguitar

    Alvin Paganini neoguitar12 hari yang lalu

    So bad

  12. Agustin Mongelos

    Agustin Mongelos13 hari yang lalu


  13. Rosario Hernánez

    Rosario Hernánez14 hari yang lalu

    Danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peligro !!! Salmonela

  14. mon mon

    mon mon14 hari yang lalu


  15. Jeff 'The Chef'

    Jeff 'The Chef'14 hari yang lalu

    Hey I'm the first to admit I eat the shit out of sushi when I can, I hunt, fish and love meat and seafood. However something felt weird about killing that clam. It kinda felt like killing a dinosaur or a hundred year old tortoise. Hahaha so weird. But yes I would have ate it too if served to me. Hahaha It looks more like a decorative piece of art vs. food.....lol. it's like its own little ecosystem on and in that shell.

  16. Kevin Clark

    Kevin Clark14 hari yang lalu

    Great job on the cleaning of the meat run water close to it and magic clean

  17. fefed Kao

    fefed Kao15 hari yang lalu

    저거 하나만 까도 한끼식사로 먹고도 남겠다;;

  18. GadgetMart

    GadgetMart15 hari yang lalu

    Looks very lrubbery

  19. Drunk Sutherland

    Drunk Sutherland16 hari yang lalu

    1:24 can't say he didn't put up a fight

  20. Bạch Vân Thanh

    Bạch Vân Thanh17 hari yang lalu

    Má ơi chắc tanh chết quá 😲

  21. Edwin Szeto

    Edwin Szeto17 hari yang lalu

    I just orgasmed

  22. Cynthya Anabelle

    Cynthya Anabelle19 hari yang lalu

    Que es el líquido negro?... Siempre veo en estos vídeos que lo utilizan para remojar el marisco y después comerlo

  23. Vinicius Rios

    Vinicius Rios21 hari yang lalu

    Japonese people need to discover fire soon, they're taking too long

  24. ziggy morris

    ziggy morris21 hari yang lalu

    Now that’s a sharp knife

  25. aungaung aungaung

    aungaung aungaung21 hari yang lalu

    100 dollars Omg

  26. Brittney M

    Brittney M22 hari yang lalu

    I know one thing after i eat that giant clam i'm keeping the shell to use as decorations around the house! Too pretty to be wasteful..

  27. XxAresBrotoloigosXx93

    XxAresBrotoloigosXx9325 hari yang lalu

    Puto POKEMON....😱😱😱😱😱

  28. Orang Bumi

    Orang Bumi26 hari yang lalu

    knk klo bikin video exe selalu ad "SELAMAT DATANG DI LEGENDA SELULER -_-"

  29. Foxshot

    Foxshot26 hari yang lalu

    This looks like under school bleachers is it gust me or no.

  30. Nothing Don't Mind me I Said Don't Mind me!

    Nothing Don't Mind me I Said Don't Mind me!27 hari yang lalu

    Aren't Giant Clams Endangered?

  31. Muel Y.

    Muel Y.24 hari yang lalu

    This type of clam was just a 25 years one. There are clams the reproduce very fast. And in japan, korea and china, Its FDA and Goevernment approved

  32. DJ ChOcMiX

    DJ ChOcMiX27 hari yang lalu


  33. El fred cervants

    El fred cervants28 hari yang lalu

    Soo this thing as white blood

  34. India Reiss

    India Reiss28 hari yang lalu

    Such a beautiful clam! Shame it's getting eaten.

  35. Angry Cougar

    Angry Cougar28 hari yang lalu

    India Reiss *ok*

  36. India Reiss

    India Reiss28 hari yang lalu

    @Angry Cougar of course not what kind if question is that.

  37. Angry Cougar

    Angry Cougar28 hari yang lalu

    *so we only eat ugly animal?*

  38. ابو علاوي

    ابو علاوي29 hari yang lalu

    فيها عيون 😂

  39. peter lee

    peter leeBulan Yang lalu

    The Last time I saw something like that it had a winkle init 🥴

  40. Elizabeth Gordon

    Elizabeth GordonBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine that giant clam live for hundred of years to achieve that size wtf people should realized that this planet is aging and the treat in natural resources is real how can this planet will support our food security if we are the number 1 treat to our nature imagine you eat that clam for 45 minutes and that clam grows for almost hundred years wtf

  41. Andrei Todoran

    Andrei TodoranBulan Yang lalu

    Shame killing an animal for such a small amount of meat, especially when giant clams are becoming rare and vulnerable.

  42. Jenros Soolis

    Jenros SoolisBulan Yang lalu

    wow so big

  43. Лариса Хрусталева

    Лариса ХрусталеваBulan Yang lalu

    Он даже без перчаток это так противно. Никогда бв у него ничего не купила

  44. Erik Kasselhof

    Erik KasselhofBulan Yang lalu

    Not alot of meat for that big ol clam

  45. Gear Potot

    Gear PototBulan Yang lalu

    I just wonder... For how many years do the clam grow to be that huge?

  46. Сергей Сергей

    Сергей СергейBulan Yang lalu

    А потом после сырого молюска срать будешь пол дня.

  47. Peilun He

    Peilun HeBulan Yang lalu

    Is it legal to eat them? I thought the specie was classified as vulnerable

  48. alex derek

    alex derekBulan Yang lalu

    Peilun He Japanese dont give a fuck

  49. SolRegienald

    SolRegienaldBulan Yang lalu

    16:07 Ok who's testicles are those?

  50. Mr. J

    Mr. J12 hari yang lalu

    @kevin aslin LOL

  51. kevin aslin

    kevin aslin24 hari yang lalu

    She goes by Caitlyn now

  52. Chris Bidegain

    Chris BidegainBulan Yang lalu

    Looks pretty

  53. juan dela cruz

    juan dela cruz2 bulan yang lalu

    giant clam are already an endangered species.

  54. Adam Macho

    Adam Macho2 bulan yang lalu

    akhirnya terpuaskan Rasa Ingin tahu dari Masa Kecil ku, Isi Kerang Raksasa tu apa?!!?

  55. Bocah lucknut.

    Bocah lucknut.2 bulan yang lalu

    isinya putri duyung 😂

  56. Dmitriy Kozlov

    Dmitriy Kozlov2 bulan yang lalu


  57. JakkfleX TV

    JakkfleX TV2 bulan yang lalu

    Those people eat the whole ocean

  58. yuda kurniawan

    yuda kurniawan2 bulan yang lalu

    Serakah sembarang dipangani

  59. Reva Rahayu

    Reva Rahayu2 bulan yang lalu

    100 dolar/1.800.000😕😕

  60. АLEX. А777АА77

    АLEX. А777АА772 bulan yang lalu

    JAPAN 👎😡

  61. Dark Carrier

    Dark Carrier2 bulan yang lalu

    Se lo comen crudo?.....


    HIDAYAT GAMING2 bulan yang lalu

    Wew mentah dimakan

  63. Lima 5

    Lima 52 bulan yang lalu

    Stupid chef

  64. Mohd Lan21

    Mohd Lan212 bulan yang lalu

    100$ dollar mcm rugi je cengkerang ja besar

  65. alul ackerman

    alul ackerman2 bulan yang lalu

    You make me sad 😢

  66. Dolfy Da Führer

    Dolfy Da Führer2 bulan yang lalu

    I'm not a vegan the hell with them by the way, but those giant clams are endangered now they shouldn't be eaten they should live and let them not be disturb

  67. CrYbAbY-KillA

    CrYbAbY-KillA2 bulan yang lalu

    Human are supposed to eat seafood.

  68. Михаил Цуканов

    Михаил Цуканов2 bulan yang lalu

    Не мы как то привыкли есть готовую пищу, а не сырое еще почти живое, мне даже жалко существо.