Japanese Food - GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA FISH CUTTING Sashimi Bowl Tokyo Japan


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    I am groot, i am hungry already.

  2. RU_ SH

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    Zero precision unlike other japanese chefs.

  3. Anil Bhadke

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    How they eat without fry

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    Ai ta certo

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    I'm hungry

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    The meat looks so nice, to bad to dont like seafood

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    Laki si se dieron cuenta que parece que se esta comiendo su cola 😅😂

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    the belly part is the best and most expensive because it contains fat

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    Otoro !!!!!!!

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    nice work

  11. 10k subs with no videos challenge pro

    10k subs with no videos challenge proHari Yang lalu

    "Blue fin" sees yellow fin

  12. harsha Sri

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    Isn't blue fin tuna fish critically endangered??? Is it leagal to eat this


    EZRACERHari Yang lalu

    It is legal, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be on IDreporter

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    K práctica la de ese joven para destasar bendiciónes

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    Wow k enorme y se ve deliciosa ese atún

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    Alguien k hablé español x aki

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    Just like cutting watermelon

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    Wah ni enak banget q mau donk mau di masak apa ya,

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    Молодцы япошки. Не корми, не ухаживай, деньги не трать. Поймал вот такого кабана в море и всё. А у нас корову или свинью, или барана вырастить, сколько трудов надо.

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    Согласен на все 100%

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    I love watching videos of Japanese preparing food, so awesome!

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    skil lambat no like

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    He put the fin in the head 😂🤣

  26. Tom Tiernan

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    I believe this is a Yellow Fin Tuna. Bluefins get much larger

  27. wyatt8287

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    @Tom Tiernan bluefin tuna have yellow finlets what you are referring to. If that was a yellowfin it would have very long and pronounced yellow secondary dorsal and anal fins, but you can clearly see the has the secondary dorsal and anal fins of a bluefin. This is 100 percent a bluefin tuna.

  28. Tom Tiernan

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    wyatt8287 , if you look at the beginning of the video the fins along the tail are yellow hence yellowfin. Bluefin tuna have fins along the tail that are silverish blue. I know because I used to show up at the docks to hoist them on a forklift from the fishermen ‘s boats.

  29. wyatt8287

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    No its a bluefin for sure

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    Tom Tiernan

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    How many of u watched complete video without skipping

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    that tail end !!!!

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    The fish wash still frozen when cut

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    美味そう 😍

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    I see people throwing away guns collar on boat channels on sea, and just waste a lot of meat. I don’t fault them but try to educate. #boatlife plz do this.

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    This isn't the way to get AHEAD in life....

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    He buss that bitch dooooowwwwnnnnnn!!!!!!

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    1:39 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Im hungry :((((

  40. Dr care

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    Hi travel thristy, chef master absolute lucky to have such healthy giant tuna. Wasn't so bad if i could have any eggs(Tuna) from you if youre doing very well on tuna farming. Thanks for your respond.

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    Legend has it hes still cutting this tuna today

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    Looks tasty and shit.. But raw.. Really?

  43. Jay Valenzuela

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    His handle wasnt smooth.

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    Bluefin tuna have so much meat

  45. David Hernalsteen

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    I’d like my fish cut in a much colder area of the restaurant, with nobody hanging around with dirty towels and clothes. Absolute disgrace for Japanese chefs. Disgusting.

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    Bình luận đéo hiểu gì luôn

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    Ni que fuera tigre para comer crudo!

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    Wasted the fish bone good to have it as fish soup or broth im a filipino and we dont waste any part of the fish especialy the head which is flavorful

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    i dont think they wasted it. they might have set it aside for other things

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    He rape the tuna basically.

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    طبق زربة ماينشبع منها عمت عينكم وعابت اذواقكم

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    How can a man well experienced like this salute man😍

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    Bisa kebagi sekampung

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    Mau bisnis tuna , silahkan hubungi saya No hp 082271114232 , alamat saya di Indonesia Maluku utara

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    Isnt it harmful to eat raw fish.?

  62. Shun Okamoto

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    Nope, you can eat it, unless theres something bad like poison or plastic in them

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    WTF! This is real 😳

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    Que delicia em imagina isso com cerveja

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    It's so interesting and interesting 😍 Wish everyone and your family good health, can I do culinary vlogs?

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    Já comi sashimi, e digo que nunca mais quero comer isso denovo, odeio peixe cru, pra mim tem que ser frito ou cozido.

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    É verdade falou tudo

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    Thanks to this people this kinda tuna fish its on danger and they keep hunting them because money cares more than nature doing the same with the white shark what will be next the killer whale? I don’t wanna know 😬😬

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    Me podrían desir que pescado es porfis

  70. Emanuel Amaya

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    @Georgina Jimenez por su o por la? Jaja

  71. Georgina Jimenez

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    Gracias por su La información

  72. Emanuel Amaya

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    Georgina Jimenez es el atún rojo esta en peligro de extinción por la caza masiva sobre todo en países como Japón que son los responsables de 1/4 parte de la pesca mundial de este tipo de pez lamentable pero así son algunos malditos que solo les importa el dinero y dañan la naturaleza de este modo


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    Excellent video thank you

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    Dear God..., Before my time comes..., Please let me go to Japan, to this place, and sample everything it has to offer in abundance 'till death do us part. I am totally amazed and stunned at the $$$ EXPENSIVE $$$ fish being sliced with such order. Just once in my life..., I want Sushi and Sashimi in a manner unfit for human display. This is amazing~!!! :)