Thai Food - GIANT SEA BASS Mango Salad Aoywaan Bangkok Seafood Thailand


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    Kalau gak asem gak Thailand namanya

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    Seeing all these videos that use a mortar and pestle to make fresh custom pastes and seasonings for food almost makes me want to get my own

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    Ese robalo es una exquisitez!!!

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    Precisa lavar o peixe cx que nojo

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    เล็บยาวขนาดนี้ กุแดกไม่ลง

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    Hey StinkPants, go book tickets for us to Thailand, so we can try this dish!

  9. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man2 bulan yang lalu

    10:50. Dose anyone know the name of this "Grinding Bowl" being used here?

  10. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man2 bulan yang lalu

    wandering wolf - Thank-you for a real answer. I have left like 5 questions like this in various videos over the past week and have received like 8 "Google/research it" answer to them. Why respond at all if that is going to be your answer? Anyways thanks again for a real answer and not being either stupid or an ass.

  11. wandering wolf

    wandering wolf2 bulan yang lalu

    Mortar and Pestle

  12. ashraf khalil

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    Fresh fish don’t need any seasoning

  13. Jasmine Greenland

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    Skilled chef 😏

  14. Glen B

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    at least the mortar and pestle aren't on the floor between her feet.......

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    Alguien que escriba en español... Buenos videos saludos travel thirsty. ....

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    You sure know how to hurt a guy...

  17. Pavel Pavlov

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    Having visited several times in Thailand, I concluded that Thai food is a mixture of hot spices and spices with the addition of fish, meat or chicken.In other words-seasonings and spices are the main dish

  18. Pavel Pavlov

    Pavel Pavlov3 bulan yang lalu

    Побывав несколько раз в Таиланде,я сделал вывод,что тайская еда-это смесь острых приправ и специй с добавлением рыбы,мяса или курицы.Иными словами-приправы и специи это основное блюдо.

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    ฉู่ฉี่ โคตรสุด

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    He is,and l open my mouth

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    Shinu hodo oishisoh...

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    Kusoh! Gaman dekinai.

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    Esta todo muy sucio, lleno de escamas y el pescado sin enjuagar

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    Traduz em português

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    *My Lord you Asian people don't wash the fish that's NASTY and unclean! Damn!!* 🙄

  30. Edith Santos

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    You didn’t wash the fish first before frying it

  31. Nat Ya

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    Thai Food not Sushi. They flies in Oil over 100'Celcius Before they cooks. If You Know Clean or dirty you can Put Your finger in Oil over 100'Celcius.🤗🤗🤗🤗😜😜😜🤗🤗

  32. Warrior Lord

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    *Edith Santos* *But the Chef rinse the knife off! Lol* 😆

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    Alguém me convida pra comer comida japonesa eu nunca comi mais é meu sonho meu telefone e 992391134😙😘

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    He didn’t clean it properly

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    come to korea

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    อ้อยหวาน คืออะไร เห็นมีทุกคลิป!!

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    Atleast today I have seen a lady doing the job kudos👊👌👌

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    nice fish marke

  40. Iman Amin

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    It would be nice to know what the ingredients are. Also, I know a mango when I see one...but I didn’t see any.

  41. Metha

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    28:32 here's the mango

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    Очень завидую вам большому выбору на свежайшей рыбы, ну а нам лишь только смотреть и слюни глотать

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    It seems so salty, source should be put it aside, separetly

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    This is so yummy

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    يقطع عمركم ع هالطبخ

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    No wash Looks very dirty

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    What is the brown powder @ 8:17 / 8:18 ?

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    cumin and coriander seeds

  52. Nick

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    Just cut the skin off for God sake

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    Khâu đánh vảy sao ko cắt bớt để dài quá

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    Wow! Nice

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    💅is long🤢

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    Y yo 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Que rico seve😋😋😋 este chef si q sabe!!

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    Thats BARRAMUNDI not giant seabass

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    Dommage que ca soit pas un loup de mer

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    Thịt cá vược màu vàng mà

  61. D Valenzuela

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    Watching while im on my 3rd day of water fasting. This will test my mental toughness. After the video, my water fasting ended.

  62. Hillary Rono

    Hillary Rono5 bulan yang lalu

    Just a tip : use wooden or Teflon spatulas to make your nonstick pans & woks last longer. But you already know that

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    Yang motong ikan cakep 😘

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    hey i'm Thai and i guarantee this dish is sooooo gooddddddd


    ORLANDO RICK5 bulan yang lalu

    Too much done to's what we Chefs call a " too busy plate"😭...Sorry...not trolling..just the truth...maybe it tastes so good that the " overdone business" of the dish is countermanded.... HOPEFULLY....

  66. A.C. Patterson

    A.C. Patterson5 bulan yang lalu

    Your "truth" does not mean that it's a universal truth. These dishes are not "too busy" for Thai cuisine just because they seem too busy for your rigid western-food-oriented mind.

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    Superbe et la façon de déguser,top

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    I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to tell at this men that he'is do an really important job

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    This spices cocktail looks heavenly!