Сrіѕtіаnо Rоnаldо vs Fіоrеntіnа | 2019 HD 1080i


  1. AshStudio7

    AshStudio7Bulan Yang lalu

    Garbage performance from Juventus, and Cristiano... :( Remember to leave a LIKE to help me out!


    NOMAN SHERZAIBulan Yang lalu

    You are great

  3. Abdelillah Asri

    Abdelillah AsriBulan Yang lalu


  4. daing daing

    daing daingBulan Yang lalu


  5. Rajesh Jung

    Rajesh JungBulan Yang lalu

    He had provided good pass but noone are in form to accept that pass ,none in position to attak ,how can they play like this ? CR7 Did well ,he can only attack ,.when he attack none in attacking position anad then how is it possible


    JHOSTIN TOLABulan Yang lalu

    @AshStudio7 Maybe it was the shit uniform

  7. Damai Ringga

    Damai Ringga2 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo memek

  8. I made you read this.

    I made you read this.14 hari yang lalu

    I seriously find it funny how some Ronaldo haters act. Whenever Messi and his team fail to perform and loose is always either the team or coach fault but whenever Ronaldo and his team fail to perform it's because Ronaldo "sucks". Sadly we will never hear the end of it until he retires, haters have been saying the same thing since 2016.

  9. Zek Chung

    Zek Chung25 hari yang lalu

    Cr7 the best 🤗

  10. celesteloveee love

    celesteloveee loveBulan Yang lalu

    Parece que la chilena que le hizo a la juve fue suerte. Por q nunca más le salió lo intenta pero nada

  11. I made you read this.

    I made you read this.14 hari yang lalu

    Pues se podria decir que la mayoria de los goles de chilena marcados en la historia han sido de suerte. Cristiano bastantes veces ha buscado marcar así pero no ha tenido suerte, de hecho, le deshabilitaron un golazo que marco de chilena con Portugal hace muchos años erroneamente y a habido muchas otras veces que ha estado cerca pero el portero o el poste se meten en su camino.

  12. celesteloveee love

    celesteloveee loveBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo se supone que tiene el tremendo cuerpo pero por todo se cae lo empujan despacio cae.. Messi tiene menos cuerpo y aguanta más le hacen falta pero sigue jugando siempre amenos que sea grave se queda en el piso

  13. Sang Thanh

    Sang ThanhBulan Yang lalu

    Lý học, hoá học, toán học đâu ra phân tích giùm qả đá phạt ở giây 57’ xem

  14. Yovanen Marden

    Yovanen MardenBulan Yang lalu

    Cristiano wants to be the young CR7 he who runs at defenders Dnt thnk its a good idea He shud continue to be the one scoring

  15. Abalabal

    AbalabalBulan Yang lalu

    good shirt.im sure

  16. Anisur Rahman Robin

    Anisur Rahman RobinBulan Yang lalu

    CR7 Best player in the world still now

  17. Felipe Jaramillo

    Felipe JaramilloBulan Yang lalu

    Ya nomas le queda el nombre parece un tronco que a caso no puede jugar como antes??

  18. Najja Forbes

    Najja ForbesBulan Yang lalu

    ronaldo received the ball will his back towards goal so many times. Got only two half chances. I been saying this. Juventus midfield needs to change. It to slow and akk they do is pass from side to side. At real madrid Ronaldi received the ball facing the goal. That's a big difference.


    SPORT EDITTZBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh do you ever get this feeling that if you were out there on the field you would have done better than some of the sheeps on the there

  20. wimo

    wimoBulan Yang lalu

    trio combination betwen CR7, matuidi, and sandro didnt work quite well. fiorentina gave them high n very rough pressure with 4 player guarding left flank area (this is what atletico did last year in a home match at the last 15 minutes). CR7 didnt realy have enough space and time to do "his things" while fiorentina defenders aproaching him roughly. sarri ball is not quite match againts this kind of opponent actualy. in that situation, mandzukic could be the solution. playing more direct with long direct ball and a litle bit provocation and drama from mandzukic would make a difference.

  21. ung dương Vương

    ung dương VươngBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri-ball fuck u?

  22. Nnamdi Henry

    Nnamdi HenryBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo ur performance was to low in this match I must confess To me frank with u

  23. Nnamdi Henry

    Nnamdi HenryBulan Yang lalu

    What a useless game from Juventus Sari is not a good coach

  24. Lin Lin

    Lin LinBulan Yang lalu


  25. Owen García Martinez

    Owen García MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo no tiene q jugar en esos juegos !!!!!

  26. Jorge Alberto

    Jorge AlbertoBulan Yang lalu

    Uniforme feio da Juventus.

  27. Mello

    MelloBulan Yang lalu

    Dear cr7 no worries about your inconsistent freekicks you’ve already proved yourself more than i can think of I’m just grateful to see a 34yrd old legend repping a 20yr old body giving it his all on the pitch

  28. Muhamad Irfan

    Muhamad IrfanBulan Yang lalu

    He shouldnt take freekicks, he shit

  29. Joe Sep

    Joe SepBulan Yang lalu

    Ganti pelatihx,pemainx kelas tp permainx g kelas

  30. Kristyan rolandoo

    Kristyan rolandooBulan Yang lalu

    Bonjour Cristaino rolando avic laliga tchapyosling lo tjovuntoic 2020 avalon dahabi 7 do Cristyaino rolando afdal fil3alam 0k mirci👍❤👍🌷👏

  31. anak rantau

    anak rantauBulan Yang lalu

    Apa cuma aku ya yg dri indonesia

  32. Gaza Nation

    Gaza NationBulan Yang lalu


  33. Pene Prieto

    Pene PrietoBulan Yang lalu

    This game showed how much we needed Douglas he’s the only that can dribble past anyone... to bad he got injured

  34. arya setiawan

    arya setiawanBulan Yang lalu

    Anak esdeh

  35. Ardi Ard

    Ardi ArdBulan Yang lalu

    Apa ada orang Indonesia di sini bos

  36. Nyambe Glen

    Nyambe GlenBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo would have done better if it was Lithuania

  37. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo VargasBulan Yang lalu

    Si mete goles es por su equipo y no por el


    ROSHAN GYAWALIBulan Yang lalu

    Midfield is shit . play dybala ,Ramsey,Costa full 90 min

  39. Hoàng Nguyễn Thị

    Hoàng Nguyễn ThịBulan Yang lalu

    Viet nam

  40. Hoàng Nguyễn Thị

    Hoàng Nguyễn ThịBulan Yang lalu

    Gì cũng có, mua hết cả shoppee

  41. Rajesh Jung

    Rajesh JungBulan Yang lalu

    Absolute zero midfield, juve don't buy attaking midfield ,keep disgusting midfield player ,how can they win.Everytime striker cr7,higuain have to come to mid to take ball . Why din't they invest on good midfielder, always on defence why??

  42. dai phan

    dai phanBulan Yang lalu

    mần p6 của các và 66

  43. Rajesh Jung

    Rajesh JungBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo deserve to play with beyter team

  44. yohan mathebula

    yohan mathebulaBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo is finish. Done and dusted. That's why MADRID told him to go. Only waiting for tap in and penalty to score goals. Mandzukic was better than him at JUVENTUS

  45. Flori Florina

    Flori FlorinaBulan Yang lalu

    Ou Supar

  46. Muhammad baihaki

    Muhammad baihakiBulan Yang lalu

    To much injuries player

  47. bayu mantari

    bayu mantariBulan Yang lalu

    Costa was out, and everything was over all of the sudden.

  48. chatri tipsangval

    chatri tipsangvalBulan Yang lalu

    bernado silva👉 better than 3 juvemidfield

  49. Nsr Nsr

    Nsr NsrBulan Yang lalu

    Buat sendiri aman baju betul ke? 0 vs 0 Kenapa! Kata Aman 👏👍

  50. Edilmar Soto

    Edilmar SotoBulan Yang lalu

    Díganle que se retire ya no da mas

  51. 임동현65

    임동현65Bulan Yang lalu

    유벤투스 잘좀하자!

  52. Leodani Angeles

    Leodani AngelesBulan Yang lalu

    Cr7 sos un crack

  53. Kiên Vũ

    Kiên VũBulan Yang lalu

    A bad performance, he scores many goals beacause he's given many opportunities, the way he plays is so easy to stop, now he can't run over any defenders, his shoot now even can't beat the fence

  54. Athi Reach

    Athi ReachBulan Yang lalu

    My idol cr7

  55. SCOTT the BULLET

    SCOTT the BULLETBulan Yang lalu

    Juve plays ugly football, I'm so sad Ronaldo left madrid for this team, they suck, they are not going to win the UCL, the new manager is not smart, keeps dybala in the bench and still has not figured out how terrible alex sandro is, comeone just watch the guy play he misses so many passes, never attacks, is slow as hell.. just put Cuadrado on the left back he will do way better even though its not his spot.

  56. maw aldo

    maw aldoBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo became a very normal player :((

  57. Sahide Kargbo

    Sahide KargboBulan Yang lalu

    What did Ronaldo go and find at this team he should go either Spain England or Germany .that where will be fine for him he will score more goals their than Italy.

  58. Eduardo Maia

    Eduardo MaiaBulan Yang lalu

    Eu sou Eduardo Maia fã que mais ama o seu ídolo CristianoRonaldo

  59. KC HUNG

    KC HUNGBulan Yang lalu

    There is no support to Ronaldo. He's hard to find the shooting chance.

  60. Real M

    Real MBulan Yang lalu

    Last 3 years, Juve have had no playing style or system. The wins come by fighting rather than playing a good game. There is NO midfield. And Sari sucks so far. Juve needs a world class coach. Not another season like last one. Bring Jose Mourinho before it's too late. Last season, Dybala and Pjnic gave Ronaldo 5 great passes. COMBINED. And he scored with 4 of them. I thought they would give Ronaldo great support but both have been below average in almost all their games.

  61. Real M

    Real MBulan Yang lalu

    @Julio Bloemenveld Real Madrid's best part was counter-attacking. With 2-3 passes, they would go from corner against them to scoring. As you mention, they overplay everything in Juve. They need a more dynamic midfield.

  62. Julio Bloemenveld

    Julio BloemenveldBulan Yang lalu

    A good example is Khedira. He shouldve taken the shot. Khedira is a player who looks lost when he is supposed to finish. Idk if he is afraid to mess up a shot or just overthinks in general. Ronaldo was never going to score cause he was marked by 2 players. I know the gameplan is to let Ronaldo score but he should use common sense and pick his moments to do so. If he is in a better position to score he should just try it.

  63. Julio Bloemenveld

    Julio BloemenveldBulan Yang lalu

    In Dybala his defense he isnt and was never a player who bags in assists. Juventus needs player with better vision for counter attacking. They always ruin a perfectly good chance to counter attack by overpassing. And its sad cause they really are all solid players. But its like they all have the same role. Defend. Not many players stand out. Their midfield is also too focused on defending.

  64. J H

    J HBulan Yang lalu


  65. fajri azis sitti bantik

    fajri azis sitti bantikBulan Yang lalu

    Kesalahan sarri.. Sya mah ,pecat ajha sari tu.. Ramsi ama rabiot.. Kelandang top dunia gak di pasangx..

  66. saki wais

    saki waisBulan Yang lalu

    Please tell us where you download give link Like: if you agree 👍

  67. Martin Tyrola

    Martin TyrolaBulan Yang lalu

    ronaldo fans are FOOLS if they think he's currently top 10 in the world lmao


    C GAMING- THE E CHANNELBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo actually played pretty well to me

  69. adam ebrahim

    adam ebrahimBulan Yang lalu

    Take away his goals (majority headers, tap ins, penalties and easy finishes) and Cristiano offers very little...

  70. Flappy Wayne Games

    Flappy Wayne GamesBulan Yang lalu

    adam ebrahim when he’s no in the penalty box I swear he’s not doing nothing 😂 .. is not even funny.. tell Cristiano to involve himself a little in a game like Messi do and u won’t find him in the score sheet.. but tell him to wait in the penalty box and he will score 5 😂

  71. Dipesh Maisuriya

    Dipesh MaisuriyaBulan Yang lalu

    They all seem tired