РЕS2О: Lоkоmоtiv Моscоw vs Juvеntus


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    History remembers Cristiano Ronaldo the Leader the Champion the Commander, the goal scorer the record-breaking player his charisma and refined skill and superiority as a man an athlete and much more. Sari is just a name whispered in the wind to which no one will remember. He can substitute Ronaldo and nothing will change because he Sari is not a winner and he doe not know what it is to reach high and prevail among greats. Even to be in Ronaldo's shadow would be a privilege and a big honour to him but he is not even worth that cos he is just a puppet at the club and the same way he failed at Napoli, Chelsea he will also fail at Juve for he has developed a taste for failure. Cuadrado, De Ligt, Matuidi and Costa are the only ones who Plays for Ronaldo for they feel inspired and recognise the mark of greatness and wish to learn and to serve as disciples of the true G.O.A.T Bernardeschi is the greatest traitor and snake in the Juve team and will do anything to make Ronaldo not have the ball. He suffers from that sick disease called jealousy and you will see him wasting shots after shots match after Match than to pass and watch Ronaldo celebrate after scoring. Sari will be sacked because his football and his philosophy it's worth nothing and its broken and many ex-footballers and managers like Capello another failure wish to gain relevance by commenting on Cristiano Ronaldo. All Vampires whose names are forgotten and they live in the shadows lurking at any opportunity to come alive ... Ungrateful all of them. Cristiano left Spain and brought visibility to Serie A that was lost from years and years .leaving from past glories He brought the eyes of the world away from La LIga and with it sponsorships. Cristiano will prevail at the end and the Italian league can go back to its usual non-existence.

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    now I prefer watching Juventus over Madrid

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