£50,000 Military Drone Can Locate Someone In Seconds | The Military Tech Show | Spark

  • 8 Jan 2019
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  1. Scooby Skullx

    Scooby Skullx5 bulan yang lalu

    My dogs can too and was picked up on the roadside for free 😍👍🏻

  2. mike 201314

    mike 201314Tahun Yang lalu

    Exuberant "mil grade" price tags at play again by at least 10x. :D "War Is a Racket - Smedley Butler"

  3. Ding Chavez

    Ding ChavezTahun Yang lalu

    lmfao 50,000?! i can build 500 drones just like that one for that amount

  4. Mark Jarrett

    Mark JarrettTahun Yang lalu

    Could have done with it at Gatwick a few weeks ago

  5. Modelism CT

    Modelism CTTahun Yang lalu


  6. bagariddum

    bagariddumTahun Yang lalu

    as long as they don't use it to kill outside of a LEGITIMATE warzone... #Unlikely #Dreamer

  7. Jimmy Parker

    Jimmy ParkerTahun Yang lalu

    If you have smartphone, turned off or, on does not matter, THEY can find you.

  8. Mike Cordner

    Mike CordnerTahun Yang lalu

    And here I thought £50,000 was equivalent to about $16.93!

  9. Kevin Morrison

    Kevin MorrisonTahun Yang lalu

    Really? I can pick up heat sensing cameras all day long for less than a few hundred bucks for a good, lightweight one. The cost of this drone is typical of how they are raping the unsuspecting morons that are ignorant of the technology! If it is sold to the military or medical fields the price is jacked up by 5000% and I have no place in my heart for these greedy companies that do this!

  10. Sam

    SamTahun Yang lalu

    This is mark 25

  11. Kevin Morrison

    Kevin MorrisonTahun Yang lalu

    @Sam The tech is yes but how it is applied here is not and most definitely not even close to being a decade old as keenan might want me to believe! Dont defend the ignorance or you will be seen as ignorant!

  12. Sam

    SamTahun Yang lalu

    Bro this is old tech lol

  13. Kevin Morrison

    Kevin MorrisonTahun Yang lalu

    @gary scott That drone is not even a year old!

  14. gary scott

    gary scottTahun Yang lalu

    That drone is never a decade old.