Avocado Couple I Crazy Comics
Avocado Couple I Crazy Comics
Avocado Couple I Crazy Comics

Have you ever seen two avocados in love? No? 😱
Then meet the adorable Ava & Cado - two halves that make a whole! 😍
They always look for adventures and can’t stop making fun of each other. 😄
They're passionate lovers, so expect lots of spicy, sometimes awkward, but very
romantic stories. Haven't you subscribed to the Avo Cado Couple's channel yet?
*Ava pulls a face, and Cado sharpens the knives…* 😜
Don’t forget to give a thumbs-up to our heroes, and they'll share more
juicy and hilarious stories with you! 👍👍👍

Your Mom vs My MomYour Mom vs My Mom

Your Mom vs My Mom

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My Annoying Best Friend

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Staying In The Hospital

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Your Mother vs My Mother

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ASMR 10 Worst Sounds

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Escape the BabysitterEscape the Babysitter

Escape the Babysitter

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My Annoying Best Friend!My Annoying Best Friend!

My Annoying Best Friend!

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Vegetable Home Alone

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Prank Wars Boys Vs Girls

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My Dad Met My Boyfriend

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Vegetable Jailbreak

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Annoying Things Moms Do

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Baldi Is Vegetable

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My Bad DayMy Bad Day

My Bad Day

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Vegetables Became SlimeVegetables Became Slime

Vegetables Became Slime

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My Father VS My Boyfriend

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LEGO Attacks VegetablesLEGO Attacks Vegetables

LEGO Attacks Vegetables

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PacMan VS VegetablesPacMan VS Vegetables

PacMan VS Vegetables

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Vegetable and Barbie CarVegetable and Barbie Car

Vegetable and Barbie Car

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Vegetable Became BarbieVegetable Became Barbie

Vegetable Became Barbie

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Play Doh Comes AlivePlay Doh Comes Alive

Play Doh Comes Alive

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Boyfriend VS FriendBoyfriend VS Friend

Boyfriend VS Friend

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