Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!

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    Melody MalfoyHari Yang lalu

    I'm on my like, 20th phone since I was 4 (only ten) but I have ONE from my dad's I've kept without a scratch for two years

  2. author

    reemany hamadHari Yang lalu

    I love ur shirt,dress,I don't what to call it

  3. author

    Teanna BlackwoodHari Yang lalu

    The 1+1+1+ question also counted the +&=

  4. author

    Spp YppHari Yang lalu

    i’m from turkey

  5. author

    Megahn CordingHari Yang lalu

    Animals are cote

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    Aryahang LimbuHari Yang lalu

    I love your videos azzyland

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    Jess HulbertHari Yang lalu

    1:15 my mum bought my dad a water pistol which melts ice so he could squirt it at cats that come into our garden

  8. author

    Mihai IliutHari Yang lalu

    it was my birthday that day

  9. author

    TinyTurtle GirlHari Yang lalu


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    Under CrafterHari Yang lalu

    Wazzy Azzy😂😂😂

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    Nour TahaHari Yang lalu

    And what kind of mother is that naming one Elaine the cutest name ever and the other one the worst name BUTTFACE isin’t a name

  12. author

    gaming with epic sharksHari Yang lalu

    I found Harry but my friend killed him

  13. author

    Anthony HarveyHari Yang lalu


  14. author

    della omgHari Yang lalu

    You did 9 2 times at the last challenge

  15. author

    pAnda gamerHari Yang lalu

    They also have plug switches in britain

  16. author

    Ajrocks WanstallHari Yang lalu

    Life is better

  17. author

    Shawn WebbHari Yang lalu


  18. author

    Nikita SharmaHari Yang lalu

    I cant text my teacher

  19. author

    Anri NeeveHari Yang lalu

    Kids? 😑

  20. author

    Beverly RenshawHari Yang lalu

    You make this today

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    Fairytail EditsHari Yang lalu


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    all aliyah familyeHari Yang lalu


  23. author

    Zaeem AsifHari Yang lalu

    i love you

  24. author

    Grandpa and Emma the pleb queenHari Yang lalu

    Azzy: who'd abounded all theses carrots?? Me!looks at picture Also me:well they are about to get eaten cuz I see a dog in the corner Of The picture🐾🥕

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    hannah lesterHari Yang lalu

    Thumbs up if your watching in 2020

  26. author

    James RichesHari Yang lalu


  27. author

    Strike GoldHari Yang lalu

    I was crying!! I love animals sooo much!

  28. author

    Nour TahaHari Yang lalu

    Buttface?! 🍑💨👩😂😂😂😂😂 thats not even a name ! WTF

  29. author

    Gabrielė MatukaitėHari Yang lalu

    5:52 it’s 1+1+1+11+1+1+11+2+1+2= 32

  30. author

    gaming with epic sharksHari Yang lalu

    All hail doggo kingdom

  31. author

    Christina PediniHari Yang lalu

    The mom was sooo rude

  32. author

    eldar sataraHari Yang lalu

    this mom is suck and she'ned to go to the jail

  33. author

    Victor PechorinHari Yang lalu

    The fat woman doesn't know how lucky she is with a healthier family. Obesity does indeed work as an epidemic would, and she should be grateful for being in the minority of obese people who are not surrounded by other obese people.

  34. author

    Keeley Louise HarborneHari Yang lalu

    Before my worst teacher ever(Mr holt) called us idiotic chrildren

  35. author

    Oluwakemi AbrahamHari Yang lalu

    I have been trying to get to call you 😑😧🤤

  36. author

    Josh Celeste LoveHari Yang lalu

    The one that she thinks some one under the bed the fan cord and the phone cord look like there attached

  37. author

    Angelica CasalloHari Yang lalu

    What about 7 and 3 make 10

  38. author

    Betty RoseHari Yang lalu

    I don’t even make my bed I’m lazy so is my.sister

  39. author

    Mathilde OhremHari Yang lalu

    I have smal tentacelts under my tongue

  40. author

    E and Em dogsHari Yang lalu

    Love your videos

  41. author

    Kena TESFAYEHari Yang lalu

    i love you

  42. author

    Diala Ebrahim eldesookyHari Yang lalu

    Do you have a boyfriend

  43. author

    Xx_patatogirl_xX 8Hari Yang lalu

    Wait if that guy dropped his phone then how did he take the picture 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    ann de graeveHari Yang lalu

    NO FOREVER IN JAIL 👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡

  45. author

    Bipasha GajadharHari Yang lalu

    Talk normal🙄

  46. author

    Arifa BegumHari Yang lalu

    Each time azzy takes a heart away I don’t have one I got no heart ☹️thx azzy

  47. author

    domas sesaHari Yang lalu

    Iron man die

  48. author

    Aly TuckerHari Yang lalu

    I’m a kid

  49. author

    Matthew CaballeroHari Yang lalu

    I love you

  50. author

    Anthony DonatelliHari Yang lalu

    3:09 OMAYO

  51. author

    Jamie McCullumHari Yang lalu

    "It's a bike you can literally put on your bike... Back!

  52. author

    AlexHari Yang lalu

    3:23 maybe he has a laptop...

  53. author

    Kristy FraserHari Yang lalu


  54. author

    Jason StonebridgeHari Yang lalu


  55. author

    Abd RansHari Yang lalu


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    jawaher alzarooniHari Yang lalu

    u said wow so many times hahahaha but u didn't notice

  57. author

    merituuli ekroosHari Yang lalu

    Mi home is In fin land

  58. author

    Alice Maria Ene UnicornHari Yang lalu

    Pineapple on pizza is delicious! Like if u agree DIE IF U DONT AGREE

  59. author

    Andrew KempHari Yang lalu

    Ello Azzy

  60. author

    Zeynep BoyaciHari Yang lalu

    The bed that can do everything it exists. I searched it up and the price was £854.05

  61. author

    Hunter EdgarHari Yang lalu

    How Kylie Jenner gets her lips big

  62. author

    Alice Maria Ene UnicornHari Yang lalu

    Azzy: I have to pay for food ,for a home,for electricity, *I HAVE TO PAY MY EMPLOYEES* Me:wait what?! U run a company or what?!!

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    Lella FissasegolaHari Yang lalu

    This is a good trick

  64. author

    foxes are lifeHari Yang lalu

    yes ive got my seatbelt on .LOL

  65. author

    Madz ChatterHari Yang lalu

    What’s 7 11? And I do have subway here in UK 🇬🇧

  66. author

    Kristina QoseHari Yang lalu

    Bts are the best and azzy i love you ❤🧡💛💚💙💜ARMY

  67. author

    Hailey RootHari Yang lalu

    I think heels are really camfortable to i thought i was the only one

  68. author

    Anatalia CrispsHari Yang lalu

    I remember when I told my ex-crush that I liked him....he said oh...

  69. author

    Jaydan JosettHari Yang lalu

    I have 4 sisters and 1 brother

  70. author

    Angelica RubioHari Yang lalu

    The one that is 1+1+1+1+1+1 was 16

  71. author

    phoebe okoreHari Yang lalu

    i saw bill from gravity falls

  72. author

    Nabiha AhmedHari Yang lalu

    It is so funny video hahaha

  73. author

    Lil devil GachaHari Yang lalu

    I’m watching this in 2020 and I have already watched this video when it came out

  74. author

    Victor PechorinHari Yang lalu

    Where do those idiots study? I'll never forget Africa's not a country, because our geography teacher (at middle school) made us memorise all the African countries and their capitals within a single day. Given the unstable political situation in some areas (and the fact that we weren't studying in Africa), it was an exercise in futility. Some country's education program seriously invests an entire semester into this groundbreaking concept? I am amazed.

  75. author

    Jamie McCullumHari Yang lalu

    Yes they do clean the feet pools look inside of it

  76. author

    Tiziano CompagnucciHari Yang lalu


  77. author

    Max RaffertyHari Yang lalu


  78. author

    Johjancito ColonHari Yang lalu

    But cockroaches are the cleanest bugs on Earth

  79. author

    PuppyBreath AnimatezHari Yang lalu

    I have WaLkInG pNeUmOnIa

  80. author

    Secrets ZMLHari Yang lalu


  81. author

    Natalia JacobHari Yang lalu

    its acttually choies not chuwies

  82. author

    XXBeardXX FlipsHari Yang lalu

    One like = one friend but azzy

  83. author

    Jenille Meade-KingHari Yang lalu

    I get that much satic from my trampoline

  84. author

    Tajda CebuljHari Yang lalu


  85. author

    Kelly DugganHari Yang lalu

    MY EYES CHANGE COLOR (Also when they are normal I have one blue and one green

  86. author

    Liam igHari Yang lalu

    the babysitter is legit gloom xd

  87. author

    Joshua OrtizHari Yang lalu

    Lips look all busted up

  88. author

    وليد الاشقرHari Yang lalu

    Let’s play

  89. author

    RANIA KAMALHari Yang lalu

    You won

  90. author

    faiyaz sheikhHari Yang lalu

    Ooooooooooooohh nnnnnnnnnnnno

  91. author

    Emily FedericiHari Yang lalu


  92. author

    Agnes MooreHari Yang lalu

    I'm a huge Tannenbaum of FLASH flash flasg

  93. author

    Hilary PackhamHari Yang lalu

    I actually cried

  94. author

    Gacha StupidHari Yang lalu

    Why sand like what if there is a insect in the sand that is just gross 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  95. author

    Underground Nuke PlaysHari Yang lalu

    10000000000000 billion times

  96. author

    Kate AyresHari Yang lalu

    I've seen some of the posters when I was running and I laughed so hard😂😂😂

  97. author

    Ayman KaddouriHari Yang lalu

    This is so cringe

  98. author

    Kody GlennHari Yang lalu

    I dare you to play Minecraft

  99. author

    Lisa KittyHari Yang lalu

    February is the only month whit 28 or 29 days

  100. author

    Loura HelalHari Yang lalu

    Mom: honey were moving to a new house! Me:ok! *bathtub gets removed* Me:*sticks head into toilet and enjoys new creation made*