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NEW HERO? Bloons TD 6NEW HERO? Bloons TD 6

NEW HERO? Bloons TD 6

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Tower Defense Gaming12 jam yang lalu

    I‘m wondering why Chris eats things that aren’t supposed to be eaten by humans.

  2. author

    Paul Brice12 jam yang lalu

    No wizard monkey for dps? You won't get far with that.

  3. author

    Taekwondoughnut12 jam yang lalu

    Haven't done this strat for ages forgot how fun it was

  4. author

    Who is joe?12 jam yang lalu

    Couldn’t you use an alchemist? I’m 99% sure that potions don’t count as projectiles

  5. author

    Schione Ishigami12 jam yang lalu

    I'm gonna be honest, i have never played a single bloons TD games. But i still watched your videos with joy even when i didn't know the stuff you're saying half of the time (bloons TD terms are kinda hard to understand the first time you hear it). If you could make a non-player like me enjoying your vids then i think you're already succesful. P.s. In my country there is this proverb "empty cans rang the loudest" meaning bad people will not stop talking bad about something. I think this proverb suits your condition the best right now.

  6. author

    CheshirePlayZ13 jam yang lalu

    Superjombombo is a good IDreporterr ❤️ have a good day Chris

  7. author

    CheshirePlayZ13 jam yang lalu

    This video makes me sad :( You aren’t a bad person and you haven’t done anything wrong at all - I don’t watch balloons videos much anymore but you are one of the most unique channels in my opinion.. I like that you try to do what you want. Keep your head up! ❤️

  8. author

    Dawid Kania13 jam yang lalu

    You're from US?

  9. author

    Dawid Kania13 jam yang lalu

    Good video

  10. author

    lShaDoW Of_____l14 jam yang lalu

    I love your content ❤️

  11. author

    Casey Rules 11714 jam yang lalu

    Is the face cam new? Loving it. Makes it seem higher quality

  12. author

    Chris andTrenton14 jam yang lalu

    *You could buy 5 or 6 alchemists, or just one* ☝🏼

  13. author

    The Matador14 jam yang lalu

    Dude everyone has struggles in your life. You worse then others maybe. But don't give up. Never give up. That's the only thing you can truly do wrong. Please stay in there. Become a stronger person. I don't want to see you leave.

  14. author

    Eli the one wheeler Yt14 jam yang lalu

    My friends least favorite tower is gwendalin.

  15. author

    L0CkEyE14 jam yang lalu

    How you can get an ice Tower on water?

  16. author

    dobletroubleify14 jam yang lalu

    Love you Chris

  17. author

    _ғøxʏ_ [FURRY]14 jam yang lalu

    SJMB: Sniper doesn't shoot a projectile Bullets that are so fast that we can't see them: *Am I a joke to you?*

  18. author

    evan shi15 jam yang lalu

    The thumbnail is super clickbaity but great video

  19. author

    Tds oneequalanother Daily gameplay15 jam yang lalu

    Guy’s is there only three wamen in btd 6?

  20. author

    Tds oneequalanother Daily gameplay15 jam yang lalu

    Isab does challenge videos while Chris does other things

  21. author

    Tds oneequalanother Daily gameplay15 jam yang lalu

    Pretty sure this is QUALITY

  22. author

    Reximus15 jam yang lalu

    I feel like towers on the aircraft carrier should get camo detection if the flagship has crows nest

  23. author

    CKRICKIE15 jam yang lalu

    Doesnt the 004 banana farm increase the boat income by 10%?

  24. author

    Lucas E15 jam yang lalu

    i mean u dont even have to work u get to stay at home all day

  25. author

    Vyor15 jam yang lalu

    Throw in a top path 5th tier for even better DPS.

  26. author

    Michael Li16 jam yang lalu

    Cris, the 004 farm boosts merchant men too, so you can make insane amounts per round!

  27. author

    i Dont know what to call me ?16 jam yang lalu

    Personally I really enjoy your content, so I don't really care if you clickbait your videos or put in more ads.

  28. author

    Sans of Chaos16 jam yang lalu

    After the talk,I kinda felt that Chris was a lot more serious than we think he is

  29. author

    Michael Li16 jam yang lalu

    Chris, if you get the 402 alchemist, it can throw potions more often.

  30. author

    Taylor Schiessl16 jam yang lalu

    Go to twitch man! There is not much competition over there for BTD6 in English. Plus less ads. Plus notifications for ur viewers! Same with FB Live!

  31. author

    KorneL16 jam yang lalu

    Best btd youtuber!

  32. author

    Tim Kooistra16 jam yang lalu

    Man look at your subs most people who start on IDreporter won’t ever get so much you have to be happy people are just jalous don’t ever feel this bad

  33. author

    Αλέξανδρος Γιαννακόπουλος16 jam yang lalu

    You ARE click baiting. Click baiting means u provide false information to attract the viewer. If u thumbnail that u used 100$ to beat round 1000 and in the video u use 10k to beat round 95 then that's click baiting. U have every right to do that and everyone has the right to judge u for that. Try harder to achieve the highest. U are a very successful IDreporterr trying playing a game that doesn't have much popularity and u made it. U don't need to achieve higher u just need to provide variety to people. Every viewer wants something different for your videos. Do challenges do 2 megapops do max round possible do black border all maps. DO what u do in ur other channel where U ARE U and just adjust it to who u think u are affecting as a viewer

  34. author

    Drawde16 jam yang lalu

    honestly i stopped watching SJB cos i got bored but his recent new content is actually good. keep it up. maybe play some bloons TD battles too? Boltrix and Asian Sensation seem to get a descent amount of views from playing just BTD battles.

  35. author

    Little wizard16 jam yang lalu

    Love your vids Chris ❤️ Keep it up!

  36. author

    Tony S.16 jam yang lalu

    You need more ads on your channel

  37. author

    Ethan McAffee16 jam yang lalu

    We love you man, you're so genuine, so transparent, and funny. You bring joy to so many people. I'm sorry to hear your pain... Love you brother

  38. author

    UnReal FlipZy16 jam yang lalu

    Hey chris, been watching for a long time now, grew up watching you and i support you with whatever you need to do.

  39. author

    Josh Vanguard17 jam yang lalu

    Try not to stress about it man . It's not so much what you are doing it's more the popularity of the game. Bloons had a resurgence recently but I think it's on the down swing again. I don't even play the game but watch your vids cause u funny. Not a huge fan of you eating stuff but some are so hey do what u like. Long story short you will always have internet trolls and this game is on popularity down swing. Either find a more popular game or deal. The life of trying to make money doing this means u gotta go with what the majority wants . Jobs aren't always crazy fun. Good luck I see you trying and appreciate your efforts.

  40. author

    Jacob Williams17 jam yang lalu

    DISCLAIMER: Tried this strategy literally over 20 times it NEVER beats rounds 74-77 with identical tower placement. I’ve beat chimps mode but this is not the way, must have been an update

  41. author

    Manulax17 jam yang lalu

    You're awesome Chris

  42. author

    Think About it17 jam yang lalu

    I’ve seen the mean comments about Chris’s click bait thumbnails. I disagree, his thumbnails are just brighter and stand out more now, honestly it does entice me to click more, I’ve noticed the content improvement. I’ve been watching Chris on and off for about 6 or 7 years now and I’ve always loved his Bloons content. Keep it up Chris ignore the haters. Btw loving the top 5 towers videos!

  43. author

    Todd BARBER17 jam yang lalu

    3rd tier buccaneers when they are tier 4

  44. author

    Powers Clan17 jam yang lalu

    Your one of the best IDreporterrs. Your amazing u make my day every time I watch your videos

  45. author

    Caterina Vi17 jam yang lalu

    this is so fun, i'm gonna try right now

  46. author

    ARandomPerson18 jam yang lalu

    Cheapest way to defeat a single DDT: Monkey pirates only 4000

  47. author

    Ace Pilot18 jam yang lalu

    Benjamin can carry you through rounds 40 through 60

  48. author

    The True Lord Septomus18 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for annother great vid sjb

  49. author

    AhTraiHard18 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Patrik Landström18 jam yang lalu

    The quality is insane!!!!

  51. author

    Random Name18 jam yang lalu

    The ship ist actually pretty good for early rounds, it's just so versatile. Can pop every bloon and can even make money.

  52. author

    Random Name18 jam yang lalu

    Don't care so much about other peoples feelings. You can't make everyone happy. And actually I don't think, your copying Isab at all. Dude, you don't even have the same content, other than playing bloons.

  53. author

    Manulax18 jam yang lalu

    You're awesome Chris

  54. author

    Redd Mecker18 jam yang lalu

    Another great vid Chris! I'd never thought of moving the Permabrew Alchemist around the map, gonna be using that one in future for sure

  55. author

    capt Obvious18 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Aj Gamer18 jam yang lalu

    1:23 how fire is there up of water, My mind is blown ⬇ ⬇

  57. author

    Jon Manuel18 jam yang lalu

    9 ads in the first 10 minutes... okey

  58. author

    Ford Harding18 jam yang lalu

    OPness ftw

  59. author

    Manulax18 jam yang lalu

    You're awesome Chris

  60. author

    Ryan Mashy18 jam yang lalu

    Hey man i found you from a baba is you vid from aliensrock then bloons vids from ISAB but you are the guy i go to for entertainment becase of the genuine livelyness of your channel that not many other channels have. 10/10 channel

  61. author

    Alexander Aschwanden19 jam yang lalu

    I am really enjoying the new way you do your videos. This is truly great content. Keep up the good work

  62. author

    Michael Wachowski19 jam yang lalu

    This is why Boltrix is forced to do a challenge chosen by his comments because he was getting the same shit, stay strong SJB

  63. author

    Jan Vriesman19 jam yang lalu

    600 times 20? Chris: 18000!

  64. author

    AWildScrub19 jam yang lalu

    Your videos are not my all time favorites, I have to admit. But the reason I am still subscribed and watches your videos from time to time is because I really respect you as such an honest and good youtuber. Keep up the good work and stay positive, try not to think about the negative facts too much.

  65. author

    Mariob _19 jam yang lalu

    Hi, I really love your videos, but id like to see you playing on hard maps tryharding a bit too, pls consider, would be an interesting video

  66. author

    Funnyduck o19 jam yang lalu

    Sorry I didnt see this sooner because it wasnt notified even tho i am subbed with bell

  67. author

    Carlos Lopez19 jam yang lalu

    The road to 1mil

  68. author

    Squido19 jam yang lalu

    Dont try to overdo yourself, that can lead to be one of the worst things. Really just DO you and thats the best way to do it

  69. author

    Penguin Pro19 jam yang lalu


  70. author

    Super Cactus20 jam yang lalu

    I canbot turn it into dark vengeful

  71. author

    chilly junior20 jam yang lalu

    im happy you put this up on youtube, keep doing what you love and your not a bad youtuber, thumbnails look great. btw your community posts are just memes, no one actually votes honestly so dont listen to that

  72. author

    Defected Heart20 jam yang lalu

    You have very pretty eyes, Chris! We love you! We love your videos! Screw the haters! They don’t know what the hell actual clickbait is! We love you, Chris! The real fans and people will stay with you! Ignore the idiots who are disliking the video! They’re so fucking dumb! I am sorry if you don’t like my swearing but the fact that people are hating on Chris for being heartfelt, honest, etc. pisses me the fuck off! So to the idiots who are harassing Chris! Stop fucking harassing him!

  73. author

    Budder Blake20 jam yang lalu

    I’ve watched u for sometime now and I’m so heartbroken seeing u like this so I just want u to know that me and many, many others love and support u

  74. author

    Ryan20 jam yang lalu

    Love your videos keep uploading man this is great stuff

  75. author

    borderlands fan20 jam yang lalu

    We love you man. Screw the people that always are mean and neggative. Remember that if someone is negative, it's not you. If people don't like you they woldn't watch you. Remember to allways be you. Sorry for my bad english😅 love you man

  76. author

    pAcK rAt20 jam yang lalu

    Your videos are great. Your content has been some of the most original and well made I have seen in a while. Keep making great videos!

  77. author

    Noah Eastman20 jam yang lalu

    Why is no one talking about the fact he didn't use market bf which gives them all interest every round

  78. author

    nikolas dziabek20 jam yang lalu

    I love you Chris

  79. author

    deathwarp13120 jam yang lalu

    as someone that has watched youtube for over a decade this site has changed. some may say for the better some would say for the worst. it's obvious that youtube doesn't care one bit about creators. and becoming a bigger youtuber means your going to get more hate most by people that are trying to defend a channel they found first and people that couldn't make a living on youtube so they think you should get a "real" job. your videos are great i've wactched tons of them but don't subscribe because then they tend to not end up in suggested videos anymore.

  80. author

    DAVE MCPHHERSON20 jam yang lalu

    Man this guy has made some good content for the longest time I hope he feels better

  81. author

    Colby Brumit20 jam yang lalu

    Great video-thanks for that ice tower trick Chris!

  82. author

    Gaming Pro 375821 jam yang lalu

    I know you saw that I said bloody puddles first but thank you for not actually choosing it 😂

  83. author

    MaleficOverlord 621 jam yang lalu

    Hey chris... love the new quality of vids! Hope to keep seeing newer and better things

  84. author

    Blazergl21 jam yang lalu

    Why did you not use the one banana farm that buffs favored trades?

  85. author

    teddybear gaming21 jam yang lalu

    i only just realised that he has grey eyes, if you didn't know having greys is basically a rare variant of blue eyes. any way i think its cool.

  86. author

    Sparkman 64621 jam yang lalu

    We love you Chris! Been watching for a long time now. You've helped me through a lot of hard times believe it or not. I've always enjoyed watching your videos after long days at school. I remember a paticular day that you was talking about thorns hurting your fingers not sure why I remember that specifically though.

  87. author

    Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster21 jam yang lalu

    Why the thumbnail implying alchemists increase the amount of money that the merchantman produces when it doesn't? Didn't you just release a video complaining about being called a clickbaiter?

  88. author

    Matthew Patlan21 jam yang lalu

    That was insanely awesome and you have a super duper delicious day

  89. author

    Gage Malm21 jam yang lalu

    He’s trying to be the best he can. And he gets hated for it.

  90. author

    NotChris21 jam yang lalu

    ive never really taken time out of my day to comment something so lengthy on a youtube video, but this really deserves it. youre one of the greatest youtubers on this platform. the numbers may not show that, but i remember first coming across your channel MANY years ago, and now, im 18, i still find that same entertainment i used to when i was 12. you clearly show youre passionate about what you do. its obvious you try lots to provide the best content possible. and its knowing that you do that, and knowing how much you care about this that makes me love you and your channel so much more. there will always be negativity unfortunately, but you will also always have those who will support you through any problems. please dont lose that passion you have for making videos on this platform. you bring such a positive energy in every single one of your videos that im sure makes a great impact on every viewer. we love you chris

  91. author

    rustcarp 595621 jam yang lalu

    I recently started play through expert maps on expert impopable w/o any agents or premium and it is such a torture to see the bloons take so long to get popped. Then again you don't have to micro on beginner maps so it's probably easier to relax while playing it this way.

  92. author

    Griffin Dyck21 jam yang lalu

    Well you can tell he’s not really doing it because he has 7 different towers, the max you can have his 4 so he’s cheating

  93. author

    Obechosc Styx21 jam yang lalu

    the merchent men at the far right island looks like they kept the buff??? green bubbles were there...

  94. author

    Felix Scully21 jam yang lalu

    You were the first youtuber I watched. You brought me so many good memories and laughs, its sad to see this happen. I hope you have a happier life in the future.

  95. author

    Chase Borchers21 jam yang lalu

    I dont want to be that one dude with all the negative comments, but I do have some things to say as a viewer. First, overall, the quality is great. My only small gripe is the headset. It seems slightly uncanny to have a big bulky headset with a built in mic while still using earpods for game chat. I really think that you have a chance with this whole algorithm situation; I think you can get away by copying others in their setups but what we want is your personality to stay the same. Another cool idea would be to have some of your animation characters as your background in your facecam. Again, I do think you have a chance for success and that you are on the road to achieving it. :)

  96. author

    Joemama21 jam yang lalu

    Nice vid looking forward to the next one

  97. author

    Underestimated BTD21 jam yang lalu

    1:31 how do you talk so fast???

  98. author

    Ndoman22 jam yang lalu

    we see that you’re trying chris, and i applaud everything you do. we all support you dude. keep making what you love❤️

  99. author

    TheZedMain22 jam yang lalu

    wait the ice tower on water thing is such a cool easter egg or hidden mechanic thanks for shareing it man, really cool how ninja kiwi did that

  100. author

    Signal Jad22 jam yang lalu

    I was rly triggered u got 19 merchant men instead of 20 (not including the trade empire) tho this was a great vid