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The Miracle of AnfieldThe Miracle of Anfield

The Miracle of Anfield

8 bulan yang lalu

The Miracle of AmsterdamThe Miracle of Amsterdam

The Miracle of Amsterdam

8 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    haritsah yazid8 jam yang lalu

    man you cant stop henry that way

  2. author

    haritsah yazid8 jam yang lalu

    bergkamp gak ikut maen aja 1-5 ,gimana doi maen

  3. author

    CardBoard Technic8 jam yang lalu

    If tottenham wins cl 5hat is 100% legend

  4. author

    M BOSS8 jam yang lalu

    If this thing happened in 2018 world cup

  5. author

    Ajie Awang9 jam yang lalu

    But still not win ucl. Hahahaa

  6. author

    Faris Hawari10 jam yang lalu

    Adminnya decul

  7. author

    Miguel Valdes10 jam yang lalu

    Que diferencia de velocidad

  8. author

    tariq nahdy11 jam yang lalu

    Funny thing is captain carry missed both European finals

  9. author

    gopal Gian11 jam yang lalu

    Where's he pato???

  10. author

    HYUN DEOK SEO12 jam yang lalu

    That makes Munich furious in next season

  11. author

    saiba men13 jam yang lalu

    Witord,vieira,petit,henry,pire Gooner squad

  12. author

    Hariman 201913 jam yang lalu


  13. author

    khairul jalil13 jam yang lalu

    super bigmatch arsenal vs milan. what a time flies. hope both of them rises again

  14. author

    AlexD 040714 jam yang lalu

    Joe Hart was so cocky

  15. author

    Steeve Cantave14 jam yang lalu

    That’s basically how Barca lost any games during Pep’s time: a lot of missed chances, Valdes mistakes, and counterattacks. I can’t remember a game where Barca got outplayed and overwhelmed. In this match, Barca should have scored 3 or 4, and Valdes was 100% at fault for RVP’s goal.

  16. author

    Coco boomer14 jam yang lalu

    Pirlo 🤯🤯

  17. author

    Saeb Gamal Mabrouk Yousef14 jam yang lalu

    Not a single goal was from barca vs.liverpool turn table match But 50% of the goals were from barca Some goals really are good

  18. author

    Joachim Petersen15 jam yang lalu

    Where the free kick he got against liverpool.

  19. author

    Allam Palacios15 jam yang lalu

    Y el gol del lyon

  20. author

    佐藤優人15 jam yang lalu

    What we miss the most is THIS MEMBER

  21. author

    Traiq Anizi16 jam yang lalu

    What about Liverpool? 😂😂❤️❤️ G.O.A.T Magical - Legend - Not even Human

  22. author

    NoName Boys16 jam yang lalu

    Portugueses Will say: PORTUGAL CARALHO!!!

  23. author

    EU SLH16 jam yang lalu

    Im a chelsea fan. Klopp is a legend and the most funny/nice amazing manager

  24. author

    Alhadi Osman16 jam yang lalu

    Where is messi goal against Liverpool?

  25. author

    ~VenTar~✔️🌨️16 jam yang lalu

    Dele alli looks like Iann Dior

  26. author

    Mindflower 8916 jam yang lalu

    Cristiano was 17. Me was 15. :fallintears:

  27. author

    JY 917 jam yang lalu

    Music ?

  28. author

    Uli Gouveia17 jam yang lalu

    gente que espanhol bosta da porra

  29. author

    Tenitenz1017 jam yang lalu

    Usain bolt

  30. author

    Jack Said17 jam yang lalu

    He scored 5 without a penalty????

  31. author

    TTS Greenist17 jam yang lalu

    I hate this commentary

  32. author

    Mukhtar Hajji17 jam yang lalu

    One of the best that tym

  33. author

    Cristian Quintero17 jam yang lalu

    2:34 name please😍😍

  34. author

    Peter Okolotu17 jam yang lalu

    Best come back in the world of sports

  35. author

    Dark Brawls17 jam yang lalu

    You know whats fucking funny he cant score against Chelsea even missed a couple of penalties but still he knows how to put a show and deserves 50% of my respect as a Chelsea fan since ya know 2009 you know how fucking happy I was when he got a red card in copa america but the most beautiful goals he scored against LiVARpool

  36. author

    Matador Murillo17 jam yang lalu

    Sin lugar a dudas somos el equipo más grande del mundo!!! HALA MADRID!!!

  37. author

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic18 jam yang lalu

    Che finale buttata

  38. author

    fablox k818 jam yang lalu

    Now he is an inter player. Forza Eriksen and forza Inter.🖤💙

  39. author

    Muha Abdyrahmanov18 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    Beija Flor18 jam yang lalu

    Milly needs a job after he leaves, we need him to stay in the dressing room, make him a bootroom boy when he retires!

  41. author

    Skullranger Lover18 jam yang lalu

    0:04 surprising header from messi

  42. author

    Shaky Pirate19 jam yang lalu

    And still there will be some bellends blabbering Messi has to prove himself in the PL lol

  43. author

    Xuân Quang Đồng19 jam yang lalu

    2020 ai cũng có tiền nhiều tỷ hê...

  44. author

    Xuân Quang Đồng19 jam yang lalu

    Mọi người có nhiều tiền quá. Hê...

  45. author

    Xuân Quang Đồng19 jam yang lalu

    Tết mà mọi người đều có nhiều tiền vui quá. Hê...

  46. author

    Bhavya Srivastava19 jam yang lalu

    Messi is Arsenal's nightmare

  47. author

    Matias Ojeda19 jam yang lalu

    no hay offside en el gol de Gullit?

  48. author

    Theseus19 jam yang lalu

    Rüştü immer

  49. author

    XGN Chinook20 jam yang lalu

    i dont even support liverpool but im so intruiged

  50. author

    Mahmoud Hannoush20 jam yang lalu

    1:22 I could watch this goal all day ❤️

  51. author

    Eugene Zevanya20 jam yang lalu

    i miss him already

  52. author

    Marcio Faria20 jam yang lalu

    andreas pirlo, monstro do futebol

  53. author

    Yol Brennan20 jam yang lalu

    In all honesty, Allison position of the goal is much better than Dudek.

  54. author

    Muhammad Musa20 jam yang lalu

    liverpool barca is missing

  55. author

    Ilham Madan20 jam yang lalu

    Saya tidak ada jual geogel saya tapi menyewa geogel saya maaf Siapa gak nyuruh bertanya

  56. author

    SiDeG20 jam yang lalu

    D. Wass?

  57. author

    Hrki 1320 jam yang lalu

    This si not closing cheremony

  58. author

    LoLBeastBronzeSeries21 jam yang lalu

    no bvb vs inter comeback????????????

  59. author

    Pourya maleki21 jam yang lalu

    Pirlo's penalty was milestone of penalties

  60. author

    _cristian0._21 jam yang lalu

    I dislike sono degli inglesi

  61. author

    Giuseppe Marino21 jam yang lalu

    Inter ha rubato la coppa

  62. author

    Vernon D'Sa21 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    frankycm8521 jam yang lalu

    The worse player to ever let me down. I wish with all my heart to had seen this guy shine bright. Up to this day I still purchase him in FM even if as a sub. Injuries rub the world of a great talent ;(

  64. author

    Serhildan1021 jam yang lalu

    rip arsenal

  65. author

    Anurag Oli21 jam yang lalu

    He is a true legend "the king "

  66. author

    zahir shah22 jam yang lalu

    WTF am I the only one who noticed Messi's FREEKICK was fucking better than Ronaldo's TAP-IN!?

  67. author

    Vivek Krishnan22 jam yang lalu

    What a celebration! I’ve never seen higuain run that fast. Wait I guess there was a food truck in there

  68. author

    zahir shah22 jam yang lalu

    Messi has punished man u!!!

  69. author

    Muhammad Aizad22 jam yang lalu

    i don like ronaldo or messi.. i like aguero and de bruyne

  70. author

    barrios lukas22 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool had many scores from corner kicks

  71. author

    Hub Aid22 jam yang lalu


  72. author

    Bin Yan22 jam yang lalu

    沙皇 范大将军 小法

  73. author

    Ankan Gupt23 jam yang lalu

    Klopp, just one request from you.. *Never change*

  74. author

    Vinny Samways23 jam yang lalu

    Why are your highlights so short? Pitiful really!

  75. author

    Yavi Samantha10Hari Yang lalu

    1.55 😂

  76. author

    Abdul Moiz KhalidHari Yang lalu

    Nabil fakir deserve to play a big club like real,fc barca, man city,psg,juv,and brosia Dortmund.

  77. author

    UNI TECHHari Yang lalu

    PORTUGAL WIN'S 💯💯🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹😍😍 2020 EURO WAITING

  78. author

    Михаил ЗаморовHari Yang lalu


  79. author

    Concetto VaccarellaHari Yang lalu

    how can you not put the save on zidane....

  80. author

    United We StandHari Yang lalu


  81. author

    Alex BiegaHari Yang lalu

    "Se os caras mete gol, aí fodeu" - MARCELO, 7:14

  82. author

    Ignatz RosenbaumHari Yang lalu

    Why do all Bits have such crooked teeth? 🐽

  83. author

    Emily HamiltonHari Yang lalu

    Can I just say he did not hit the net vs Barcelona

  84. author

    QuanticaHari Yang lalu

    0:23 This scenario made me remember an amazing goal😉

  85. author

    Marin KozinaHari Yang lalu

    😀 that feeling when english fans are crying cause they didnt won anything.

  86. author

    Nix QuinxHari Yang lalu

    Anyone know what song that is????

  87. author

    HAKTAN KARACAHari Yang lalu

    So we are in the opening ceremony of Euro 2020.Go Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷.

  88. author

    -.-Hari Yang lalu


  89. author

    ᄉ귻ᄀᄉᄀᄌᄀᄉ극ᄂᄒHari Yang lalu

    한국인 손 👇

  90. author

    Teemu HHari Yang lalu


  91. author

    Jared MaharajHari Yang lalu

    Arshavin vs barca was a devastating counter

  92. author

    cpb marxistHari Yang lalu

    and here they are,Going out in the group stage

  93. author

    Anderson SilwimbaHari Yang lalu

    Learn to put commentary in your videos

  94. author

    Johnny GrayHari Yang lalu

    How can you not love this guy?!

  95. author

    Well DannHari Yang lalu


  96. author

    Mike KamaruHari Yang lalu

    This was my arsenal!!

  97. author

    el rumiHari Yang lalu

    I hate this kind of commentator. Just put the real live commentator it's just better.

  98. author

    Mhelmy ZHari Yang lalu

    And most of them against Arsenal

  99. author

    VelocitylogyHari Yang lalu

    I couldn't believe Neymar left this Barca. Best match I ever had watched, still feel goosebumps every time I watch the highlight.

  100. author

    גיא שחוריHari Yang lalu

    his 2 goals vs liverpool