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Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser

Hey Everybody! I'm Cole Walliser and I am a director living in Los Angeles. I direct a lot of female driven beauty content, a lot for Covergirl, Pantene, Revlon and more. I've also worked a lot with artists directing music videos, tour content and some documentaries. I've directed things for Pink, Katy Perry, Tinashe, Selena Gomez, Cher, Britney Spears and a bunch of other amazing artists.
Aside from that, I love going on adventures, surfing, or camping, or just being out in nature taking photos. I've become obessed with things like coffee and whiskey, also huge into watches.
Basically, since I love making content, this will be my place for it! I'll be sharing vlogs, and tutorials about how to be a better filmmaker, or how to break into the industry, as well as going on adventures and such. If you want to hear or see anything, just comment on one of the videos and I'll get to it!!

Ella Mai BTS YTElla Mai BTS YT

Ella Mai BTS YT

8 bulan yang lalu

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My GlamBOT at the OSCARS!!!

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Lady Gaga calls me a friend

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