Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass


I Had A Seizure...I Had A Seizure...

I Had A Seizure...

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NBA 2K Lags Be Like...NBA 2K Lags Be Like...

NBA 2K Lags Be Like...

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    Gary Conner7 detik yang lalu


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    Priyam Kler4 menit yang lalu


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    RAZI da BULLY6 menit yang lalu

    The intro is so hard

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    Children's Ministry18 menit yang lalu

    What is no volume in the video

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    Unknown19 menit yang lalu

    I’ve been there!!!

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    Patrick Rhodes25 menit yang lalu

    Damn bro I have epilepsy

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    Daniel Nasseredine25 menit yang lalu

    I hope your ok

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    Michelle G29 menit yang lalu

    Who's here after Reading the first part

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    sean mangan30 menit yang lalu

    Why the heck are their dislikes he had a seizure com on now

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    Nehemiah Vaiagae30 menit yang lalu

    He didn’t spread his legs and I remember you saying to spread the legs like jordan

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    Go Everywhere33 menit yang lalu

    Too bad. I was hoping you'd play to 100 like he said.

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    Fermin Castillo34 menit yang lalu

    This is so races

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    Butchh Ecavs35 menit yang lalu


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    Malachi Udeke36 menit yang lalu

    I have not saw t jass in a while he hit a mil thank god he did not die to a seizure

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    Ekiltsum Beats37 menit yang lalu

    6:12 and the very next day Juice World died to a seizure

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    live boys39 menit yang lalu

    T j I love your videos I wish I could 1v 1 you persene I am not a trash tolkcer

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    Reegan Wormer40 menit yang lalu

    Is this in Cali or Florida

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    AlexanderTheChickenNugget Chicken nugget.41 menit yang lalu

    My mom:eat jo DaM vEgIes b*tch Me: LeBrOn jAmEs

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    Kreontus43 menit yang lalu

    Nice he feelin better

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    Megan Isham46 menit yang lalu

    Are you ok man

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    Brandon Lulu47 menit yang lalu

    I got trick sorry man

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    Dallan Labrum53 menit yang lalu

    You 2 should build your own court! From all then bricks!!! Bwahaha

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    Brandon Lulu55 menit yang lalu

    Stupid old man

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    brandonn_973 Paterson56 menit yang lalu

    Tjass should play lil tjay

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    bhill005Jam Yang lalu

    That dude JB actually has game. You can tell it's just been awhile for him. All of the fundamentals are there; he's got it.

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    Shocker XPJam Yang lalu

    Hopefully your ok bro 🙏🏼

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    nacho ham Sandy cabbageJam Yang lalu

    Sloppy stuff brah.

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    Vroomer 4Jam Yang lalu

    Chris Brown.

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    z LowJam Yang lalu


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    GOAT 10Jam Yang lalu

    Oh damm,

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    PorkchopJam Yang lalu

    Tristan hope you feeling better bro. it’s scary having seizures and people could die off seizures. I know I had seizures before. If you want let’s talk and will like to help you. I’ll be praying for you bro.

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    Kevin Van BaarJam Yang lalu

    Your girlfriend says like too much, hope your ok tho

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    ross fernandezJam Yang lalu

    its crazy how you had a seizure lately, but ur still on that grind. ngl, you are clearly a god tjass :D

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    shytecia HillJam Yang lalu

    Tjass vs nle choppa

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    shytecia HillJam Yang lalu

    T jay vs blueface

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    Gerardo L. LeyvaJam Yang lalu

    Sorry tristan jass you need to be stronger

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    life sentence sux so does playzJam Yang lalu

    Yeah horrible audio

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    ThunderTKJam Yang lalu

    Yo bro i fully understand hopefully you recover well im not really good on knowing about seizures but hopefully it never happens again bro

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    Drip SlayerJam Yang lalu

    Tristan play quvo

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    Zachariah AdelbaiJam Yang lalu

    I feel bad for the trash talker because he just wanted to challenge t Jess

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    dont subscribe if you do ill find youJam Yang lalu

    Yo Tristian take a week off bro or if you need to two weeks bro we can’t lose you we love you bro.

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    Kolten LeachJam Yang lalu


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    Erik KovácsJam Yang lalu

    Intro song name? Pls🙏

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    Davino Da NinjaJam Yang lalu

    He really hit that juice wrld, But I’m so glad you’re still alive put less stress on yourself

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    Yahir LozJam Yang lalu

    Old man stupid

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    Albert DoritosJam Yang lalu

    Leave a like if the video was loading and meanwhile you were scrolling through the comments

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    Jay Best23Jam Yang lalu

    and he died from a seizure

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    Yunzhong "Louie" DingJam Yang lalu

    2:33 lookin like will smith

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    Jay Best23Jam Yang lalu

    that is when juice would died

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    Trevor BuxbaumJam Yang lalu

    Yo Tjass hope u get better. What happened to u should not have happened u don’t deserve it. Anyway u should 1v1 Marcelas Howard next cuz that would be a perfect matchup for both of u. The 2 lay kings goin at it

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    CWG PrismJam Yang lalu

    Stay away from them percs man

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    SenseiKaoticJam Yang lalu

    bruh I’m vp of chess club at my school 💀 kinda fire at ball too lmao 🔥

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    Matthew YosephJam Yang lalu

    The top of the trash talkers head

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    SHOOTERZ FDWJam Yang lalu

    This was worst acting then porn videos 🤨

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    sKar_ Zachary20102 jam yang lalu

    This is the year of seizures Rip camryn boys Rip juice wrld

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    Subzero2 jam yang lalu

    Can you shout out me.your a 🤑 baller

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    Subzero2 jam yang lalu

    I think you should play 69 👌🏻👌🏻👋 and you are my favorite youtuber

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    blake richardson2 jam yang lalu

    Yooo that's ruthless as fuck I had a seizure 2 or 3 years ago it was a grand mal seizure for 8 hours and I flat lined a bunch of times before they medically induced me into a coma to stop it I was in that coma for a week seizures are no joke

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    Ya Yeet2 jam yang lalu

    Everyone who dislikes is going to have bad luck for 7 years 👌

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    Annalysh Never Asked2 jam yang lalu

    I thought Blocboy couldn’t play but damn I learned he can shoot shoot shoot 😂 🏀

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    Noah Jasarevic2 jam yang lalu

    Cameraman is ass

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    Lemoneasy2 jam yang lalu

    juice wrld died from a seizure😔😭 glad you didnt

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    Joe Mama2 jam yang lalu

    Bro Tristan what shoes do you hoop in

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    xd Wildcat181752 jam yang lalu

    We want Tjass vs cameraman

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    Eduardo Santini2 jam yang lalu

    I can count so many travelings bro...that is easy to dribble, If you play like that with me, I will stop the game all the time, you need to learn how not traveling. Be fair next time. #peace

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    Jefferson Tzun2 jam yang lalu

    Good video

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    Russell Westbrook2 jam yang lalu

    Tell me why every lefty Ik got a clean ass jumper 🤣

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    Eduardo Santini2 jam yang lalu

    cool i really want 1x1 with u.

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    DeVon Willis2 jam yang lalu

    We Memphis niggas can hoop❗️💯

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    Dylan Durrant2 jam yang lalu

    Juic world .

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    Aiden Wurr2 jam yang lalu

    Tjass am glad you fell better

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    KK CP2 jam yang lalu

    That intro is fire dawg much love bro 👊

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    Jaivon Hasty2 jam yang lalu

    I hate when people play me king of da court and drop me off wit 3 In not even a second

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    Jaivon Hasty2 jam yang lalu

    I hat

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    Gilly2 jam yang lalu

    Wtf why tf are there dislikes

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    Critical_SnipeYT2 jam yang lalu

    Hey Tristan I just wanted to say hope you feeling better after what happened. Your fans including me will be supporting you have fun with your IDreporter journey

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    Ya boy OC-2142 jam yang lalu


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    Perry da Goat2 jam yang lalu

    Rest up T Jass love u bro bro ❤️✊🏼

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    donovan crawford2 jam yang lalu

    T Jass, I hope you feel better fam. Keep positive and your faith in God.

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    Marques Williams2 jam yang lalu


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    Jaiaozo Kauai’s I2 jam yang lalu

    U are an inspiration for all bro keep doing the good work and best wishes To u and your family

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    Jqmari2 jam yang lalu

    A day after my birthday

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    EA2 jam yang lalu

    No my name conner

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    James Gorham2 jam yang lalu

    Cool intro

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    Mr.Bear242 jam yang lalu

    REST UP TJASS❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    POPTART Green2 jam yang lalu

    They tried to take you too

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    TENZIN NAMDOL CHOENYI2 jam yang lalu

    LilTjay a boogie lil Tecca or nle Choppa

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    DJSMITH11283 jam yang lalu

    You got a good girl bro , don’t break her heart!

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    1 thousand subs without a video 4453 jam yang lalu

    I remember the days when Tristan was versing that trash talking coach

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    Patrick Dunbabin3 jam yang lalu

    We all appreciate everything. You don't have to do so much for us. Take a month off to recover, regroup and chill. We all love your videos, get good soon.

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    Xander Bartolome3 jam yang lalu

    Tjass vs Jcole plssss

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    Jr Martinez3 jam yang lalu

    Its phil from flex tape