The Musical Experiments of Alexandre Martins



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DT  - These WallsDT  - These Walls

DT - These Walls

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Shaman of SpringShaman of Spring

Shaman of Spring

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Midi Metal - WoodworkMidi Metal - Woodwork

Midi Metal - Woodwork

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Midi Metal - IntroMidi Metal - Intro

Midi Metal - Intro

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170406 - Drum Challenge170406 - Drum Challenge

170406 - Drum Challenge

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2 tahun yang lalu

4chords V24chords V2

4chords V2

2 tahun yang lalu

4 Chords4 Chords

4 Chords

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Katana50 + DIY FootswitchKatana50 + DIY Footswitch

Katana50 + DIY Footswitch

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DJ FoxiDJ Foxi

DJ Foxi

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Kauges külasKauges külas

Kauges külas

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The Satellite Pedal DIYThe Satellite Pedal DIY

The Satellite Pedal DIY

3 tahun yang lalu

DIY Guitar AmpDIY Guitar Amp

DIY Guitar Amp

3 tahun yang lalu

Riki RockRiki Rock

Riki Rock

4 tahun yang lalu

Riki Rock - version 1Riki Rock - version 1

Riki Rock - version 1

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Pinki PantherPinki Panther

Pinki Panther

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All New Materials LoopingAll New Materials Looping

All New Materials Looping

4 tahun yang lalu

Guitar Stand IronmanGuitar Stand Ironman

Guitar Stand Ironman

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strange deja vustrange deja vu

strange deja vu

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mini stratmini strat

mini strat

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jaanipaev 14jaanipaev 14

jaanipaev 14

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Muse - Stockholm SyndromeMuse - Stockholm Syndrome

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome

5 tahun yang lalu

Chasing ShadowsChasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

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Deep TunaDeep Tuna

Deep Tuna

6 tahun yang lalu

Van Halen - PanamaVan Halen - Panama

Van Halen - Panama

6 tahun yang lalu

Andres JamAndres Jam

Andres Jam

6 tahun yang lalu

Snower BlowerSnower Blower

Snower Blower

6 tahun yang lalu

Taco TunerTaco Tuner

Taco Tuner

6 tahun yang lalu

Dark ValentineDark Valentine

Dark Valentine

6 tahun yang lalu

RCHP - Suck My KissRCHP - Suck My Kiss

RCHP - Suck My Kiss

6 tahun yang lalu

delay on HD testdelay on HD test

delay on HD test

8 tahun yang lalu

ACDC - Back in BlackACDC - Back in Black

ACDC - Back in Black

8 tahun yang lalu

Jam sound testJam sound test

Jam sound test

11 tahun yang lalu

Guitar "Rocker" TestGuitar "Rocker" Test

Guitar "Rocker" Test

11 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    SS662 bulan yang lalu

    Awesome Alexandre. I know this a year later, but can you kindly re-share the code... it's not on Dropbox anymore. Thanx

  2. author

    tf924161721Tahun Yang lalu

    I found the code. But I would really like a detailed wiring schematic and/or a step by step process. This exactly what I need and have little to no experience in this field. Please!

  3. author

    flegstrogsTahun Yang lalu

    can you share the schematics?

  4. author

    João RodriguesTahun Yang lalu

    Hi Alexander great work! Nice explanation too, can you provide the schematics for the circuit you made pls ? Thanks

  5. author

    B RoddickTahun Yang lalu

    Very neat, well done. Could you share the wiring diagram for those? I'm interested in making my own to change between all 4 channels. Thanks.

  6. author

    Anders NielsenTahun Yang lalu

    How can i contact you?

  7. author

    Clément BomboyTahun Yang lalu

    Hi. Is it possible to share the wiring diagram and the code ? Great job ! thanks.

  8. author

    Ricardo InoueTahun Yang lalu

    Hi! Great job! I am interested in building one for me and I was wondering if you could share the schematics and code for arduino!! Thanks!

  9. author

    Vicente ManzanoTahun Yang lalu

    Hi alexandre, that's a great job !! Can you share the schematics for this mod ? Thank u

  10. author

    al3xandr32 tahun yang lalu

    From minute 13:43 there's a playing demo

  11. author

    Ivan Mad Vejarano4 tahun yang lalu

    Tasty, very nice indeed. I feel the harmony so well. Congrats/// plz if u wish check mine plz peace \m/

  12. author

    Trent Reyes4 tahun yang lalu

    Nice! I like the style you went for!

  13. author

    Project Genesis4 tahun yang lalu

    One of the best right here

  14. author

    Rod Reyes4 tahun yang lalu


  15. author

    Roberto Marra - U2CURE4 tahun yang lalu

    Song's name?

  16. author

    Guy Onraet5 tahun yang lalu

    Killer playing man! Your son is awesome!

  17. author

    Vadim Taranov5 tahun yang lalu

    Guitars sounds great.

  18. author

    al3xandr36 tahun yang lalu

    thanks :)

  19. author

    Dupdopy6 tahun yang lalu

    Great playing, man!

  20. author

    Bojana Beltram6 tahun yang lalu

    I have Cort G250P great electric and acoustic sound.

  21. author

    sebafloyd17 tahun yang lalu

    nice guitar man, well played.

  22. author

    Rogerio Bianchini8 tahun yang lalu

    eu tambem tenho uma g260, curto muito essa minha guita. abraço, nice song

  23. author

    Bedivan Ion8 tahun yang lalu

    Happy birthday, Riki! Keep on rocking!

  24. author

    srvgravesdime8 tahun yang lalu

    Learn to play with your thumb and you'll nail the hendrix tone better! good video though

  25. author

    al3xandr39 tahun yang lalu

    very light, swamp ash wood makes for lightweight guitars.

  26. author

    deva brat9 tahun yang lalu


  27. author

    arsaal29 tahun yang lalu

    cara eu tenho essa guitarra e sou seu fan.!!!

  28. author

    Scibiorek9 tahun yang lalu

    Nice sound, I want to buy this guitar ;) Btw nic pijama.

  29. author

    wisesatyr729 tahun yang lalu

    Hey man can you check the back of the tremelo and tell me how many springs does it have ? Because mine only has 2 springs Does yours have 3 ?

  30. author

    Lucas9 tahun yang lalu

    were you using the bridge humbucker? im sorry i cant see wich pickup you selected... what can you tell me about this guitar? im interested on buying one...

  31. author

    Wade Oyston10 tahun yang lalu

    just wondering whats the sustain on yours like i own one my self its a brilliant guitar but with high bends im finding less sustain its dies too quick just wondering if its the bridge? or the set up or just the guitar?

  32. author

    steamlilly10 tahun yang lalu

    how is the tapped humbucker sound? it's singlecoil, i know, but it's vertical not angled. Does that change the sound much? or what strings it affect?

  33. author

    tenson9510 tahun yang lalu

    i love this guitar

  34. author

    Dnunestanner10 tahun yang lalu

    Cara, quanto aos trastes dessa guitarra, são muito baixos? Eu achei ela bem interessante pelo preço. Se puder comentar algo sobre ela, ficaria grato, pois estou procurando uma guitarra, e essa me interessou!

  35. author

    al3xandr310 tahun yang lalu

    Its a very usefull pedal, can change sound a lot, i like it also, but its first EQ pedal i have so i cant compare to others.

  36. author

    al3xandr311 tahun yang lalu

    ola, sim e' uma G260. Eu acho que e' uma excelente guitarra para o preco.

  37. author

    edugplayer11 tahun yang lalu

    Do you speak portuguese? Help... Amigo, é uma Cort G260? possui captadores duncan designed SC101 and Hb 102B? ponte Wilkinson VS50 II? Excelent sound.

  38. author

    al3xandr311 tahun yang lalu

    hi, no, its a TO800, Vintage Tube Overdrive. I like this one, but haven't tried others so its hard to say.

  39. author

    al3xandr311 tahun yang lalu

    great strat copy, have it already for almost a year and still amazed about the price/value. Has a humbucker at bridge and humbucker split switch, with i actually found usefull.

  40. author

    Spiral11 tahun yang lalu

    How does it play? Is it all single coil pickups? Great jamming!