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How Lambi Roti Is MadeHow Lambi Roti Is Made

How Lambi Roti Is Made

3 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    J JJam Yang lalu

    I'm Canadian, and may I say, MCD's poutine is not the greatest. A restaurant's is though. 🤤

  2. author

    Devoted2ThaEntertainmentJam Yang lalu

    Butter is not the best way to make a grilled cheese, I cant give out my secret

  3. author

    MoniJam Yang lalu

    That’s that white shit no offense

  4. author

    One Hell of a YamJam Yang lalu

    Have ya seen the burger king in korea XD ISH SO AMAZING. McDonald's is legit a restaurant in korea XD

  5. author

    howzerqwertyJam Yang lalu

    Gets in line at 5AM and waits for four hours to get a coffee. Dude, I've never been to Chicago, but I can pretty much guarantee that there is probably more coffee shops within a couple blocks. Maybe even another Starbucks.

  6. author

    Maya SJam Yang lalu

    my skin broke out watching this

  7. author

    tazzakaakao :PJam Yang lalu

    Leipajuustou 5:41 😅 btw i’m from Finland, and i like leipäjuusto

  8. author

    مر يمJam Yang lalu


  9. author

    Gol MajorJam Yang lalu

    Who watching drinking hot cocoa

  10. author

    Aimee ThomsonJam Yang lalu

    Made him feel better

  11. author

    Yllejord FJam Yang lalu

    Most of them were just mindlessly large and/or pointlessly gimicky, or just the ''put nutella on whatever's in the cupboard'' thing you do when you come home drunk at three in the morning. Where is the delicate enjoyment of the senses, where is the refined pleasure.

  12. author

    Chef JanvierJam Yang lalu

    This guy could be commenting pizzas or wheel nuts - his expertise is close to zero. Claudia is so beautiful that I can't really make a neutral honest comment - she always seems fine to me.

  13. author

    Aimee ThomsonJam Yang lalu

    Shes back

  14. author

    Loyal MonkeyJam Yang lalu


  15. author

    Log OutJam Yang lalu

    Angels Burger will gonna outsell this poorbburger

  16. author

    GoldenCookieJam Yang lalu

    Wow 6 dollars

  17. author

    DRY SKYJam Yang lalu

    CHOOKIDY POK! -Mooncake

  18. author

    Rainbow Flufflepuff2 jam yang lalu

    That's the heart you want to break not hers😁cheers pal👍😂

  19. author

    Katya Kupelian2 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    Orion Pax2 jam yang lalu

    Gram=Gordon Ramsy

  21. author

    Habarn-amcenumesaimipun 12342 jam yang lalu

    Cool.I want to try these too i really like mold cheese.But i am not from london

  22. author

    Rice Seed2 jam yang lalu

    Btw “chin chin” means penis in Japanese

  23. author

    Vitaly Muravyev2 jam yang lalu

    I know that in Italy you can eat pasta in McDs, and here in Russia, we have a sweat porridge and pancakes with cottage cheese for breakfast)

  24. author

    Seoul Vlogs!2 jam yang lalu

    Half Indian and half Chinese Ive gone to McDonald’s in China and India and it taste amazing!

  25. author

    prince copper3 jam yang lalu

    We can use giant Hershey as a ingredients for giant s'mores

  26. author

    Nusrat Choudhury3 jam yang lalu

    I'm from the UK and I had the Indian chicken, loved it

  27. author

    Тони Сопрано3 jam yang lalu

    The best!

  28. author

    Dhruv Gupta3 jam yang lalu

    I went to levain bakery in nyc sooo good

  29. author

    Ice Bear3 jam yang lalu

    We have a nickname? Londoners...

  30. author

    Em3 jam yang lalu

    It's a shop for carnivorous dinosaurs, that's all you need to succeed lol

  31. author

    TheMrEpicsounds3 jam yang lalu


  32. author

    grim reaper3 jam yang lalu

    Title: "spicy food you need to try before you die" People in the video: *dying because of the spicy food*

  33. author

    SULTAN SAJAD3 jam yang lalu

    Are these ribs of lamb or pig ?

  34. author

    1960's Clint Eastwood3 jam yang lalu

    6: how much copper based newspaper ink you can taste on your crust and chips.

  35. author

    Vincent Chen3 jam yang lalu

    taiwan 😳😳

  36. author

    Pwnogosaurus3 jam yang lalu

    Dumb shallow bimbo

  37. author

    Ɖɛɱơиıɕ3 jam yang lalu

    The title must be trying McDonald some of the country bc if its whole world you must travel in the whole country and there is a lot of country not just 14/15 country not to judge just a suggestion dont be mad or something

  38. author

    ShamanMcLamie3 jam yang lalu

    I live in America we make parmesan and any other cheese anywhere we damn please.

  39. author

    Karl Striepe4 jam yang lalu

    If you're eating at Tommy's sober in the day, you're doing it wrong. Part of the joy of the place is the intoxicated buzz, the wait in line, your mildly blurred vision and then you take your first bite and you think hopefully this will lessen tomorrow's hangover and it does, sort of!

  40. author

    Devoted2ThaEntertainment4 jam yang lalu

    55 gallons in 90 seconds!? That's a game changer

  41. author

    LuLu & JaJa4 jam yang lalu

    Ok you know what I have the stomach and the mouth like a pig so imma about to eat all of these. Quote from Karina Garcia

  42. author

    fedoracore3214 jam yang lalu

    Sandwich looks gross!!!

  43. author

    Jack Beames4 jam yang lalu

    Austria’s McDonald is the best

  44. author

    COMMENT WAR4 jam yang lalu

    I thought I was the only one who dips my fries on my ice cream

  45. author

    Aditya4 jam yang lalu

    Bruhh I ate a "Shake Shake Fries" in India, and TBH, that was much better than the Maharaja Mac.

  46. author

    Gaming with SniperKiLL4 jam yang lalu

    0:13 my mouth was full of water

  47. author

    Baran Blyat4 jam yang lalu

    'each egg has to be painstakingly peeled by hand' lol it really doesn't take long if you use eggs towards the end of their life and put white vinegar in the water ;)

  48. author

    TheThomas4 jam yang lalu

    I want some isolated audio of that old guy talking about cheese so i can play it while i fall asleep

  49. author

    Peyman H.L4 jam yang lalu

    Free food tastes amazing even if it tastes of poop.

  50. author

    Desmond8234 jam yang lalu

    How to make steak tartare: 1. Place steak on plate 2. Throw 1 egg on top Andd serve

  51. author

    Jason Panhorst4 jam yang lalu

    No gloves

  52. author

    spidermelon4 jam yang lalu

    0:09 FELIPE

  53. author

    iiRuth4 jam yang lalu

    More like outrageous foods you have to eat to get diarrhea

  54. author

    Gaming Rexa4 jam yang lalu

    Sorry but who wants to eat gold

  55. author

    snek4 jam yang lalu

    Koff ja näkkileipä

  56. author

    Rifqi Al Fariz5 jam yang lalu

    In Indonesia we have the most basic menus dammit.

  57. author

    ULTIMATE EPICNESS5 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    Luisa Petean5 jam yang lalu

    I really dont get how north americans can eat so much fat in just one meal, specially breakfast

  59. author

    kinn grimm5 jam yang lalu

    now can we get packaging not including plastics, that'll be great

  60. author

    Claudio Andrei5 jam yang lalu

    order the bic mac sauce only lmao

  61. author

    Artemis Ackerman Nightcore5 jam yang lalu

    In India KFC serves the best chicken sandwich

  62. author

    itspossuz5 jam yang lalu

    I'm from finland and i dont know any one who puts leipä juusto to Coffee

  63. author

    Jin Galaxy5 jam yang lalu

    Sem Brasil? Não assisto

  64. author

    Default Demolition5 jam yang lalu

    Me: *eating my mild M&S ‘ready to eat chicken tenders’* Also me: I could handle that.

  65. author

    Gigi5 jam yang lalu

    Do I need to make a reservation ?

  66. author

    Papa Smurf5 jam yang lalu

    Iberian ham stinks. A stroll through a Spanish supermercado is enough to make you retch.

  67. author

    babie bunnie5 jam yang lalu

    *i luv kombucha and i have very sensitive teef ! i rlly wanna try dis !*

  68. author

    Matt Andersen5 jam yang lalu

    If you live in NYC, you've probably had most of the food on this list.

  69. author

    Kunferna5 jam yang lalu

    What about Space Cookies ;)

  70. author

    gabrielnovell05 jam yang lalu

    In argentina we have Like 6 tipes of mcflurry

  71. author

    An Tao5 jam yang lalu

    Always mozzarella! No strong flavor, taste like sold milk.

  72. author

    Niels Nielsen5 jam yang lalu

    I live there it's not actually that expensive it can cost as less as 67 euros about 80dolars for a big leg like a meter long and fifty centemeters thick at its biggest bit

  73. author

    JaCkie VaLi6 jam yang lalu

    Waoo It is amazing working.. even creative 👍🏼👍🏼

  74. author

    Jesus Murillo6 jam yang lalu

    I just got myself a Spam can, I bet it tastes the same.

  75. author

    Ghost6 jam yang lalu

    Oh thats hot, thats hot

  76. author

    tim6 jam yang lalu

    step one of enjoying ethiopian cuisine: starve

  77. author

    OOF Rblx6 jam yang lalu

    I get Hungry when i see this

  78. author

    Mohammad Baghdadi6 jam yang lalu

    i am sad because i am a muslim and most of these food have pig in it so i can't eat it

  79. author

    Cram's TV6 jam yang lalu

    adding mayo and egg to sisig? a mortal sin for kapampangans

  80. author

    Kimberley Rowntree6 jam yang lalu

    The diamond is candy, look at the shape.

  81. author

    Angelica Rubi6 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a shriveled brain

  82. author

    Robert Sarno6 jam yang lalu

    That egg salad sandwich would be nice with bacon crumbles

  83. author

    Adorabella08276 jam yang lalu

    This all looks amazing, but i can't help but think under the NY food and health code that you can't touch/handle Ready-to-Eat food with your bare hands.

  84. author

    Wout Hofstra6 jam yang lalu

    How could I eat all of these before I die if they cause me to die

  85. author

    Jay Msv6 jam yang lalu

    NYC ❤️

  86. author

    Dark Soul6 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    サラsarah6 jam yang lalu

    Kounafe is the best thing ever

  88. author

    let me attem6 jam yang lalu

    here in Norway, we have the most basic shit I nothing special to see here folks

  89. author

    Haley Faragalli6 jam yang lalu

    I love pastries

  90. author

    Statick6 jam yang lalu

    In Saudi Arabia they sell a mcArabia sandwich.

  91. author

    Hrh Bros-Gaming6 jam yang lalu

    at 4:42 it said united states instead of hawaii

  92. author

    Rafe Julian6 jam yang lalu

    People from around the world must try for tasting one of absolutely very delicious desert in Indonesia, martabak.

  93. author

    Keep the good work6 jam yang lalu

    Her lisp is pissing me off...

  94. author

    Andrei Ish7 jam yang lalu

    A man ate Indian food from a gas station... This is what happened to his asshole...

  95. author

    Love BTS Bou7 jam yang lalu

    Camembert my love

  96. author

    rapha77887 jam yang lalu

    2237: we have no longer animals to produce meat since 2150 and we're missing these times, people starts to create meat like food using fruits.

  97. author

    Mr. Nature7 jam yang lalu

    That dude must be making bank

  98. author

    Dark Soul7 jam yang lalu

    N.4 ... Genius 👍

  99. author

    Proud nobody7 jam yang lalu

    Wait, there's only 2 flavors of mcflurry in the us? In Norway we have Oreo, mnm, chocolate powder, a chocolate called daim and usually a fifth flavor that changes from twix (another chocolate), smash (chocolate again) and Mars (chocolate as well)

  100. author

    Moon Angel7 jam yang lalu

    I just never want to go online again. Seeing the editor claiming my country to be a part of another country is very offensive.