"Living life on the goon side"

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    Chris Hamilton3 jam yang lalu

    Good job fellas!

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    Kasey Okay3 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely Killed It!!!! Beyond the best.

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    phillip dickson3 jam yang lalu

    Do you guys smoke weed?

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    Deryck Reaburn-Jenkin3 jam yang lalu

    Really enjoy watching your channel, the video is nicely put together and the content is so diverse and interesting. It is weird how you guys don't refer to each other by name, but your manner on screen is so amiable and energetic it doesn't matter so much. This has been a memorable build, keep it up!

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    oneofakind843 jam yang lalu

    Click bait

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    Tyler Andrews3 jam yang lalu

    Someone get these boys a DA polisher instead of that rotary

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    XxFINITYZ xX3 jam yang lalu

    Got to admit that tape made the car a lot more aggressive (you guys are my most favourite you tubers I wait for your video every single day and night man you guys create such good content keep up the good work ) I can't send you guys any fan mail but when I get a chance I will try to send some fan mail also you guys march looks killer ❀ from your biggest fan thank you for the hard work you guys do

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    Shawn Miller3 jam yang lalu

    Ok I think that got the point pets should not drink the fluid on the floor thay have been doing this for years and there have been no problems.

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    S K3 jam yang lalu

    You guys are so blessed... When you really think you are blessed share with other like helping the poor kids

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    2legit B3 jam yang lalu

    The political adds have to go

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    Movie action3 jam yang lalu

    You paint the calippers red as it matches the seats and body

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    Hogiewan13 jam yang lalu

    Now this a classic GS video. I was about to give up. Keep them coming guys!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    Author Joe Holt3 jam yang lalu

    Just a Safety note friends, AntiFreeze is sweet to the taste to dogs, and it will kill them very quickly! Even the amount that splashed onto the ground is toxic.

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    That one Guy3 jam yang lalu

    I’m getting Koenigsegg Jesko vibes from that front bumper

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    youtube so cal media games trab3 jam yang lalu

    Crash Ferrari means slavage title right ?

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    David D3 jam yang lalu


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    AtomicFapper3 jam yang lalu

    Can you guys try rebuilding a PT Cruiser next?

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    Jay Smith3 jam yang lalu

    I think they just did a fast cut so they could see how the clear sanded but they don't need 3,000 git Wet its overboard IMO It should be glass by 2,000 but you need to keep the car and paper wet and clean . Great Job Goonzquad πŸ‘

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    Mark Bryan3 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a huayra πŸ”₯

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    Jordan R3 jam yang lalu


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    Zach Cox3 jam yang lalu

    Goonzquad in the first video, " we want to do everything perfectly and oem". This video: *glues on a headlight bracket

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    Cee Jay3 jam yang lalu

    You might get slapped if you take your girlfriend to Taco Bell wearing a "She Rips" shirt.

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    mrstudiodaddy3 jam yang lalu

    Reroute the headlight cleaner to the front intercoolers so you can press a button and cool them down more.

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    Oskar Dirlewanger3 jam yang lalu

    The Lambo looks like more of a Pure White than the Ferrari

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    MrRocky14053 jam yang lalu

    I love watching you guys - you have a great work ethic - Way to go! you are setting a wonderful example With your Can Do attitude! 8-)

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    charlie hustle3 jam yang lalu

    Careful the dogs don’t drink the antifreeze!

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    NS BOI!!!3 jam yang lalu

    Air ducts and everything is crazy on Ferrari's

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    Billy Jack3 jam yang lalu

    I just love watching Billy and his little bro Jimmy kicking butt on these rebuilds!

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    Oskar Dirlewanger3 jam yang lalu

    Ugh- keep that polisher flat to the surface!

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    Ken Biggs3 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or did that yellow tape between the carbon and paint on the bumper look neat, that with the yellow calipers.

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    L d3 jam yang lalu


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    Adam Wright3 jam yang lalu

    what wheels are you going to be putting on?

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    OrangeSpeed3 jam yang lalu

    Dang you guys must have a separate dumpster just for all of the cardboard lol

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    Fin2009 Walker3 jam yang lalu

    Happy to see it's almost done

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    L d3 jam yang lalu


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    fan of xx never will die in are bearts3 jam yang lalu

    For some reason I thought it was a Ford gt

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    Fran 57733 jam yang lalu

    Guys take care of antifreeze..... you guys are reckless. One day max will drink it and he will die...

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    L d3 jam yang lalu


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    Jordan B3 jam yang lalu

    The most badass channel on IDreporter!

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    chill l3 jam yang lalu

    It would’ve been cool if y’all took it to SEMA

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    L d3 jam yang lalu


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    hot rods CJ73 jam yang lalu

    Who owns all these cars

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    hot rods CJ73 jam yang lalu

    Who owns all his cars

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    L d3 jam yang lalu


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    Chris Freeman3 jam yang lalu

    12 pack of πŸ’΄ and someπŸ₯¦lmao

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    David Askntell3 jam yang lalu

    What's the selling price of the 458.. ???? Surly you dont want to keep it after getting it looking that good

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    kickit593 jam yang lalu

    Dam guys you have turned that 458 into one awesome machine! Looking forward to the next video!

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    EDEN9713 jam yang lalu

    Hope they do a garage tour with all theirs car (nice and clean) before they start selling some of them . Boat and bike included 😊

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    Liam Carlin4 jam yang lalu

    Buy windshields for your cars finish them fully

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    Ed M4 jam yang lalu

    I love you guys and everything you do but please learn to properly prep, and do paint correction. There are plenty of options, gear, and tips to using a rotary polisher correctly. Peace!

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    Jacob Smith4 jam yang lalu

    You guys did an awesome job painting those bumpers. Perfect

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    Skatersesh104 jam yang lalu

    I absolutely love the videos, you guys are on point with everything. Just one thing I’d recommend, please change up the music and not stick to the same soundtracks.

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    Raymond Boucher4 jam yang lalu

    Do not ever use your mouth to open anything not food grade !

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    3lijah_Playz4 jam yang lalu

    My dumbass completely forgot the engines in the back. I've been waiting for a vid about putting the engine in

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    Moto Rides4 jam yang lalu

    Love love love the car. I would recommend a ceramic though, you wouldn’t want that nice carbon fiber and fresh paint job to get some rock chips, scratches, etc.

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    fred rubble4 jam yang lalu

    Max is getting big!

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    Raymond Boucher4 jam yang lalu

    Cut it and use compression fittings.

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    Jason Day4 jam yang lalu

    Leaving antifreeze laying around when you have animals is not a good idea, thought you would have cleaned the parts before installing

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    RUST FREAK4 jam yang lalu

    16:57 you should leave the tape on the headlights it lookes dope or do something similar

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    toorealworld4 jam yang lalu

    Who welded that front end looks horrible. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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    rcmusicplayer4 jam yang lalu

    the extra vent on the drivers side is for the condenser to keep ya nice an cool in the summer

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    Edward Wesner4 jam yang lalu


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    Kurt Andres4 jam yang lalu

    20:12 in the down plinth you can see thats not a "perfect paint match" guys, you are working with a ferrari, I know about paint and me and you guys know that painting the down plinth, the roof and the back roof is not more than 2 hours of work, so why you just dont do the things the perfect way?

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    Brent Spang4 jam yang lalu

    Didn't momma ever teach you boys not to use your teeth!

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    18t4motion4 jam yang lalu

    "them pliers ain't too strong" ... LOL.

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    djanderson19764 jam yang lalu

    One Question? Why when you take all them dirty parts and there out...why not degrease them all the same time and detail before the re-install in a 200k+ car? Just my thoughts

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    TheMikebozz4 jam yang lalu

    Make the ex headlight spray aim/spray out the front? Hehe

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    The Man from Epsilon Crucis4 jam yang lalu

    Why do they make all their European super cars white?

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    Derek Purdy4 jam yang lalu

    Too bad you didn't wait for the paint booth. I've never painted anything so no experience, but unfortunately i can still see blemishes after the polish.

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    Drivers Mode4 jam yang lalu

    She rips πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ˜ŽπŸπŸ˜Ž

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    Socalfun4 jam yang lalu

    Who paints a freakin Ferrari in a garage? Im kinda in disbelief actually. I think it would be worth it to wait for the actual paint booth to be available but maybe thats just me, lol.

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    Signs4 jam yang lalu

    How did you guys get started in this field? Not anyone can buy and rebuild a Super car especially 2 Teenagers. You guys are great examples and role models for today's lost youth.

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    Block 15 Garage4 jam yang lalu

    can't stop looking at the lambo in the background ☺️

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    Mr. Potato4 jam yang lalu

    The only logical solution is to get customers carbon panels for the rest of the car lol

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    Jose Cruz4 jam yang lalu

    Watching your build on the WRX and came here to stay up to date. Glad to see you guys were amazing back then as you are now. Seems like this channel is and has been one of the best on IDreporter. By the way, that front bumper makes this 458 look so good!

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    Markov Xtreme4 jam yang lalu

    No more camo hoodies left damn they look sick

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    Azizi Azib4 jam yang lalu

    Ferrari + koenigsegg

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    Von Von4 jam yang lalu

    I just wish there was a guy dedicated to dusting off the parts before they get installed.

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    HunterBoy4 jam yang lalu

    Among you two brothers who owns the Lamborghini and who owns the 458?

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    0mega Zer04 jam yang lalu

    Puppy is as big as the Ferrari

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    DillonBets 695 jam yang lalu

    Please put the rear window visor/grate on the police car:(

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    Signs5 jam yang lalu

    Y'all are amazing! Watching from Wenatchee Washington. Cant wait for the next build.

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    Road Runner5 jam yang lalu

    I worry about those sweet animals around that β€œkiller liquid” all over the garage floor. Also it would sure be nice if you would pre-clean all of that plastic before installing it. That level of luxury should be clean from top to bottom. Maybe just in a hurry?

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    Bart Dillmann5 jam yang lalu

    Engine coolant and the dogs feet don 't mix, carefull....

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    G.S.Wツ5 jam yang lalu

    5:43 HOLY I thought that was Max, I was like he grew soo much already??

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    tzzupp5 jam yang lalu

    Love it

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    joseph velasquez5 jam yang lalu

    Hellcat giveaway πŸ€” = more views

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    dustin powell5 jam yang lalu

    Wonders how they can afford all this expensive things but love it

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    Leo Anderson5 jam yang lalu

    Ok. So you putting dirty parts on a clean painted car😧

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    Rashed Rehman5 jam yang lalu

    Goonzquad is very good team name ,,, But I don’t like when they change OEM parts It’s really heart me,,πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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    Robert Bailey5 jam yang lalu

    Man the design of that Ferrari looks half-assed. For what that thing costs I would expect better from Ferrari. You guys did a great job on the rebuild though.

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    Bobby Brady5 jam yang lalu

    It’s amazing how poorly built those Ferraris look under the hood. Shocking really. Those welds are unbelievably bad.

  93. author

    Dream Dasher5 jam yang lalu

    I was really hoping that they would tape off the indents in front of the front wheels. The contrast of the carbon fibre to the paint would look so sick.

  94. author

    Mohamed Raees5 jam yang lalu

    You guys should go for a AMG G63

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    MyChemdog5 jam yang lalu

    goonzsquad over any squad haha u guys did a killer job on the rarri's paint

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    Motoking 7075 jam yang lalu

    Tacoma or tundra build?

  97. author

    Skittalybop Squaf5 jam yang lalu

    You should do a Honda prelude build...

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    x1115 jam yang lalu

    goonzquad, 2000mph ??!! I do not think so !! ))))

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    Jerryl Wright5 jam yang lalu

    Great work fella’s! Also Max is getting big fast!

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    Mr. panda games5 jam yang lalu

    BOAT VID!!!