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  1. author

    Patrick Ahlm10 jam yang lalu

    no for real though ryan finly #1

  2. author

    Jeremy W10 jam yang lalu

    This is so stupid

  3. author

    Patrick Ahlm10 jam yang lalu

    russle should be 1 he cared the whole team

  4. author

    dadefope8010 jam yang lalu

  5. author

    Riri M10 jam yang lalu


  6. author

    Patrick Ahlm10 jam yang lalu

    where is kirk cousins?????????

  7. author

    Michael Brady10 jam yang lalu

    Check out the spacing throughout the topic. Looks like Terry's zoned in on his future ex-wife. He's talking to Champ while all up in girl's grill.

  8. author

    Driving My Life Away With Duck tape10 jam yang lalu

    Looks great.

  9. author

    sendtorich10 jam yang lalu

    great!... except we all saw Gorilla Monsoon do the same thing to Bill Cowher one day prior, so we pretty much all knew this was coming - no way Cowher gets in and Johnson doesn't

  10. author

    Archayd10 jam yang lalu

    This... reminds me of arena football... "high scoring games mean EXCITEMENT!" lol until EVERY game combines for over 120 points scored. Thats boring af...

  11. author

    Mike Green10 jam yang lalu

    So is it true that he’s not in the Cowboys ring of honor because of Jerry Jones???? But Mr. Baker has given him his right hand into the ultimate ring of honor the HOF! Sad Jerry sad!!!! Congrats Jimmy.....

  12. author

    Mike Ray10 jam yang lalu

    As a former hunter,I hate to say this.But duck hunters have dessimated the duck population.When they fly up from the south they meet a gauntlet of shotguns that goes across America.I remember flocks of thousands of ducks when I was young.Now you might see a couple of them on a lake,but nothing like it used to be.

  13. author

    torio editz10 jam yang lalu

    Are there any penalties

  14. author

    John Clayton10 jam yang lalu

    Ronda blows with her attitude

  15. author

    Ryan Smith10 jam yang lalu

    the punt idea is bad

  16. author

    The Race Analyst, PHD10 jam yang lalu

    Bradshaw to Moss one-handed...that was historic and pretty...Thanks!

  17. author

    Brett Allgood11 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    Antonio569111 jam yang lalu

    Overtime is basically the equivalent of PKs in soccer

  19. author

    Vince Gedeon11 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    Lakeside Lakers Fan11 jam yang lalu

    I still think this league will struggle cause they can't create superstars and brands and if they do create stars those players will probably jump ship to the NFL

  21. author

    Lauren B11 jam yang lalu

    Why did you do dog fighting Michael Vick

  22. author

    Malik11 jam yang lalu

    I was excited at first but idk now. They completely abandoned the defensive side of football. As a guy whose played defense when i used to ball and has been watching this game my whole life big plays on both sides of the ball os what makes football exciting. Imagine if we didn't have defensive greats like LT prime reed wilson urlacher troy and the list goes on.

  23. author

    Ahriman S11 jam yang lalu

    How many times has the xfl been tried

  24. author

    David Sperl11 jam yang lalu

    Russ should be at 2

  25. author

    Killa Mike11 jam yang lalu

    Everyone from Dallas says thanks and we love you Jimmy! Dallas is always your home

  26. author

    James Jackson12 jam yang lalu

    These rules are so wack I feel bad for the defense they can’t do anything this is basically where the NFL is headed tho😭😭😭

  27. author

    Henry Hill12 jam yang lalu

    5 am and I’m crying

  28. author

    Tom Tapp12 jam yang lalu

    That hairrrrr!

  29. author

    ペンギン3712 jam yang lalu


  30. author

    Zach Blackburn12 jam yang lalu

    “And no..we don’t have a replay in boWLiNg” 😂

  31. author

    ぬん吾郎X12 jam yang lalu


  32. author

    ぬん吾郎X12 jam yang lalu


  33. author

    Joe Average13 jam yang lalu

    Mat McClumsy. Another dork with a vertical. There coming out now, all over these dorks who think they can play. This kid AINT SECIAL. He's clumsy. Just another kid with a hype. MAKES ME SICK. I miss the game of the 90's. Everything after Jordan left got messed up. Jordan, Iverson, McGrady, Hill, Garnet and many others. The legends have become extinct.

  34. author

    Neil Aurelia13 jam yang lalu

    Why am i watching this?

  35. author

    Joe Gunn13 jam yang lalu

    Dont like Kap. But he deserves a honorable mention.

  36. author

    Victor Evans Sr13 jam yang lalu

    Long long long long overdue.

  37. author

    Char Char13 jam yang lalu

    I love Jimmy Johnson, he's a class act

  38. author

    Jamie Luce13 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy Johnson the best coach ever I give anything to see him back in Dallas he is a God

  39. author

    Georgina Armstrong14 jam yang lalu

    Anime in this case the the duration of the information contained in this role wedding dressed up in this role wedding dressed up ghost town city has beautiful

  40. author

    L Perry14 jam yang lalu

    Love them

  41. author

    LeGriffon14 jam yang lalu

    I cant take people serious that go into a stadium and watch this

  42. author

    Toast Cat14 jam yang lalu

    Hey Niko wanna go bowling?

  43. author

    Troy Godfrey15 jam yang lalu

    I would love to see someone try and outrun this amazing dog through an obstacle course they would not have a chance.

  44. author

    Schnell15 jam yang lalu

    Talk about an offensive driven league

  45. author

    king bgo15 jam yang lalu

    I like it

  46. author

    TMGPREZ15 jam yang lalu

    Long Over Due!!!

  47. author

    DrinkJemDaniels15 jam yang lalu

    Почему это у меня в рекомендациях?😂

  48. author

    Kuma Flamewar15 jam yang lalu

    How are players at the line of scrimmage know when the punt has been kicked? How will blockers on the returning team know when the ball has been caught /on the ground for 3 seconds? I'm not saying it can't work in just curious. I anticipate lots of mis-cues early

  49. author

    Brandon K16 jam yang lalu

    Tony gave it away!!

  50. author

    Jake Tapper16 jam yang lalu

    gronk looks like he's tweaking

  51. author

    Jesse Anderson16 jam yang lalu

    If Ryan Tannehill is on here at 9-7, Carson Wentz can be too. 4K pass yards with no receiver over 500 yards... That’s insane

  52. author

    guillermolmp16 jam yang lalu

    JS7 ...Somehow James brought so much excitement and the energy lacking in Supercross!!! Truly a legend!!!!!! 💫

  53. author

    the_others16 jam yang lalu

    next for coach should be the cowboys ring of honor...long overdue

  54. author

    Jeremiah Dumars16 jam yang lalu

    Vick the bills went to the Superbowl twice and they lost

  55. author

    grmbl16 jam yang lalu

    Waarom kijk ik dit

  56. author

    Douglas Walker17 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy Johnson should have been in there a longtime ago

  57. author

    Mr.AJWorks17 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    cblang8117 jam yang lalu

    These rules are terrible

  59. author

    ArbeitMachFrei8818 jam yang lalu

    The no defense league

  60. author

    Daniel VanWiggeren18 jam yang lalu

    Ok I love this

  61. author

    el.frijol19 jam yang lalu

    That foul made me go mad!

  62. author

    yenots relluc19 jam yang lalu

    Who let the dogs out

  63. author

    Dirk McGough19 jam yang lalu

    I know he didn’t just put Ryan Tannehill over Dak Prescott,Carson Wentz,and Tom Brady.

  64. author

    Garett DuHamel19 jam yang lalu

    So if the game goes to overtime they play all of OT at one end of the field?

  65. author

    Jared Seredinski19 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    Walnut Mack19 jam yang lalu

    This is a wonderful moment. Good for all involved.

  67. author

    less than bread19 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think there’s a human alive who could have slowed Moss down in his prime but Prime Moss vs Prime Sherman would have been a treat

  68. author

    DeadMemesSuck19 jam yang lalu

    Wait, that’s illegal!

  69. author

    Ryan Schoenleber19 jam yang lalu

    Really hope this league is successful and fun to watch. You can never have too much football

  70. author

    Louise denmar Deleon19 jam yang lalu

    Justin Haley First Win Awesome

  71. author

    Luigi Gamer20 jam yang lalu


  72. author

    Jair Ramirez20 jam yang lalu

    Ya no hallan que chingaderas inventar , desde cuándo hay equipos y es profesional

  73. author

    Dj Mbenga Finals MVP20 jam yang lalu


  74. author

    Hotchocolate Dream20 jam yang lalu

    Who would put a thumbs down???

  75. author

    Never happy Assclown20 jam yang lalu

    Innovative not gimmicky I’ll bite

  76. author

    Stoners Opinion20 jam yang lalu

    I wanna go ballin one day too, last time the ball end up in the roof panel

  77. author

    Havarow21 jam yang lalu

    Why is this in my recommandation ? AND WHY I’M LOOKING THAT AT 2AM ?! Btw thx IDreporter, I enjoyed it 😏

  78. author

    Jabreel Emerson21 jam yang lalu

    My friends dad made this

  79. author

    JVinCC21 jam yang lalu

    Picked something up on the scouting video lol

  80. author

    TroutFink21 jam yang lalu

    I hear they’re making punters eat a footlong chilly dog with X-tra onions and pound a Mountain Dew before every that’s X-treme!!!!

  81. author

    Specz21 jam yang lalu

    Bruh the audacity of putting this year’s Brees over Wilson

  82. author

    Valentino Rusi21 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Jonathan M21 jam yang lalu

    First thing out of his mouth, was thanking his assistants. Class act.

  84. author

    glen sharpe21 jam yang lalu

    Good for JJ!

  85. author

    David McGhee21 jam yang lalu

    the shot of an emotional Troy Aikman.. makes you want to like him

  86. author

    Julian Schröder21 jam yang lalu

    Good night 5am club

  87. author

    Ron Brown21 jam yang lalu

    Well deserved coach.

  88. author

    see ya21 jam yang lalu

    If tim tebow is playing, I'm watching!

  89. author

    Jason Lee22 jam yang lalu

    I actually like the kickoff rule just cause it seems safer. But the 2 forward pass? Punts always at the 35 or shorter? Too much. The overtime rule, it’s passable, but making it five times like soccer? Too many chances. I like how football can sometimes be random. How else are you gonna get Miami to beat New England?

  90. author

    Nate KANG22 jam yang lalu

    I'm usually a purist when it comes to sports, but ngl I like these rules!

  91. author

    Prepping for tomorrow22 jam yang lalu

    I like the overtime rule.

  92. author

    Keenan Jordan22 jam yang lalu

    Comment your team! Go Dragons 🐉

  93. author

    chickenjo2322 jam yang lalu

    To the 800 and something people who disliked this I want to give you a big F.U.!!!

  94. author

    Jose Altuve22 jam yang lalu

    This is gonna be a great league, my opinion

  95. author

    Paddy C22 jam yang lalu

    Sounds ok. But be nice to have a 11v11 league without the platoon substitutions like the during olden days when gridiron somewhat resembled rugby. The real gridiron football. I'd do dropkicks as 3 points as a PAT and no pads.

  96. author

    Karen Walton22 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    Lee Holmes22 jam yang lalu

    One of the last great things of the NFL. Yes the NFL is almost completely decayed.

  98. author

    Jason gentile22 jam yang lalu

    I love Gronk.....Buffalo Guy thru and thru

  99. author

    Steve Matas22 jam yang lalu

    We’re jimmy G

  100. author

    Kevin Leonor22 jam yang lalu

    Seattle just beat Omaha 82 to 79 in the first game