UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

UFC Vancouver: Weigh-inUFC Vancouver: Weigh-in

UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in

6 hari yang lalu

UFC 242: Fight MotionUFC 242: Fight Motion

UFC 242: Fight Motion

7 hari yang lalu

UFC 242: Weigh-in RecapUFC 242: Weigh-in Recap

UFC 242: Weigh-in Recap

11 hari yang lalu

UFC 242: Weigh-inUFC 242: Weigh-in

UFC 242: Weigh-in

14 hari yang lalu

UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-inUFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in

UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in

21 hari yang lalu

UFC 241: Fight MotionUFC 241: Fight Motion

UFC 241: Fight Motion

28 hari yang lalu

UFC 241: Weigh-inUFC 241: Weigh-in

UFC 241: Weigh-in

Bulan Yang lalu

UFC 241: Decision TimeUFC 241: Decision Time

UFC 241: Decision Time

Bulan Yang lalu

  1. author

    설재욱Jam Yang lalu


  2. author

    Max LaughinJam Yang lalu

    Now with the nyt violent assault and rape allegations we know ol conman can earn money, But not enough to buy class....

  3. author

    dalexkomJam Yang lalu

    all the guys that lose to Khabib ..its shoulda ,coulda, woulda

  4. author

    Altynbek TashbaltaevJam Yang lalu

    zabit magomedsharipov vs yair rodriguez...

  5. author

    Arman HovhannisyanJam Yang lalu

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to callout Francis Ngannou after beating Khabib.

  6. author

    Arman HovhannisyanJam Yang lalu

    "Conor McGregor, you've taking everything I worked for motherfucker. Ima fight your fucking ass, you know what's the real fight, the real money fight, me!" - Glover Teixeira.

  7. author

    Alex CarvalhoJam Yang lalu

    i like yair is good fighter hope be champion one day.

  8. author

    rayzur9Jam Yang lalu

    Whatever.. Korean dude tried to fight the whole match with jabs. Mexican dude got to try out his latest kung-fu theater tricks. yee haw...

  9. author

    Nadeem WolverineJam Yang lalu

    He was wearing one Glove so he could tap from the other!

  10. author

    Timothy WoodsJam Yang lalu

    DJ’s list was garbage

  11. author

    HevlushJam Yang lalu

    Seen Rakic fighting in Sweden was the best experience ever

  12. author

    HanshagenJam Yang lalu

    1:37 Look at the woman high in the crowd XD

  13. author

    Mitch BlackmoreJam Yang lalu

    What the fuck did I just see?

  14. author

    ɖʀɛƈօʀɛ ʍմՏíςJam Yang lalu

    Now this 2 year's will be his reason for his defeat

  15. author

    MMA ManiaJam Yang lalu

    Powerfull Striker

  16. author

    SedaW LoLJam Yang lalu

    This fight was unbelievable, especially the KO

  17. author

    pobtronJam Yang lalu

    Yair vs Zabit would b awesome!!

  18. author

    ɖʀɛƈօʀɛ ʍմՏíςJam Yang lalu

    gregor thinks he's funny😂😂 he's trying the best to hide his defeat wana be funny shit son of a bitch

  19. author

    Hector PhilippeauJam Yang lalu

    Wtf ??0

  20. author

    ZinoJam Yang lalu

    7:57 "I hope there is grappling in there" lol

  21. author

    Eric PeruJam Yang lalu

    Dustin was getting all kinds of love from the crowd. Awesome!.

  22. author

    MrSxesamuelJam Yang lalu

    Ya know I’m happy it’s free, but it also should not be free to view this masterpiece

  23. author

    ɖʀɛƈօʀɛ ʍմՏíςJam Yang lalu

    Shit gregor fukk this rat shit

  24. author

    ɖʀɛƈօʀɛ ʍմՏíςJam Yang lalu

    This guy is destroying he's own carrier

  25. author

    TyrantJam Yang lalu

    Ben the type of guy to KO himself immediately to break Jorge's record. "I don't give a fuck, I'll KO myself right now and beat eyyyybody" - Bents Aspirin "Shit man I don't know man hes a fuckin, like idiot man" - Jorghey Masvidolby

  26. author

    ɖʀɛƈօʀɛ ʍմՏíςJam Yang lalu

    Conor is nothing just a trashtalker N if u guys r against khabib's technique plez kno the meaning of MMA....Remember Royce Garcia he is one of the greatest.....

  27. author

    Mitchell BarlettaJam Yang lalu

    Man I love the Korean Zombie. Can take a shot like no other. But, when he gets knocked out. He gets knocked out harddddd. The Head kick KO in the WEC, now this.

  28. author

    Willy GlassyJam Yang lalu

    Hes kind of a bitch..... i dont see how hes good, all he does is g&p

  29. author

    November DudeJam Yang lalu


  30. author

    Humanity ScienceJam Yang lalu

    I always want to hear ALHAMDULILLAH when KHABIB interviews in octagon

  31. author

    PolentaccioJam Yang lalu

    Odd, Am I the only one wondering if Matt was trying to end things driving into that train? Depression is a bitch.

  32. author

    U UoJam Yang lalu

    Worst fight luckily

  33. author

    John GottiJam Yang lalu

    This two gentlemen's are literally trying to kill each other for our entertainment

  34. author

    PS4LIFE GAMER2 jam yang lalu

    Al Laquinta in my opinion is shiting on Poirier.Because Al managed to survive 5rds so he thinks he is the man.In my opinion Poirer faced a much better Khabib.Then Al turns around and gets his ass beat by Cerrone.How is Al gonna sit around and brag about a loss.Sorry Al you had your shot let it go.

  35. author

    Humanity Science2 jam yang lalu

    I haven't seen him so angry.. Conor's fans have started liking KHABIB needs new haters😂😂

  36. author

    Ramiro Dzafran2 jam yang lalu

    Well, khabib should go to saltbae's resto

  37. author

    bshr shda2 jam yang lalu

    SuperSWEET!! Masha Allah♡ oh Allah The Most Strong give our brother Will Harris your hidayah/guidance. Amin from singapore

  38. author

    varun chaturvedi2 jam yang lalu

    10 years ago.......

  39. author

    Simon Cowell2 jam yang lalu

    29:56 well predicted.

  40. author

    Miguel Makavele2 jam yang lalu

    Só solo não basta irmão

  41. author

    Nathan Bailey2 jam yang lalu

    Come to Milwaukee WI

  42. author

    Tyler Moreau2 jam yang lalu

    It's fun to see uvanao vs alpha male and tj is part of alpha male :D

  43. author

    Fritz2 jam yang lalu

    Add overreem vs Ngannou and you have 3 out of 10 overeems in the list

  44. author

    Phylotoffer2 jam yang lalu

    What a great fight. Zombie is great to watch

  45. author

    Rm Rodrigues2 jam yang lalu

    Shogun funny????????

  46. author

    Muhammad SHAHID ALI2 jam yang lalu


  47. author

    mxamiss52 jam yang lalu

    Most of the finishes against him are just as good as those happen frequently

  48. author

    Tyler Moreau2 jam yang lalu

    Huerta vs Garcia? First fight to end up on Sports Illustrated's cover?

  49. author

    irfan nnn2 jam yang lalu

    Mcgregor ANJING

  50. author

    Marek Staňo2 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    Wes Yates2 jam yang lalu

    Hey Everyone, I am not really a gambling man. But I just made a bet that Chase Hooper will be a UFC Champion one day, $20 dollars. Return is $8900 dollars. So worth checking out.

  52. author

    GameBroskii2 jam yang lalu

    " welcome to the sugar show this is my show" two seconds later "get off the cage!"

  53. author

    Ron Anderson2 jam yang lalu

    Brian ortega brought his fighting spirit into the octagon. Modelo.

  54. author

    Sujan Sitaula2 jam yang lalu

    This is what I call a real fight not like khabib take down ASAP fight..

  55. author

    arya sentanu2 jam yang lalu

    Khabib is PHYTON MAN

  56. author

    El Soy2 jam yang lalu

    This is for sure one of if not the best MMA fight ive ever seen and the fact that it happened on UFC 25 makes it all even crazier. The MMA Gods are real...

  57. author

    richard coull2 jam yang lalu

    Is me but everything conor said happened to him lol. He's the one that his own country man dont like him lol. Also conor did noting to khabib in the ring. Many thing why i love watching this after khabib smashed his face

  58. author

    Decespugliatore Nucleare2 jam yang lalu

    why the fuck does he keeps punching when they're clearly in deep sleep

  59. author

    Arturo Chiari2 jam yang lalu

    Gaethje vs Conor Ferguson vs Khabib Poirier vs cowboy

  60. author

    STOP CALLING ME MAYHEM!2 jam yang lalu

    these comments are priceless

  61. author

    Sebastian Araneda2 jam yang lalu

    what a fuckin fight

  62. author

    Spicy Renegade2 jam yang lalu

    Why is the smolest fight always the best ?????? Nice fight, both are the winner in my opinion

  63. author

    Bill V2 jam yang lalu

    UFC really puts out some NFL films level content, for free too. Very dope.

  64. author

    Saad Sheikh2 jam yang lalu

    Number ¹ fighter nmber1 humanbeing khabib👍💪✌️❤️

  65. author

    Dave Williams2 jam yang lalu

    Respect to gaethje for showing respect to his friend

  66. author

    Luca YT2 jam yang lalu

    Korean Zombie won at least 3 rounds. Just saying...

  67. author

    Tasleema jan2 jam yang lalu

    He did not look at the neck of the interviewer So shy boorger boy

  68. author

    The people's Champion!2 jam yang lalu

    Viva mexico

  69. author

    Mário Ribeiro2 jam yang lalu

    The GOAT!!!

  70. author

    Stone Osborne2 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    Riley Richmond3 jam yang lalu

    Overeem/lesnar and Aldo/Stephens should have been on someone’s list, come on

  72. author

    kenny kappa3 jam yang lalu

    Whoever the fook is that guy will not be looking to hug it out with Yair! Aztek warrior vs 2% Mexican Gringo warfare about to go down!

  73. author

    우주河马3 jam yang lalu

    아쉽네요. 마지막에.

  74. author

    zog noty3 jam yang lalu

    it prove how usa mma fans are full of shit,no class morons. they prefer a pos on roids,cocaine,cheater like jones instead of that smart guy.im not in love whit black guys in general because their heads and ego are way too big but cormier is not like that. really humble guy that could be an exemple for kids not bones

  75. author

    b w3 jam yang lalu

    Crazy !!!

  76. author

    Saiful Amin3 jam yang lalu

    Yeah KZ ain’t 5”7 lol.

  77. author

    bashar the barrel bomb factory3 jam yang lalu

    ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? *Overeems head lifting off to join voyager 1*

  78. author

    Helmut Rubio3 jam yang lalu

    Hahahaah violent bob ross love that nickname

  79. author

    Jackson Bouie3 jam yang lalu

    Might be fight of the year

  80. author

    Ashley Tharp3 jam yang lalu

    You can upsample any video to hi res at videoai.topazlabs.com

  81. author

    David Koonce3 jam yang lalu

    Has anyone else noticed like directly after a serious eye poke the victim goes down in seconds even with jon Jones and the match with Daniel cormie vs stevik

  82. author

    JPtv30003 jam yang lalu

    I've been a fan of Cowboys for a long time.... I hate to say this but.... It's time Cowboy ride off into the Sunset... It's time we all knew it was coming.. Donald looked his age in this fight...

  83. author

    Ashley Tharp3 jam yang lalu

    You can upsample any video to hi res at videoai.topazlabs.com

  84. author

    Ashley Tharp3 jam yang lalu

    You can upsample any video to hi res at videoai.topazlabs.com

  85. author

    TS winn Pilot3 jam yang lalu

    Next Eagerly waiting for Khabib vs Tony .It must happen this year

  86. author

    TS winn Pilot3 jam yang lalu

    I admire the simplicity of Cowboy Cerrone

  87. author

    Slaughter Bot3 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    Fritz3 jam yang lalu

    Can't believe they made that mistake with the scorecards it's a rookie mistake

  89. author

    LoudLover053 jam yang lalu

    UFC Why did you stop making this show??

  90. author

    ThatGuy64633 jam yang lalu

    29:57 like how Felder calls something crazy happening

  91. author

    smartie ghost3 jam yang lalu


  92. author

    Billyshead1333 jam yang lalu

    "To all the refs if i go down dont stop it til im dead" Jesse Taylor..

  93. author

    12 - Gauge3 jam yang lalu

    too bad colby covington wasnt exist during this

  94. author

    From The Far East3 jam yang lalu

    Respect zombie... But why was zombie down he he was knocked out?

  95. author

    Nathan Hodgson3 jam yang lalu

    Damn 1 year later all of kennys picks have fallen off except nate with the 1 fight I guess

  96. author

    Jimbo non3 jam yang lalu

    Amazing, true champions

  97. author

    R3beast Mac3 jam yang lalu

    khabib is the best

  98. author

    Der Wurstkönig3 jam yang lalu

    15:49 foreshadowing, isn't it?

  99. author

    iskandar mohamed3 jam yang lalu

    u need to fight tony first

  100. author

    This shit whack ass3 jam yang lalu

    Where the fuck is mark hunt😾