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All of my videos are made by just me using Adobe software, GeForce instant replay, and other software. I grab my friends, we put on funny costumes, masks, do funny things irl or online, act crazy, etc. I then edit all video clips with the intentions of making my viewers laugh, compile them, and upload them straight to IDreporter.
All of my videos are created with absolutely only ONE purpose in mind. To make you laugh. Whether it's with friends, family, strangers, I want to make you laugh. Thank you for checking me out!

  1. author

    Cammers M.C.4 menit yang lalu

    damn fam you got the whole chat laughin

  2. author

    oZiRAHKSHIZo20 menit yang lalu

    This was trash

  3. author

    Idalina Pierce3 jam yang lalu

    We dont tucking like you

  4. author

    Masher Bash3 jam yang lalu


  5. author

    Soule ripper4 jam yang lalu

    I am honestly telling that i failed

  6. author

    Arnold5 jam yang lalu

    well this sucked...

  7. author

    Duane Cobenais III6 jam yang lalu


  8. author

    sunbather8 jam yang lalu

    none of this was funny you fucking normals

  9. author

    Avery Macam9 jam yang lalu

    I haven't laughed yet

  10. author

    Andile Mhlongo12 jam yang lalu


  11. author

    Koby Shinogi-Ling13 jam yang lalu

    My teacher let us watch this in schoolπŸ˜‚

  12. author

    DerpyGaming45614 jam yang lalu

    The Discord Hospital Room almost got me there

  13. author

    Hell War14 jam yang lalu

    6:02 lmfao

  14. author

    Vangust Paul15 jam yang lalu

    Watch at 4:00

  15. author

    zarmina shahid15 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    Andre Bulacan15 jam yang lalu

    this is so fucking bad

  17. author

    Kendall Dodoro16 jam yang lalu

    Most if this vid isn't even funny why did I laugh?

  18. author

    Tatiana Leas17 jam yang lalu

    This not even funny

  19. author

    Miriam Ross17 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    ItsWolfieGacha18 jam yang lalu

    None of this was funny to me in the beginning until santa

  21. author

    Aiden Weinkauf19 jam yang lalu

    i am on vr with 10 people thx sos

  22. author

    Ξ΄oggo20 jam yang lalu

    What is the vr game in this video

  23. author

    An anonymous little boy21 jam yang lalu

    The video in next five seconds

  24. author

    cool21 jam yang lalu

    cute kitty

  25. author

    DOOD BRANDO21 jam yang lalu

    I pass a try not to laugh challenge I did not laugh through the whole video

  26. author

    SanicPower604 XB1:sanic power 60421 jam yang lalu

    this isn't funny.

  27. author

    fireblaster21 jam yang lalu

    i didn't laugh once

  28. author

    triplefire farcry gamingTM22 jam yang lalu

    ._. This is not funny...............

  29. author

    DrPepper 199823 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t laugh once this is shit

  30. author

    Lisa MeyerHari Yang lalu

    Teddy is happy now!

  31. author

    Harley Simpson TMHari Yang lalu

    fuck kitty

  32. author

    Zaina ZomlotHari Yang lalu

    im not laughing

  33. author

    Real Is RealHari Yang lalu

    This is fun

  34. author

    Marie WinchesterinaHari Yang lalu

    Shit I didn't laugh

  35. author

    Yusra AzizHari Yang lalu


  36. author

    Katherine PioHari Yang lalu

    I thought the vid started as soon as the cat crying showed and I couldn't hold my laugh, but then I started laughing even more when I found out it was supposed to be a sad moment. lol

  37. author

    Alona CarreraHari Yang lalu

    I didn't even laugh at all

  38. author

    Red Lego BrickHari Yang lalu

    Are these your own videos or something because its always the same guy, and all equally unfunny

  39. author

    EpicCreeperFanHari Yang lalu


  40. author

    Maya RosaHari Yang lalu

    I did laugh 😭 lol bc I did cry MY EAR DRUMSSSS

  41. author

    Gav manHari Yang lalu

    Guess I'm the 0.1% of people who didn't laugh

  42. author

    Aung KoHari Yang lalu

    Bruh this not even funny.

  43. author

    Voidβ€’ FearHari Yang lalu

    0:31 SUTRIOFV no one ahve vbdj ocijfedoc we a edksx aI i am god i wont DIE 489384789BE

  44. author

    okay maxHari Yang lalu

    99.9% of 11 year olds* lose

  45. author

    Renee SHari Yang lalu

    Kitty is not crying because we don't like the video kittens crying for a different reason don't lie to your fans

  46. author

    Olga DemyanenkoHari Yang lalu

    Oof he’s a robot

  47. author

    Jungkookismy BAEHari Yang lalu

    chicken leg bis

  48. author

    caitlyn terrienHari Yang lalu

    holy beeeeeeeeeeee3eeeeeeep what the so dood jin fin lin tin im sooo luaghingb funnnnny

  49. author

    christineHari Yang lalu

    I laugh at every thing literally but didnt even gri the whole vid i feel disapointed

  50. author

    DodiFox RebornHari Yang lalu

    Nooooo not my Minecraft worldssss!!!

  51. author

    Squiggles Slime ShopHari Yang lalu

    Not funny,I didn’t even smile once.Waste of time

  52. author

    OrisitHari Yang lalu

    This was so funny I had to watch the video 1 time

  53. author

    Gamer TeamHari Yang lalu

    Roses are red i am goin to bed

  54. author

    Noob_ slayers335Hari Yang lalu

    6:57 i failed gg bois it was a nice run

  55. author

    ScarzHari Yang lalu

    Nigga wtf bruh....

  56. author

    Sakura_Hamster_ 27Hari Yang lalu

    0:37omg lmao

  57. author

    incredibly crazyHari Yang lalu

    you must see this video too

  58. author

    Purple Pepperoni2 hari yang lalu

    *i don’t wanna go to mars*

  59. author

    Nathaniel Green2 hari yang lalu


  60. author

    Nathaniel Green2 hari yang lalu

    this video sucked mega ASS CHEEKS

  61. author

    Savage Cabbage2 hari yang lalu

    Not funny

  62. author

    hailey g2 hari yang lalu

    4:01 I lost I was in math class too

  63. author

    XinYue Zhang2 hari yang lalu

    The thumbnail is funny

  64. author

    Team JSA2 hari yang lalu

    ok lets all say it, we only watch try not to laugh to laugh

  65. author

    Dicey Akaza2 hari yang lalu

    I never laughed till 3:20 πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  66. author

    Gizzo2 hari yang lalu


  67. author

    dragon killer2 hari yang lalu

    That kitty is so sad

  68. author

    Unmentionable2 hari yang lalu

    I didn't laugh at all. But I still thought it was kinda funny 😐

  69. author

    Summer Grove2 hari yang lalu

    This wasn’t funny at all

  70. author

    Cooper's channel Official2 hari yang lalu

    im part of the 0.1%

  71. author

    KiriSke UchiGuya2 hari yang lalu

    4:13 This where I laughed at πŸ˜‚

  72. author

    Princess Twilight Heart2 hari yang lalu

    2:08 FNAF 2?

  73. author

    Deven Pieters-Murray2 hari yang lalu

    2:14 hilarious πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

  74. author

    Elijah Sokolis2 hari yang lalu

    Like your memes they are funny

  75. author

    nokrron2 hari yang lalu


  76. author

    Alpaca2 hari yang lalu

    Not funny COULDNT laugh

  77. author

    Jakub ZarybnickΓ½2 hari yang lalu


  78. author

    Lol Boss2 hari yang lalu

    Guy: *points gun at himself saying he’s gonna do it* Other guy: NO DONT DO IT! I’ll do it for you XD

  79. author

    Doreen Barnett3 hari yang lalu

    No I'm not subing

  80. author

    Nugget Plays Roblox3 hari yang lalu


  81. author

    Nugget Plays Roblox3 hari yang lalu


  82. author

    Nugget Plays Roblox3 hari yang lalu


  83. author

    Tomos rider3 hari yang lalu

    Ok i give a disslike

  84. author

    S and k Sports news3 hari yang lalu


  85. author

    alex lazar3 hari yang lalu

    i liked

  86. author

    Games4fun3 hari yang lalu

    This is not funny..

  87. author

    Monster Cube JSAB3 hari yang lalu


  88. author

    Anthony Daniels3 hari yang lalu


  89. author

    Splat pie Animations3 hari yang lalu

    I didn’t laugh

  90. author

    GAMER VOID3 hari yang lalu

    You mean 99.9% didn't lose

  91. author

    Xavier Miguel Martinez3 hari yang lalu

    i dont get it???

  92. author

    OzacheryPlayz XD3 hari yang lalu

    It's not funny at all

  93. author

    TheDevilsInterval3 hari yang lalu

    How the fuck does this vid have 2M views? Shit was weak

  94. author

    SeriousName3 hari yang lalu

    Why did you make this compilation? Why do all of you morons make compilations of pointless crap?

  95. author

    It’s Vizor3 hari yang lalu

    I’m off to watch Mark shΓ­t his pants for the fiftieth time

  96. author

    Chris Hefner3 hari yang lalu

    Genuinely my dog died last week and it was funnier than this video

  97. author

    MisterGamesAlot3 hari yang lalu

    nigga how you gonna plug sponsors on a ylyl

  98. author

    Minecraft Lover3 hari yang lalu

    What game is the VR part those are funny AF bro

  99. author

    Im Midnight3 hari yang lalu

    Kitty went happy before i liked the video

  100. author

    Scp-9993 hari yang lalu