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Our $70,000 ExperimentOur $70,000 Experiment

Our $70,000 Experiment

5 bulan yang lalu

Finally... WILL SMITH!Finally... WILL SMITH!

Finally... WILL SMITH!

Tahun Yang lalu

  1. author

    Rohan KhatriHari Yang lalu

    When you realise the pic in thumbnail is edited

  2. author

    BTS Tell Me Your StoryHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if it suddenly rains then waves drifted the raft further and you did ended up getting stranded. Sjzhsxhsj

  3. author

    michelle danagherHari Yang lalu

    Don’t think she will be going to Iran now

  4. author

    Lefteris ZisopoulosHari Yang lalu

    People you are getting mislead . Plant based eating is great and I support it. But what you don't realise is that vegan doesnt make you healthier if you are already eating good. All these great results you see are due to the fact that they are eating better than before . What I am trying to say is that you can be a meat eater and as healthy as a vegan and you can be a vegan and as unhealthy as a standard American meat eater. You don't to go to the extremes just cut that processed shit and implement healthier shit . That's my take on it . Would love to hear you point of view!!

  5. author

    Jaahnvi KrishnamurthyHari Yang lalu

    25:45 thomas is me

  6. author

    Digital OverloadHari Yang lalu

    "i know a little about crystals" 😂🤔🤦‍♂️ was i the only one who automatically thought that was a meth joke?

  7. author

    TeilZeitCoolHari Yang lalu


  8. author

    T-MassHari Yang lalu

    "lost largest" is not correct. That implies that it's the largest pyramid in the world and that it's lost.

  9. author

    CallMeFrankT.Hari Yang lalu

    I want people to take out the trees and uncover most of the pyramid then restore it to show it fully

  10. author

    MightyMateHari Yang lalu

    Bruh I’m from cairns, funny tho never seen the reef

  11. author

    Maria MHari Yang lalu

    so much plastic...

  12. author

    Eric ReyesHari Yang lalu

    I can’t believe they cut this scene from the movie.

  13. author

    Daath is oneHari Yang lalu

    He was born in Tibet not China. It was a country not an autonomous region.

  14. author

    The Legion Of BoomHari Yang lalu

    Lol i finf=d this funny the least visited island is the most beautiful island in the world

  15. author

    Kaya BaşarHari Yang lalu

    Was that a Galatasaray flag on the wall behind the couch?

  16. author

    MULLABRO 1Hari Yang lalu

    I wanna make the seek discomfort app for you guys

  17. author

    Ben JorgensenHari Yang lalu

    Show your tattoo in a video

  18. author

    fernando velascoHari Yang lalu

    Yes theory videos just make me smile

  19. author

    Marty DixonHari Yang lalu

    USA, Costa Rica b/c my astrology teacher-friend lives there.

  20. author

    LimPuHari Yang lalu

    No no no no, do not claim that going vegan is cruelty free! Just one minute in and one big mistake already. Instead of animals, humans will suffer from the cruelty. What's the most favorite vegan food? Avocados. And what they cause is far away from cruelty free and also not even remotely protecting the environment. Same goes for oranges and other citrus fruits. You just shift the cruel from one instance to another. You do not stop it. Very common misconception.

  21. author

    Rohan KhatriHari Yang lalu

    No one: Luke: 🤙

  22. author

    James LawnerHari Yang lalu

    Yes Theory: *shows penis imagery in video* IDreporter: This is fine

  23. author

    Socciah DiosanaHari Yang lalu

    The Hills Have Eyes Had Entered The Comment Section.

  24. author

    Digital OverloadHari Yang lalu

    Chiccken isn't the smartest thing to eat... It goes bad like way easier than other foods... When your homeless your number one concern after water should always be staying healthy... Eating chicken out of the trash is not a good way to do that 🤦‍♂️ he should have found a pizza place and dug through their dumpster. Pizza places are constantly throwing out pizza and it's so possessed it takes a lot more to go bad

  25. author

    Edmond 130201Hari Yang lalu

    You guys should come to Uganda. You won't regret!

  26. author

    Je Suis HulkHari Yang lalu

    Its the least visited because it cost a fortune to get there. otherwise its a pretty nice country.

  27. author

    gama munozHari Yang lalu

    Video saying he made it under 12 hours but the race timer said 12:08 🤔

  28. author

    Jodelle C.Hari Yang lalu


  29. author

    The Dark horseHari Yang lalu

    Making a video saying all this is like tactually all an elaborate planed,and not just an accidental viral photo genius.

  30. author

    The Dark horseHari Yang lalu

    His canadian arent they all look likr

  31. author

    Munings LifeHari Yang lalu

    Damn that made me cry

  32. author

    Mr. GarciaHari Yang lalu

    Ever did a DDOS on a human? Lol

  33. author

    Avis MongzHari Yang lalu

    Probably the best place to act zombie movie.. 😨

  34. author

    Kartikey TripathiHari Yang lalu

    I am and Indian and I've eaten an Irish girl.

  35. author

    Sulaiman from KuwaitHari Yang lalu

    Watching this brainwashing UN agenda 21 propaganda while enjoying a cheeseburger from five guys and thinking about the t bone steak I will enjoy later

  36. author

    Rohan KhatriHari Yang lalu

    one more reason to hate China

  37. author

    Juan Carlos RayoHari Yang lalu

    Thomas, you’re so adorable and have such a great humanity. You radiate such love and happiness to others with your kindness and humility. Thank you for bringing awareness to the plight of the people of Yumalu are

  38. author

    ashliskiHari Yang lalu

    I had no idea kickboxing paid that much. It must be much bigger where he is from. Cool guy though for doing that, respect.

  39. author

    CHESSHari Yang lalu

    ahah, I read virgin

  40. author

    fiveHari Yang lalu

    i love how genuine this video is though

  41. author

    AB FABEHari Yang lalu

    Are we should to follow them

  42. author

    Lorcan CorlessHari Yang lalu

    9:27 he's talking about the kid, not what he is holding

  43. author

    fiveHari Yang lalu

    thw whole time i was watching this my legs were shaking

  44. author

    The Wonderland ShowHari Yang lalu

    I did filming for a documentary on homelessness in Los Angeles. A little known fact is that 90%+ of all homeless people in L.A. are drug addicts and/or alcoholics. If you don't do those things, they will get suspicious of you and think you are a cop. Also, it is more difficult to be homeless as a white guy because of racism against whites in certain areas.

  45. author

    Charlie WollastonHari Yang lalu

    What drone is that ?

  46. author

    Olivia BeattieHari Yang lalu

    You guys should collaborate with the Try Guys

  47. author

    i am a friendHari Yang lalu

    Me: stepping on a bucket full of ice for a minute Wim Hof: pathetic.

  48. author

    pave; RoudHari Yang lalu

    I dont even know how you come up with such great ideas, but it was awesome! You melt that one heart of a humble Russian boy ;)

  49. author

    chocolate6560Hari Yang lalu

    It is important to know that the B-12 you get from eating meat actually Comes from the animals recieving supplemented diets. So eating meat is not a natural way to recieve Vitamin B, but just indirect supplementing.

  50. author

    Vidath GunathilakeHari Yang lalu

    Man i love this channel ♥️

  51. author

    Lina.S XHari Yang lalu

    Why are schools not teaching us about shit like this. Not only this, everything that’s happening to our world atm.

  52. author

    signe wallinHari Yang lalu

    The thing with thinking about what you need to eat is temporary, but it will have to stay until it doesn't if you get what I mean. At one point, it'll come naturally without much thought into it.

  53. author

    KxlataHari Yang lalu

    Haha it was nice,but you can go to jail for this

  54. author

    no name IDKHari Yang lalu

    Whyyyu did you buy a fucking prius😣

  55. author

    Thin Blue LineHari Yang lalu

    Looks like England

  56. author

    Jose ZendejasHari Yang lalu

    He looks dead inside... and out.

  57. author

    Brian HallmondHari Yang lalu

    I love this guy so much! This just shows how good their hearts are. At the end he says "I might have animal products sometimes as it's a little restrictive. If you feel this way, then head over to the "Watch Dominion" documentary and then re ask yourself if it's too restrictive. <3

  58. author

    Jodelle C.Hari Yang lalu

    Matt singing the wrong theme song for titanic hahahhahahha

  59. author

    Neel NeuberschHari Yang lalu

    Nice video guys, well done Matt for doing it for 30 days. If I may voice a wish? Would have liked to see a bit more stabilized camera work. At some points it was very shaky especially when you were eating the ‘not taco bell’ food. Love your videos. Keep them coming.

  60. author

    slash2jimiHari Yang lalu

    I'm on week 3 plant based diet. I've never gone this long without meat. Honestly? Not much of a difference.

  61. author

    Brian HallmondHari Yang lalu

    I've been a Vegan for 4.5 years and an Activist for 4 years. No regrets at all. Living a compassionate life and trying to help others be aware of that too. Gonna love this video. P.S Vegan isn't just a diet. It's a lifestyle. Also is about clothes, like leather etc. Cruelty free.

  62. author

    Lorenzo BottoniHari Yang lalu

    This video is nonsense Lorenzo 18 from venice

  63. author

    P JayHari Yang lalu

    100% vegan is absolutely not necessary. If everyone goes mainly plant based, the world would be a much better place. It just happens that naturally that you don’t even want to eat meat anymore ;)). oh and milk products are even worse 🙃

  64. author

    077 DiHari Yang lalu

    people need to be more educated they are just stupid..there is no need of any chalenge, people must stop eating meat because it's cousing global warming and in beyond crule

  65. author

    Masterf 6561Hari Yang lalu

    these insane Drone shots!!!!

  66. author

    henky andiloloHari Yang lalu

    hi Tuvalu from Indonesia

  67. author

    EmmaHari Yang lalu


  68. author

    rhinoskin extrabossHari Yang lalu

    😂 😂 😂 The joker part

  69. author

    Oopss7Hari Yang lalu

    He lives in Ottawa, you imbeciles It's strange how they also manage to sound like him - sort of nasal, and nancy-ish, without even the looks to help them get by

  70. author

    Jodelle C.Hari Yang lalu


  71. author

    a aHari Yang lalu

    wait how do you pee?

  72. author

    Paul o gormanHari Yang lalu

    i was stuck in Heathrow for 4 days back in 2010 cos of bad snow.... wasn't all lol

  73. author

    hamza ksentiniHari Yang lalu

    It still sucks and bodybuilders get their muscles from juicing we all need both meat and veggies if we wanna stay healthy

  74. author

    Chad lloydHari Yang lalu

    First world problems. Acting like you're homeless.

  75. author

    Oopss7Hari Yang lalu

    Meanwhile look what happened to the two aboriginal women in his cabinet... token equity counts for less than nothing, you daft yanks

  76. author

    JohnnythefirstHari Yang lalu

    This was such a wholesome video. Earned yourself a sub from a fellow traveler. :)

  77. author

    Berkan AtesHari Yang lalu

    My friend went vegan and almost died

  78. author

    هُنا عبير.Hari Yang lalu

    what an amazing mother! :D

  79. author

    Thin Blue LineHari Yang lalu

    I hate tick tok ads

  80. author

    Paul WoletskyHari Yang lalu

    10:04 Yes, agreed Standard American Diet is poison. But to say that is JUST because of processed foods is a bit disingenuous. It is also heavily based on animal products. 10:12 And to mention "properly raised animals" (what does that mean anyway???) and micronutrients in the same sentence is misleading because micronutrients SOLELY come from plants. This guy is not based in science or reality for that matter.

  81. author

    azhar shaikhHari Yang lalu

    And why didn't Thomas get a cameo in bad boys

  82. author

    azhar shaikhHari Yang lalu

    Is this why you took sibling to upload?

  83. author

    Oscar UlrichHari Yang lalu

    Is this Colombia or Venezuela?

  84. author

    Sleeve Of WizardHari Yang lalu

    Proceeds to buy a bunch of crap a natural foraging human will NEVER find in nature. Makes a pasta with barely 400 calories. Spends $400 at the store for one week of stuff.

  85. author

    YA YEETHari Yang lalu

    I live in Brisbane, I should of been walking around the city 7 months ago....

  86. author

    Sofia McLeodHari Yang lalu

    You guys have restored my faith in humanity

  87. author

    Mona.CoronaHari Yang lalu

    I wanted to travel there after watching this, but a flight from Germany to Tuvalu is about 10,000€ 🙈

  88. author

    JessHari Yang lalu

    I just keep thinking that they’re all going to get pneumonia.

  89. author

    ryan ariesHari Yang lalu

    plot twist: Changi Airport cooperated with them to show u guys out about great facilities they had at the most beutiful airport

  90. author

    awa'r'dvlogsHari Yang lalu

    How come everyone he met speaks english?

  91. author

    Polaris PolarisHari Yang lalu

    2020 someone?

  92. author

    Polaris PolarisHari Yang lalu


  93. author

    ririn kuririnHari Yang lalu

    Out of so many airports out there you chose Changi airport!! You guys are insaneeeeeee,lol..

  94. author

    Adam RhayyaHari Yang lalu

    Rebuild the house

  95. author

    Windlift AllianceHari Yang lalu

    Wait u can delete IDreporter from phone??!!!!!!!!

  96. author

    Time ZoneHari Yang lalu

    Do not have a vega diet instead have a vegetarian diet.

  97. author

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイHari Yang lalu

    I’m afraid of open water, generally the sea

  98. author

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイHari Yang lalu

    I’m afraid of open water, generally the sea

  99. author

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイHari Yang lalu

    Now make another and titled “what’s he ACTUALLY like”

  100. author

    Ben BreeHari Yang lalu

    Cameraman is god in the cliff jumping