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Nerdist Science Editor Kyle Hill uses real-world math and science concepts to solve, measure, and make sense of pop culture quandaries in comics, video games, movies, and TV.

Should We Nuke Mars?Should We Nuke Mars?

Should We Nuke Mars?

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Can Aquaman Drown?Can Aquaman Drown?

Can Aquaman Drown?

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How Science Made MewtwoHow Science Made Mewtwo

How Science Made Mewtwo

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  1. author

    SpedFiles14 menit yang lalu

    Terminal AIDS

  2. author

    JamesNunya15 menit yang lalu

    Hey KH, love the show. Here's some factoids for you. Our moon vs Pluto Mass - Moon = 73.5 x 10^21 kg. Pluto = 13.105 x 10^21 kg. Our moon has 5.6 times the mass of Pluto. Volume - Moon = 21.958 x 10^9 km^3. Pluto = 7.057 x 10^9 km^3. Our moon has 3.1 times the volume of Pluto. Gravity - Moon = 1.625 m/s^2. Pluto = 0.62 m/s^2. Our moon has 2.6 times the gravity of Pluto Density - Moon = 3.3464 g/cm^3. Pluto = 1.87 g/cm^3. Our moon has 1.78 times the density of Pluto This would mean that our moon, if it were orbiting the sun instead of the Earth, would also be a dwarf planet like Pluto.

  3. author

    Joe Coronado16 menit yang lalu

    AIDS he has AIDS.

  4. author

    Wondrrboy25 menit yang lalu

    Biggest building: a lot of challenges indeed. Wouldn't you need towards the top self-contained air and radiation shielding?

  5. author

    Jeremy Fath29 menit yang lalu

    And so Kyle answered the question for himself: How would telekinesis work? Because (we don't need a bigger Collider. we need better) science

  6. author

    occams chainsaw31 menit yang lalu

    How do we get the power? Answer that science boy!

  7. author

    Galvic Online40 menit yang lalu

    The word World Line gives me Steins:Gate flashbacks.

  8. author

    Jameson Kimball41 menit yang lalu

    Would the other name for the "Blue Glow" be Cherenkov Radiation? @Kylehill, I was just wondering if the ionizing glow you are talking about is the same as that radiation? And if not could Cherenkov Radiation be a better explanation for Dr. Manhattan's blue glow?

  9. author

    Wondrrboy50 menit yang lalu

    My sister had ovarian cancer one time, now she has a kid. Never give up hope.

  10. author

    Alejandro Rodriguez51 menit yang lalu

    1 the chain is not pulled, in mortal Kim at the chain is pulled. 2 the chain lost part if it’s heat before you put it in the body. The chain needs a constant heat source, in the game as you can see the chain remains glowing hot while your chain, only parts and bits did. That means your chain lost a good amount of energy to air molecules, and another amount in the heat transfer to the body. In MK the chain doesn’t loose energy as Scorpio is the source of the energy, therefore a constant transfer of energy occurs to the body. You need to recalculate your experiment.

  11. author

    Intellisaurus REX59 menit yang lalu

    How would the Martians react?:

  12. author

    ArchaeonJam Yang lalu

    This world is on fire!!!

  13. author

    Alex BarbaJam Yang lalu

    I liked the because philosophy/ science episode

  14. author

    Tyrell McKinneyJam Yang lalu

    Idk what y’all think free will is but to me it’s about choice. What to eat, what to wear, what direction to take, whether to say yes or no. That to me is free will. The ability to make decisions from the choices you have

  15. author

    WondrrboyJam Yang lalu

    Chamomile tea?

  16. author

    Goku DevJam Yang lalu

    You described the looks In science but how will you describe how this electricity boosts their power and over all strength

  17. author

    Kevin Lerner2 jam yang lalu

    and there are still people saying trump is not a supervillain

  18. author

    Amnesiac Angel2 jam yang lalu

    That's fifteen minutes i'll never get back.

  19. author

    Happy Bleach2 jam yang lalu

    Doesn't the Mjolnir armor weigh a full American ton? This, combined with the armor locking, stasis system, and default shielding would change the calculations drastically.

  20. author

    Lg G32 jam yang lalu

    Literally my least liked IDreporterr who post decent content regularly.

  21. author

    Ttrain9092 jam yang lalu

    If there’s any doubt that Joker knows about morality, let’s not forget when he partnered with red skull, then stopped working with him when he realized he was an actual Nazi... because even the Joker isn’t bad or crazy enough to be a Nazi

  22. author

    Big Black Corvette3 jam yang lalu

    Yaaaaaaa! Dr. Moo is back!

  23. author

    mizton olmos3 jam yang lalu

    Do a video on bane Venom

  24. author

    alex wightman3 jam yang lalu

    Super man has a weird force feild that natrally surrounds him that does alot of things. Like help stopping items he catches being pierced by our super hero. It also prevents his clothes from being damaged. So I guess throwing hog weed sap would be blocked by the feild. Fill free to use that as a video idea.

  25. author

    Owen3 jam yang lalu

    In before Watchmen Manhattan and Ozymandias have a conversation about his ability to teleport. If I remember it right, Manhattan actually bends space around himself to teleport. There's also a lot of fan theory's that Manhattan's consciousness was separated from his body in the accident, and that's how he was able to rebuild himself. Sort of a floating super-consciousness, and his blue body is just a way to interact with the physical world. One more thought; what is Manhattan's telekinesis isn't actually him harnessing the fundamental forces, but him changing the quantum state of the particles of an object (like your theory of how he teleports) or him bending space time (like in before Watchmen).

  26. author

    Mr O3 jam yang lalu

    joe dirt called. he wants his hair back

  27. author

    William Crawford3 jam yang lalu

    Okay so we understand now that in short his power is altering atoms and other forces of the universe. So what if he doesnt even really teleport, he just thinks about changing the atoms on Mars into his form then just destroys the others he doesnt need at the time?

  28. author

    William Crawford3 jam yang lalu

    13:02 trying to show public decency and closing your eyes when hes naked just got ruined

  29. author

    ObM3 jam yang lalu

    Hello, I don't know if you'll ever read this but I have a question that could become a possible video or just an answer in a reply or something. In the original mobile suit gundam series, there's this weapon that harnesses the power of the sun with like millions of mirrors to destroy the two major fleets in the show, the Earth Federation's fleet and part of the Principality of Zeon's fleet. The mirrors aren't special anything, they're just controlled to be at a certain angle that is able to I guess reflect light at the enemy. So I'm wondering if this is really possible or it's just science-fiction and if it is real, how much glass would be needed? Don't know if this will be ever read, but worth a shot

  30. author

    Fact / Fraud3 jam yang lalu

    Oh that Batwoman sponser though...

  31. author

    jeffblackjack23 jam yang lalu

    LOL I was going to comment about the fact that everyone in the vicinity would've died from the radiation blast but hey, you got it covered. Hesusehueshseues Would have loved that ending too. In a nerdrage way but still.

  32. author

    Urza98143 jam yang lalu

    16:45 -- sure, let's try that terraforming stuff on Earth *eventually*... But let's use a nice, empty place like Mars to test the theory first if at all possible!

  33. author

    Felipe Aguiar3 jam yang lalu

    Why not photoelectric effect?

  34. author

    Original American3 jam yang lalu

    It must have a charging feature since when Agent K uses it in MIB 2, the recoil is none existant and the damage is far less.

  35. author

    ProfessorRaiParadox3 jam yang lalu

    So basically they're just... doing it to gain neccessary ram?

  36. author

    Akiva Daphydd3 jam yang lalu

    His "Super Sanity" falls under part three of the McNaughten rule. He "KNOWS" they are only comic characters. From that point of view of the Joker, his actions are purely without real consequence because that's how they are written for the long term existence of the character. He enjoys what he does because he feels his actions are not truly his, so why not enjoy the ride? Edited to add: My 2 problems with the Free Will Thought Experiment are thus:1) We cannot truly know if there is or is not free will for the simple fact that we cannot see, touch, taste, or smell what we think of as Time. If we can see the pathways available to us had we made different choices (i.e., Alternate Realities) then we would know if choice is real or not. If world lines (all the different timelines of events) branched from our world line at each choice junction where we made a choice, then we have free will. If world lines only branched from the origin of the Universe OR did not branch at all, then we would not have free will and would be following a preset path. 2) Regardless of whether free will exists or not, we have no choice but to operate as though it does exist for the sake of being able to a functional society and, genetically more important, survive as a species.

  37. author

    Jcknight79963 jam yang lalu

    More like it's more 'fussable'

  38. author

    Rithik Madhava4 jam yang lalu

    Why is Thor telling me that flying is a bad idea? I smell something fishy.

  39. author

    Raj4 jam yang lalu

    Can Dr. Manhattan go in and get out of a Blackhole ;-)

  40. author

    spudthepug4 jam yang lalu

    I’ve seen the blue glow come through the beryllium window during X-ray tube testing.

  41. author

    Aidan Caine4 jam yang lalu

    idioma is a masculine noun Kyle come on

  42. author

    James Wilson4 jam yang lalu

    Just a thought. Can we somehow put some type of rocket end to push the smaller Mars moon into Mars? or Could we get an asteroid from the belt big enough to slam into the surface which could cause such an explosion?

  43. author

    Terrohn Jackson4 jam yang lalu

    Dr. M is a walking infinity gauntlet

  44. author

    S.J.'s DIY Adventures4 jam yang lalu

    Talks about nuking hurricanes, then wonders why people see him as a super villain. 😂

  45. author

    Kaka Hass4 jam yang lalu

    OK i get that you're like "You didn't choose most of the things in your life etc" but i'm pretty sure i decided that one of my hobbies would be creating and refining a plan to dominate the world by military force.

  46. author

    zooz ie4 jam yang lalu

    Thx you just ruined another super power I liked

  47. author

    TheGaming Rhino4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf was that did he have a stroke or what 1:58

  48. author

    Edward Hawkins5 jam yang lalu

    Question: In the Man of Steel (21013) movie, Superman is told that his skin is impenetrable. Therefor, is it possible to break Superman's bones as he does to Zod in the same movie, except his muscels are simply so strong that they don't let you, so you need another Kryptonian to do so. Just a Question. Also, love the work.

  49. author

    James Mcfadden5 jam yang lalu

    Kyle, It’s actually only 29 times because you said there and back. It is walking to space 58 times or walking to and from space 29 times. I still love the show.

  50. author

    Acer 235 jam yang lalu

    Couldn’t this be how the teleporter in Star Trek works

  51. author

    Decinoge Secra5 jam yang lalu

    the ‘getting stuck forever’ argument is misleading. Sure, somewhen you’ll get stuck, but you will also definitely get out somewhen

  52. author

    Shannon Strobel5 jam yang lalu

    Show's over. go home. go

  53. author

    jordan klockenga5 jam yang lalu

    what if a variable got misplaced and nuclear testing was deemed too dangerous and scraped. what kind of world would we live in now

  54. author

    Mage5 jam yang lalu

    "because philosophy."

  55. author

    Ronaldo Vila Nova5 jam yang lalu

    "that was a crazy night". Uhhuummm... Ok

  56. author

    Mohamed Mohsen5 jam yang lalu

    Okay it doesn't matter, no flight i want my super power to be super speed, or better yet to be able to move in any space-time direction. that would be cool.

  57. author

    The Shadow Philospher5 jam yang lalu

    No because I watched your lips, 538019

  58. author

    The LazyAlgorithm5 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else hear that southern twang in Kyle's voice at the beginning? Just started the vid so could be a joke. But that was magical to hear. Always interesting to hear or see people's mannerisms

  59. author

    Broc Ursal5 jam yang lalu

    On land the most terrifying minions would be badgers. No upgrade, just badgers.

  60. author

    TheCompleteMental6 jam yang lalu

    Build 100 MT nukes or tape a bunch of already existing nukes together, shove enough ammonia on the payload to make it 100 tons, and launch those rockets into the martian poles

  61. author

    Emil Cataquet6 jam yang lalu

    The electric is for ssj 2 and ssj 3 only

  62. author

    Broc Ursal6 jam yang lalu

    I am tired of the whole blame US and Europe for global climate change. Never mind China is #1 in carbon production, the US is #2, India is #3. China and India are increasing, the US is decreasing. But the US needs to decrease more. Why do China and India get the free pass here? They are increasing, we are decreasing and have been for a long time.

  63. author

    Fuckface The Almighty6 jam yang lalu

    I wanna know about the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal

  64. author

    Sarah Perkins6 jam yang lalu

    So is it possible that Aquaman has one Atlantan kidney and one human kidney? Which makes a little bit of sense since in the most recent movie, he can spend a lot of time underwater, yet his dad can still drink him under the table- Also can I just say that I appreciate how extremely smart and geeky your are while also being extremely cute

  65. author

    Broc Ursal6 jam yang lalu

    The best version of fantasy teleportation I have ever seen is the psionic teleportation in AD&D 2nd edition with is described as ceasing your existance in one location while beginning your existance in another as though that is where you had always been. In the description if the ability it includes the statement that there will be a crack or pop sound due to the displaced air.

  66. author

    Christopher Martin6 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how people today enjoy the music they have pink floyd is a fantastic example to the modern day music never mind 2500 years from now.

  67. author

    R3215TANC36 jam yang lalu

    Oh God this is a pretty big debate in psychology: Are you responsible for your actions? And the simple answer is that we don't know and there's no real way to test it. Sigmund Freud believed in the subconscious, dream analysis, early life impacting your later life, choices you make being a result of deeper psychotic influences... but how do you test these things? If something is subconscious then how do you know that is what's occurring? How do you even know there IS a subconscious? Is our behavior determined by the things we see and do or by what we are made of: cells and DNA? Or is it not even determined at all and we are born as blank pieces of paper that choose the information we take in, and how we interpret them? Evidence has been shown for and against all of the above, all we can do is argue about it until the end of time, because there is no (at least with our current technology, theories and methodology of legal experimentation) way to come up with an objective, definitive answer to be applied universally. It just isn't possible. Thanks for coming to me Ted talk guys really appreciate it

  68. author

    That_ One_Dude6 jam yang lalu

    First thing thaf you got wrong: we're humans

  69. author

    Olamiposi Alawiye6 jam yang lalu

    I hate the fact that when you are immortal ever one you love dies in front of you

  70. author

    Rymyir7 jam yang lalu

    >build a dyson swarm with mirrors > dig a hole to mars's core >focus energy on the hole >core heats up creating magnetic field >atmosphere is now possible >focus energy on poles >small seas form along with a thick atmosphere

  71. author

    Jon Osterman7 jam yang lalu

    So Brilliant 👌

  72. author

    Bob Edge7 jam yang lalu

    I get a REAL Jake Roper vibe from you man... almost the voice too ... wtf lol

  73. author

    OGZA G7 jam yang lalu

    Imaginary axis already did it dude

  74. author

    JAMES! Since the 70's7 jam yang lalu

    We broke it! We gotta fix it!! Almost everyone needs to get solar panels, to atleast cut some the power from coal and gas, I'm fully off grid, if I can do it as lazy as I am , anyone can, cut the power used!!

  75. author

    Chris Roy7 jam yang lalu

    Your hair, sir, is majestic. Bravo! 🤘😎

  76. author

    JAMES! Since the 70's7 jam yang lalu

    That's what I tell ppl messing in my things, stay out of there, before you find something you do not want to see!!

  77. author

    Souji Tendou7 jam yang lalu

    so you can't close your eyes to unsee the blue nakedness

  78. author

    VidalokapaBR7 jam yang lalu

    Because Science Wazzzup kyle (I probably should have been more formal) I am a boy from Brazil (so, don’t mind if there’s one or two grammar mistakes) very interested on your work. I wouldn’t reveal my age as that may make people underestimate my little theory. I started thinking with a friend of mine what would happen if a black hole attracted a big star and a white dwarf and their systems in opposite directions, and at the exact time both barely touched the event horizon, one completely “ate” the other, as one was bigger than the other. That is assuming that the black hole was at its apse and very dense + both stars were made of different gases, one was bigger than the other, and that sort of event would “kill” the black hole. It was an interesting idea which was pretty improbable but very cool. Could this event generate a system (like the solar system, but bigger), and what could happen out of that event? It is a pretty vage question and probably wouldn’t conclude quite easily, but I’d like you to help me out with that. ...I am still writing my theory, I might publish it and then comment again to you

  79. author

    Morticus7 jam yang lalu

    At 1:15 when Master Kyle paused the video. I saw a face in the fire.

  80. author

    Jared Bennett7 jam yang lalu

    cat girls. its cat girls isnt it.

  81. author

    Michael Rotmo7 jam yang lalu

    Judging bybthe censoring, dr.manhattan has a huge schlong.

  82. author

    Makoto Tempest7 jam yang lalu

    Ludicrous speed faster than light speed

  83. author

    positiveemotions8 jam yang lalu

    Good points here

  84. author

    iVardensphere8 jam yang lalu

    I always thought it was Cherenkov Radiation that made him blue

  85. author

    theBabyDead8 jam yang lalu

    Should've gotten a legaleagle cameo

  86. author

    ThameousGaming8 jam yang lalu

    Please be on game knights again....

  87. author

    ausbandit848 jam yang lalu

    He’s wearing blue... undies. Sure let’s go with undies

  88. author

    Alejandro Flores8 jam yang lalu

    At the very beginning, wouldn't it be 29 times instead of 58 cause he said "walk up and back", then it would be 200km total and not a 100, therefore is 29 times walking up and back

  89. author

    Joseph S.9 jam yang lalu

    Your definition of insanity is wrong. To be successful with insanity defense, you must not know what you did at the time was wrong. I.e. you were sleepwalking and killed your wife

  90. author

    Jorden Santiago9 jam yang lalu

    Wait so how strong is Kyle since he deflected all those ki blasts?!

  91. author

    Cam Mewton9 jam yang lalu

    the biggest mistake in the justice system is accepting mental retardation as an excuse.

  92. author

    Davey Ryuzaki9 jam yang lalu

    Psychologist: what caused this? Joker 2019: Society...

  93. author

    CJ THE GEIMER9 jam yang lalu

    If the Dr. whod to desinegrate a person an then bring him back. Whod the prson remember how he is? Well as you talkd about Deadpool not knowing who he whod be if you cut his head of and it growing back. Neurons shod not know how thay wher before. Right?

  94. author

    Paris Ramos9 jam yang lalu

    Probably be a clean safe version of c-4 or other chemical that's healthy to eat

  95. author

    Ale_Fiend9 jam yang lalu

    Sadly, sweaters aren't woven, but knitted.

  96. author

    Joseph Fazio9 jam yang lalu

    No he is not. He just doesn’t care and like a spoiled child will use vengeance and spite and violence to get what he wants. He knows exactly what he his doing He knows the difference between reality and fiction He knows the difference between right and wrong. Every action he takes is in direct response to the fact that Batman is there. He does it to taunt him and bring him out because it’s the conflict with Batman that drives everything he says, and does. All his machinations and lies and truths and acts of crime. All to draw the Bat in.

  97. author

    Aqua Ast9 jam yang lalu

    Manhattan sucks balls

  98. author

    Ricardo Paredes9 jam yang lalu

    Wouldnt the apple just explode?

  99. author

    Ricardo Paredes10 jam yang lalu

    Much of fiction one day becomes reality a think an episode on if xmen like mutations will ever come to be would be cool. And maybe you can talk about some minor type xmen that already exist like dude that can see in dark much better than most or dude that can digest like anything. That would be dooooope.

  100. author

    Gmandark10 jam yang lalu

    my question is why would anyone other than a supervillain need so many scorpions or refer to them as his carapaced minions I'm not saying you're a supervillain just asking a question