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    Kidney Kidjey6 menit yang lalu

    Very good messi

  2. author

    Breezy xtra9 menit yang lalu

    Lets show take kubo why you shall never dust barcelona

  3. author

    robizzlor13 menit yang lalu

    Arthur is out?

  4. author

    Pasha Pasovski14 menit yang lalu

    I predict 6-1 !⚽️

  5. author

    Hossam Khaled15 menit yang lalu

    “perhaps, if we’re in such a LOVELY situation” 😂😂

  6. author

    Prabin Budhathoki30 menit yang lalu

    Dejong play advanced midefield better than hoding midfield

  7. author

    Muhammed Irfan49 menit yang lalu

    What s going on griezmann future in barça

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    World Wide Goyim Unite49 menit yang lalu

    Dembele plays up front on the left... I say we sell him back to durtmund and get sancho who could play on the right... We would b good... Imagine if our front three had ansu on the left sancho on the right.. In the middle... Still got non

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    Booker HarrapJam Yang lalu

    Could you do an analysis of the accuracy of our predictions?

  10. author

    Leo SahilJam Yang lalu

    After the match Messi will be top scorer of LA liga remember my words.

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    Nabil TemaciniJam Yang lalu

    Talk fcb you are a god!! You are my favorite ❤️💕 IDreporterr So much love

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    VictorJam Yang lalu

    No Aleña, no umtiti. It'll be pique and Busquets

  13. author

    RaJam Yang lalu

    Best Blaugrana channel on youtube. Excellent job sir! Viiiisssscaaa

  14. author

    John BlessedJam Yang lalu

    Players who need game time or minutes, Firpo, Umtiti, Alena, Todibo, Arthur, Wague, Ansu, Perez, Vidal and Rakitic...

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    John BlessedJam Yang lalu

    Barça still need to prove themselves in away games especially in the Champions League...

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    Fabian Witter2 jam yang lalu

    Barca to win by 9 goals. You heard it here first

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    Adetokunbo Emmanuel2 jam yang lalu

    Video D'or for Jamie... The best

  18. author

    Adetokunbo Emmanuel2 jam yang lalu

    4 goals plus a clean sheet will be wonderful... I predicted 3 goals clean sheet though

  19. author

    Lord Rothschild2 jam yang lalu

    Small club with no history pre 2005.

  20. author

    Lika Hakani Hakani2 jam yang lalu

    Amazing, fantastic great and beautiful love you Griezmann!

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    Marek Gazi2 jam yang lalu

    i wonder from wich country you are Talks fcb you dont have a english accent and americans dont like really soccer

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    Amer Clips2 jam yang lalu

    Ajax coach should take over Barcelona

  23. author

    okedairro peter2 jam yang lalu

    Ansu is injured

  24. author

    Cristian Gomez romero2 jam yang lalu

    Mejor club del mundo força barça

  25. author

    Ibra Ninja2 jam yang lalu

    I think 1-0 cuz Barca will 100% under estimate

  26. author

    piyush chaudhary2 jam yang lalu

    Watching Messi play live is on my bucket list and I would be so disappointed if he retires dudee

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    Akabush Rennicks3 jam yang lalu

    Would be really nice if the font there with Griezmann, Saurez and Messi all gets on the score sheet. I'm I the only one feel a hat trick coming from Messi?

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    Marcel Nzambath3 jam yang lalu

    Your vids are very great that’s why we never miss out them

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    Messi Fan3 jam yang lalu

    I think Tomorrow Frankie De Jong will Score his First Barca Goal

  30. author

    Remex3 jam yang lalu

    We really hope barcelona Push back to its original Wide play,also congratulations on your 2019 but you still need to do different videos because there arent many barcelona fans to get you to 10m

  31. author

    Atlantis_ Yuldy3 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona will win 7:1

  32. author

    Tibaeli Deogratius3 jam yang lalu

    Barca will win 6-0

  33. author

    Ommy Junior3 jam yang lalu

    Messi hat trick tomorrow 🔵🔴

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    Satlenpi chongloi3 jam yang lalu

    As a Ronaldo Fan I m afraid to watch messi video now...the comments are amazing and wonderful.

  35. author

    Khair Owen Sullivan III 'Godless Rathead'3 jam yang lalu

    Dude, why do you stop Including the time Barca matches start for the whole world. That's not something I don't wanna see in match previews video. Bring it back. Cheers

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    coutinho dampha3 jam yang lalu

    May God bless you Jamie

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    Romans Zodziks3 jam yang lalu

    I am shure will be only 1:0. After so positive things, very difficult to go to motivate yourself with Mallorca. And everybody already thinking only about Real Madrid. Will bi difficult win

  38. author

    Smile Shoko3 jam yang lalu

    Valverde out,,,,,

  39. author

    tyrone itwaru3 jam yang lalu

    am gonna go with bar 5 mal 0

  40. author

    Thomas Powers3 jam yang lalu

    Bummer to see that Ansu Fati missed the final training session. I would love to see Fati, Greizman Messi as the front three. Oh well, maybe against Inter!

  41. author

    SUPRATIV SENGUPTA3 jam yang lalu

    Can you please tell me about conditions of Alba🙏

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    Aero3 jam yang lalu

    VAMOSSS , sorry I'm late Jamie , definitely think Barca will win this game , after athleti it has taken some pressure off but the league is still super tight , I'm going 4-0 cos I feel like Leo will be on his game as always. Keep up the absolutely brilliant work Jamie bro , you're absolutely killing the game and deserve all the growth in the world my guy 🔴🔵🔴🔵❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Kiyaan Visram3 jam yang lalu

    You're too confident in Barca right now. Remember that Barca was not very dominant vs Atletico Madrid. We needed Messi's magic to get us the win.

  44. author

    Matthew MENDY3 jam yang lalu

    On my opinion Messi,Suarez and Ansu fati should start

  45. author

    Matthew MENDY4 jam yang lalu

    Suarez an Messi understand each other than Griezman with messi

  46. author

    Matthew MENDY4 jam yang lalu

    Suarez can't be of

  47. author

    Willian Guimaraes4 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona 4X0 Mallorca

  48. author

    Miguel Roman4 jam yang lalu

    Jordi Alba ????

  49. author

    David workstv4 jam yang lalu

    Messi messi messi In that order 🤞🤙

  50. author

    Irtaza Arshad4 jam yang lalu

    Why can we not promote Riqui Puig to the first team? Imagine a midfield with Arthur, Frenkie and Riqui💥💥 Riqui Puig is a midfield diamond that Valverde is waiting to sell... he is so Good🤩

  51. author

    Eniola Abaniwonda4 jam yang lalu

    Just incredible ❤️

  52. author

    New Vendetta4 jam yang lalu

    Hey guys Real Madrid fan here! Although I support your bitter rivals, I still always enjoy watching your videos, I always vote Draw/Lose in the polls 😂, anyways just wanted to say great videos! I wish us Real Madrid fans had a similar channel to yours.

  53. author

    FCB fan4 jam yang lalu

    For me dejong is good as a centre midfielder than pivot. He is really connects well with leo

  54. author

    Speedy4 jam yang lalu

    It just isn't a good week. *IT WILL BE A GOOD SEASON TOO* *TREBLE LOADING* 🏆 🏆 🏆 🔥 💪 #ForcaBarca

  55. author

    FCB fan4 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Samuel Wolf4 jam yang lalu

    Kubo plays for mallorca and he will take refens

  57. author

    tope ladapo4 jam yang lalu

    Messi lacks words of inspiration or leadership

  58. author

    Damion Spence4 jam yang lalu

    I think d changes came when we started integrated umtiti into d team. Both center backs ar fighting to keep their positions with umtiti lurking for a spot in d team

  59. author

    Zakhele Mkhize4 jam yang lalu

    The only weakling now is Firpo

  60. author

    Mathew Gumah4 jam yang lalu

    Expecting the front three all scoring MSG.

  61. author

    Mali Leon4 jam yang lalu

    Well done, and thanks for your hard work.

  62. author

    Sharjes Mohammed4 jam yang lalu

    Talk FCB: So, I've been thinking about traveling to Barcelona. What do you thi... Comments Section: Valverde OUT!

  63. author

    Mustard NexusTDM4 jam yang lalu

    The next game is Real Madrid!!! I’m SO excited

  64. author

    Devansh Sanghavi4 jam yang lalu

    I want Griezmann to shine tomorrow! Let's hope for the best

  65. author

    Kairi HD4 jam yang lalu

    Not gonna lie that de jong picture is always a representation of us fans when we are frustrated

  66. author

    jonathan alokatoa4 jam yang lalu

    When Messi and Ronaldo are gone, Ballon dor will be a pity

  67. author

    Dan Addo5 jam yang lalu

    MESSI is gradually getting the door of CONFIDENCE open to Griezmann both on and off the field. Which is a good sign for the Club's SUCCESS.

  68. author

    Nyambe Glen5 jam yang lalu

    Eminem ft fat Joe-lord above

  69. author

    Jonas Green5 jam yang lalu

    Watch ur vids every day, keep up

  70. author

    5 jam yang lalu

    Inshallah your mouth filled up with lots of sweets

  71. author

    Máté Illés5 jam yang lalu

    The thing I'm concerned about rn is whether Golazo Jersey is going to recover from it's injury on Black Friday. It's been so long and I still haven't been able to access the site. Would've been nice to watch the El Classico in a new jersey.. :/

  72. author

    roberto gissepi5 jam yang lalu

    A perfect chance for Valverde to rest some big players and give younger guys a chance but I have no confidence that he will, and will just stick to his usual predictable team against weaker opposition at home

  73. author

    Mcallan Bennett5 jam yang lalu

    Freaking journalists. We all know they worship Messi

  74. author

    abdoulie sisawo5 jam yang lalu

    good job

  75. author

    Krishna Jangir5 jam yang lalu

    Can licester city can be a option for alena. What is your thought about it jamie?

  76. author

    Daniel Waweru5 jam yang lalu

    Mehn talk FCB must be the best thing that happened to us barca fans😊

  77. author

    Art Indus5 jam yang lalu

    Messi starts campaign for 7th Ballon d'or and we win 10-0 ♥️🐐🤘💪🌹

  78. author

    Aryan Kurdi5 jam yang lalu

    I predict Barcelona 8-0 and m6ssi to score 6

  79. author

    Akashjyoti Gogoi5 jam yang lalu

    Why doesnt arthur start often..He controls the game well and goes forward

  80. author

    Akhigbe Peter5 jam yang lalu

    6th Balon d'Or, La Liga player for the month of November all in a week. That's why he's always the GOAT

  81. author

    Roy Snabilié5 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona-mallorca 4 - 0 Saurez will score twice it will be an easy win.

  82. author

    Ishean mmo5 jam yang lalu

    I'm too afraid to be happy or positive about this game some how if we dont get some individual brilliance i see us losing or drawing with Mallorca

  83. author

    Kellin Quinn5 jam yang lalu

    We want to see aggression from barca.

  84. author

    Sharmake Ibrahim5 jam yang lalu

    Wish me happy birthday on the 18th please

  85. author

    The Fútbol Follower5 jam yang lalu

    Comfortable 2-0 Win

  86. author

    DANA SAEED5 jam yang lalu

    INSHALLAH we will win, we must keep pushing forward. FORCA BARCA.

  87. author

    Osazee Emma5 jam yang lalu

    FC BARCELONA - 7 - 0 - REAL MALLORCA, Messi 3 goals

  88. author

    Jason Jyrwa5 jam yang lalu

    Worth it 😊

  89. author

    My Skills Show5 jam yang lalu

    Jamie can you make a video why Arthur always out of squad without any reason

  90. author

    Jorge 995 jam yang lalu

    Barca 6-1 Mallorca

  91. author

    Julian Al Akhras5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Barca win 4-0 and Madrid win 5-0... who'd be first💀😂

  92. author

    Kurt Chester5 jam yang lalu

    Barca showed interest in Koulibaly and Auba. Real Madrid are targeting the two as their top targets. Typical Madrid, since the Di Stefano days.

  93. author

    Alhagie Boye5 jam yang lalu

    We owe you bro, you are just wonderful and we are here behind in the barca family🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰

  94. author

    damion baker5 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona 5 v 0 Mallorca

  95. author

    kah prosper5 jam yang lalu

    Classic as always you are the best

  96. author

    Anis Yrt5 jam yang lalu

    You totally deserve these nice comments Jamie! This is like the best barca channel i have ever seen. There is no other barca channel that is as consistent like you. Keep it up and i am already looking forward for the review tomorrow!!! Love from Belgium💯🔥❤

  97. author

    Pratishat Ghimire5 jam yang lalu

    I think we should put Ansu away from the spotlight for another season or maybe two. He has massive potential bht he’s only 17 and there are a lot of aspects he needs to work on which he can gradually do as he plays with Barca B and improves. Meanwhile Carles Perez is much more intelligent and complete and I think it’s about tine we talk about Carles Perez’s promotion instead.

  98. author

    Xavier Jordan5 jam yang lalu

    Why would your videos get s thumbs down? Those simpletons...

  99. author

    Wardiz13375 jam yang lalu

    I really hope griezmann will show up on the scpresheet tomorrow😍

  100. author

    John Cena5 jam yang lalu

    BAR 6-1 MLL