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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

X-Men OR Fantastic Four?X-Men OR Fantastic Four?

X-Men OR Fantastic Four?

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Marvel Find Your PowerMarvel Find Your Power

Marvel Find Your Power

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Winter Guard | Marvel 101Winter Guard | Marvel 101

Winter Guard | Marvel 101

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Drake pendragon22 jam yang lalu

    Who cares this kid isn't a Hero this is just more of Marvel trying to pander to people who will never actually buy their books rather than listening to fans. That is why they turned off comments on the actual video about this kid.

  2. author

    Brinley T22 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone else keep watching this trailer because of the music at 1:57?

  3. author

    Matthew Lee22 jam yang lalu

    I just hope it's gon have more playable characters and it's freeroam

  4. author

    Andres Castro22 jam yang lalu

    Q lo mejor q es vistió 😂😂😂

  5. author

    Drake pendragon22 jam yang lalu

    Maybe Marvel should use May 2020 to kill off trash characters like Kamala, Riri, Miles, Kate, Lunella, Robbie, and others while fixing characters that they have screwed up like Iceman, and Carol.

  6. author

    Sreehari Lal22 jam yang lalu

    Some people move on....But not us....Not us.....

  7. author

    Lucas Hampton22 jam yang lalu

    After giving this another watch, I may cancel my preorder. Its beginning to look like a jumped up mobile game.

  8. author

    ppelxd yt Hernández morales22 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Mr.Prince22 jam yang lalu

    Have any of you play Lego Marvel ? That game is a great concept of everything i asked for a Marvel game ,aside from the lame kid jokes,it has open-word and hundreds of characters with unique ability. I dont think this game can top Lego Marvel ,im sorry

  10. author

    ARnelia Tarigan22 jam yang lalu

    gladly it's illusion

  11. author

    sebastiannalfredoo22 jam yang lalu

    I feel like this is going to be exactly like a lego marvel video game just with better graphics. I really hope it’s not that(I mean it wouldn’t be bad but it wouldn’t be amazing)

  12. author

    Sir Casman Marvellolover22 jam yang lalu

    Miss him every day

  13. author

    UlisesLG22 jam yang lalu

    There was an idea

  14. author

    Tom Sklanka23 jam yang lalu

    Book comes out in two more days!! can’t wait!!!!

  15. author

    Prince Vegeta23 jam yang lalu

    This game looks like actual dog meat🤢

  16. author

    MARC TORRES23 jam yang lalu

    I love this trailer

  17. author

    JOMARS23 jam yang lalu

    one thing, is amazing that how iron man suit was more advanced in the movie, combined with thor power couldnt break that stupid sword, that nerf for iron man and thor was dissapointed af.

  18. author

    Mysterious Artz23 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry but I’m not really interested in this game it seems boring in my opinion

  19. author

    alex logan23 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    Joseph Allotta23 jam yang lalu

    This looks like that Justic League game

  21. author

    Joel Saenz23 jam yang lalu

    Well that’s a wrap Me and Gwenpool: 😂 wrap

  22. author

    Steve Smith23 jam yang lalu

    Can she make her titties bigge-

  23. author

    SirShane6323 jam yang lalu

    All 3 of these people arent funny

  24. author

    Hulk Smash!Hari Yang lalu

    Any works done by that racist Dana Schwartz will not be entertained. That woke bs you are starting to put out is destroying everything Marvel has stood for. Get woke you will (eventually) go broke. You will feel it.

  25. author

    Martin LawrenceHari Yang lalu

    30 years from now. Son: Dad who are the avengers ? Me: There was an idea

  26. author

    soultiger 267Hari Yang lalu

    Maybe You Can Create Your Own Character In This? That Would Be Cool

  27. author

    Logan BucsitHari Yang lalu

    So Han returns to fast and the furious and black widow returns. Wonder who else is coming back from the dead.

  28. author

    AdsMJHari Yang lalu

    Looks pretty bad imo

  29. author

    Kaden RHari Yang lalu

    So she ate the gum gum fruit?

  30. author

    First LastHari Yang lalu

    Thor looks horrible look like a created CAW of Edge on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 on PS3

  31. author

    Ace CuareHari Yang lalu

    So Ms. Marvel has powers of Jake the Dog?

  32. author

    Darrin RamroopHari Yang lalu

    Rachel Weiz is the villain right,lol?

  33. author

    Jerry McCoyHari Yang lalu

    Looks like garbage 🗑

  34. author

    Elise De La SerreHari Yang lalu

    What an amazing and caring girl!❤️

  35. author

    Ebru'lu TariflerHari Yang lalu

    Good video very nice

  36. author

    ShareHari Yang lalu

    *pre-order to gain access to exclusive demo There's no in detail gameplay video of how most of the game works like coop so people don't even know what they are paying for..

  37. author

    Captain RamirezHari Yang lalu

    I’m terrified that this game is going to flop

  38. author

    SpringsterR. 317Hari Yang lalu

    Nuff said, Nuff done. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. (December 28, 1922- November 12, 2018)

  39. author

    DIO UchihaHari Yang lalu

    Ok, Graphics are good but looks inconsistent, animation is little rough in some parts and the character designs looks much better but still.... The faces look abit weird sometimes and thor's hair looks like a broom

  40. author

    S FrancoHari Yang lalu

    I’d preorder but it’s not open world!

  41. author

    DIO UchihaHari Yang lalu

    I have mixed feelings but I'll wait for the reviews first. The graphics looks nice but....Its a bit inconsistent and the animation is a little rough.But I still have hope

  42. author

    Diego HernandezHari Yang lalu

    No thanks, i got sicked of it after all your kamala khan propaganda; it was just too MUCH SPAM Im going for FF7R

  43. author

    Anthony SalernoHari Yang lalu

    Looks terrible

  44. author

    Pornstar VideosHari Yang lalu


  45. author

    tyrone williamsHari Yang lalu

    The music alone... Goosebumps!

  46. author

    tyrone williamsHari Yang lalu

    1 of the vest movies to this day..."EVER"...Thanos is my dude!

  47. author

    Zsolt HorváthHari Yang lalu

    Best trailer ever what i even saw

  48. author

    Bruno MolliconeHari Yang lalu

    Génial, vivement le 3ème film. 👍😉

  49. author

    Tyler HaknumanHari Yang lalu

    I hate these capers hero movie. I don’t get it .

  50. author

    Tyger HilHari Yang lalu

    I’m this? I don’t know, something about this just doesn’t draw me in. Maybe as we see more gameplay I’ll get into it but for now I’m really not digging it. I’ll wait for the reviews on this one but I’m REALLY hoping it’s good, god knows how much potential an open world superhero game has, just look at Infamous.

  51. author

    WCKD GAMESHari Yang lalu

    0:29 Taskmaster. Shows Crossbones

  52. author

    Hasan KaiserHari Yang lalu

    If I could time travel I would watch this for the first time again

  53. author

    Nova Bomb29Hari Yang lalu

    Thor is actually mysterio an illusion form

  54. author

    Eseosa ErhunseHari Yang lalu

    Give us a new x men cartoon, dammit.

  55. author

    C_ cullHari Yang lalu

    Every year they fight... Now they rest or I should say the remaining......

  56. author

    Sean SchillingHari Yang lalu

    I’m still pissed that they lied to us about Hulk in this trailer lol

  57. author

    Gysellys FloresHari Yang lalu

    The films before Avengers 5

  58. author

    Wrier GymnastHari Yang lalu

    I literally got a marvel advert on this video...

  59. author

    persongamingHari Yang lalu

    This had so much potential and you threw it out the window

  60. author

    peter dhillonHari Yang lalu

    You should do a video with the hack Smith he's a mechanical engineer who makes real life prototypes from movies video games and comic book

  61. author

    carly johnsonHari Yang lalu

    everyone: they finally give black widow a movie after she's dead me: florence pugh

  62. author

    Zek TecHari Yang lalu

    What power do you guys want? *GOMU GOMU NO*

  63. author

    Rikin ThakkarHari Yang lalu

    Thanos should’ve used the reality stone to summon all the stones in front of him

  64. author

    XimerTracks - Sub To MeHari Yang lalu

    Fantastic video. More please! also, I would love to be friends :o

  65. author

    FinsskiHari Yang lalu

    No freeroam=no buy

  66. author

    Noah AndersonHari Yang lalu

    The Batman's intro should be something like this...

  67. author

    RollyHari Yang lalu

    Who else pre ordering?

  68. author

    TrelzerHari Yang lalu

    We also slaughter the animals for food? Am I correct?

  69. author

    Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !Hari Yang lalu

    This looks so bad lmao

  70. author

    TOMOHOKHari Yang lalu

    I will never forget the hype for this movie. It may never be topped, ever.

  71. author

    Priya pandayHari Yang lalu

    This is an awesome series I hope you keep it up as it makes more and more people realise that this wrong and more people know about these problems in our society the easier it will be to find a solution

  72. author

    Priya pandayHari Yang lalu

    This is an awesome series I hope you keep it up as it makes more and more people realise that this wrong and more people know about these problems in our society the easier it will be to find a solution but I love India and support me

  73. author

    chimueloHari Yang lalu

    Amazingly epic

  74. author

    えりHari Yang lalu

    Please come back to life please come back to life please come back to life please come back to life PLEASE. COME. BACK. TO. LIFEEEEE...

  75. author

    Young FinesserHari Yang lalu

    I’m miss hearing this

  76. author

    GRasputin91Hari Yang lalu

    Well that seemed rather...pointless. That's why I prefer the films

  77. author

    phrequensiHari Yang lalu

    Such a sweet and caring young lady. Keep doing good in this world. We can never get enough. Bless you.

  78. author

    100K Subs No VideosHari Yang lalu

    amazingly epic

  79. author

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  80. author

    weet wae animatesHari Yang lalu


  81. author

    AntonellaHari Yang lalu

    We shouldn't feel like we can exploit them just because we're humans and they're not" so true..

  82. author

    David Emanuel RosiniHari Yang lalu

    I love forever Marvel

  83. author

    David Emanuel RosiniHari Yang lalu


  84. author

    Max GamerHari Yang lalu


  85. author

    Sangram Singh VlogsHari Yang lalu

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  86. author

    The Hatbox GhostHari Yang lalu

    Dude this looks auful

  87. author

    The Hatbox GhostHari Yang lalu

    Booring where's Spider-Man PS5

  88. author

    ItzKx G4MINGHari Yang lalu


  89. author

    Finn Waughman the memeHari Yang lalu

    This is an awesome series I hope you keep it up as it makes more and more people realise that this wrong and more people know about these problems in our society the easier it will be to find a solution

  90. author

    AlfoAlfo AlfoHari Yang lalu

    This is adorable

  91. author

    Dion BeckettHari Yang lalu

    Speaking of Genesis, I was watching the play through of Spider-Man vs The Kingpin.

  92. author

    Javier GalindoHari Yang lalu

    This is a cool show

  93. author

    Rayyan KhanHari Yang lalu


  94. author

    Michael ChroniclesHari Yang lalu


  95. author

    HakageryuuHari Yang lalu

    6:30 Must be proud of his famous descendant who also used "Monkey" as a racial slur. 40th United States President Ronald Reagan. Remember, there's never been a racist conservative, according to conservatives.

  96. author

    Chicago DanHari Yang lalu

    How do you know it's Powers of 10, and not Powers of X, like everyone else is calling it?

  97. author

    eivomHari Yang lalu

    Pre order to get a lame costume you never use

  98. author

    Punjabimoney187Hari Yang lalu

    Kamala khan is like the pan of marvel why tf use her as a launch charcater eww not pre ordering

  99. author

    .Hari Yang lalu

    Good lord, this looks boring.

  100. author

    splits secondsHari Yang lalu

    Birds of prey is better.