Coming Soon: The Farewell, In Fabric, and The Lighthouse.

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    Neil Rivera17 jam yang lalu

    My thoughts about the film: Plot: After some kind of sickness kills billions of people, some individuals resort to live in secluded areas to avoid getting sick. A couple invites another family, who are in search of supplies, into their home despite the risk of infection. The story revolves around what the two families will do to keep themselves healthy. But what happens when one of them gets sick? This film is important in our world because it's not far from fiction anymore. People are slowly dying from coronavirus. What will people do if they know a person who has an incurable and highly contagious disease in a world where the healthcare system doesn't exist anymore?

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    Neil Rivera17 jam yang lalu

    Coronavirus, anyone?

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    Levi F17 jam yang lalu

    One of my favorite stories! Excited af.

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    MILEHIGH JAX18 jam yang lalu

    Great movie!

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    Rob B18 jam yang lalu

    So many stupid Angry Joe fans here whose opinions are being dictated by him.

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    aj batoy18 jam yang lalu

    2 hrs and 30 mins.. i expect it will be great movie because its too long like the other movie who are 2hrs long too.. but in reality who is to longer those are not that so good movie, i really dont like it.. i spending 2hrs 30mins with this movie that not so good! 😒

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    kuan liu19 jam yang lalu

    this is a great movie, at first I thought it was about over power woman, where it shows how smart she is and all mens are dumb but it was not at all, it shows all the struggle she has to go through and how painting was her way to fight back. the ending is sad :(

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    hoibsh19 jam yang lalu

    A cow is indeed a beautiful thing.

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    hoibsh19 jam yang lalu

    I love the metal heartbeat so I will see it.

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    Yishak Feyssa19 jam yang lalu

    THIS is a thriller

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    W H A T19 jam yang lalu

    Only here to see batman

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    Anthony Moreno19 jam yang lalu

    No one: Someone in a A24 film:🔥

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    Sasha Silva19 jam yang lalu

    Whenever A24 drops a trailer for literally anything I get more excited than my own wedding. They’re that great, they could literally produce a muppets movie and I would beeline to watch that shit. And I hate the muppets also FUCKING DEV PATEL IN MEDIEVAL SHIT?? SIGN ME TF UP!!

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    Krystal Day20 jam yang lalu

    If Carrie grew up..

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    DYNAMIC LIVING PERSON21 jam yang lalu


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    Y21 jam yang lalu

    I predict that typography will change

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    Steg human21 jam yang lalu

    Oh wow ,, this movie sucked so bad,,, Unashamedly disappointing,,, completely frustrating,,,, a dreadful pile of vile shit.....

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    Gabriel Idusogie21 jam yang lalu

    Fantasy thriller film. I am in

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    christy clifford21 jam yang lalu

    I wish someone would have told me not to watch this movie. It's crazy scary. Don't watch it unless you want to be scared shitless.

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    Mark Haze22 jam yang lalu

    According to the legend... The Green Knight is good. 1:12 is The Green Knight and he is not evil.

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    Regina Tapusoa22 jam yang lalu

    This movie is so confuse and not even look scary well Is a NO for ME....

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    Jonathan Pinckney22 jam yang lalu

    If I hadn't looked up this movie, I'd've thought it was from the '60s.

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    Carol Strohm23 jam yang lalu

    What a waste of time! Not worth watching.

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    MySarsoor23 jam yang lalu

    trailer soundtrack > movie soundtrack

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    LPS LunaKat uwu23 jam yang lalu

    was uninterested and almost skipped the ad i got of this trailer until i saw the giant hand. Now i’m intrigued

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    V __23 jam yang lalu

    This film looks amazing!

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    Joshua EversHari Yang lalu

    Foxes can’t howl tho

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    Gigi PopescuHari Yang lalu

    This trailer is better than most movies

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    Kai Thunder HawkHari Yang lalu

    Anyone know these songs names? I love em

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    gabriel davidHari Yang lalu

    saw this movie 1 week ago and I still kinda obsessed and thinking a lot about the ending, music was fantastique, and stressful af. Absolute masterpiece

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    Austin HoffmanHari Yang lalu

    I'm halfway between "this looks promising" and "good God people, stop trying to modernize legends". I'll probably still see it. Always loved Arthurian legends

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    Lynda Joy GerryHari Yang lalu

    Does anyone know what songs are playing in the trailer? Thanks.

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    Chris ReidHari Yang lalu

    Yo this movie was fuckin lit.

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    Murray MacDonaldHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else think the music in the trailer specifically at the start sounds like the caretaker?

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    mark hauszHari Yang lalu

    how have i never seen this movie ? what's happening ?

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    Holidayin germanyHari Yang lalu

    A movie about a movie that was PURE SHIT.

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    Georgia Boy 76Hari Yang lalu

    "Dick Long" greatest porn name ever.

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    BenJamin CroftHari Yang lalu

    Sword of the Valiant (1984)

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    Theron ShadeHari Yang lalu

    The worst movie i ever saw in my life

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    Matalia LorenzoHari Yang lalu

    like movies

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    Big FellaHari Yang lalu

    Is this anything like The Ballad of Buster Scruggs?

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    Patrick EmpsonHari Yang lalu

    Can’t really see the fire bender doing knight stuff or is that the premise of the story a foreign person in a foreign land I don’t know that much on story it is based on but it does look interesting but fire bender being in it has got my spidie sense going off cause he’s only been in one good movie.

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    Matt S.Hari Yang lalu

    A24 has been on a roll you dont even have to ask if I'm gonna go see this, YES I AM

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    Scott FrenchHari Yang lalu

    Kelly Reichardt: The best American filmmaker working today.

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    James EnglishHari Yang lalu

    billy moore appeared on my podcast to tell his story, great guy

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    Sergio MartinezHari Yang lalu

    Great editing, at least in the trailer. Noticing that almost every shot had symmetry or the subject was in the middle of the frame.

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    Brian LHari Yang lalu

    toni collette is a goddess.

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    Blvd RoadHari Yang lalu

    I remember someone said it's a movie about how good things happen to bad people lmfao

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    Toon SheHari Yang lalu

    I like how I dont know anything about the movie. Just a pure trailer. A regular ole trailer.

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    olu AveHari Yang lalu

    Has there been an A24 movie where a character has not died by a head related injury?

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    blackstorm !Hari Yang lalu

    man, when Jack sees they blue sky! I burst out crying, and Im a grown man with a family. this film is just so strong and emotional in some different way!

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    Dawn of the ThreadHari Yang lalu

    I thought this was Hereditary 2: The Reign of Paimon.

  53. author

    robobobotknobyHari Yang lalu

    A24 is starting to become the HBO of movies

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    Starxy Quinn FIREHari Yang lalu

    Esto estaba en la lista de Dama G xdddd

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    Augustine. CHari Yang lalu

    everywhere in media, biblical concepts are just suffering gross misrepresentation but since PC mob culture has forbidden any kind of phobia except towards christianity, why not release all our antireligion angst the only way we can :/

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    nellie’s noseHari Yang lalu

    Everyone says this movie is SO scary. I don’t watch horror movies because I tend to find them very boring (bar The Shining) but I wanted to give this a try because of what everyone says. But I just watched this trailer and I don’t... get it?? I don’t see what the plot point is?? What’s the scary thing?? I want to know what the scary thing is because I want to know if I’ll be able to handle it. Like, for example, if there was a horror movie about spiders or the deep sea I wouldn’t be able to watch that because I’m too scared of those things. But I don’t get what the scary thing is in this movie from watching the trailer.

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    Chris CorleyHari Yang lalu

    Stanley Kubrick smiling on Claire Denis down from heaven for HIGH LIFE. Challenging circumstances, but very honest about human nature. Great setting. Academy Award nominee material.

  58. author

    inferno0020Hari Yang lalu

    Gender swap version of John "Se7en" Doe.

  59. author

    Wolf CatHari Yang lalu

    is it ok to watch with family?😂aka, is there porn in it?

  60. author

    AndymiamiHari Yang lalu

    Ya valió verga

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    Parves KoyesHari Yang lalu

    I started watching the first 15 minutes and got super bored :/ but I’m gonna watch the whole film tonight

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    Visuals For YouHari Yang lalu

    Haha how did David Lowery go from The Old Man and the Gun (2018) to this? By the way The Old Man and the Gun is a great movie, it has a pretty mellow tone and feels classy.

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    gin pomeloHari Yang lalu

    A very good stressful movie. i thought it will be a happy ending, but I am wrong.. but even if it goes the other way, He would still be stressed with his family and Julia

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    Not WickHari Yang lalu

    "Guys, this isn't a comedy."

  65. author

    Jaztine GabeHari Yang lalu

    Bro just watching this trailer I already teared up. About to watch this right now. Wish me luck!

  66. author

    Phil UpHari Yang lalu

    Is this scarier than hereditary?

  67. author

    paulmatttHari Yang lalu

    I lived in NY in 81. Was in college- Poly in Brooklyn. It was a fantastic year in a great city. It was a real city, not this clean, gentrified crap of today.

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    CharlieCabHari Yang lalu

    I see A24 and my skin crawls, and shivers run down my spine.

  69. author

    PERAHari Yang lalu

    Produit par les mêmes que midsommar et hérédité? Donc à la fin elle devient "méchante" et heureuse ? (j'ai détésté ces deux films..)

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    Jess XoHari Yang lalu

    The billie Eilish song did not fit here

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    Ashley CookHari Yang lalu

    The comments section: yay! a mysterious trailer that doesn't give anything away! every Athuraphile in the comments: Gawain.....it's the story of Sir Gawain....Here's what happened..... Me: *still exited and still can't wait*

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    Jorge HerreraHari Yang lalu

    “Boss, we got this kids cornered. Want us to kill them?” “Make it so.”

  73. author

    Kaylee JCHari Yang lalu

    I wish I could see this in the theatre again. A masterpiece

  74. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Take someone else’s national legend and replace their people with all european actors and see how well that’s received

  75. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Do you really not notice you’re slated for replacement? They’re even MAKING MOVIES literally erasing you from your own culture as europeans.

  76. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Make a movie version of the bhagavad gita with Chris Pratt cast as Prince Arjuna. Hindu nationalists would burn down half the country. But they remake the central myth of England with someone named “DEV PATEL” and a lot of you will be lined up with tickets in hand.

  77. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    They’re even outsourcing European jobs as Arthurian knights to third worlders?

  78. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Not content with taking away your countries they’re even replacing you in your own legends... and SELLING you tickets to your own humiliation. This is directly spitting in the faces of europeans. How much of this will you possibly stand?

  79. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    They’re replacing Arthurian knights with low cost tech support

  80. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    THAT GUY is supposed to be SIR GAWAIN from ARTHURIAN LEGEND? Sorry, but unlike britain’s recent rulers King Arthur actually defended the nations borders from foreign invaders

  81. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Sir Gawain looks more suited to find a paper cup for Squishee’s at Quickie Mart than he does to find the holy grail.

  82. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Guys, the great replacement of europeans is supposed to be a conspiracy theory... you’ve got to hide it a little better. Won’t someone think of the poor narrative?!?

  83. author

    Mm MmHari Yang lalu

    Now even the legendary knights in our Arthurian tales are being replaced by third worlders?

  84. author

    Master movie CriticHari Yang lalu

    I won't ever watch another movie with that Patel guy. He's about as likable as running a marathon with a rock in my shoe. Why would they make a movie about medieval knight legend and then have an Arab looking dude play the lead role? Wack

  85. author

    deee 327Hari Yang lalu

    If this movie wasnt made by the Safdie brothers it would be called the most antisemitic movie since Jud Süß.

  86. author

    Slots PlayerHari Yang lalu

    I ask one to completely wipe the comedian Adam Sandler awash as in he doesn't exist--- Now--- Watch this movie an you may, just may put this movie close to the top movies you have ever watched, maybe... My prospective of Uncut Gems is irrelevant///

  87. author

    Ivan DiabloHari Yang lalu

    sandler is an actor but not a GREAT actor

  88. author

    たまうじHari Yang lalu

    1:57 1:58 I don’t remember which scene is that. Someone please tell me

  89. author

    Ciobanu Marius ConstantinHari Yang lalu

    The worst movie I saw in my entirely life !

  90. author

    really?Hari Yang lalu

    I would leave this place after the first bullshit ceremony thingy

  91. author

    黝色Hari Yang lalu


  92. author

    J PHari Yang lalu


  93. author

    BłękiciakHari Yang lalu

    Czy ktoś dotarł tu z Polski, z wiadomych przyczyn? ;p

  94. author

    sakata gintokiHari Yang lalu

    rachel weisz is getting older like men, more beautiful in her 40s lol

  95. author

    Mad MaxHari Yang lalu

    That movie tries to be disturbing but it’s just boring

  96. author

    Wandrille LAMYHari Yang lalu

    Like Tolkien book ?

  97. author

    crumbsHari Yang lalu


  98. author

    Sa YaHari Yang lalu

    NOT SCARY, just weird or disturbing. It's just another hashup of hereditary, which makes it boring and predictable.

  99. author

    YONDU POPPINSHari Yang lalu

    Someone's on fire. Yep, it's an a24 movie alright.

  100. author

    Chaizard ZzHari Yang lalu

    Can someone make a memes about this picture 2:15 (the girl with big lip)