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hello!! my name is isabel and i'm just a girl with a wide range in music taste who likes to make lyric videos :)
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  1. author

    mirasí18 jam yang lalu

    i love this one first love.we r halfway to the globe.i really love him to the point its hurt leaving him.and it look like we cant be together.those memories occasionally,i will never forget it on how we used to be.someone will love him and its fine if that person is not me. i still love u,leon

  2. author

    Mia Uribe18 jam yang lalu


  3. author

    oof depression18 jam yang lalu


  4. author

    Rylie Paige19 jam yang lalu

    Lizzie Saltzman vibes..

  5. author

    Carbide Games19 jam yang lalu

    Self destructive, unstable, and nigh inconsolable. I know the temptation to rot and whither in the chasms of your mind, and hell sometimes it’s ok to do that if you’re at least thinking. However it’s so important to not let yourself get to the point of irreversible consequences. Yeah. Don’t get to *that* line. After you cross that line you really don’t get to make any changes.

  6. author

    eajohn 196919 jam yang lalu

    This song is SO true.. *Pain is beauty* Being attractive doesn't matter..

  7. author

    lisa19 jam yang lalu

    „someone will love you but someone isn't me“ felt that

  8. author

    Xavier_Xavia _http_Sisters19 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Anissa Ghelam19 jam yang lalu

    I'm hating myself

  10. author

    Slim Shaney20 jam yang lalu

    Now I usually h a t e alternative music and prefer rock, but this song has a different vibe than the standard emo one I usually get from alternative songs.

  11. author

    tmr hf21 jam yang lalu

    I want summer now😭😂

  12. author

    Michael Casola21 jam yang lalu

    Shes out there Kings stay strong

  13. author

    Taiane Camila Vaz22 jam yang lalu

    I love It

  14. author

    Hannah 6723 jam yang lalu

    first one with the right lyrics

  15. author

    Classic Chips23 jam yang lalu

    It feels like it's my ex singing he replaced me with the mean girls we always hated.

  16. author

    CarysJoAnn 666Hari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who searched up O.D.D after this?

  17. author

    nic khntHari Yang lalu

    I`m gay and totally love this song. Please more of this kind of Songs.

  18. author

    hi 0.0Hari Yang lalu

    Never heard this song before , how do you find them :)??

  19. author

    Emerald_In_The_AtticHari Yang lalu

    Nico thought he was slick with that Avril Lavinge reference.

  20. author

    Grape JuiceHari Yang lalu

    This song reminds me of this girl that was my best friend for 6 years and it turns out she was fake.

  21. author

    jaiah woodsideHari Yang lalu

    i like this song i even sing it in the shower it is so amazing to sing

  22. author

    Sydney Dose EverythingHari Yang lalu

    First-love you

  23. author

    Baek AgyHari Yang lalu

    I notiCed that there's a piecE of yoU in How i drEss Take it as a coMplimenT

  24. author

    byulyi • SUB gangHari Yang lalu

    I always hear "she's so ugly!" "I really don't like her clothes." "She has so much acne! It's so disgusting!" "Her nose is too big." "she will never have a boyfriend" "She is like the ugliest girl ever." I also got no friends so the line "no one will love u If ur unnatractive" hits me really hard...

  25. author

    Kasey KilianHari Yang lalu

    *someone please tell me who tf this Noah guy is*

  26. author

    -Prayerpaw Edits-Hari Yang lalu

    Although me and my bf made this our song, The Great Gatsby will forever be embedded in my mind and while listening to this. Thank you English teachers everywhere ❤️

  27. author

    diphenhydramineHari Yang lalu

    wish she still made songs like this :<

  28. author

    Gachawolfieee UwUHari Yang lalu

    i love this song u did a good job well done on youre subscribers and comments U-U

  29. author

    Manasvini ShankarHari Yang lalu

    my dad had this song on his old iphone and i was like "??" when i first heard it. im listening to this after a long time... the childhood nostalgia aaaaahhhh

  30. author

    Renee WilliamsHari Yang lalu

    Check my Cover out to this song ❤️🙏🏽

  31. author

    Mankeerat SainiHari Yang lalu

    Those 109 people probably thought the dislike button was dis I like

  32. author

    Kateřina HolaňováHari Yang lalu

    She is so talented, I love her music so much, can't wait for next song

  33. author

    SpyMazHari Yang lalu

    I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend...some people find it strange and some used to make fun of me but you know what? I'm ok with it because I know that one day, I'll meet someone who will make me feel special. That I'm worthy to have someone in my life *(apart from my family)* to love me for who I am 😊 One day I'll hear this song again, look over my shoulder and someone will just smile at me and hold my hand and no words will be exchanged and so will you. You will find that one guy *(or girl)* that will make you smile no matter what! We just have to wait for a bit 😊

  34. author

    Cody Al HoilesHari Yang lalu


  35. author

    dt. daniellexxHari Yang lalu

    I think its supposed to be the other way around. I love someone but the person that i love doesnt love me🤧

  36. author

    Itz_ GalaxyFamHari Yang lalu

    what better way to listen to this song on a saturday night, singing "amen" with the tune of the song

  37. author

    Ms. KimHari Yang lalu

    If Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Halsey would make a collab it would be a big hit.

  38. author

    cherish te whataHari Yang lalu

    my nickname since birth has been cherry 🍒 irrelevant but js wanted to sayyyy :)

  39. author

    Lxuxa ¿¿¿Hari Yang lalu

    Omg, I loveeeee this song so crazy ❤️❤️❤️😍😍💓😍😍💓❤️

  40. author

    Bennu Derin GünakHari Yang lalu

    around 4, if u make 0,25 mac says “i love you ariana :’)”

  41. author

    HowA'boutThis ?Hari Yang lalu

    This song is just so positive and uplifting!!! I can't help but feel happy when I hear it

  42. author

    Vidhia Tiara SopandiHari Yang lalu


  43. author

    maryam barezHari Yang lalu

    My fav song😇 i really love your channel idk why😇😍😍😍😍

  44. author

    Isabella FloresHari Yang lalu

    ♡☆♡☆♡☆ so nice

  45. author

    Mezhi ZHari Yang lalu

    When you end up having a kid with him. 😭😭

  46. author

    ladylala landHari Yang lalu

    Still hurting

  47. author

    Brick Gamer101Hari Yang lalu

    Me: (listens to this song) Me: Nice! Me: (realises that I'm listening to this on a Saturday night) Still me: WHAAAAA?

  48. author

    lyla copperHari Yang lalu

    sad boy hrs 😗✌🏻

  49. author

    Elif KoçHari Yang lalu

    I solved one single math question and opened this

  50. author

    Logical HumanHari Yang lalu

    I really liked this boy , he was fast and I was bubbly and naive I want a young man now💜👀

  51. author

    Sai GanaHari Yang lalu

    When I listen this song, I feel nothing But Crying😫😫😫😭😭😭

  52. author

    Mazinha DuarteHari Yang lalu

    Thank you for give us awesome videos🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘 We love yah

  53. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    This song is a celebration of Brendon Urie’s success in the music industry.

  54. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    This song explores the ideas of interdimensional travel and multiverses. This song was born out of Urie’s weed-induced musings that were captured by Sam Hollander, a friend of Urie’s, and sprung lyrics from his ideas.

  55. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    This song describes a relationship that has been torn apart but is longed for by Brendon Urie. He proposes they meet at “The Overpass” where they can truly be together and who they are.

  56. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    This song explores the consequences and downfalls of the party lifestyle. Though Brendon Urie once enjoyed this lifestyle, he has grown fonder of spending nights in with his wife or having a smaller gathering with friends.

  57. author

    carla ruggsHari Yang lalu

    This song is so good I've been listening to song two times already and it's way too good I can't stop remembering it

  58. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    Brendon explained that this song he is his way of trying to reconcile his career with his early Mormon roots, even though he admits to not being religious at all anymore Although he is no longer religious, Brendon has stated that “Say Amen” was not intended to spite his religious roots. I still pray and feel a spirituality, I wanted to portray that in a way that wasn’t necessarily a dig at anybody. Say Amen was my way of saying that I still worship and praise

  59. author

    Amber133 XoHari Yang lalu

    In this song Brendon reminisces about his teenage years and good times with his booze and medication. Urie is also envious about the wasted years with alcohol.

  60. author

    Aldana SuaresHari Yang lalu

    Do the lyric of Falling -Trevor Daniel please💕

  61. author

    Awesome AlizaHari Yang lalu

    Reminds me of my ex best friend and my ex crush

  62. author

    Jace KingHari Yang lalu

    mercymmercymmer simmer down

  63. author

    ana k/Hari Yang lalu

    i thought it was “i get you hot n moaning” 😭

  64. author

    Francisco SanchezHari Yang lalu

    I like it

  65. author

    Dear Evan Hamilton please just be more heathersHari Yang lalu

    Oh hello you amazing human! How are you? Oh Things aren’t that good? Well silly, you still have tomorrow. Yeah I guess tomorrow could be bad... But you still have a whole future! Traveling the world on a plane Doing stupid stuff with friends Settling down with you’re love Having sweet little children who look up to you Those nights, sitting alone on you’re beds Having the decision that could change everything But continuing on, Staying to fight Now that’s bravery That’s something that takes courage, I’ve been there too On the nights where the thoughts are just Overwhelming And numbing But, your still reading this You’re still here, and god I’m so glad you’re here Please Please take care of yourself? For me? Just do me one thing Stay alive, you beautiful being ❤️

  66. author

    lou louHari Yang lalu

    te amo troye

  67. author

    noor the australianHari Yang lalu

    finally someone doing the right lyrics.

  68. author

    Vicky [Chang]Hari Yang lalu

    Ai bt bài này từ tiktok hok?!?

  69. author

    Shana BreeceHari Yang lalu

    I just love her so much I could cry. And I'm so fuckjn happy T had parts in writing this powerful beautiful song 🥰😍❤👑

  70. author

    big tastyHari Yang lalu

    catholic guilt is sexy until the girl you like rejects you cause of it :,)

  71. author

    Issabella loveHari Yang lalu

    This is for my bff someone will love you someone will love you SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU but that someone it not me.......

  72. author

    Jamila LeclercHari Yang lalu

    Love the bg 🌸🌸🌸 dojaaaaaa killin it 🙌🏽🥵🥵🥵🔥

  73. author

    Queen TahiraHari Yang lalu

    Love me later -thenwhen

  74. author

    『 carolina 』Hari Yang lalu

    I love this song even tho tiktok kinda ruined it for me ;-;

  75. author

    くろJillianHari Yang lalu

    if u don’t know this song you live under a rock sorry not sorry 😌✋ tiktok introduced me to this song and doja cat and I’m so glad

  76. author

    Speeder Broman5657Hari Yang lalu

    What is this tik tiok I hear about, is it a candy????

  77. author

    hazzel nutHari Yang lalu

    u cant tell me that im not the only one who literally danced to this whole song its a bop and it slaps

  78. author

    charleyHari Yang lalu

    *i love doja sm🥺*

  79. author

    Jaycee Takes FlyteHari Yang lalu


  80. author

    elote en vasoHari Yang lalu

    temazooooo uwu

  81. author

    Evan HughleyHari Yang lalu

    Used in tiktok

  82. author

    roxxan playzHari Yang lalu

    Why dont say so

  83. author

    Kittykamrynandthefam! !!!!!Hari Yang lalu

    Good vid love the song also HOW DOES SHE KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS PERSON

  84. author

    a.Hari Yang lalu

    who’s not here from tik tok and just loves doja?

  85. author

    Just NatałieHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    Lyfe The ProdigyHari Yang lalu

    So like I just kind of ruined things a little bit with my girl because her best friend was saying she likes me and I told her no we're kind of going back and forth I was saying no she was saying yes so you can guess you can say I was entertaining her. Then I told my girl and she's mad at me

  87. author

    Holly RobertsHari Yang lalu

    So I think I like this boy but I think my best friend does too

  88. author

    Xmalia XHari Yang lalu

    Whenever I hear the first part of the song I think of Cody fern that’s who it sounds like to me

  89. author

    luisitoo Gom.Hari Yang lalu

    No luzuu perdio la alcaldia F POR luzu

  90. author

    The Beret GamerHari Yang lalu

    morphing not moving idiot

  91. author

    NightmareGirl1765Hari Yang lalu

    2020 anyone????

  92. author

    Kesia RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    é diferente o jeitinho que Ari xinga, bem gracioso

  93. author

    Deysi Lopez PerezHari Yang lalu


  94. author

    Miles DoranHari Yang lalu

    All I can picture when listening to this song is Tobias Eaton and his father

  95. author

    Simrita GopalanHari Yang lalu

    When the drums come in though I mean- SO GORGEOUS! GOD I love it

  96. author

    dmx conteúdos oficialHari Yang lalu

    Frangirl lycris very talented

  97. author

    Oralia Veronica Soza Oralia Veronica SozaHari Yang lalu

    Me:*songs along* Mom: WHO BROUGHT A COW HERE EVERYONE EVACUATE THE HOUSE Me: there is no cow singing it's just me singing

  98. author

    Mrtop5 FangirlUwUHari Yang lalu

    we all know why some people clicked ---> 1:01

  99. author

    Amanda HillHari Yang lalu

    as someone born and raised in la i find the experiences of people who move here interesting bc most natives just don’t get involved with the hollywood life or have connections here. but yeah it’s hella superficial

  100. author

    Aanya RoyHari Yang lalu

    Uh, this is awkward so if you're reading this sorry in advance but here I go, spilling my personal situation on youtube lol. And it like relates to the son lol, it's not random. Ok, so I have this friend. He was my best friend- he was a brother to me. I had known him forever. In high school, he started to change, and I did too- we kind of grew up. But I grew up in the sense that I matured emotionally, and he matured socially, kind of. And in the end, he changed so much that I didn't recognize him anymore. And I couldn't keep up. We lost touch. He was right in front of me, every day, all the time, and I couldn't see him anymore. And al those memories we had as friends were gone. They're gone. I think that the scariest thing to me, now, is growing up. Growing up, getting old, means changing. And I've learned that I can't. I'm static as everyone keeps moving forward without me. So when Lorde said "It feels so scary getting old, I want it back, the minds we had", I think that I finally understood at least a little of this song.