O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the world of aviation from my avgeek perspective. It's a fine life!
Many previous videos were made with the Sony HX200v. Current camera I use is the Sony HX300 and Sony AX-53. I don't use many added accessories, just the camera out-of-the-box with the occasional added microphone. No tri-pod involved, just two hands and a lot of practice.
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    Liche Christ14 jam yang lalu


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    Dai Nguyen17 jam yang lalu

    Much appreciate it and a big thanks for uploading and catching these footages

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    C-990 BuffHari Yang lalu

    As I promised sir… I’d be back to write something worthwhile after viewing your video, and here I am. This is Guerry, and I reiterate just how great it is to see you back making posts on “IDreporter” for us. Hopefully, you will not have to ditch us again in the future. However, if it means you are being promoted and earning more money, then I can hang around and wait. Your handheld shooting is still as good as ever. This leads me to conclude that your brief stay from making and posting videos did not throw you into depression so that you drank too much and made your hands shaky (JUST KIDDING!). As I usually do, I tried to pinpoint from where you videoed and have an about place. Unfortunately, “Google Maps” street views are too limited and do not allow me much close inspection of parking areas. Nevertheless, at least you did not have to contend with 2 mile long trains blocking your view and were able to capture some really great touchdowns on 10C. The only bad part of your video was the overcast skies. The restricted light made your camera boost its gain, so that things looked a bit grainy and not sharp and well contrasted. I know all of that is out of your control. I’m just pointing it out as someone who focuses on details, and most certainly I am not complaining. I remain as grateful for the video as ever. However, I did notice briefly the sun did make attempts to pierce the clouds, which did seem to sharpen the images somewhat as evidenced by the United 777-200 (@18:04). The one fascinating and most obvious detail I detected by your zooming in on it was its age. If you look at the wingtip (@18:17), you can see it is straight, which indicates it was built before Boeing used raked wingtips on its 777 models. This and many other aircraft details I have noticed in videos, primarily on US carriers is that airlines are still hanging onto their older aircraft. Although I am guessing, I assume that they are urgently waiting for the new Boeing 797 (or whatever its designation might be) to begin production. Overall, the views I enjoyed the most were the freight and passenger variants of the 747-800. That is such a beautiful aircraft with so many necessary design upgrades. It is such a shame that the industry has moved away from using the jumbo jets. Nevertheless for a while at least, I’ll be able to keep viewing them. Before I conclude and on something a bit off topic has to do with the B-17. I do not know how much time you have to read or watch movies, but one of the best movies that closely followed its most fascinating book is “Twelve O’clock High”. The movie is readily available, but unfortunately, the book is out of print. Both the movie and book are among the best I have seen and read that deal with leadership.. Although they are fictional, the book was written by B-17 pilots who packed fantastic, true to life principles into novel format. I just know how much you enjoy WW2 aircraft and thought that you would also be interested in what it took to be a crew member and squadron leader. I do know the book is still available in paperback form, but it is not cheap. In closing, thank-you for making a comeback. I just hope you are able to get back out to freezing to death and bringing us more great plane-spotting videos from Chicago. Just take a flask with you (JUST KIDDING!)

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    CliffHari Yang lalu

    Would be cool to see where these plans took off from.

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    Robert BatistaHari Yang lalu

    Awesome job

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    Robert BatistaHari Yang lalu

    Awesome job

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    Mar BloxHari Yang lalu

    Where is MAX.??? Oh, he passed away a year ago. :(

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    FlyCruise SingaporeHari Yang lalu

    Great compilation Jay! It’s been awhile.

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    n310eaHari Yang lalu

    Was that Sam Chui at 2:57 that came off?

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    Yannis MoutafisHari Yang lalu

    Hello Jay.Happy New Year to you and your family my friend.This video has your own signature .You and Chicago are one buddy.So nice to see you back.Stunning captures as always.Cheers from Athens.

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    YQBspottingHari Yang lalu

    Awesome shots Jay!

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    The Curious Spotter2 hari yang lalu

    What an excellent, smooth video you made Jay!

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    Mark Romanowitz2 hari yang lalu

    Wow.. I did not know that Delta was still flying the Mad Dogs! Interesting United Livery.. I kinda like the older one better with the darker blue and gold.

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    EdoStuff Aviation2 hari yang lalu

    Nice to see you back.

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    Canadian Plane Spotter2 hari yang lalu

    Happy new year! Glad to see more ORD footage. I drool over the variety of airlines here :P

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    YouTube Administrator2 hari yang lalu

    How the hell did I get here to this bizarre thing, I just just wanted to watch a nature movie about lions :)

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    KPOUT2 hari yang lalu

    Very nice spotting but more little aircraft too ;) Only see 777..

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    Syed Hoque2 hari yang lalu

    What an excellent O’Hare Plane Spotting Video to kick off the Roaring 20’s! :) Really love the KLM 787-9 in O’Hare, they and 777s abs A350s being well placed to take over from the 747s it replaced on the route. 2020 is going to be quite an exciting year ahead with Qantas 100th Birthday Celebrations and the launch of the Brisbane-O’Hare 787-9 flights, El Al’s return to O’Hare and Air New Zealand 787-9s flying nonstop between Auckland and Newark. President Donald Trump having already been impeached by Congress and the Senate Trial currently in Session during an election year is of historic proportions. The Iowa Caucuses are next month, the opening Salvo of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries followed by the New Hampshire Primary, Nevada Caucuses and South Carolina Primaries and so forth. Donald Trump will win re-election this November regardless of whoever becomes the Democratic Rival. While I believe Trump will win re-election it’s still possible that Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders could win. Even though they’re older than Donald Trump either of them are capable of clocking 2 terms in the White House.

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    Indian Railway MG Rail2 hari yang lalu

    Good Job😘

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    David Harris2 hari yang lalu

    the cathay 777 is being replaced by a 350 no f class just business and coach

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    American 1012 hari yang lalu

    Opinions on United Airlines New Livery? Great Video Jay!

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    British airways,drop it like it's hot.great video Jay.

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    Farhan Firmansyah3 hari yang lalu

    So, three hours non-stop

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    turbofanlover3 hari yang lalu

    You still got it, Jay. ;) Nice to see you back at your old stomping grounds for a bit. Hope all is going well with you, and Happy New Year. :)

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    A very nice mix of landings, very impressive showcase Jay! Wishing you a happy belated new year as well! :)

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    Indiana Aviation3 hari yang lalu

    Incredible spotting! Recently I've been able to get out to ORD more frequently and be part of this magic!

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    jelmerpilotHD3 hari yang lalu

    What a really stunning compilation Jay! Love it! Liked!

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    runway heading3 hari yang lalu

    I didn’t know United changed their livery?

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    Ravon Snitchz3 hari yang lalu

    That british 747 kinda slammed hard

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    Paris Plane Spotting3 hari yang lalu

    awesome catches mate , liked

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    Lepp Aviation3 hari yang lalu

    One hell of a video brother! Love the new livery on the UA 763. We gotta hit up O'Hare sometime!

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    Dev Patel3 hari yang lalu

    This is my hometown. Such a gloomy day, but still great aviation footage.

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    It is a wonderful video

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    Amazing heavy action

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    Great video! ORD has changed a lot since I first saw your videos. Good to see new aircraft and airlines though.

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    JJ Skippy3 hari yang lalu

    Fantastic video! Welcome back! Very smooth footage coming from your AX53, a camera that I just got recently!

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    Brandon Cisonno3 hari yang lalu

    So sad that KLM stopped 747 operations to kord

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    C-990 Buff3 hari yang lalu

    Oh my gosh... I was about to put your picture on a milk carton. I just noticed your post, but haven't had time to view it. As soon as I do, I'll be back with a substantial comment. *It is great to see you again!*

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    eye trapper3 hari yang lalu

    Fantastic video

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    O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting3 hari yang lalu

    00:00 Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER OE-LPF "60 Years Anniversary" Livery AUA65 from Vienna Schwechat International Airport LOWW/VIE 00:39 KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner PH-BHC KLM611 from Amsterdam Schiphol EHAM/AMS 01:25 EVA Air Cargo Boeing 777-F B-16783 EVA662 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 01:57 Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 N920DE DAL812 from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson KATL/ATL 02:25 United Airlines (new livery) Boeing 767-300ER N656UA UAL953 from Munich EDDM/MUC 03:00 United Airlines (new livery) Boeing 737-800 N73299 UAL241 from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson KATL/ATL 03:33 Cargolux Boeing 747-8F LX-VCE CLX4365 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 04:27 Scandinavian Airlines - SAS Airbus A330-300 SE-REH SAS945 from Stockholm Arlanda ESSA/ARN 05:11 Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-367ER B-KPL CPA806 from Hong Kong VHHH/HKG 05:58 Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300ER A6-EPV UAE235 from Dubai OMDB/DXB 06:37 China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F B-18719 CAL5148 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 07:19 American Airlines Boeing 787-8 N802AN/8AC AAL47 from London Heathrow EGLL/LHR 07:59 China Southern Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-F1B B-2041 CSN437 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 08:37 Royal Jordanian Airlines Boeing 787-8 JY-BAE RJA#263 from Amman Queen Alia OJAI/AMM 09:15 Iberia Airbus A330-300 EC-LUX IBE6275 from Madrid Barajas LEMD/MAD 09:52 Japan Airlines - JAL Boeing 777-300ER JA740J JAL10 from Tokyo Narita RJAA/NRT 10:30 British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-CIVW BAW295 from London Heathrow EGLL/LHR 11:11 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 N824AN/8LE AAL87 from London Heathrow EGLL/LHR 11:45 Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i D-ABYL DLH430 from Frankfurt EDDF/FRA 12:21 Korean Air Cargo Boeing 777-FB5 HL8075 KAL9287 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 12:56 American Airlines Airbus A319 N806AW AAL1224 from Houston Bush Intercontinental KIAH/IAH 13:32 Nippon Airlines Cargo - NCA JA18KZ NCA8132 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 14:07 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER A7-BED QTR725 from Doha Hamad OTHH/DOH 14:40 United Airlines Boeing 737-724 N16703 UAL1594 from Benito Juarez Mexico City MMMX/MEX 15:14 China Eastern Airlines Boeing 777-300ER B-7881 CES255 from Shanghai Pudong ZSPD/PVG 15:49 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-251neo N308FR FFT105 from Orlando KMCO/MCO 16:26 United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER N675UA UAL928 from London Heathrow EGLL/LHR 16:57 United Airlines Boeing 757-300 N77871 UAL2039 from Los Angeles KLAX/LAX 17:33 United Airlines Boeing 757-300 N73860 UAL272 from Orlando KMCO/MCO 18:04 United Airlines Boeing 777-200 N221UA UAL945 from Frankfurt EDDF/FRA 18:38 United Express (GoJet Airlines) Bombardier CRJ-550 N540GJ GJS4515 from Northwest Arkansas KXNA/XNA 19:09 Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 N319NB DAL3078 from Seattle Tacoma KSEA/SEA 19:42 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 N339PL/3PL AAL1230 from San Antonio KSAT/SAT 20:11 China Cargo Boeing 777-200F B-2079 CKK228 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 20:43 Interjet Airbus A320-251N XA-ARG AIJ2980 from Benito Juarez Mexico City MMMX/MEX 21:13 All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER ANA12 from Tokyo Narita RJAA/NRT 21:44 Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-90 N921DN DAL972 from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson KATL/ATL 22:13 United Airlines Boeing 777-200 N799UA UAL850 from Beijing Capital ZBAA/PEK 22:44 United Express (GoJet Airlines) Bombardier CRJ-550 N536GJ GJS4525 from Northwest Arkansas KXNA/XNA 23:14 Air China Cargo Boeing 777-200F B-2098 CAO1053 from Anchorage PANC/ANC 23:44 United Airlines Boeing 757-300 N75858 UAL639 from San Francisco KSFO/SFO 24:09 Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 N504NK NKS940 from Dallas Ft. Worth KDFW/DFW

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    Omg I was on the plane at 35:17

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    Can someoen tell me which Interstate is adjacent to Chicago Ohare as we can see behind when a plane lands.

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    Gary Zapotoczny4 hari yang lalu

    Excellent quality footage!!!

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    Pockets MacCartney4 hari yang lalu

    In the old days planes were boarded off the tarmac. That was neat. You could turn at the top of the stairs and do your "presidential" resignation wave. Yell to the boarders "It's a cook book!!!!"

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    Who else fell asleep and woke up watching this?

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    Nice Close Ups!

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    Just beautiful..

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    Ewan Kirkpatrick7 hari yang lalu

    Hi Jay! You might remember watching a video of a kid planespotting a few years back. I just wanted to say that your comment meant a lot to me and thanks.

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    Taylor king8 hari yang lalu

    Damn a Boeing 777 is such a sexy plane

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    Douglas Chapman9 hari yang lalu

    The day before that same MD 80 N984TW did the honors of Columbus Ohio's last AA MD-80 flight to DFW and got a water cannon salute.

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    great video !

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    CESÁREO VARGAS TRUJILLO, Muy pronto ingresamos con nuestras 02 Aerolíneas en el Perú, Aerolíneas Machu Picchu Cusco y Linea de Aviación del Perú.

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    American made a HUGE BLUNDER by changing this GORGEOUS LIVERY to the TACKY and UGLY new livery

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    Loved its rotation angle of attack on takeoff.....Wheeee!

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    Where do you guys go to watch this irl

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    Dan Tucker12 hari yang lalu

    Hmmm, I've got a few hours in a C-46 (many years ago), and have been to Anaktuvuk Pass. This is familiar in two respects. That was one sweet landing.

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    Dan Tucker12 hari yang lalu

    Hmmm, I've got a few hours in a C-46 (many years ago), and have been to Anaktuvuk Pass. This is familiar in two respects.

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    I saw a MAX landing. This must be old video - MAX hasn't flown for years.

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    Thought about doing the pilot thing until I realized the rediculous effort to low pay ratio, trucking pays the same and significantly more once you move up the ranks and learn not to work for a company.

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    Very nice collection of aircraft and an epic video

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    Philippine Airlines launches thrice-weekly A350 flights between Manila and Seattle from Sunday May 3, 2020. www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/288514/philippine-airlines-adds-seattle-service-from-may-2020/

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    Michael Mc Elroy17 hari yang lalu

    Hi, i'm an Air Traffic Controller and aspiring musician from Ireland. I've just completed an instrumental electronic music album themed on all things aviation. Would it be possible to use a few seconds of footage from your awesome video on an accompanying video that i would be using as background during live performances and maybe as part of a compilation on a youtube video? Naturally, full credit would be given to your work and if there are any sections you wouldn't want used, i'd fully understand. Thanks for your time , Michael.

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    There's some exquisite landings on offer here .great video.

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    No,hrůza!v září 2019 jsem letěla poprvé do Turecka - adrenalin ,dobře to dopadlo ,ňáké nouzové přistání ,čoudy apod.to bych asi taky včas vyskočila.

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    Assorted6219 hari yang lalu

    Nice vid. Also what dates do you usually go there, I’ve never seen a 747 take off there... And I’ve never seen 757s as well. I probably go there at really bad times though.

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    IN-N-OUT and planespotting go together well.....Great Vid! Love me some planes and bergers! Awesome vid...Was it a cloudy day there at LAX?

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    Einfach nur unglaublich was die Triebwerke der Flugzeuge Leisten das kann man hören wenn sie aufhellen das ist grandios aber auch laut das geht an die Ohren

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    LOT Polish Airlines launches flights to Washington-Dulles from Tuesday June 2, 2020. www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/288450/lot-polish-airlines-adds-washington-service-from-june-2020/

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    Maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,paint the entire plane with the American flag. Blue with white stars in the front and red and white strips on the body and tail of the plane...

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    British Airways will launch 787 Dreamliner flights between London and Portland, Oregon from Monday June 1, 2020. mediacentre.britishairways.com/pressrelease/details/86/2019-319/11920 Merry Christmas 🎄 and a happy 2020! :)

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