Trippie Redd
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    Megga Mystic10 menit yang lalu

    This is fire🔥🔥🔥

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    Wiggle32 menit yang lalu

    This song has a whole new connection when you get cheated on. Fuck.

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    Paulo Vitor36 menit yang lalu

    Assuma trippie que voçe e satanista

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    Thiago Albuquerque41 menit yang lalu


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    Myiah Doss46 menit yang lalu

    Ohh so you gay now chillll I’m jokeingggggggggg

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    Hussain Alkhikani56 menit yang lalu

    Dose anyone see a boy

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    Kiddtokyo*SpaceTrapper AlienJam Yang lalu

    Trippie redd :iant going no iant going no whereeeeee Trippie redd:🏎🏎⛷

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    itsmelilpeep2 jam yang lalu

    dealin w so much shit baby i’m fed up

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    НорКаН нОркАн 779 Н3 jam yang lalu

    Bad fuuuu bad sick

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    Next Up3 jam yang lalu

    Rip juice wrld

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    SMD_pepe_7193 jam yang lalu

    He reminds me of the kid who puts the phone in the sink and puts water on it

  12. author

    loulouna 9113 jam yang lalu

    The sadness in his look at 1:38 😞...

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    CaM3 jam yang lalu

    Que obra de arte hermano!!! Saludos desde Argentina brou.

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    memaful5 jam yang lalu


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    Rumeysa Tekin5 jam yang lalu

    Şu şarkı çıktığı zamanlar ne kadar güzel bi hayatım vardi amk

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    Gallie Trelvesant5 jam yang lalu

    This my shit

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    JOSE VILLAR5 jam yang lalu

    The dislikes are from kid Buu fans

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    lol code cube5 jam yang lalu

    🛑epalepse warning🛑

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    Big Bullet6 jam yang lalu

    Still trash

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    Use to be6 jam yang lalu

    R.i.p juice wrld🙏🏽❤

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    Alfonso Velasco III8 jam yang lalu

    Trippie has a big head bro

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    Love Chrissy10 jam yang lalu


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    Love Chrissy10 jam yang lalu

    I love you Trippie😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    LowKey FR10 jam yang lalu

    Somebody needs to make a extention of this without a pause in it.

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    mchugh19 25711 jam yang lalu

    Trippie redd you are such a strong soul! Keep doing you boo! I love your music and that's a fact <3

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    HelpfulGamer11 jam yang lalu


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    HelpfulGamer11 jam yang lalu


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    im not here anymore11 jam yang lalu

    Internet money bitch

  29. author

    Dz Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    Plz dont died 😢

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    home9dog2blue12 jam yang lalu

    Coi voice sexy af 😍😍😍😍

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    The blazing trail12 jam yang lalu

    i want it to be longer though dammit

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    YPพัทลุง BOYZ12 jam yang lalu

    Love trippie 💯

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    Denver J13 jam yang lalu

    Instagram follow party comment your Instagram name @therealdenver

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    EM PLEH16 jam yang lalu

    stay safe trippie theres not many of you left R.I.P JUICE :'(

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    Hunter Cooper17 jam yang lalu

  36. author

    Victor Mbithi18 jam yang lalu

    I thought trippie was coming out at first🙆

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    Simon Entapa21 jam yang lalu

    But the fact that justin bieber originally was featured

  38. author

    J Zilla21 jam yang lalu

    This is hot trash

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    Legionaire001 122 jam yang lalu

    What ain't over though?

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    Solar Intensify22 jam yang lalu

    He all up on Alex from 13 reasons why

  41. author

    Truth BeTold23 jam yang lalu

    My disappointment is immeasurable and rap is officially in ruins....

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    I Game For Fun23 jam yang lalu

    Nick Mira is a beast🔥

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    BrokenJumpshot _23 jam yang lalu

    0:34 LOOKS LIKE A DUDE!!

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    schuyler johnson23 jam yang lalu

    This is a nice song !!!

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    Chandler CookHari Yang lalu

    Trippie stay strong. Rip juice. Keep yourself safe and take care of yourself.

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    Errick SmittyHari Yang lalu

    This album is therapeutic

  47. author

    kideclipseHari Yang lalu


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    Kimora MarieHari Yang lalu

    RIP juice.🖤,,i shouldn’t even be saying that right now tbh. i broke down wen i heard what happen. ghee i can’t even type a sentence that involves juice without tearing up. please come back.!!🙏🏾🖤😘

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    Anonymous RandomfaceHari Yang lalu

    He like kid buu they both whack as fuck no lie I try so hard to rest on my time But the devil keep giving me signs I don't feel alive today i know why Now Juice is gone tell me why am I dead inside

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    Nephew NeptuneHari Yang lalu

    Protect Trippie at all costs. We cant lose any more loved ones like this. RIP JUICE WRLD

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    Meyer LanskyHari Yang lalu

    Who's that girl

  52. author

    CALAMITYHari Yang lalu

    Idk why Kid Buu talkin shit I dead listned to this Track the day you released. And ya Killed it × hella 🔥🌋🌋🌋

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    Domingo Iglesias CortézHari Yang lalu

    Jaa btoder

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    Sasha TillmanHari Yang lalu

    I love you Trippie.. please don't give in to temptations. We need you. I need you. Keep inspiring us please. I believe in you.

  55. author

    RJNyHari Yang lalu

    Rest In Peace trippie🥺

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    Ethan In New York CityHari Yang lalu

    My friend Connor told me in one part of the video he has horns, and he said that trippie redd sold his sold, also he said he was looking up at god...😱

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    Gacha EverythingHari Yang lalu

    Internet money BITCH

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    Celestine Ajilowura-NewelllHari Yang lalu

    Our farther, who art in heaven

  59. author

    Celestine Ajilowura-NewelllHari Yang lalu

    2:06 lol it sounded like a nerf gun hitting paper😂😂😂

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    Celestine Ajilowura-NewelllHari Yang lalu

    Dear lord

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    Facu CrackHari Yang lalu

    Vine por CRO

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    6ix6ix6ixHari Yang lalu

    This is lil wayne 2019 right here

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    Richard JoyceHari Yang lalu

    You gay if you wouldn't smash her

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    Alejandro PrietoHari Yang lalu

    Heard that instrumental before... 13/18 by dellafuente

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    devil eyesHari Yang lalu

    Not gonna lie....this is fire 🔥

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    Korben ReardonHari Yang lalu

    Can't lose trippie..

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    бульдозер кирюхаHari Yang lalu

    У кидбу получше будет🤡

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    JaskoHari Yang lalu

    This song reminds me of my trip to USA

  69. author

    joe kerrHari Yang lalu

    İt looks like trippie is her girlfriend

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    CrazY LifeHari Yang lalu


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    TDRD-RIFEZENY _Hari Yang lalu

    T’es le dernier, meurt pas stp

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    Demetrie ParkinsHari Yang lalu

    Love me more🏆🏆💖💗

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    Blade BrownHari Yang lalu

    Man... you emotional falling in love with online pussy ass niggas all need to listen to Snoop Doggs Doggy Style album at least 10x. Get you off that weak shit

  74. author

    Blade BrownHari Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 these little niggas have mommy issues. Doped fiend out as Fuck all in their feelings. You singing love songs to the bitch, my dick is down the bitches throat on the phone with you.

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    Yelsy LopezHari Yang lalu

    I'm kind of worried, I don't want trippie to be the next dead. I kind of knew juice wrld was going to die.

  76. author

    HOTGIRL TRICEYHari Yang lalu

    This is a man 🤔 period

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    Quiksilver SempreHari Yang lalu

    QS E PS

  78. author

    SekayiHari Yang lalu

    What city they in for the roof shot?

  79. author

    Black BearHari Yang lalu

    We need you Trippie redd we lost the other two your the last on that’s living please stay alive

  80. author

    Brandon DavisHari Yang lalu

    Is that your grf

  81. author

    Jonny PoirierHari Yang lalu

    One can save millions, but millions cant save one.

  82. author

    BvbForever2299Hari Yang lalu

    This is a bop Trippie Red. I hope you see this. It's your best song imo

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    Nias2 hari yang lalu

    pov what the wall sees as ur jacking off

  84. author

    Sam Peña2 hari yang lalu

    El. Cuh

  85. author

    KrowZss2 hari yang lalu

    dont cut ur dread, if u have this idea, dont dooooo that plzzz

  86. author

    Chuck Samp2 hari yang lalu

    O maligno satanas esta metido ate o nariz na industria da música escutei essa musica e fiquei possuido por demonios

  87. author

    Katelyn Murguia2 hari yang lalu

    Dose he like guys or wah

  88. author

    Spoderman2 hari yang lalu

    These rappers all sound the same 💩

  89. author

    Allan Leny2 hari yang lalu


  90. author

    Jhordin Chino2 hari yang lalu

    RIP juce

  91. author

    X Finityy2 hari yang lalu

    Lowkey he sounds like juice wrld (RIP❤️)

  92. author

    Billy Clements2 hari yang lalu

    The 1 song that made his album not be 100% trash its just 98% trash now lol 69 blew him out the water hes lucky Bix is in jail cus he'd still be fuckin trippie up "yo michael FUCK U AND YO DEAD HOMIES I'm gangsta like that u no I'm gangsta like that" lmao Free6ix9ine FuckTrippieredd

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    Gacha Everything2 hari yang lalu

    I low-key thought that was a boy

  94. author

    GABRIEL2 hari yang lalu


  95. author

    Rawrrz Old Channel2 hari yang lalu

    We cant lose trippie bro

  96. author

    Chap2 hari yang lalu

    my guy canoed tf out that blunt

  97. author

    Silva Panda2 hari yang lalu

    He might be one of the holiest rappers on earth...

  98. author

    jakey2 hari yang lalu


  99. author

    JADA JOHNSON2 hari yang lalu

    Song lit and chill

  100. author

    Chris is Motionless2 hari yang lalu

    Kid Buu out there shaking his head somewhere