(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)
(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)
(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)

(G)-I-DLE Official IDreporter Channel
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    YG Trash5 menit yang lalu

    YG x CUBE = *BADASS* 🔥

  2. author

    Indian Army14 menit yang lalu

    Who loves Yuqi? 💜💜 Since no one is talking about her , I will , my bias forever 😍

  3. author

    Princess Targaryen41 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    Princess Targaryen44 menit yang lalu

    18M ⏳

  5. author

    Haha BaamJam Yang lalu

    Soon 1m likes ❤️

  6. author

    HinaJam Yang lalu


  7. author

    kpop loveJam Yang lalu

    neverland let mv broke 100000000

  8. author

    TMI-DLE NeviesJam Yang lalu

    3M to go 🤧

  9. author

    pcart009Jam Yang lalu

    (여자)아이들((G)-IDLE) - '달려! (Relay)' Music Video Runnig Man 2 idreporter.net/v/video-Ha2n1QgYMXs.html

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    Brendo PandhyJam Yang lalu

    This song are so perfect omg

  11. author

    idaJam Yang lalu


  12. author

    임영훈Jam Yang lalu

    다시 봐도 질리지 않는 뮤비! 뮤방 때 각각의 사자에 부족한 점이 보임. 한 마리의 사자로 태어나길...

  13. author

    Cyril Sta RomanaJam Yang lalu

    2.9 m to go to unlock the special videooooo! can't wait!!!

  14. author

    สรัญรัชญ์ วีระเดช2 jam yang lalu

    I like it.🇹🇭❤🤙

  15. author

    Monster Idle2 jam yang lalu

    Let's get that 18M today please stre*m harder neverlands

  16. author

    NonCHz2 jam yang lalu

    กราบคนทำซับ กี่ภาษาเนี่ยย

  17. author

    Redy Pajero2 jam yang lalu

    Latata: about *Crush/In Love* feel with *Mixed Trendy/Modern* vibes Hann: about *Move On/Breakup* feel with *Egyptian Arabia/Mysterious* vibes Senorita: about *Romantic/In Relationship* feel with *Latin Spanish/Glamour* vibes Uh-Oh: about *Tough Attitude/Revenge* feel with *Western Urban Hip-Hop/Rustic* vibes Lion: about *Animalistic Empowerment/Independence* feel with *Eastern European Kingdom/Royals* vibes *(G)I-DLE are queens of concept, it's amazing to see how versatile they are on every era.*

  18. author

    yeomintaes2 jam yang lalu

    bruh soyeon giving me maddie ziegler chandelier vibes lmao

  19. author

    Phuong Le2 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    S M2 jam yang lalu

    Minnie the Queen

  21. author

    Annie RBA2 jam yang lalu


  22. author

    Annie RBA2 jam yang lalu


  23. author

    Annie RBA2 jam yang lalu


  24. author

    Annie RBA2 jam yang lalu


  25. author

    Annie RBA2 jam yang lalu


  26. author

    αrmyland3 jam yang lalu

    I think in 8-9 days they'll get 20 ml vi3ws, I'm so excited for that special video! Fighting Nevies❤

  27. author

    Redy Pajero3 jam yang lalu

    Me being shown HANN for the first time: *It was alright* Me few months later: *Omg this is gold!* (G)I-DLE: *Do you remember, you remember, remember what you said?* *Now g idle is one of my top 3 girl group stan*

  28. author

    iuphxr3 jam yang lalu


  29. author

    maria3 jam yang lalu

    I can't stop listening to it. Or seeing the mv. It's just perfect GEEZ.

  30. author

    david trudler3 jam yang lalu

    Lets get 18M today Str**mmm

  31. author

    αrmyland3 jam yang lalu

    The amount of time I've been listening to this song is unhealthy.

  32. author

    Ariff Awe3 jam yang lalu

    So close to that 20 MILLION VIEWS! LETSSSSS GOOOOOOO 🦁

  33. author

    Redy Pajero3 jam yang lalu

    Fake Fans / Haters hating on (G)I-DLE: *exist* (G)I-DLE: *I'm About to End This Man's Whole Career* Neverland: *YES*

  34. author

    Mitzy Silva3 jam yang lalu

    Por fin canto Shuhua 😁

  35. author

    Pi Kai3 jam yang lalu

    Hay thi xem , không hay cũng phải xem

  36. author

    G-Idle n Blackpink fan Blink in Neverland4 jam yang lalu

    2.9 left

  37. author

    AlejouxItzy ;;4 jam yang lalu

    Usenme como botón de me encanta! 🧡🦁

  38. author

    Đoàn Xuân Nhật Phương4 jam yang lalu

    Soyeon's rap is on fireeeee!!

  39. author

    park nahye4 jam yang lalu

    no one: siyeon in her rap: “i’m a kwen!!!”

  40. author

    SnowKing *4 jam yang lalu

    Fighting neverland!!!!! 20M

  41. author

    Hannah Siu4 jam yang lalu

    *Seems more like a comeback to me... right?*

  42. author

    tija10124 jam yang lalu

    Minnie SLAYED that opening. She owns this comeback and me, nobody fight me on this lol.

  43. author

    Lauchax 30004 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    Kwangg4 jam yang lalu


  45. author

    แสงสุดท้าย ที่ปลายอุโมง4 jam yang lalu

    I predict this song will be a legendary in a few month. Queen like a lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. author

    keatsuki4 jam yang lalu

    I never noticed all the Kaja beauty product placment lol.

  47. author

    Reynabelle Laguinlin4 jam yang lalu

    Yes, naglabas na din ng Filipino subtitle yung LION ng G-IDLE

  48. author

    MArvin Apan5 jam yang lalu

    Amazing ...and scary

  49. author

    I am in Neverland5 jam yang lalu

    C'mon 1m likes🏃‍♀️

  50. author

    Girl Group Cult5 jam yang lalu

    hi neverlands! I just uploaded my new vid Giving Soojin A Solo (songs,outfits,concept..)!! ^-^ i hope u can check it out ♡ (sry for self promo ik its annoying :(

  51. author

    Girl Group Cult5 jam yang lalu

    hi neverlands! I just uploaded my new vid Giving Soojin A Solo (songs,outfits,concept..)!! ^-^ i hope u can check it out ♡ (sry for self promo ik its annoying :(

  52. author

    Sunny선희5 jam yang lalu

    Minnies vocals omg I’m screamingaaaa

  53. author

    Daneyy P5 jam yang lalu

    Why is no one talking about Minnie's high note???? LIKE RAWR

  54. author

    ann R5 jam yang lalu

    Lets get that 20M by end of this week 💪💪💪 We can do it! Fighting!

  55. author

    Yu Qi5 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    yoonmin 1245 jam yang lalu

    Alvv ya me Dio miedo Shuhua canto mucho! 😲😂

  57. author

    German 775 jam yang lalu

    it's the first time I've seen smile to Shuhua. Give she more lines in MV'S please.

  58. author

    Bea5 jam yang lalu

    18m soon

  59. author

    evelyn hernandez5 jam yang lalu

    Lets go for 20m neverlands!!

  60. author

    情趣教主5 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    Jimin’s Grandpa5 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone know when’s their next comeback?

  62. author

    Jimin’s Grandpa5 jam yang lalu

    Still can’t believe that Soyeon composed this MASTERPIECE!

  63. author

    Your Prince5 jam yang lalu

    My teacher told me to study about cats Me:

  64. author

    아이스볼트GT6 jam yang lalu

    수진이 너무 이쁘다!!

  65. author

    Mahda Annida6 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    lace up kells6 jam yang lalu

    Idk but i kind of think like miyeon voice is somewhat similar to blackpink jisoo

  67. author

    Seuxgi_6 jam yang lalu

    2:12 So no one is gonna talk about how she wears a whole carpet?

  68. author

    Bocuradops6 jam yang lalu


  69. author

    AstroMochi Gacha6 jam yang lalu

    Why does Soyeon's rap looks like she is rapping in a horror movie

  70. author

    Kim Jiwoo uwu6 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    sɑmmy6 jam yang lalu

    no one talking about when yuqi sings "bah bah bah"?

  72. author


    5M 🔓 10M 🔓 15M 🔓 20M 🔒 We need 20M to unlock a special video Neverlands!

  73. author

    Monster Idle6 jam yang lalu

    Dont sleep on it yet we have to achieve that 20M before this week Ends

  74. author

    Monster Idle6 jam yang lalu

    17M unlocked 18M next Please keep stre*ming neverlands Only 3M left We can do it

  75. author

    Kem Nicolas7 jam yang lalu

    76M soon ♡

  76. author

    Arianne Mae Tabagan7 jam yang lalu

    I have watched this more than 30 times and until now, I am addicted to this song

  77. author

    C Edge7 jam yang lalu

    20M views Nowww 😍😍

  78. author

    97 957 jam yang lalu

    Minnie make me laugh...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  79. author

    مينا٩٨ ارمي7 jam yang lalu

    يققططعع امم الاغنيهه الحمااسس حبييتت.

  80. author

    G-Idle and Blackpink Blink in Neverland7 jam yang lalu

    Road to 1.5msuscribers 3m left to get 20m and after the goal will be 100m Go go nevies

  81. author

    I stan GIDLE7 jam yang lalu

    17M now 3M are left for the special video ket's go neverlands

  82. author

    Ludmilla Lopes7 jam yang lalu

    Vamos neverlands ,rumo aos 20 milhões 🤟🤟🤟f

  83. author

    นราภรณ์ ชื่นภิรมย์7 jam yang lalu

    Soyeon looks like yezi

  84. author

    엉망진창와장창7 jam yang lalu

    누가 씌워주는 왕관이 아니라 자기 왕관 자기가 만들어쓰는 안무 진짜 개머싯다 ㅜㅜㅠ

  85. author

    amal targaryen7 jam yang lalu

    الفخامة الفخامة الفخامة كل الاحترام لجي ايدل Respect Respect Respect

  86. author

    my can7 jam yang lalu

    รัก(G) I-DLE

  87. author

    ann R7 jam yang lalu

    But for now lets get that 20M right away to unlock the special video 💪

  88. author

    ann R7 jam yang lalu

    The real goal is to get this 100M 💯

  89. author

    송경희8 jam yang lalu

    내가 죠아하는 모든 그룹 실어한 노래가 있는데 여자아이들은... 미쳤어

  90. author

    Nhi Bangtan8 jam yang lalu

    So good

  91. author

    YOUDANG유당8 jam yang lalu

    She is queen.

  92. author

    Trần Lê Bảo Ngọc8 jam yang lalu

    Happy 17m

  93. author

    Libra8 jam yang lalu

    Through skills, talent, and hard work, soyeon has become one of the most popular among rookies. You can not deny the fact she is going to be even bigger.

  94. author

    ann R8 jam yang lalu

    Yey! 3M to go💪. We need to push harder keep on stre@ming!

  95. author

    i need SHUHUA's hair8 jam yang lalu

    3 m left come on nevies that eummy spical damn vid waitting for us

  96. author

    Jverry Julián Echeverry8 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta!!! :D

  97. author

    MEMEME8 jam yang lalu

    1:56 why Miyeon looks like Kihyun from MonstaX here?!?!

  98. author

    soo jina8 jam yang lalu

    3 M guys common kajaa ...this Song this groups needs to be awarded 💜💜💜

  99. author

    K-Lyrics9 jam yang lalu

    I tried to translate this song word-by-word to minimize lost in translation: idreporter.net/v/video-zeMZNEkg740.html I am curious how you feel about this as a non native korean!

  100. author

    Leader Soyeon9 jam yang lalu

    No one can stop us, look 👑