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  1. author

    Warren king juniorHari Yang lalu


  2. author

    Miso HoneyHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi is dirty, he smacked doncic in the face n got away!!

  3. author

    Alex KHari Yang lalu


  4. author

    Kitty MoonHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi DOMINANCE!!

  5. author

    Slight Design ツHari Yang lalu

    Bruhh I was watching a live chat people were laughing because he fell and lost the ball but when he looked in pain tables turned around 🤪

  6. author

    Alex KHari Yang lalu


  7. author

    Jacob MaldonadoHari Yang lalu

    I wish we still had Leonard. Hello from Texas. 2014

  8. author

    MysticJimmy7Hari Yang lalu

    Welcome to the league young blood.

  9. author

    Michelle VargasHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi is a shit bag

  10. author

    chillisdinhoHari Yang lalu

    AD needs to stay healthy nge was shit and messed up the rhythm they had

  11. author

    Roderick JuliusHari Yang lalu

    Prayers up

  12. author

    FaintHari Yang lalu

    That’s what Kobe felt when he quick stepped hella fast, prayers

  13. author

    Chase OnehunnitHari Yang lalu

    Off Da Heezy

  14. author

    Travis LinHari Yang lalu

    Prayers up

  15. author

    max sahandHari Yang lalu

    What happend like what was the reason that happend to him?

  16. author

    Anthony IbarraHari Yang lalu

    FUUUCKKK is right, dammit!! Hang in there Powell, we really appreciate what you put in this season

  17. author

    givenemTruth SonHari Yang lalu

    Too bad, he was just getting started, now they will trade after this injury. Too young to have this happen and he may never be the same player. Young fella had great potential, hope he can come back from this.

  18. author

    AxDUKExFANHari Yang lalu

    Yall saying this is good. But he 6 foot 7 that's looks so ez 😂

  19. author

    glen2003Hari Yang lalu

    Career ender

  20. author

    kheavenlyHari Yang lalu

    He low key fine asf and them eyessss!,

  21. author

    Quincy JacksonHari Yang lalu

    Bruh this is a perfect depiction of you "never know when life is going to happen". Praying for his recovery, cause boy is it going to be a long one probably.

  22. author

    Robinson R.L. WigfallHari Yang lalu

    Clippers: Thinking Playoff literally every play. NBA: Trying to beat the Clippers.

  23. author

    Lamar MarcianoHari Yang lalu

    I almost threw up when I saw the pop 🤦🏼‍♂️😞😩😭😭

  24. author

    zyl zylHari Yang lalu

    Bet "SHANNON" will not give credit to KAWHI ...

  25. author

    GrumpyHari Yang lalu

    If u look close u can fuckin see it pop. So brutal man good luck to him

  26. author

    zyl zylHari Yang lalu

    And the "media puppets" still brainwash morons with their LeFrankesbron agenda ... Lol ... Ridiculous

  27. author

    IncreaseHari Yang lalu

    The Mavericks should pick up Jamal Crawford for veteran leadership and bench scoring, with him this team would be dangerous in the playoffs. I should be a general manager.

  28. author

    Donald OnarHari Yang lalu

    4:05 👀

  29. author

    reymon pagalanHari Yang lalu

    kaya ni napone yan?

  30. author

    reymon pagalanHari Yang lalu

    wowgaming durant vein napone jr

  31. author

    zyl zylHari Yang lalu

    KAWHI HAS THE "GENE" & "KILLING INSTINCT" obviously the "Best Athlete of the UNIVERSE"

  32. author

    Eddie EddieHari Yang lalu

    Im happy for this kid his being struggling cuse of injuries and now his talent is showing in the NBA

  33. author

    zyl zylHari Yang lalu

    This game had an atmosphere of a Semi-Finals game .....

  34. author

    kevin DeAndreHari Yang lalu

    Kobe 60 on the jazz, Derrick rose 50, on the jazz, giannis 50 on the jazz wats wrong with the jazz defence

  35. author

    Curtis SimsHari Yang lalu

    Achilles and ACL's be tearing like paper in today's NBA.

  36. author

    Eddie EddieHari Yang lalu

    Now everybody is going to notice book cuse stephen A was talking about him lol this kid being hooping for a while i notice him cuse brawadis haha

  37. author

    Toeasy 11Hari Yang lalu

    Luka eats fr

  38. author

    Mikee LawdiaHari Yang lalu

    They play better defense than pros

  39. author

    jonathan.Hari Yang lalu

    Take notes, Andrew Wiggins.

  40. author

    DJ GOTTHari Yang lalu


  41. author

    Riz BeatzHari Yang lalu

    Bro this was hilarious. Luca got smacked then dunked on.

  42. author

    Jmartinez424Hari Yang lalu

    Come next year MPJ will get Will Barton traded if he continues on this path or he’ll have Paul Millsap looking for another team next year. He needs more minutes there’s no way around that. Anyone with a set of eyes can see that.

  43. author

    OkHari Yang lalu

    0:43 for the pop.

  44. author

    Dodge RamHari Yang lalu

    He will be fine. It’s not like cousins and durant are not out for eternity...right? 🙊

  45. author

    Agu AHari Yang lalu

    A yo follow the tik tok godsquad23 if u like Luka and comment youtube

  46. author

    Agu AHari Yang lalu

    A yo follow the tik tok godsquad23 and comment youtube

  47. author

    Matty Tosca TVHari Yang lalu

    45 seconds you can actually see it damn

  48. author

    Iwon AgainHari Yang lalu

    Something's fishy about the Clippers

  49. author

    Lucinda KoulaouzosHari Yang lalu

    2:58 I literally died.

  50. author

    Jose LeijaHari Yang lalu

  51. author

    Manley WongHari Yang lalu

    dude is such a competitor. perfect role player that plays hard, great sportmanship, very respectable. hate to see this happen to him. wish him a speedy recovery.

  52. author

    Lil OneHari Yang lalu


  53. author

    michael UNITYHari Yang lalu

    Speedy recovery ! You have my prayers!

  54. author

    Todd WilliamsHari Yang lalu

    6:44 and 6:52 dang these swishes are loud af

  55. author

    Eriverto GonsalezHari Yang lalu

    What a game you cant stop the talent both teams are scary they will be scary in the playoffs.

  56. author

    Tahmim ChowdhuryHari Yang lalu

    Prayers 🙏

  57. author

    wrands MHari Yang lalu

    Rodney Hood now Powell... ugh. Comeback strong guys

  58. author

    MTB4miSoulHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi is insanely efficient...Clips are a great team. Too bad they're boring to watch.

  59. author

    Sir JimboManHari Yang lalu

    Prayers for Powell

  60. author

    Jamarcus HarrisHari Yang lalu

    This is how you attack a shot blocker he’s not ad Dwight or javale big fella 😂😂

  61. author

    CL. LifeHari Yang lalu

    I gotta feeling LUKA is going to end up being A big cry baby. BOY GET TOUGH

  62. author

    Gabriel GarciaHari Yang lalu

    Lillard was wet 💦

  63. author

    Pee FunkHari Yang lalu

    He Was Playing Lights Out This Year! Prayers Out 🙏

  64. author

    Kevin SchartHari Yang lalu

    why are the rim mics in dallas so loud? they are loud in every clip i watch

  65. author

    po koHari Yang lalu

    I've honestly never seen or heard of this many Achilles injuries.

  66. author

    Yoga WolfHari Yang lalu

    How many screws is Patrick missing

  67. author

    MGTOW-BalanceHari Yang lalu

    uhhhh what the hell just happened here?????

  68. author

    24forpresidentHari Yang lalu

    Ever since Kobe went down with an Achilles injury i’ve been paying attention to how other react to it. Kobe was a beast looking back on it, he stepped up to the free throw line, sunk 2 free throws, and walked off the court.

  69. author

    Jalen ButlerHari Yang lalu

    Rodney hood, David Nwaba, and now Dwight Powell all in one season 🙏🏽

  70. author

    anodyne57Hari Yang lalu

    Kevin Durant's injury happened with the added stress of a change in direction, but basically Powell's happens here in the same way Durant's happened: Quick rear plant, major horizontal push from toes and ball of the foot for the takeoff...then that leg's Achilles can't handle the force and fails.

  71. author

    Emenace213Hari Yang lalu

    Get better safe recovery blessings 🙏

  72. author

    Labrador 67Hari Yang lalu

    Are achilles tears as deadly to NBA careers as they are to other sports?

  73. author

    SinszzHari Yang lalu

    1:44 is perfect timing to the song . Luka moving the crowd to the lyrics of the music while doing it with his basketball skills. This gets the crowd going and hyped up. He’s making art. The guy knows how to put on a show.

  74. author

    Patrick WrightHari Yang lalu

    I'm Sorry but, Luka and Porzingis Will Never, And I Mean NEVER, Win an NBA Championship Together❗It's Just Not going to Happen❗Porzingis, is Very Fragile❗If You Body him up You Will Wear him Down❗And Just Double Team Luka, forcing someone esle to Beat You❗

  75. author

    Masco 24Hari Yang lalu

    Damn I hat Achilles injuries, the most out of nowhere injury there is

  76. author

    Snafu2346Hari Yang lalu

    Achilles injuries always seem so freak when they happen. Even for the best trained athletes. Is there methods to prevent such injuries? Athletes can be performing the simplest of maneuvers and it'll just rupture. Best wishes for Dwight.

  77. author

    ne0nZchr0meHari Yang lalu

    Mavs suck

  78. author

    Andrew NjunuriHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi is better then PG13

  79. author

    Talon DayHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi, dude has never gotten a tripdub 😂😂

  80. author

    Some DudeHari Yang lalu

    Fuck bro he got fade away annddd a 3p shot. If this dude wins finals he on track to be better than mj.

  81. author

    Jesse GallardoHari Yang lalu

    Looked just like Kobe's did never let like to see that happen Mavs lucky it wasn't one of their big dogs

  82. author

    mansa musaHari Yang lalu

    Damn football is over now uncompetitive bball is left

  83. author

    TheTrendyGamer GamerHari Yang lalu


  84. author

    Andrey VHari Yang lalu

    6:17 when u touch a hot stove

  85. author

    StormHari Yang lalu

    You can tell his teammates love and respect him.

  86. author

    Joshua JonesHari Yang lalu

    Luka is the future of the league.

  87. author

    black armorHari Yang lalu

    damn i seen his calf pop..

  88. author

    Mr SSHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if LeBron actually played inside aka post ups like Kobe told him to. he would be be more effective and waste less energy. Kawhi has the juice now

  89. author

    Bayou BullyHari Yang lalu


  90. author

    J.G. ProdHari Yang lalu

    How does something like that just happen bruh?🤦🏾‍♂️ prayers up🙏🏾

  91. author

    Jeff BuddHari Yang lalu

    Man, that sucks.

  92. author

    Eriverto GonsalezHari Yang lalu

    Omg that is so sad even luka felt the pain I hope he just sprain it and speedy recovery for him he was having and amazing season, it is what it is, is part of the game I hope he gets better soon.

  93. author

    South Bronx, NYHari Yang lalu

    Dats da 1 thing I hate about b-ball....butchers!!!

  94. author

    Dakari RandallHari Yang lalu

    Denver we see you.🙏 I think this might be my Favorite young Core including Bol Bol ....patiently waiting for Denever to develop so they can be monstars

  95. author

    MyballsitchsomethingfierceHari Yang lalu

    Kobe quit after his snapped

  96. author

    FernandoHari Yang lalu

    Not dwight😔....

  97. author

    Tenneh EbjHari Yang lalu

    Is it just me or it looks like Luka travels everyone

  98. author

    Abdul .HHari Yang lalu

    I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee This quote describes Kawhi perfectly, his midrange J is deadly

  99. author

    ExoticPlasmaHari Yang lalu

    Fucking Achilles shit hate that smh.

  100. author

    T AlexanderHari Yang lalu

    Mavs the best team in Texas by a country mile