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  1. author

    Sheldon ScottMenit Yang lalu

    Where Kawhi aka suppose to be the best player in the world oh I forgot he load managing lol

  2. author

    Tris Matu3 menit yang lalu

    That jimmy wetter than the rainforest

  3. author

    J D3 menit yang lalu

    He is going for 40 tonight no Damian tonight lets go melo

  4. author

    Chamberlain Achilihu3 menit yang lalu

    Jimmy buttler, or Luka is winning MVP not lebron

  5. author

    Nick4 menit yang lalu

    He is a god

  6. author

    leo81645 menit yang lalu

    Jaylen brown turned out so much better than Brandon ingram

  7. author

    Chamberlain Achilihu5 menit yang lalu

    Luka dorminic is better than lebro. Media should stop making LeBron look very good on TV. LeBron not active like he used to

  8. author

    L Deliveryman5 menit yang lalu

    Its gettin scary🤫😤

  9. author

    Tris Matu5 menit yang lalu

    Markkenen want no part of Giannis.

  10. author

    Exalted Sustained6 menit yang lalu

    Allen Iverson's game was so cold he was smooth flowed just like water

  11. author

    Nicky M12 menit yang lalu

    2:26 schools baby shaq?

  12. author

    Dwight Partlow13 menit yang lalu

    I think he is going the help their bench a lot, If he can play any defence at all !

  13. author

    Justin Thomas13 menit yang lalu

    These rockets are blowing my mind!!! but notice Westbrook wasn't saying much to the blazers haha

  14. author

    thebossboy 30014 menit yang lalu

    Wheres melo?

  15. author

    Classically Christion15 menit yang lalu

    As a wise man once said, "HESO MELO JELLO FAVORITE COLOR YELLOW!!!"

  16. author

    CoelhoCoin Tech15 menit yang lalu

    Goat teenager

  17. author

    KingLeoIV16 menit yang lalu

    The Clippers are a championship sculpted squad

  18. author

    Moon K17 menit yang lalu

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  19. author

    paul jasper pamuspusan18 menit yang lalu

    Garbage melo.. zero defence

  20. author

    Rocky B18 menit yang lalu

    He's looking good, looking fit. At one point he looked out of shape. As long as he stays away from the hotdog stand he should be alright!

  21. author

    sam canis20 menit yang lalu

    holy shit dude stop asking this man if he's nervous.

  22. author

    PlayBoiMari20 menit yang lalu

    Ai would drop off every pg in the league rn

  23. author

    Zep Tepi point of view20 menit yang lalu

    Tim Duncan coached the Spurs better in the Blazer game then pop has all season he actually put play makers like walker in the game.

  24. author

    82jake steed22 menit yang lalu

    Mark Jackson you can comeback and get your team now🤣🤣🤣

  25. author

    Lil BAGDADI26 menit yang lalu

    Love hoe Simmons just gives up lol

  26. author

    Jay Hilado26 menit yang lalu

    Allen Highverson

  27. author

    Vijaya Rahatekar29 menit yang lalu

    The shot goes off like butter

  28. author

    Coup de Gras31 menit yang lalu

    Showing a FT when G airballs? Stay Classy. Unsub

  29. author

    Victor31 menit yang lalu

    they barely fucken won. wow

  30. author

    Irvin Findlay31 menit yang lalu

    I think OG Anunoby is on the rise but got damn Toronto is really wilding without Kawhi that goes to show how dope the players are

  31. author

    Juju N31 menit yang lalu

    Where in the world is Kawhi San Diego

  32. author

    Johnny RD1434 menit yang lalu

    Melo sign with the Blazers and agreed to wear the same numbers he will average in points

  33. author

    snake man34 menit yang lalu

    Watches his Georgetown highlights

  34. author

    Hal Jordan35 menit yang lalu

    That 4 pt flop pissed me off so bad. Bogeys leg barely touched him and he jump back like a bitch ass James Harden

  35. author

    Just A Guy35 menit yang lalu

    Looks like all the bandwagon fans are gone in the arena lmao

  36. author

    David Fong36 menit yang lalu

    Luka is my favorite player not named Lebron. And he has more game than anyone not named Kyrie. Dude should be an MVP candidate

  37. author

    Headway Bedlam37 menit yang lalu

    Honest question: would you rather have Harden&Westbrook or McCullum&Lillard in your starting backcourt?

  38. author

    Sean xue38 menit yang lalu

    G O A T

  39. author

    silent sir39 menit yang lalu

    Damn...for a legend, this dude is humble af. Hes like the Martin Lawrence of basketball...Richard Prior mightve been the most legendary comedian, but this dude and Martin embodied an era, and changed their professions.

  40. author

    Mario Smith40 menit yang lalu

    The arena never looks pack not even in the playoffs

  41. author

    Xavier Duke41 menit yang lalu

    Needs to be working on his defense we know you can score melo

  42. author

    music2illusion41 menit yang lalu

    Clippers are not getting past the first round

  43. author

    kukuCal.643 menit yang lalu

    Ik it’s only 19 but the kid looks happy and confident again

  44. author

    frederick gilbert43 menit yang lalu

    Lol if he make it through the season they'll cut him next season

  45. author

    Zmo 1n'Done43 menit yang lalu

    Lebron can chest pass a basketball over 3 fourth of the court,on a line, right on (2:10)Thats like a 25 yard quarterback pass, right on the money Chest pass w/ a simple Flick of tha wrists. He makes it looks much easier than it really is. Next time your hoop in the gym have your friend run cross down Court to the basket and try to chest pass with one step a hard test pass that won't get picked off by the defense that's right over his shoulder to where he doesn't even have to dribble and can take two steps and finish the easy way out and you'll see how much harder it is then he makes it look. It is not easy to throw a basketball long distances because of its especially one handed because of its tendency to curve one way or the other or kind of knuckle and move erratically like a knuckleball

  46. author

    poopz47 menit yang lalu

    nice form slow release

  47. author

    Anthony Mckinley48 menit yang lalu

    I wish he had more help in NY.. Wish he finish his career in ny

  48. author

    Headway Bedlam49 menit yang lalu

    Even with as much progress as the Suns organization has made, I don’t see this team winning at a higher level. DBook like a Harden Lite-less consistency scoring but horrible defense night in n night out. Half these plays DBook just floating around n the C’s got at least one wide open player....

  49. author

    SonGokouSSJ50 menit yang lalu

    24 people without any clue of good basketball, and counting ...

  50. author

    Fernando Ramirez51 menit yang lalu

    Good ol fashioned ass whooping.

  51. author

    Zmo 1n'Done54 menit yang lalu

    Every Lakers highlight full game highlights that I watched this year Danny Green has been an absolute Marksman like he's always been decent his consistency has wavered in the past, but this year he's just deadly. I know he was shooting like 53% earlier in the year with not as many satistics or examples of three-point shots compared to further into the season obviously we're it'll drop a little bit but still psych eight nine games in he's been shooting 53%. I think it speaks for LeBron's ability to really bring out the best in the people around him and I know that is such a cliche thing to say but LeBron to me is one of the only people who truly can do that. Magic Johnson Larry Bird Allen Iverson Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant come to mine as well as Michael Jordan but I think LeBron could be the best ever in that respect of making his teammates better more efficient basketball players based on his style of play

  52. author

    anti evil55 menit yang lalu

    Shaq have to donate him a gym to help support his career...FAIR IS SQUARE.....DAVID V.S GOLIATH...

  53. author

    K.L.57 menit yang lalu

    I love my Thunder. Wish we would have won, but I like how they compete every game.

  54. author

    Art Lopez57 menit yang lalu

    The guy never playing defense or coming into seasons in shape. He should have never got another chance. Good volume shooter but way past his time and needs to be a bench player.

  55. author

    Daniel Odutola58 menit yang lalu

    King James

  56. author

    geelive tate61958 menit yang lalu

    We know he can shoot let see that Defense

  57. author

    Erick GonzalezJam Yang lalu

    #12 from the bulls should be in a DUNK contest that playa can flight, on the other hand the bucks will be in the nba finals if gannins stays healthy.

  58. author

    jojo cubileteJam Yang lalu


  59. author

    JOHNJam Yang lalu

    Embiid, giannis, harden,Irving,lebron, name another top 5 that would be able to stop that team past or present

  60. author

    Z BJam Yang lalu

    That into gave me chills

  61. author

    pa. encemaJam Yang lalu

    Pacers owns the Nets. Even without half the roster, Pacers stills outplay the Nets. Twice this season smh

  62. author

    Ben TsunJam Yang lalu

    this was the single greatest individual performance i have ever witnessed

  63. author

    lucky C broJam Yang lalu

    Looks slow

  64. author

    majuub003Jam Yang lalu

    A lot of people that “don’t like the Warriors” taking time to watch them lose, I get it, I’ll do the same thing when Brady retires and the Patriots start losing every week

  65. author

    Lee HerboJam Yang lalu

    dope playlist

  66. author

    Eduardo ArreolaJam Yang lalu

    Eduardo Arreola to the New Orleans Pelicans

  67. author

    PatrickJam Yang lalu

    This game LeBron was pissed off

  68. author

    macdabluepantherJam Yang lalu

    He can shoot that thing boy! I already scooped him up on my fantasy team...hahaha...hoping for bout 15 3 3 with good pcts.

  69. author

    Victor VidalJam Yang lalu

    Paul Gasol was insane bro...

  70. author

    NuroMusicJam Yang lalu

    Westbrook was good move Houston...

  71. author

    Loso BanksJam Yang lalu


  72. author


    As a fan of the Phoenix Suns, I gotta say it: It's ok, I'll take that L. We'll bounce back in the next one.

  73. author

    Mike SharonJam Yang lalu

    This Luka is a stud!!!

  74. author

    Romanian ShadowJam Yang lalu

    Is time for terry stots to get fired he doesn't push people to play harder,hes to passive

  75. author

    IamRoyalty 89Jam Yang lalu

    Harrell is the NEW Draymond #Salute

  76. author

    Real HoodyJam Yang lalu

    Let’s go meloooooooo

  77. author

    SkinCarverJam Yang lalu

    8:48 Goga rockin' the baby lol

  78. author

    Erick GonzalezJam Yang lalu

    Luka got better triple double than russel because the team always win when he does that.

  79. author

    Lil DJam Yang lalu

    i wasnt a believer..but congrats melo on getin another chance...make history!

  80. author

    TEG NANDOJam Yang lalu

    I'm from Houston whaaaa Rockets actually looking like Rockets taking off! Haven't seen a game in a minute didn't even know they changed the uniforms looks dope 🤘💪

  81. author

    Antonio RoblesJam Yang lalu

    LETS GOOOOO MELO !!!!! 🇵🇷🇵🇷💯💯💪💪💪💪💪💪

  82. author

    Jasraj Singh BhinderJam Yang lalu

    Everyone in the stadium was dreading the final bell.

  83. author

    Michael OlajuwonJam Yang lalu

    That play at 5:24 tho 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  84. author

    Sudhakar SJam Yang lalu

    Lakers vs Rockets will be the WC final!!!! Seen enough of Clippers.

  85. author

    Gansta KermitJam Yang lalu

    It’s like the L.A. teams are competing on who can beat the same team better. Lakers play thunder soon

  86. author

    Michael PunJam Yang lalu

    On my fantasy team. Hoping for the best, not expecting more than 15 points a game.

  87. author

    SIPeubloJam Yang lalu

    Hell yeah. Good luck OKC. Go Clippers

  88. author

    Gansta KermitJam Yang lalu

    Change the title to, “Why Melo got paid millions of dollars to play in the Nba”.

  89. author

    Tugas KusumaJam Yang lalu

    Didn't know he was this humble... The answer was always my idol..

  90. author

    Ryan StewartJam Yang lalu

    Freedawkins way better smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  91. author

    The beastJam Yang lalu


  92. author

    Jesus M. Melendez MontañezJam Yang lalu

    Carmelo you’re trash

  93. author

    Dino MoneyJam Yang lalu

    Da best 1 and 2 punch in da league is Russ and James smfh Rockets can beat anyone and all you idiots sayin dey wouldn't work together make no damn sense at all and I been said dat from jump street😪

  94. author

    Montez KingJam Yang lalu

    Harden looking like one of the greatest players of all time,the team looking really tough to.

  95. author

    G-swerve IrvJam Yang lalu

    Karl towns shooting from Harlem !!!!!!! Damm good win fuck utah

  96. author

    Angel HernandezJam Yang lalu

    Hartenstien gonna be good for the rockets

  97. author

    Detroit Mi DunkinJam Yang lalu

    PG would come back healthy at the moment when he has to play his old team. #Rigged

  98. author

    Scott LawrenceJam Yang lalu

    Let's go king's

  99. author

    Dat NiggaJam Yang lalu

    Now watch the lakers pound them tonight

  100. author

    MrAitrainingJam Yang lalu

    I guess Another Team has to learn the MELO POISON Lesson.