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Awareness Seminar - SNLAwareness Seminar - SNL

Awareness Seminar - SNL

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SNL Meets Santa ClausSNL Meets Santa Claus

SNL Meets Santa Claus

Bulan Yang lalu

Masked Singer - SNLMasked Singer - SNL

Masked Singer - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Office Apology - SNLOffice Apology - SNL

Office Apology - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Singing Elves - SNLSinging Elves - SNL

Singing Elves - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Fly High Duluth - SNLFly High Duluth - SNL

Fly High Duluth - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Barry's Bootcamp - SNLBarry's Bootcamp - SNL

Barry's Bootcamp - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Wisconsin Women - SNLWisconsin Women - SNL

Wisconsin Women - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Hip-Hop Carolers - SNLHip-Hop Carolers - SNL

Hip-Hop Carolers - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Chad & JLo - SNLChad & JLo - SNL

Chad & JLo - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

PottyPM - SNLPottyPM - SNL

PottyPM - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

The Corporal - SNLThe Corporal - SNL

The Corporal - SNL

Bulan Yang lalu

Hoops - SNLHoops - SNL

Hoops - SNL

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Pizza Ad - SNLPizza Ad - SNL

Pizza Ad - SNL

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  1. author

    Jan KomposHari Yang lalu

    SNL you promised a nude sketch of adam dont be obama and fail on obummer the people have spoken go do your job now

  2. author

    that coffee feelHari Yang lalu

    I say wonder you say erectio....was that a dick joke😂😂

  3. author

    Trevor PhillipsHari Yang lalu

    “NO ITS NOT” lmfao

  4. author

    MotherF JonesHari Yang lalu

    Dwayne Johnson is one of the best SNL guest´s ever.

  5. author

    Comrade KongHari Yang lalu

    He’s not a war hero. He’s a terrorist’s cum receptacle and nothing more.

  6. author

    5000 Subscribers Without Any VideosHari Yang lalu

    2020 anyone??

  7. author

    Tachanka MainHari Yang lalu

    omg he looks like a baby here lol

  8. author

    Marc FosterHari Yang lalu

    What is the square root of a Budgie?

  9. author

    tyler bonserHari Yang lalu

    Had no idea stefon was gay

  10. author

    Teresa LeeHari Yang lalu

    If you do something good,you will be blessed If you do something bad,you will be punished That is called karma The power of Bodhisattva and buddha are incredible and unbelievable Stop eating any sort of meat Follow the teaching of buddha Convert to Buddhism

  11. author

    Sir Violent DeathHari Yang lalu

    SNL: "Wouldn't it be funny if Bambi got made into a live action remake?" Disney: "Shit, that's a great idea" World: 😮

  12. author

    dr_dick_merdock_piHari Yang lalu

    ever notice the first sketch featuring hank and bev sandler hardly cracks a smile in this he is on the edge of breaking farley was a great comic and a talent who loved to entertain i just wish he could have loved himself like we all did

  13. author

    Cookie CakeHari Yang lalu

    I just noticed the background is fake.

  14. author

    conchitina bernardoHari Yang lalu


  15. author

    melodymakermarkHari Yang lalu

    Does anyone remember a skit Dan did along the lines of a men’s liberation theme? It was in a round table or interview setting where he lauded the accomplishments of men through the centuries. I can’t find it anywhere. Figure it was buried by the PC police or something.

  16. author

    stiff noodleHari Yang lalu

    this is bringing back memories i forgot i had

  17. author

    Arizona SunHari Yang lalu


  18. author

    ginaHari Yang lalu

    The writer must feel so proud of himself

  19. author

    Matthew LueraHari Yang lalu

    Man I wish he was still alive

  20. author

    Lel EleHari Yang lalu

    Melissa is the best impressionist since bill hader and andy samberg

  21. author

    onpointsg35Hari Yang lalu

    Lol the Brown line smh if you can't take a joke I don't think you're human

  22. author

    LiszHari Yang lalu

    In 2020 this video feels not like a joke

  23. author

    EcaHari Yang lalu

    What is dreams? 😂😂

  24. author

    Damion GuinnHari Yang lalu

    "While you were singing I got stabbed in the head by a Puerto Rican" is an underappreciated classic song that really didn't resonate well with the youth. Really ahead of its time.

  25. author

    NitoDaBruddahWolfHari Yang lalu

    I searched papyrus um... I meant undertale.

  26. author

    James Bong#420Hari Yang lalu

    Anyone else binge-watching Bill Hader?

  27. author

    billsuttonxHari Yang lalu

    Hey, this skit takes place in Chicago

  28. author

    MommyNeesh22Hari Yang lalu

    "He looks 50 years old!" 😂😂😭

  29. author

    animeGurUHari Yang lalu

    3:37 That was a good Rhyme and I’ll also say, that Ladies pretty FINE!

  30. author

    Awwwgusto 26Hari Yang lalu

    Who the fuck is adam driver

  31. author

    Jon dowHari Yang lalu

    Just Mercy

  32. author

    saburo47pl11 ul35Hari Yang lalu

    And remember, only man could be a sex predator. Hypocritical sons of bitches.

  33. author

    EcaHari Yang lalu

    I was going to go to East Ukraine but now it's Russia 😂

  34. author

    Bird WebbHari Yang lalu

    Only mothers understand

  35. author

    thegreedyoneHari Yang lalu

    Funny skit but this farce of a debt forgiveness plan didn’t age well.

  36. author

    nikola poyukovHari Yang lalu

    The guy who said "sarcasm is the highest form of humor" was a fucking idiot

  37. author

    Cherry BelleHari Yang lalu

    All the best sketches seem to b this year lol 🤗🙂

  38. author

    Kris FrederickHari Yang lalu

    Huge, beautiful nuggets.

  39. author

    nikola poyukovHari Yang lalu

    English food is no worse than american

  40. author

    Norman ReneHari Yang lalu

    Who’s here after hearing Disney is remaking Bambi? ✋I am

  41. author

    Cedric ChangHari Yang lalu

    "Shonda's wearing Christopher Kein." “Vonda's wearing Christopher Kein knock-off.”A knock-off of a knock-off lmao

  42. author

    Alicia RainsHari Yang lalu

    Kristen and Maya together is always hilarious!!!!

  43. author

    Julius AdamsHari Yang lalu

    Kevin Hart Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence Steve Harvey they don't got nothing on Richard Pryor he was the KING OF COMEDY

  44. author

    Layla ReevesHari Yang lalu

    Lmao! Wizard of Ass!

  45. author

    CommanderofKorblox GamingHari Yang lalu

    A whhaffle 😂😂

  46. author

    Hōseki MikaHari Yang lalu

    Do people actually find this funny?

  47. author

    Julius AdamsHari Yang lalu

    Richard Pryor was a master at comedy truly a legend

  48. author

    gigabowser1227Hari Yang lalu

    This aged well....

  49. author

    Olivia AllisonHari Yang lalu

    I paused the video at 2:45 and her face!!!! XD XD I can't stop laughing! But I still hate the song.

  50. author

    empressericaHari Yang lalu


  51. author

    Queenofthegoofballs74Hari Yang lalu

    "I didn't have it in my pocket!" "Oh, that's disgusting." "I bet if YOU would have frisked me you would have found it." LMFAO.

  52. author

    sign543Hari Yang lalu

    At that age, she should’ve taught him to clean it himself. Definitely old enough. 👍🏼

  53. author

    S JamisonHari Yang lalu

    SNL and the characters you see in this skit are WHY he got elected. 4 years later and they still don't get it

  54. author

    James Bong#420Hari Yang lalu

    You have a dead rectum, say it with me🤣🤣🤣

  55. author

    Malaika MiteoHari Yang lalu

    I died when he said 'leave your hands up if your ancestors owned us'

  56. author

    wanda jonesHari Yang lalu

    Ha, Ha, Ha

  57. author

    J GHari Yang lalu

    How sad you have to be to find that funny

  58. author

    0peppersHari Yang lalu

    Lol Scarlett channeled her inner Marisa Tomei :))

  59. author

    richystar2001Hari Yang lalu

    It works just like Socialism.... It doesn't.

  60. author

    Matthew ReedHari Yang lalu

    "It's good"

  61. author

    James BoulgerHari Yang lalu

    Ha no one could duplicate Price's voice. This is the best they could do.

  62. author

    Irene MistrettaHari Yang lalu

    Frankenstein was not the monster

  63. author

    Ross KnodelHari Yang lalu

    But wait What was the question before the commercial break?

  64. author

    Corey PattisonHari Yang lalu

    Still better than anything on television.

  65. author

    Besa NatashaHari Yang lalu

    WhAt is your life haha

  66. author

    Alex BelmanHari Yang lalu

    Poor Nancy

  67. author

    Besa NatashaHari Yang lalu

    I don't know if alcohol does thAt lol

  68. author

    QazzyHari Yang lalu

    After 5 years, This parody has more view than the original one

  69. author

    Emanuel GugHari Yang lalu

    The young Turks one is way funnier. And that one is not even trying to be a comedy :))

  70. author

    Clare GundersenHari Yang lalu

    It looks better than most of the live action trash.

  71. author

    sign543Hari Yang lalu

    This is one of the best parody commercials they ever did. Emma Stone knocks it dead. “That’s because it’s not for you. You have everything. for you...and this ONE THING is for him.” 😆 The balcony scene, they cut away just as he took a breath to announce whatever it was he wanted to reveal 😂 🤣 “What’s he putting in there?” “A secret” I’M DEAD 😝

  72. author

    Frank SeverinoHari Yang lalu

    That blonde next to Matt is hawt 😍

  73. author

    TyramizouHari Yang lalu

    man, that was awesome.... :'D

  74. author

    ΑΡΤΕΜΙΣ ΚΟΥΚΟΥΛΗHari Yang lalu

    I died when i realized that Prince William was played by Jake Peralta a.k.a Andy Samberg 😂😂

  75. author

    emily ScimoneHari Yang lalu


  76. author

    Kiwi FruitHari Yang lalu

    IM 💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😂😂😂

  77. author

    CashCowHari Yang lalu

    Yep...this is the america they designed....

  78. author

    MommyNeesh22Hari Yang lalu

    "I don't know what to say cause I've never been myself, even once." 😂😭 how sad 🤔 lol

  79. author

    Sniper BoyHari Yang lalu

    Expectation be reality

  80. author

    Andy ReyHari Yang lalu

    I would buy a ticket to a John Cena vs Gronk fight.

  81. author

    Everett BatemanHari Yang lalu

    This is hilarious. I was born in 72 and my sons step fathers name was Rick. If you trade out fortnite with pokemon, it'd be perfect.

  82. author

    Morgan MillerHari Yang lalu

    "Church Lady, I know I've fallen from muh lofty perch, and ah'm askin' fer yer FORGIVE-NESS-ssss!"

  83. author

    saburo47pl11 ul35Hari Yang lalu

    Look on this title, boy...

  84. author

    Besa NatashaHari Yang lalu


  85. author

    Zaine RidlingHari Yang lalu

    Adam Driver is a gotdamned genius!

  86. author

    Lucienda BaxterHari Yang lalu

    👍🏽😂"Ooh you alright Doug" lol "Skinny women can do this for you, Not a dam_ thang, my wife is a sturdy girl" 😂🤣I love it, 👏🏽👏🏽Tom Hanks is hilarious...

  87. author

    Besa NatashaHari Yang lalu

    Hilarious 😂 wham bam bambiii

  88. author

    Yasrib TopHari Yang lalu

    I would be grateful if anybody watched my video and appreciated it, it will help me a lot to develop.💖💞💋🙏🙋‍♀️

  89. author

    TheLicktySplitzHari Yang lalu

    This is the best commercial ever lmao

  90. author

    Jeremy SmithHari Yang lalu

    By far the best cast ever!!! Sandler trying to keep a straight face is priceless...

  91. author

    ed mandellHari Yang lalu

    Trump likes Hamburgers and Sugar just like millions of Americans in this country. Was this a campaign ad for Trump? lol

  92. author

    Shimon Ben LouLouHari Yang lalu

    its like she's madison before there was a madison

  93. author

    Jack HeimrathHari Yang lalu

    So, uh, when will the new language app be in app stores? Asking for a friend

  94. author

    Gilded GoddessHari Yang lalu

    Just like Philly. I was wondering why his arm was out the door lol.

  95. author

    Ivan JohnsonHari Yang lalu

    Hader's gonna hade. 😎

  96. author

    Jimmy SingerHari Yang lalu

    There’s a reason why Susan B. Anthony was very pro-life. Even back then before science was advanced enough to tell us about the unborn, she had the common sense of recognizing the right to life of the unborn

  97. author

    MintSauce !Hari Yang lalu

    "Walking thru a field, Lookin' for Love." We've all been there.

  98. author

    Elana *Hari Yang lalu


  99. author

    Lee JonesHari Yang lalu

    Bill Hader is so funny

  100. author

    Jimmy SingerHari Yang lalu

    It’s a hard time for women? Seriously? How so?