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Your Worst EnemyYour Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

4 hari yang lalu

Horrible DJsHorrible DJs

Horrible DJs

5 hari yang lalu

83 Year Old Tinder Guru83 Year Old Tinder Guru

83 Year Old Tinder Guru

6 hari yang lalu

Moist Meter | Knives OutMoist Meter | Knives Out

Moist Meter | Knives Out

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Onision Is BadOnision Is Bad

Onision Is Bad

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Rare InsultsRare Insults

Rare Insults

11 hari yang lalu

My New Favorite ShowMy New Favorite Show

My New Favorite Show

12 hari yang lalu

Moist Meter | Frozen 2Moist Meter | Frozen 2

Moist Meter | Frozen 2

14 hari yang lalu

Japanese Rent a BoyfriendJapanese Rent a Boyfriend

Japanese Rent a Boyfriend

16 hari yang lalu

Elon Musk's CybertruckElon Musk's Cybertruck

Elon Musk's Cybertruck

16 hari yang lalu

Most Badass PolicemanMost Badass Policeman

Most Badass Policeman

18 hari yang lalu

Germs Have Been DefeatedGerms Have Been Defeated

Germs Have Been Defeated

19 hari yang lalu

Weeb BlacksmithWeeb Blacksmith

Weeb Blacksmith

21 hari yang lalu

My Favorite ChefMy Favorite Chef

My Favorite Chef

21 hari yang lalu

Science Is DeadScience Is Dead

Science Is Dead

22 hari yang lalu

Extreme Animal PoliceExtreme Animal Police

Extreme Animal Police

23 hari yang lalu

Lazy Prison EscapesLazy Prison Escapes

Lazy Prison Escapes

25 hari yang lalu

Survival ExpertsSurvival Experts

Survival Experts

26 hari yang lalu

Awful Horror GameAwful Horror Game

Awful Horror Game

27 hari yang lalu

My Onion Talent ShowMy Onion Talent Show

My Onion Talent Show

28 hari yang lalu

Forged In DangerForged In Danger

Forged In Danger

29 hari yang lalu

Moist Meter | ParasiteMoist Meter | Parasite

Moist Meter | Parasite

Bulan Yang lalu

Neil Breen's Best WorkNeil Breen's Best Work

Neil Breen's Best Work

Bulan Yang lalu

Tiny HusbandTiny Husband

Tiny Husband

Bulan Yang lalu

WWE 2K20 Is PerfectWWE 2K20 Is Perfect

WWE 2K20 Is Perfect

Bulan Yang lalu

High IQ Prison EscapeHigh IQ Prison Escape

High IQ Prison Escape

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Billy Is BackBilly Is Back

Billy Is Back

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The Ultimate InfernoThe Ultimate Inferno

The Ultimate Inferno

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Mobile Games Are WildMobile Games Are Wild

Mobile Games Are Wild

Bulan Yang lalu

Juicero Is BackJuicero Is Back

Juicero Is Back

Bulan Yang lalu

The Beast InsideThe Beast Inside

The Beast Inside

Bulan Yang lalu

Youtube HorrorYoutube Horror

Youtube Horror

Bulan Yang lalu

  1. author

    Vocally-Jinxed GamerMenit Yang lalu

    Watch this get taken down by YT, I’ll piss myself laughing at the pathetic attempt to silence 1 user out of the ENTIRE user base.

  2. author

    Mihai Craciun4 menit yang lalu

    i sent uwu to a girl once. no oingy boingy happened that day. owo

  3. author

    Horse with No name4 menit yang lalu

    Is this shadow Charlie?

  4. author

    DoeDucky5 menit yang lalu

    Atheist? Lmfao naw it’s the lgbtq mf, those people brag 🤣🤣

  5. author

    Bali Holiday7 menit yang lalu

    You talk to much of your duration

  6. author

    SHADOW 最高8 menit yang lalu

    Hoho, then Ive still got something to brag about. 26 years and counting, suck it ya bastards!

  7. author

    Kiréalta9 menit yang lalu

    Oh i google goatse, I WAS NOT PREPARED!

  8. author

    Luke Lehmann9 menit yang lalu

    as soon as he ses he dosent like the magnum he kicked immediately

  9. author

    Lilly Mayhem10 menit yang lalu

    The light in the thumbnail makes it look you got wanked at.

  10. author

    Abscolk Infested10 menit yang lalu

    Start Papa John's challenge. 40 pizzas in 30 days IS possible

  11. author

    Cptain Volo10 menit yang lalu

    1 yr

  12. author

    Lux13 menit yang lalu

    Why do you have so many fleshlights

  13. author

    Blackghoste14 menit yang lalu

    This isn't proper CPR on children. The man broke the kid's chest and crushed his heart. How is he still alive? Someone arrest this false savior. During chest compressions, you use one hand

  14. author

    Just someone who likes Yena14 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter is getting shittier.Y'all wanna go back to NewGrounds?

  15. author

    Young Hedström15 menit yang lalu

    The sun light on his t shirt looks like spermmm

  16. author

    4U2HateOn15 menit yang lalu

    "It's still real to me"

  17. author

    _. useless ._. human ._15 menit yang lalu

    Your beard does look really good

  18. author

    Kansa City Shuffle16 menit yang lalu

    His real father is Vasily Kamotsky.

  19. author

    Bruhblast AKA gameboy19 menit yang lalu

    Does a black shirt mean defcon 1 levels of IDreporter madness?

  20. author

    Shaun Dronfield21 menit yang lalu

    I’m so happy I’m not American 😂

  21. author

    Arsonist22 menit yang lalu

    Hear hear

  22. author

    upsweep23 menit yang lalu

    ok jesus

  23. author

    CALI 42024 menit yang lalu

    That's weird I'm short asf 5'2 but 5'7 or 5'5 girls always wanted to date me

  24. author

    Deh Panda King24 menit yang lalu

    I wonder if he factors in time to drive there on his job time.

  25. author

    Kevin Adi Nugraha24 menit yang lalu

    Rewind last year was so bad than this year's that we got more memes from the 2018 rewind than 2019 rewind. It's so plain even my sour yogurt turned into a plain water

  26. author

    ËmĶåý Űľţřæ25 menit yang lalu

    I thought he saw that old doll of himself

  27. author

    Miss_ _Bliss26 menit yang lalu

    The amount of thumbs down is baffling, wth do you people want? Sugar coated bullshit. Fucking morons. As cliché as it may may be; fucking PREACH, Charlie. PREACH.

  28. author

    l28 menit yang lalu

    Pretty sure you're supposed to launch your teammate to the goal in griffball.

  29. author

    Tex Rex29 menit yang lalu

    Jay law version was so good

  30. author

    CALI 42030 menit yang lalu

    how tall is he?

  31. author

    Yosuke 8-bit31 menit yang lalu

    He actually looks alive in this video

  32. author

    Richard Goed31 menit yang lalu

    Bread powered aim

  33. author

    Ibc33 menit yang lalu

    We need a reupload of the vid because vid me is down now ;-;

  34. author

    C Ramirez33 menit yang lalu

    A mawkish and equine keanu

  35. author

    xvlorean34 menit yang lalu

    Finally... a Bicep reveal!

  36. author

    pit_1945_ Angel_Warrior34 menit yang lalu

    I would wipe there ass with a belt I swear to god I hate thos people

  37. author

    eween35 menit yang lalu

    one slap man

  38. author

    Fuzzy 4 Eyes35 menit yang lalu

    Thumb nail looks like someone came on your face

  39. author

    Jason Wade37 menit yang lalu

    I legit just subscribed and it's worth it you are so positive in bad situations also that you are interesting to watch in general

  40. author

    Peter Griffin37 menit yang lalu

    Black shirt

  41. author

    PokeFan 2837 menit yang lalu

    Video: 100% "Ooooh it IS chocolate! How did you know?!"

  42. author

    freshmadgod39 menit yang lalu

    The reason it wasn't as strong was because he was missing the shoulderpads

  43. author

    Pyramid40 menit yang lalu

    I almost couldn't make it through this shit, Critical. Not even for you. This is absolute annoying trash. Fuck these douchetuber kids.

  44. author

    Telarius42 menit yang lalu

    Should I play with a controller or a mouse

  45. author

    spray3243 menit yang lalu

    Im not even going to watch the video, just dropped by to say my man here is looking absolutely pimpin'. Slay, king

  46. author

    Adam Klement44 menit yang lalu

    What’s up guys

  47. author

    that_name _isnt_taken44 menit yang lalu

    Perfect example of how to use satire

  48. author

    barry dingle44 menit yang lalu

    I think i know this ampm. In richmond on san pablo ave

  49. author

    Pyramid45 menit yang lalu

    I absolutely hate those fake pieces of shit with a passion. If you have a brain, you can see exactly what they are.

  50. author

    Kilin Kolin45 menit yang lalu

    I was today years old when I realized your channel name is penguinZero

  51. author

    Rock Matt45 menit yang lalu

    Charlie got cummed all over in the thumbnail

  52. author

    Akzz46 menit yang lalu

    VIVO Y12 3gb 64gb variant UNBOXING:

  53. author

    Kyrpa Jyra46 menit yang lalu

    I love the smell of incest

  54. author

    Greg Parkah47 menit yang lalu

    Charlie working out?

  55. author

    thegamerdog 12347 menit yang lalu

    this video is good but just an idea it would be much funnier if you did the challenge you saw like h3h3 does just an idea :)

  56. author

    JDoodle48 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter just needs to be replaced by another platform

  57. author

    Putra31952 menit yang lalu

    Idk man idc about the shirt or the hair.. Im wandering why is he look so fresh or positive or Like the opposite of edgyness..

  58. author

    Pyramid54 menit yang lalu

    Narcissism at it's finest. He only cares about HIS image. Talks about how he feels and what he is dealing with the entire time. Classic and obvious.

  59. author

    JamesV Revey54 menit yang lalu

    Fuck yeah, I live right beside Yakima, I hate Yakima, Lhaq’ te’ mish for life!

  60. author

    ASN Lkk57 menit yang lalu

    lmao boooyyy he the main hitta out the block. 😭😭

  61. author

    Comiclover261Jam Yang lalu

    Pokemon shoulda stopped at gen 2

  62. author

    Peace DKJam Yang lalu

    I have an idea of what D.W stands for: Dumb Wanker!

  63. author

    yogurtovskyJam Yang lalu

    twitch mod/admins are just a bunch of fucking beta orbiting powertrippers, nothing new here

  64. author

    Morris MeeuwissenJam Yang lalu

    Charlie becoming more emo everyday

  65. author

    JesterJam Yang lalu

    *I see you've grown a few inches of chill ass coolbean great man awesome personality on your head.*

  66. author

    Tom RobinsonJam Yang lalu

    IDreporter rewind care as much about its creators, as the Chinese government cares about it's people in Hong Kong.

  67. author

    BlueBone بلوبونJam Yang lalu

    He looks like ZABIT...

  68. author

    wizzzer1337Jam Yang lalu

    next step is manbun

  69. author

    booker dewittJam Yang lalu


  70. author

    Sawan RozraJam Yang lalu

    Slapping 🌟

  71. author

    DevrajWasHereJam Yang lalu

    The thumbnail looks like there is spunk on your face

  72. author

    Mac 78Jam Yang lalu

    The twitch mod team are all misogynistic incels

  73. author

    LiyangnaJam Yang lalu

    Charlie's hair is looking gorgeous.

  74. author

    FearJam Yang lalu

    hair looks nice today

  75. author

    ∞ WoofJam Yang lalu


  76. author

    Well PlayedJam Yang lalu

    No memes this year though.

  77. author

    Belf on shelfJam Yang lalu

    Why is the grandfather in white face?

  78. author

    Colonel KenpachiJam Yang lalu

    I want to meet a extreme K pop fan and while their explaining every reason why I should support and love BTS I'm going to tell them straight to their face "if I ever see any member of BTS in person I will literally curb stomp them and I'll take a pic and send it too you just so I can hear your salty replies" I wouldn't be able to do that because I'm not a Fucking nut job and i hold no personal ill will against them. I just want to say that and see the reaction.

  79. author

    PizzaPizzaJam Yang lalu

    The thumbnail looking like somebody came on his face.

  80. author

    AlphaDreamJam Yang lalu

    why should they care? theyre a for profit company with a goal to maximize profits, the shareholders demand it

  81. author

    H. E. M.Jam Yang lalu

    Damn Charlie is sexy as fuck. 😋 ☺️🤤

  82. author

    Max HofferJam Yang lalu

    Goddamit, do something with your hair... You look like emo Hitler.

  83. author

    HaRvEnStAmJam Yang lalu

    I found this game on ps4.....

  84. author

    MuffleJam Yang lalu

    Better than last year lol. No one wants edgy youtubers that is risky for advertisers. This whole thing is ruined by advertisers now. And you can't include every category of youtube since theirs so much from different countries/genres

  85. author

    Solanum TuberosaJam Yang lalu

    Tl;Dr of this video, I'm not mad, just disappointed.

  86. author

    derMemoryJam Yang lalu

    One of my all time favorite game series. Second only to the Sly Cooper series.

  87. author

    Tourette's MajesticJam Yang lalu

    I see you’re wearing your funeral blacks

  88. author

    DEF_ K0N15Jam Yang lalu


  89. author

    Starkiller's catJam Yang lalu

    It's better than last years' rewind at least

  90. author

    UsernameJam Yang lalu

    So you're telling me there's a chance?

  91. author

    karma tamJam Yang lalu

    I really hate this guy Can anyone link the video

  92. author

    Firestorm Danger DashJam Yang lalu

    When did you become a women!?

  93. author

    Damion KudelJam Yang lalu

    All yall lookin at his hair, but I can tell Charlie been workin out. Look at those arms 🤤

  94. author

    Mako JazJam Yang lalu

    His voice slowly becoming kermit the frog the longer i listen 😂😂

  95. author

    therorysnakeJam Yang lalu

    new platform is needed

  96. author

    ROCK SOLIDJam Yang lalu

    everybody gangsta until Charlie wears a black t shirt

  97. author

    AdamJam Yang lalu

    I Used To Brag About Being A Virgin

  98. author

    647vmanJam Yang lalu

    Is the shirt blue and white or black and gold

  99. author

    segro123Jam Yang lalu

    Not going to lie, for a second there, the thumbnail looked like you got jizzed on, until i realized it was the sun light.

  100. author

    PyramidJam Yang lalu

    Those tools are absolutely insane!