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  1. author

    Gravitopia55 menit yang lalu

    Nice job Alec Baldwin!!

  2. author

    Kenji Yagi56 menit yang lalu

    I came here to learn about how to get out of quicksand, but I guess you can't... you're pretty screwed once you are in it.

  3. author

    Screww GooglleJam Yang lalu

    WOW... Who in the F do these Fools think they are BULLSHITTING ?

  4. author

    Sum ting WongJam Yang lalu

    Came here after watching mike Tyson.

  5. author

    StoneAFJam Yang lalu

    Charles is a 3/10 and Princess Diana's 9/10, the audacity of that old dude.

  6. author

    PixelatoryJam Yang lalu

    Barbossa was Einstein this whole time

  7. author

    Mata KaweJam Yang lalu

    great friend, we've subscribed complete with bells, don't forget to visit back. thank you

  8. author

    Autumn OrtizJam Yang lalu

    Too much control

  9. author

    Manny GarciaJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    Pill CosbyJam Yang lalu

    Looks like my old house up there . South anchorage?

  11. author

    deen johnJam Yang lalu

    i cant stop laughing.....this guy :D :D

  12. author

    Ingrid JohanssonJam Yang lalu

    Heritage? Why in anybody’s logical mind with someone want to remember such a horrific part in history? It’s as bad in my view to celebrate Columbus Day which I feel should be abolished! Why would anyone in their right mind wanna relive that horrific pain the slaves went through being shipped to America and many thrown overboard to drown?

  13. author

    PetrosaiJam Yang lalu

    I've ate this worm once, with mix of honey and black pepper

  14. author

    bridgett loves slimeJam Yang lalu

    This is so sad

  15. author

    Jayla PerezJam Yang lalu

    Found out what I was craving.🤣

  16. author

    Christopher SmithJam Yang lalu

    The irony in the video title...

  17. author

    PancakesPusheen !Jam Yang lalu

    ive never had funyuns but now im put off from eating them forever. 🤢

  18. author

    Regina Célia Prates de MirandaJam Yang lalu

    Esse animais são lindos!!parecem saídos de um conto de fadas! O boné deles é fantástico todos de cauda branca !maravilhosos

  19. author

    Timmy MorganJam Yang lalu

    "I'll take a leg and a wing... she flew in, RIGHT?"

  20. author

    Gorin GangJam Yang lalu

    Spore gameplay

  21. author

    It is IJam Yang lalu

    6:15 My god this is heartbreaking... we are really killing this planet right now

  22. author

    john stewartJam Yang lalu

    Ooof this tore me apart in a good way Oooooffff I must have cried 15 minutes straight

  23. author

    Stephen LeRoyaleJam Yang lalu

    Was that Angela Lee unda da sea

  24. author

    Cedric YeJam Yang lalu

    So United flight 77 played a part in 9/11?

  25. author

    Black DiamondJam Yang lalu

    This is Beautiful, glad to watch this video.

  26. author

    SwishEnterTainmentJam Yang lalu

    Everyone in the comment section apparently went to the moon and saw the earth is round smh poor minded people

  27. author

    Michael GrayJam Yang lalu

    A deal is a deal

  28. author

    mk5453dcgJam Yang lalu

    Security cameras should only be turned on if a crime has been committed. If you have someone monitor them for 24 hours a day, and watch citizens on the cameras, then that is an invasion of privacy.

  29. author

    Kimberly BiggersJam Yang lalu

    This is so amazing 😉 thank you 😊

  30. author

    Itzahk PearlmanJam Yang lalu

    I thought the basic ingredient was soylent yellow

  31. author

    OG LocJam Yang lalu

    Bruh if I was trapped on an island I'd be eating those mf's

  32. author

    mister bean2 jam yang lalu

    La ikrahi fi dien

  33. author

    Deena M2 jam yang lalu

    i was intrigued by his calmness, it's if the underwater is one true element, that's where he belonged . What a beautiful 13:08 minutes !

  34. author

    Chris Bailey2 jam yang lalu

    If Phil Swift was onboard, he could have just repaired the Titanic with FlexSeal

  35. author

    altareggo2 jam yang lalu

    "I still walk. I still talk... and i still drive." That's pretty darn awesome, and a wonderful way of being Just Plain Badass.

  36. author

    Ariz Ozil2 jam yang lalu

    I regret watching this on my bedtime

  37. author

    o l i v i a2 jam yang lalu

    *shows his blood on the bed* Me: “lovely”

  38. author

    Da Stormcomin2 jam yang lalu

    This dude is making MONEY off the flat earth fans lol. I just wish i would of thought of this.

  39. author

    Da Stormcomin2 jam yang lalu

    0:56 who let this lady speak 😑

  40. author

    Mena Jaan2 jam yang lalu

    Are they made these terraces by hand please! let me know the way they made it!!

  41. author

    C Zettlemoyer2 jam yang lalu

    I truly tried to watch, bit that thong-thing was just so weird...why is he even wearing it?? It's not like he could wear that if he tore his suit in the's a why wear something that keeps the viewer distracted if the whole purpose behind it was the gorgeous scenery?

  42. author

    YTB MACK2 jam yang lalu

    When I was scrolling at first I thought those were condoms

  43. author

    Robert Scharoun2 jam yang lalu

    The slaves weren't Africans. They were ancient Hebrews... they called their slave masters " messa" meaning oppressor in ancient Hebrew.

  44. author

    Trey Hatwig2 jam yang lalu

    It should of gone to the other side lol

  45. author

    TDX KxLANEx2 jam yang lalu

    There's literally no flaws in any NASA model, but flat earthers come up with crazy theories that are basically always the same and always get proven stupid when an actual physicist, scientist or just logical person looks at them.

  46. author

    JJ thraud082 jam yang lalu

    The first time i ever felt bad for a shark

  47. author

    Vladimir Simic2 jam yang lalu

    Maybe Albanian terrorists set it on fire?

  48. author

    XAM B TAHKY2 jam yang lalu

    I’m going to check my car now.

  49. author

    XAM B TAHKY2 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Damuz ID2 jam yang lalu

    This is GARUDA

  51. author

    Indo Crop Circles3 jam yang lalu

    *So, the Templars who was chased, hunted, bound and burned at the front of the church in 1307 by Pope Clement-V when the Templars rode from Jerusalem to Europe.., then the Templars built that church? GREAT!* what a joke LoL

  52. author

    Dario Wirtha3 jam yang lalu

    Gee, these flat earther never seen a mountain.

  53. author

    Andrew Jung3 jam yang lalu

    Makes a product to reduce plastic waste, Hands sample of them WRAPPED IN PLASTIC

  54. author

    Kid Peligro3 jam yang lalu

    Crouch down? Adrien Deschryver would like to have a word with you

  55. author

    Mudasir Hotak3 jam yang lalu

    "Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error" (Quran 2:256) and (Quran 18:29) show that Islam prohibits forced conversion towards people of any religion.

  56. author

    helena arcilla3 jam yang lalu

    Are they gonna eat them •_•

  57. author

    eiram57lionofJudah3 jam yang lalu

    Excellent story, love the mountain Everest, GOD's creations are so beautiful. More stories about Everest, Sherpa's and those who go to climb Her, please.

  58. author

    aesthetically sianna3 jam yang lalu

    imagine just working there and just picking up a bunch and eating it and having it as a snack 24/7

  59. author

    abh15funk3 jam yang lalu

    A very informative video on Tigers by Nat Geo ! Fantastic ! ☺🖒

  60. author

    Matt HD3 jam yang lalu

    We are in a simulation. !! Simulation!!

  61. author

    BluesBo3 jam yang lalu

    People think we’ll Americans think the earth is flat 😂🤣🤣🤣 poor Americans I want to help but i-

  62. author

    Johnny Utah3 jam yang lalu

    2:54 when ur dead but still gotta look fresh for the squad

  63. author

    amanii Brown3 jam yang lalu

    This a reach

  64. author

    Not Funny3 jam yang lalu

    bait and click - I wanted the dogs, and got this story instead...

  65. author

    shiprah Yisrael3 jam yang lalu

    The most voodoo is the christian church. With ur Christmas, easter, mothers day garbage.

  66. author

    Tom Towers3 jam yang lalu

    That's the hairiest neck I've ever seen. 😶

  67. author

    A Travel3 jam yang lalu


  68. author

    Rodelia Masucol3 jam yang lalu

    If this comment reaches 2034 Through 16 years. We will remember this .

  69. author

    Chiranjeet Lungut3 jam yang lalu

    okay I know this will not prove anything just like the curvature test. how on March 30, 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire for the sum of $7.2 million. because according to your map it would be a long way from Russia to Alaska, passing through the ocean and Canada to go to Alaska. I feel dumb.

  70. author

    Shreyash Prashu3 jam yang lalu

    Zero was invented in India by Aryabhatta.

  71. author

    Aaa Ssss4 jam yang lalu

    He was ahero and he killed alot of american pasted and he was cheated by his governament

  72. author

    Dineth Bogahawita4 jam yang lalu

    "You must be a chef" Ramsay : nevermind..imma head out

  73. author

    Robert Hilliard4 jam yang lalu

    How does a show like this not know how to properly talk about principles of reinforcement?

  74. author

    Fire Fly4 jam yang lalu

    But it was Charles that was keeping camila there, takes two to tango!

  75. author

    Fire Fly4 jam yang lalu

    But it was Charles that was keeping camila there, takes two to tango!

  76. author

    Fire Fly4 jam yang lalu

    But it was Charles that was keeping camila there, takes two to tango!

  77. author

    Edgardo Amoros4 jam yang lalu

    This Looks Very Satisfied

  78. author

    Daniel Plainview4 jam yang lalu

    Then mama shows up. Not so cute and cuddly anymore

  79. author

    Hristina Trajkovska4 jam yang lalu

    They are military secret.

  80. author

    KONAN BLE JUSTIN4 jam yang lalu

    this is amazing

  81. author

    Link4 jam yang lalu

    Why does it say searching for Amelia

  82. author

    Omar Pina4 jam yang lalu

    What do you think would happen if you tried stopping them😂😂

  83. author

    Jeff Dontor4 jam yang lalu


  84. author

    Ethiopia to Africa4 jam yang lalu

    Great people. for a moment i thought " I'm unlucky to be born here" but then i realized may be I am the one who can change it

  85. author

    bhasker mothay4 jam yang lalu

    Why not take the most literate and knowledgeable and prominent.. flat Earth belief personnel.. to space.. of course.. with mandatory prerequisites like with a probable astraunout training .. and solve the issue ... Once and for all or just.. not make stupid videos.. Nat Geo.. this stuff is like.. alien sightings.. the rich is already rich with the way the economy works.. either the shows a hoax.. or.. u ain't calculation refraction...

  86. author

    Seth Grey4 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    Junk Food Man Channel4 jam yang lalu

    This is how humans First migrated to afrika.

  88. author

    pepperplume4 jam yang lalu


  89. author

    Andrroo4 jam yang lalu

    I re-watch part 1-3 all the time, my favorite vids!

  90. author

    jeffrey haley4 jam yang lalu

    I love how they do everything in their power to make you believe Yeti doesn’t exist! When you can clearly see it’s not a brown bear walking uptight thru the deep snow!!! Common guys. It’s the government. They don’t want you to know!

  91. author

    뱅기매니아4 jam yang lalu

    Wish we only have light pollution. We also have air pollution cuz of China

  92. author

    blindben9994 jam yang lalu

    That’s it...I’m going to get some Funyuns

  93. author

    Ada Jocabeth Álvarez Mejía4 jam yang lalu

    Wooo!! I'm a lichen lover... they always surprise me!

  94. author

    scratch4 jam yang lalu

    Weather is weathered. And weathery.

  95. author

    Kastronaut4 jam yang lalu

    We all meet again because of IDreporter's recommendation Here's a cookie 🍪

  96. author

    Yb_ Matthew4 jam yang lalu

    Poor child

  97. author

    Mr. Pro4 jam yang lalu

    Hot Funyuns?

  98. author

    Julián Corzo5 jam yang lalu

    2:41 ❤️💛💜

  99. author

    The Raisin5 jam yang lalu

    RIP, Sailors.

  100. author

    Samreen Rukhser5 jam yang lalu

    I had cancer when I was 3. After 7 years of treatment, it's been 6 years and I'm cancer free... I've heard people say that though the doctors are really good but they don't know how it feels to go through the cancer journey, how everything feels and etc but I know all these, I've experienced it. And from then I've made my decision to become an oncologist and become an inspiration for all those who are suffering.