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GymkhanaGRID 2016 FINALGymkhanaGRID 2016 FINAL

GymkhanaGRID 2016 FINAL

3 tahun yang lalu

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    Jstall75438 menit yang lalu

    What game is this? Lol! Looks like a game! Hero 8 is sick!

  2. author

    B. Sisko22 menit yang lalu

    Ken is my Hero

  3. author

    Josh Strickland32 menit yang lalu

    Skillz brotha!!

  4. author

    zac mcclain37 menit yang lalu

    Good run! Basically driving a tip-tronic at this point, it's cool an all I just prefer the 5 speed H pattern. Maybe it's because I'm poor, but i find more joy in having to find gears while trying to tackle a course without being able to bypass the clutch(with a 6 puck clutch etc.).

  5. author

    connor fitzgerald49 menit yang lalu

    Ken was pisseddddd😂

  6. author

    Bob Wild57 menit yang lalu

    I have a question, but not for Ken. Does Alex every get motion sickness? If you put music to what Alex is saying you might have the next #1 rap song. :-)

  7. author

    Jimmy WalshJam Yang lalu

    Riding in a fast car in the passenger seat is so scary. You never know what motions are going to happen and you aren't in control of the situation. Props to you and the co-driver.

  8. author

    Dismissive drive-by posting in a sensitive topic.Jam Yang lalu

    pause>options>sound>mute co-driver

  9. author

    silent JayJam Yang lalu

    Guy is so fucking lucky

  10. author

    DABBLEJam Yang lalu


  11. author

    Mathías Muniz2 jam yang lalu

    Does it have a manual transmission or is it auto?

  12. author

    DreamzforSale2 jam yang lalu

    Looks like an e pace from the outside, looks like a model x from the inside.

  13. author

    N Moran2 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a Sunday drive for Ken and it sounds like his wife is chirping in his ear so he just wants to get home with the exception of the old Jesus there is no panic in this man’s driving just wants to get home for a beer

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    devin houser2 jam yang lalu

    Go full blast off the giant hill and launch it several hundred feet

  15. author

    RagingCaveman3 jam yang lalu

    You gasped, I gasped, we all gasped!! I cracked up! That was the best ‘shit your pants’ reaction in rally ever! 😂😂😂👍✌️🤙🔥

  16. author

    deathSTALKER 93 jam yang lalu

    Rally drivers are a different species 😯😯😯😯

  17. author

    Patrick_233 jam yang lalu

    Nice run 👍

  18. author

    MrMattm073 jam yang lalu

    The "bump" @6:05 too 🤣

  19. author

    MrMattm074 jam yang lalu

    LMAO @2:55

  20. author

    DuRY WeeDS4 jam yang lalu

    Me parece que la GoPro está un poco sobrevalorada eh. La imagen no es nítida ni fluida. El tramo tremendo. Master Keny Block

  21. author

    Денис Ревков5 jam yang lalu

    чтоб было эпичней,нужно было спидометр вывести

  22. author

    VStormV Bringer5 jam yang lalu


  23. author

    290boss5 jam yang lalu

    This guy can drive... gotta admire the navigator, so calm lol

  24. author

    J.FINESSE FLIGHTS6 jam yang lalu

    Thats no hill for a climber....

  25. author

    Dan Alex6 jam yang lalu

    The only problem with this "track" is that you can die every second if u make a mistake. If it were on a plain field or just with small hills it's not that scary.

  26. author

    Rick 1776-19707 jam yang lalu

    Thats insane ,i give ya credit , you wreck and its over and ugly. Simple vehicle still hasn't needed much tech to make it happen. How do you bring it togather? Watching far and not exceeding ,i mean you can get into trouble fast.

  27. author

    Jeremy Frances7 jam yang lalu

    He's a hack. Can't really drive with the best, what a load of shit.

  28. author

    Rick 1776-19707 jam yang lalu

    Please build a REAL car. 71 LTD Gator No more golf carts Thanks The 75 Ford pickup is cool.

  29. author

    Finch7 jam yang lalu

    When the onboard Video is from the GoPro 8 the it isn´t worth to buy it. Video Quali looks bad =/ but the Race is amazing!

  30. author

    Yee Chia9 jam yang lalu

    co drive have no air conditioning?

  31. author

    haon nomit10 jam yang lalu

    Your Car!

  32. author

    Brandon Speelman10 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else watch this with the “auto generated captions”? Should try it for the hilarity

  33. author

    K0ST11 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    Ding Chavez11 jam yang lalu

    ...gopro 8 but the stupid ass video is in 1080p! what a waste

  35. author

    Steven Kiser12 jam yang lalu

    My sister and grandma thinks this stuff is fake I told her it ain’t wwe

  36. author

    Daniel Davis12 jam yang lalu

    I’m just curious as to what type of person dislikes this video?!?

  37. author

    TheBanjoShow12 jam yang lalu

    I tried this car out for the first time yesterday in dirt rally 2.0 and the pops when redlining nearly made me climax not gonna lie. Very cool, beautiful, and fast car. I love the name of it even.

  38. author

    Ethan Butler12 jam yang lalu

    I'll watch this over a staged and practiced gymkhana all day any day

  39. author

    government watch12 jam yang lalu

    does it need a co driver when the driver perfectly memrize the route?

  40. author

    joshua fields13 jam yang lalu

    No replacement for the lens. No thanks.

  41. author

    BossGamir_ 2213 jam yang lalu

    How pricy are these RS200’s? The Road Going versions are like 400,000USD right?

  42. author

    Donald Parlett jr13 jam yang lalu

    And if I was along for the ride everyone would be smelling the stink in the within 30 seconds. That was insane especially at 2:55 or so, I thought it was over. You went over the edge in some places your gonna wish you had wings.

  43. author

    sikhswim14 jam yang lalu

    Does the guy talking actually help? I don’t see the relationship between the driving and talking

  44. author

    Trevor Johnson16 jam yang lalu

    Alex: “Uhhhh JeSuS! 😬😳

  45. author

    Graham Oldreive16 jam yang lalu

    Ken you need to do a video on the terms that your navigator is calling out.

  46. author

    MatieuSansH17 jam yang lalu

    Trop de mauvaise trajectoire 😣

  47. author

    Dominic Loxton17 jam yang lalu

    Could you bring it to namibia

  48. author

    Your Nightmare17 jam yang lalu

    Another go pro for grab money but stupid people will buy this right away

  49. author

    Lws es18 jam yang lalu

    but great quality,where 4K? 👎

  50. author

    Zack Duck18 jam yang lalu

    Can we get this guy on dirt rally 2.0? Seriously the co pilot call in that game talks like the dude wants to die. I had him take his sweet time to catch his breath before he quickly mutters "square right". Yeah that square right is in 15 feet and your going 110 mph.

  51. author

    KTMs 119 jam yang lalu

    Dude I want one!!!

  52. author

    中村理絵20 jam yang lalu

    ゲーム画面観てるみたいにブレてなくてスゴイ! 車の中でドローンで撮影してるみたい!

  53. author

    rsanjur20 jam yang lalu

    Very very very informative video! Would like to see more informative videos from Ken Block related to rallying technology and why not, rallying technique.

  54. author

    dopeymark20 jam yang lalu

    Had to stop watching in the first 15 seconds as Ken block mispronounces Jorge Masvidal's name two times in a row. I can think of any number of reasons for this to happen, but it is unacceptable to let a bunch of people put work in to make this video, and yet somehow it slipped by everyone, and wound up on IDreporter.

  55. author

    Tricky Rook5031320 jam yang lalu

    I don't like to be honest. But looks good don't get me wrong. Just wish they didn't make it a suv

  56. author

    rsanjur20 jam yang lalu

    2:54 right there you can hear the note "CARE line".

  57. author

    Emperor R .G21 jam yang lalu

    2:59 when u get hit in the baby maker.

  58. author

    Emperor R .G21 jam yang lalu

    2:59 when u get hit in the baby maker.

  59. author

    viperstd21 jam yang lalu

    Take away... gopro 8 audio breaks in 1 stage...

  60. author

    R58 Coupé21 jam yang lalu

    couldve been a lot faster even without him telling you where to go

  61. author

    Axel R.21 jam yang lalu

    Smooth drive overall - well done - but not too confident downhill though, haha 😆 On a historical note the car originally used PFC CM5183 brake pads, when it was a factory works car. The modern equivalent is the PFC "13" compound. You should perhaps try it, the stopping power is unreal I guarantee a big downhill confidence boost ;)

  62. author

    aeromacin21 jam yang lalu

    Dude. Never give up on what you want to do. This guy is awesome.

  63. author

    Moz21 jam yang lalu

    Ken your better without a man beside you , distraction

  64. author

    Andrew Ramsay21 jam yang lalu

    Always good to see stages from inside the cockpit. Super driving

  65. author

    Don Gonzulman22 jam yang lalu

    that was intense!

  66. author

    Jayda Sherratt22 jam yang lalu

    Obviously Ken is not a fan of electric vehicles... Thats GREAT news! Dont waste your time building an E-hoonigan. Electric vehicles loose too many of the senses. Who wants to just hear tires burning?🤷🏼‍♂️

  67. author

    J M22 jam yang lalu

    Hey Ken, do you always havee the same co pilot?

  68. author

    gitit giitit22 jam yang lalu

    Were they afraid to call it a pinto. Because it's a pinto

  69. author

    Herr Schorsch22 jam yang lalu

    unfortunately some jears to late for the world cup but a great run and ageless reaction 👌😎

  70. author

    G0D_ImSelF_22 jam yang lalu

    legend says he didnt win cuz he had 40 pound of gopro on his car

  71. author

    Jani Perälä22 jam yang lalu

    2:59 He shits his pants a little.

  72. author

    Matt Offman22 jam yang lalu ❤❤🎧🎧🔥🔥😎🎅🎅

  73. author

    PowerfulLighting23 jam yang lalu

    What is all that crackling near the end?

  74. author

    Don23 jam yang lalu

    Go pro hero 8 4k and uploads in 1080... Cmom son

  75. author

    pearcesteve111Hari Yang lalu

    2:58 my arsehole nipped right up!

  76. author

    Joseph RegoHari Yang lalu

    What do the + and - mean? Is it a code for a more open or tight version of the corner?

  77. author

    Louis TurnerHari Yang lalu

    Haha, ken scared co pilot. Haha. :) love it

  78. author

    Christopher PulsHari Yang lalu

    Yes nice bergisch there :) I drove in 2011 year the old F1 tracks in Italy mid too and some else on continent Eurasia , Italy Pyramid track old F1 was great and today is street too . Ile of man track was good too . Nice video to see and most streets too. Some know cyrcuits of the past acount ;)

  79. author

    AN88FrHari Yang lalu

    Детализация и реалистичнось на высоте! Где можно скачать этот симулятор?

  80. author

    gmax876Hari Yang lalu

    Ken looks really comfortable with this car😎

  81. author

    Gary dHari Yang lalu

    That was amazing 💚

  82. author

    Jack DaviesHari Yang lalu

    *L O N G A*

  83. author

    On The Grind ApparelHari Yang lalu

    When you have a pixel and the add says "Hey, Google" 😡

  84. author

    The OneHari Yang lalu

    1mins.- Tyron lost to the black BMF beside Bone Jones put some respect on Usman man. 18:20- when ever George is close to death he laughs 🤣😭😭😭🤝💪😤🏁⚛️🇺🇸🇱🇾🇮🇱👑

  85. author

    Teddy PeabodyHari Yang lalu

    Ken had a Red Bull in his hand in the first shot

  86. author

    あさひ型三番艦Hari Yang lalu


  87. author

    ToMi SKHari Yang lalu

    That moment when you have pregnant wife 😂 but your car is broken.Good morning Mr.Block Can you help me? 😂😂😂😂😂

  88. author

    lord thick nipplesHari Yang lalu

    I probably would've taken a wrong turn and plowed straight through someone's living room

  89. author

    Inazuma MRHari Yang lalu

    Amazing how calm these cars today behave if you compare this to the 80is

  90. author

    Travers18DHari Yang lalu

    “Right 5+ huuuuh Jesus.” 😂😂😂

  91. author

    jean luc DubinatorHari Yang lalu

    At 2:59 that was a definitive butthole clenching moment, nice save Ken.

  92. author

    CAR- N -TENTHari Yang lalu

    Is it just me or is the digital "hyper smooth" feature causing this video to be really grainy? Who cares looked like an amazing swiss stage in one of my favorite legendary rally machines! #cosworth

  93. author

    peter yoza kahuiHari Yang lalu

    i haven't keeped up with time bro, you'r been around lot of places, even my country new zealand, i missed it since

  94. author

    phil TranHari Yang lalu

    Ford fucked up

  95. author

    mark evjuHari Yang lalu

    Boreal was definately one of the innovators when it comes to allowing snowboarders to shred on the mountains,when Ken mentioned it in the video it reminded me of a time around 1979 or 1980?i was about 12 yrs old and I had my new burton powder gun and all of the fresh gear of the time on.I stepped up to the lift ticket window at home wood ski resort Lake Tahoe with my $12 in hand and the guy at the window said”Get that toy outta here ,well never let those things on our mountain”.well I was totally bummed I couldn’t ride the mountain that day(until after hours when I backhilled it.)but I knew someday that guy would eat his words!Thanks you guys for shredding at boreal ,I knew snowboarding would prevail and it’s it’s guys like ken block and Danny that continue to innovate into new directions that make me want to keep on livin!

  96. author

    Gregorio Galvan Jr.Hari Yang lalu

    Rally racing is awesome!

  97. author

    Satch Boogie ManHari Yang lalu

    Ken....I bet you could drift a Radio Flyer with 3 wheels into a misquito's butt while blind folded, with your feet. I was always a Colin Mcrae (RIP) fan but you have surpassed him on so many levels.

  98. author

    Gregorio Galvan Jr.Hari Yang lalu

    Ken, you are my hero.

  99. author

    JaviorTheSaviorHari Yang lalu

    Alex's life passed right before his very eyes in that amazing safe

  100. author

    Gord SandHari Yang lalu

    lols hear the reader go oooo Jesus