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Hi Everyone,
I'm Erwan, I'm half Filipino, half French, living in the Philippines. I love to produce food, cocktail, travel, fitness and health content. On here you will find everything from travel shows, vlogs, recipes, workout videos and anything that i think would be great to share.
Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat.
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    Monina Caliliw MangueraJam Yang lalu

    Sobrang cute niyo dalawa🤩😍💟🤗

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    Michelle Wong3 jam yang lalu

    I do the same i cook the beef or pork before i add the onion or garlic

  3. author

    cherry milk3 jam yang lalu

    Day 1 today

  4. author

    Sam Chutani4 jam yang lalu

    a 12 minute commercial fuck you

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    Inday Cess4 jam yang lalu


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    Romann D De Guia6 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Fat Kid Inside Team, especially Erwan & Nico, for this informative eye opener of a feature about our precious farmers, their resilience is indeed admirable, enviable and seemingly endless!!! Thank you Renucci Rice Partnership Program, via the Renucci couple for your generosity, expertise, and beleif in the Filipino Farmer!!! Hope this system of farming (mechanism, processing machineries, knowledgeable workers etc) is adapted by all rice farmers/plantations in the Philippines, with proper support from both local and national governments. Laslty, Legislators should start re-thinking that Law that was passed!

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    Paw Kuroda7 jam yang lalu

    I think I will watch this video over and over again everytime I make eggs for breakfast 🍳

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    Gwen Nohay7 jam yang lalu

    waaaa very eye-opening and informative! kudos to this new series with Nico, Erwan! one note tho, i couldn't hear much of what Mr. Renucci was saying in the end coz his voice was a bit inaudible. i hope u provide subs for the answers of people next time 👍

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    Alysa Ranido7 jam yang lalu

    Very informative

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    Joel Peralta7 jam yang lalu

    Recipe sir..😋

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    Gwen Nohay7 jam yang lalu

    only half-way through the video so far and i'm laughing my ass out @ 8:57 HAHAHAHA Nico's shenanigans and their muted cusses

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    Raymund Flores8 jam yang lalu

    The content of your videos man, is deserve more subs.

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    Kofi Annan10 jam yang lalu

    Nico is authentic and down-to-earth hip across so many cultures. He's the star of these vlog channels. Very genuine.

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    Rowena Williams10 jam yang lalu

    Man I can't take my eyes off his beautiful face. Salad? What Salad?

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    Faith Bautista11 jam yang lalu

    But why solenn reacted that way? There's no relevance and no explanation why

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    anig akech12 jam yang lalu

    Ang ganda ng mga content mo erwan! Saludo ako.sayo!

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    Rocky Gatdula12 jam yang lalu

    loco talaga to si nico tunulak si erwan

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    Rejoice Anog13 jam yang lalu

    "Pahi- Pahiram po" with slang😆 -Nico,2019

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    Timotheè Chalamet13 jam yang lalu

    Nice content and amazing cinematography as usual. Love your chemistry 😍 Make this a series!!! Erwan's voice is so sexy btw.

  20. author

    Noel Garzo13 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for doing this!

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    Jherisa Villanueva13 jam yang lalu

    philippines should focus more on agriculture since this is what we’re known for eversince, however it is a big irony that now we the filipinos is one of the greatest importer of rice.. Rice (rise) up guys , this video opens our eyes and made us appreciate the importance of agriculture than building new establishments.. Agriculture is what we needs best since it would be the way to feed the next generation

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    miss jini14 jam yang lalu

    Always worth my time❤

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    Joecel Bautista15 jam yang lalu

    I learned a lot in this vlog! Great content! Good job! 👏👏

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    theater of souls15 jam yang lalu

    nice ka!!!!

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    theater of souls15 jam yang lalu

    mas lami man ang local rice beh... labi na ang young master hahaha

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    Jeofrey16 jam yang lalu

    they should be growing black rice that is much healthier.

  27. author

    Faith Bulayo16 jam yang lalu

    I really love how you put such things into a different perspective. We are so lucky to have you Erwan. This inspires me to push vlogging and creating documentaries. Thank you so much Sir ❤️❤️❤️

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    Zenbeach Traveler17 jam yang lalu

    This vlogger has star quality. Not just another guy kissing asses to gain subscriber. He is cute.

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    Brian John Lopez18 jam yang lalu

    Parang binabalatang niyog UNG tinapay eh Ang lutong...

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    Toylo18 jam yang lalu

    10 liters of water everyday? wtf, do you even take minerals? you have like zero water retention if you need to drink that much Heavy resistance training is not good while fasting either, you will end up weaker than before because you have really bad muscle recovery when you dont eat

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    Lerma Antonio18 jam yang lalu


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    Lerma Antonio18 jam yang lalu


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    Gatorade Val21 jam yang lalu

    I wish my husband just like erwan ❣️

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    Gatorade Val21 jam yang lalu

    I really appreciate how erwan loves filipino. ❣️

  35. author

    Daryl Mendoza21 jam yang lalu

    Magtanim ay di biro maghapon nakayuko...the hardship of being a farmer...thats why farmer is so very important in our daily lives..

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    Manuel Chavez22 jam yang lalu

    He has fantasies. Gay fantasies. Hmmmm.

  37. author

    jheny ramos23 jam yang lalu

    Nice one erwan. Nico even u feel spicy u continue eating I'm proud of u u win for challenge ehehehh.. nice one..

  38. author

    jheny ramos23 jam yang lalu

    Omg even she feel spicy she still looking pretty ... love you ate ann

  39. author

    Ayano Aishi23 jam yang lalu

    I love that Erwan staffs are consist of young people.

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    Andrea Otero23 jam yang lalu

    I'm from Camotes Islands and it actually have 4 towns. I love that you chose to feature our place because it can really boost the tourism thus more tourist more income for the people. I wish you would comeback and showcase more of what camotes can offer especially our beaches and caves. Moreover, I really hope you had fun in your stay there. PS this is a bit late because I had my exams #priorities PPS I'm ecstatic you're finally gonna have a baby 💖

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    M CCchannelHari Yang lalu

    Salute to all farmers out there! Especially to my father deaaarrr!🙌 😇👏👏👏

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    Close ForgoodHari Yang lalu

    I really like how you guys did this like in a very fun way, like it looks natural, you guys are being honest to yourselves. And the best part is you guys are doing it together. Stay healthy and rewards yourself. I started my water diet yesterday, today is my day 2 i started at 47.5kg I, work around 10 hours Monday to friday and yeah I understand the struggles of avoiding the foods in your office when everyone keep treating everyone foods and such haha. Keeping myself distracted by watching your video helped me keep motivated. This is my second water fasting. My first time was last February or was it march this year and I started at 58kg, dropping down to 44kg for a five day straight water fasting and the rest is a meal after 3-4 days. Now i just need to loose weight because I'm only 157cm so I look obviously large and circle. Before this I don't do exercise, but you guys makes me realize how good and how much it could benefits our body so I decided to jog after work monday to friday. So today I bought a jog pants for me (Trust me I don't exercise haha) and I looked at my own reflection in the mirror and realize how ugly my legs looks like. I want to change it. I will update my weight. Probably go for 5 days water fast because I'm not as hardcore as both of you. Thumbs up for this amazing video! Stay awesome guys!

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    N icaHari Yang lalu

    I hope more businesses like Chen Yi, with a vision to not only help poverty-stricken farmers but also build on sustainability, would invest in the country. Its just sad that eventhough the government "might" be making efforts to help farmers, it doesn't show much favorable results. Anyway, this is a very nice video Erwan and Nico! Very eye-opening. Looking forward to more contents like these! 💕

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    PH GAMINGHari Yang lalu

    Take care of your finger

  45. author

    Tinez AminHari Yang lalu

    Anne you're so blessed

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    Kristian Evar ParicaHari Yang lalu

    Hope our Government need to focus more in our agricultural sector not only in rice but all the agricultural product and fisheries. Agriculture is the backbone of a country. No Farmer. No Food. -Licensed Agriculturist 2019

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    Binibining SundaloHari Yang lalu

    can it be easily spoiled?

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    ryu TVHari Yang lalu

    2019 😂

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    ELF ChoiHari Yang lalu

    I decided not to eat dinner but then i watch this. I'm hungry right nowwww

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    Ken TravelerHari Yang lalu

    Hahaha. Di marunong. Nakakapagod yong ginagawa ni Nico, 😂

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    froilan anthonyHari Yang lalu

    wow amazing

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    THE MEDALLA'SHari Yang lalu

    This kind of vlog....its amazing and informative.

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    Anna CelestinoHari Yang lalu

    Thats why i love erwan hope he's speak Tagalog

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    Graham Isiah ChongHari Yang lalu

    Erwan's content has more sense compared to other vloggers out there.

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    Chen BratzHari Yang lalu

    Erwans it’s like Discovery channel in Philippines!!! Erwan’s channel !!! ❤️

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    Rehana SultanaHari Yang lalu

    ❤️ 🇧🇩 Beautifully represented agriculture ☺️👏👏

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    Marj NavzHari Yang lalu

    The saddest part.. No filipino farmers get rich except sa mayayaman na bumibili ng kanilang lupa.. Ginagawa lng kasangkapan ang mga pinoy para maging mayaman ang ibang lahi 😔😔😟

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    Mierdelyn AbantasHari Yang lalu

    LOL nico

  59. author

    Gina BorrmanHari Yang lalu

    Very well described and a good tour of Saigon. Thanks for sharing. From Jacksonville Florida USA 🇺🇸🇵🇭

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    panchito faderaHari Yang lalu

    Congratulations.. Solenn. !, on your journey as the "essence of a woman".

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    Mierdelyn AbantasHari Yang lalu


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    Alex HHari Yang lalu

    False 100 days = 100% chance of death Hunger strikes are not healthy even in the short term Eating healthy is always going to be better for you

  63. author

    Ma Micah MandigmaHari Yang lalu

    Can't wait for another video with Nico. Lagi akong nakaabang dyan. Hahaha. This is why I love rice. They may call me fat but us buying and eating rice can help support our local farmers. PS. next challenge please. Hahaha

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    monette makabentaHari Yang lalu

    I love Nico!😍

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    Valen TineHari Yang lalu

    U must eat sate padang don’t miss it

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    Amalia VillanuevaHari Yang lalu

    Dahil dito subscribers n kita thank you

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    great 👍👍👍

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    Love it💕

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    Dom Toretto04Hari Yang lalu

    My first erwan video! Been a fan ever since 2014!

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    Strong MeekHari Yang lalu

    Mesmerizing background intro music.

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    Almira RamiroHari Yang lalu

    i wish you can visit Marinduque too, it is such a paradise.

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    Ahmed IbrahimHari Yang lalu

    By far my most favorite of all your videos. Very informative and Hinding Hindi na ako mag aaksaya ng bigas or kanin ever. My commitment after watching this vid. Thank you Erwan, Nico and all of our hardworking Filipino farmers...Mabuhay kayo.👍👍😍

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    Tara Lets! with Jude and RheaHari Yang lalu

    Thank you erwan for featuring our rice problems in the PH. Their should be more awareness that their are solutions to our rice problem with new technologies now available. Hoping more companies would open such business all over the PH. 🙏👍good job erwan and nico 👍👍👍

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    Duane GomezHari Yang lalu

    Another solid content! Keep up the good work!

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    BolexHari Yang lalu

    Careful with that cutting tool, it can easily cut your finger if you are not used to it. Its better to get cut by kitchen knife rather than this ribbed blade tool called "gapas"

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    JemTalks VlogsHari Yang lalu

    This is the kind of content youtubers should have. very informative that will feed your own curiosity.

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    Dr TobseHari Yang lalu

    good vdi but the part with ther weird fitness girl was way to much

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    Chloe & AngelHari Yang lalu

    all of your content is very informative and everything has substance every video I love all of the videos that I've watched and assured you guys that I'm going to watch every video that you're going to upload! it's like diaries after all😍love it it's like top to bottom of Philippines attraction and history also people everyday lives are also your content or documenting lives.congrats 😃😍

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    Armin SolitoHari Yang lalu

    I love this content so much, proud to be taga Leyte 😂💕💕

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    Clover777 FarancoHari Yang lalu

    Nico galing mo ah

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    Naomi de GuzmanHari Yang lalu

    I love your content 💕

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    Anonymous UserHari Yang lalu

    S U B S C R I B E D

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    Anthony NazarioHari Yang lalu

    Thumbs up!!! Love your content. An eye opener to everyone.

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    Monica BriosoHari Yang lalu

    Erwann + Nature = thankyou lord 😍❤️ Loveu 😘

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    SHANEHari Yang lalu

    HAHAHAHAHA sorry natawa ako sa paggawa nya nun taho tlga pero okay lang yan kudos.

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    manuel bartolomeHari Yang lalu

    The bottom line is population...During the time Philippines was exporting rice....pilipino has less population compared to Vietnam/Thailand...Now pilipino has more population compared to Vietnam/Thailand....And they have more land area.. Simple law of demand and supply applies...

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    Carol MarananHari Yang lalu

    Erwan's vlogs make you want to travel more. 💘

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    Ronila ReyesHari Yang lalu

    Rice tarrifacation law was made by Sen Cynthia Villar and their family is one of the biggest importers of rice. Pinapatay ang local farmers para may mabibili silang murang lupa at gagawin nilang subdivisions. Someday wala nang palayan puro subdivisions na. Napaka buwaya talaga. Kya diko binoto yan.

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    Ronila ReyesHari Yang lalu

    Good job Erwan and Nico

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    Kevin FlintHari Yang lalu

    I think this bulbul guy is just alcoholic

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    Tropang KablasanonHari Yang lalu

    waw. nice erwan and nico. were also From Pastrana Leyte. thanks a lot for being here in Leyte plus thank you so much for featuring our traditional rice farming. Damo nga salamat. Kanugon wrai kami sabot han iyo pagkadi kumita unta kami haiyo😍

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    Mechel RomoHari Yang lalu


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    chester crisologoHari Yang lalu

    This is an amazing video. But I find it sad that it takes a foreigner to help local farmers. Filipinos should be championing their own causes.

  94. author

    Jewel FortalejoHari Yang lalu

    I've experienced this, from planting until harvesting a 3 "kahon", after that...I got sick for a week. A great and unforgettable experienced. That's why my grandfather every time there's one rice fall or leave from our plate, he keeps saying that one rice if we plant it, it will produce more..since then, my plate is always empty and clean after eating.

  95. author

    Stephanie EvangelioHari Yang lalu

    The last minute message 🤣 but erwan, you look so damn cute after paying the bill😂

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    Kimverly RamosHari Yang lalu

    Thanks Erwan and Nico ❤

  97. author

    Kimverly RamosHari Yang lalu

    Thank you, CHEN YI and the people of Chen Yi ❤❤

  98. author

    Kimverly RamosHari Yang lalu

    My mama and papa have been harvesting palays in our palayan and i cant imagine how hard they were working. And now i see this 😭 I've not been in our land so i haven't seen them harvesting or working under the sun. Thank you, Farmers ❤❤ THANK YOU VERY MUCH 💕❤ My heart goes to you. Thank you!!!

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    Jessica Clarisse NicartHari Yang lalu

    Rewatching 💚💚💚

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    Wonder With GilHari Yang lalu

    The issue they tackled here was well-explained in Bong Bong Marcos' vlog about Rice Farming in the Philippines.