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Secret life of AntsSecret life of Ants

Secret life of Ants

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Desert dune bashingDesert dune bashing

Desert dune bashing

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Dubai fountainDubai fountain

Dubai fountain

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Inside ant colonyInside ant colony

Inside ant colony

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ants day's workants day's work

ants day's work

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8 tahun yang lalu

smoke dance, fumo danzantesmoke dance, fumo danzante

smoke dance, fumo danzante

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reverse entropyreverse entropy

reverse entropy

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America's cupAmerica's cup

America's cup

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noi degli anni '80noi degli anni '80

noi degli anni '80

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    Pranks and Fun Promoter11 hari yang lalu

    Subhan Allah. There is no God but Allah.

  2. author

    Sam Ymn26 hari yang lalu

    Great video , I love cactos

  3. author

    AdamBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like nuts

  4. author

    Luis ValdezBulan Yang lalu


  5. author

    Dragon -XCL-CityBulan Yang lalu

    If they are this chill then I just see them panicking all the time

  6. author

    everlasting friendship2 bulan yang lalu

    Great work how you managed??

  7. author

    Black Johnny Test2 bulan yang lalu

    That one ant is getting gangbanged

  8. author

    Ayan Uzair2 bulan yang lalu

    *This ain't the inside house of ants this is made on the surface of a land or made on some stuff.*

  9. author

    behind you3 bulan yang lalu

    This sounds like xxxtentacion and trippie reds sampled this on their song “fuck love”

  10. author

    Praneeth 8144 bulan yang lalu

    Where is brood

  11. author

    The Man Himself5 bulan yang lalu

    Messor barbarus look exactly like what you would expect from that name. They kinda look like little bulldogs

  12. author

    Oreste Gaspari6 bulan yang lalu


  13. author

    profragz6 bulan yang lalu

    Drake equation?

  14. author

    Peter J. A.7 bulan yang lalu

    What type of seeds do u feed ur harvester ants???

  15. author

    Oreste Gaspari7 bulan yang lalu

    New ant house here idreporter.net/v/video-enon5oEEQhQ.html

  16. author

    __Kookie Gamer__7 bulan yang lalu

    So...calm.....until we...destroy...their homes...OMG I'm so sorry ants...😔

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    Boyan Short Film7 bulan yang lalu

    Do you think I could use a few seconds of this footage in my non-commercial project? you will be fully credited.

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    Queen Melanin8 bulan yang lalu


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    YeeT Gaming9 bulan yang lalu

    Welcome to The Ant Apartment Cost:FREE

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    Mr. Cthuhlu Sea Beast11 bulan yang lalu

    There's like a billion or millions if them

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    Jordan Bakos11 bulan yang lalu

    I recognize that soundtrack!😅 interstellar was an amazing movie

  22. author

    B BC11 bulan yang lalu

    track id?

  23. author

    Tania DottieTahun Yang lalu

    This is brilliant. I could watch this kinda stuff all day.

  24. author

    easy streetTahun Yang lalu

    Well done. Thank you #391 +👍

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    SPARTAS 1110Tahun Yang lalu

    Great song with one of he best space movies ever

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    رنو رانTahun Yang lalu

    سبحان الله العظيم🤗😍🤗😍

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    bijaylaxmi pandaTahun Yang lalu

    Great Video

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    صفاء علاء ابوعليTahun Yang lalu


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    Drr magnetoTahun Yang lalu

    yellow is egg or what ?

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    richie_D HorSiETahun Yang lalu

    It looks lonely inside

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    omar abdullah basilmTahun Yang lalu

    قبيله ماساء الله 😂😂😂

  32. author

    English Dept.Tahun Yang lalu

    so you cut the colony vertically to shoot the video?

  33. author

    Haider JamaliTahun Yang lalu


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    AndreaTahun Yang lalu

    Bellissimo video! Ma mangiano semi? che semi sono?

  35. author

    Determined LynneTahun Yang lalu

    so this is what is within the walls of my house....

  36. author

    ImplicitTahun Yang lalu

    Interstellar :)

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    محمد المدريدي محمد المدريديTahun Yang lalu

    Subhan aluh

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    Kitty Talk2 tahun yang lalu

    In India people live like this. Trust me.

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    Eazy’s Stream2 tahun yang lalu


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    Marianna Bianca Bernardo2 tahun yang lalu

    X la Ferrari avete dimenticato l'aviatore Gilles nella sua breve ma intensa carriera interrotta nell'82 rip sempre nei nostri cuori

  41. author

    Paula Martínez Aguilera2 tahun yang lalu


  42. author

    neeloc drof2 tahun yang lalu

    thank you.....wanted to share this with young ones, and most of the videos-there is someone talking for 3/4 of it and sometimes at the end inside a colony is seen.....candid, nice! thank you

  43. author

    ChrySalis11132 tahun yang lalu

    How did you do this?!!? I wish there was some narrative. Interesting!

  44. author

    Neel Rane2 tahun yang lalu

    0:44 the first ant of the second layer is a queen ant,the big one!!!!

  45. author

    Oreste Gaspari2 tahun yang lalu

    You might get bored but there are many funny videos on IDreporter you know? Go ahead, do not stop here

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    Mohammada Aprilianto2 tahun yang lalu


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    Cocoa The Dog2 tahun yang lalu

    first comment... 1.1914th view

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    Enrique Bucio2 tahun yang lalu

    Your camera may die of actuations, try intervals at 15 minutes or possibly a video camera with nonstop video.

  49. author

    Enrique Bucio2 tahun yang lalu

    You threw a ring at the sky and then took a snap.

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    Ali Marvi3 tahun yang lalu

    hi, bean plant, what do you think, the type it that is? plz tel i want to groaaw my own been

  51. author

    Cristiana Sabre3 tahun yang lalu

    Scusate l'errore erano le paludi della tristezza.A volte la malinconia gioca brutti scherzi

  52. author

    Cristiana Sabre3 tahun yang lalu

    Grazie per aver pubblicato questo video, vorrei fare un saluto speciale e tutti quelli che hanno pianto al cinema vedendo ARTAX affondare nelle paludi della disperazione e hanno sognato di poter fare un giro su un FORTUNADRAGO.Che ricordi magici,VIVA GLI ANNI 80

  53. author

    Oreste Gaspari4 tahun yang lalu

    Good question .. It was a classic bean but not remember what kind sorry!

  54. author

    Daniela Perez4 tahun yang lalu

    what type of bean did you use?

  55. author

    Dave Watson4 tahun yang lalu

    my plant died we gave enough everything

  56. author

    Sunny Flower - Red Rose4 tahun yang lalu

    Bellissimo video, tutto vero! Classe 71, ciaoo anni 80!

  57. author

    Oreste Gaspari4 tahun yang lalu

    Grazie a te, sono felice ti sia piaciuto, se poi ti ha strappato anche un sorriso molto meglio!

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    Piccolo Laboratorio Tessile M-ART4 tahun yang lalu

    Grazie molto molto bello..

  59. author

    Dave Watson4 tahun yang lalu

    my bean has a big green seed case now

  60. author

    Dave Watson4 tahun yang lalu

    Water them everyday only for two sec not long and not at full power if ur using tap

  61. author

    Dave Watson4 tahun yang lalu

    And I mean like how it ended

  62. author

    Dave Watson4 tahun yang lalu

    say 123 if you think its basically a tree now and in 2015

  63. author

    Neyron7714 tahun yang lalu

    My bean seeds won't sprout and its been 4 days all that I've seen is one, half an inch root. Can anybody give me advise??

  64. author

    ElementalDomain5 tahun yang lalu

    superb. thank you.

  65. author

    Fearun90335 tahun yang lalu

    A video that's only 1:40 long should not have 30 second intro... Just saying.

  66. author

    Val Beaumont6 tahun yang lalu

    Absolutely BRILLIANT! I wanted a time lapse to show a class of 8 year old children. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it. It is perfect! :-)

  67. author

    Oreste Gaspari6 tahun yang lalu

    Premiere pro 25 fotogrammi al secondo

  68. author

    ♦Neapow♦6 tahun yang lalu

    programma utilizzato? ;)

  69. author

    rana selo6 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you!

  70. author

    Oreste Gaspari6 tahun yang lalu

    Hi, the music is Paul Ruskay - Kharak System, taken from Homeworld Soundtrack. In fact all the other soundtrack music from Homeworld are beautiful

  71. author

    rana selo6 tahun yang lalu

    could you please tell me the name of this music? It's very nice!

  72. author

    Julie WifeMotherGardener6 tahun yang lalu

    Epigeal germination

  73. author

    Julie WifeMotherGardener6 tahun yang lalu

    French bean, Phaseolus vulgaris

  74. author

    hoo koo6 tahun yang lalu

    im growing 3 bean seeds they also sprouted too.^_^

  75. author

    زهررة البنفسج6 tahun yang lalu


  76. author

    Apple Slices Unite6 tahun yang lalu

    i'm guessing when the leaves go up it was day light and down for night.

  77. author

    Réti7 tahun yang lalu


  78. author

    Jordi Payà Canals7 tahun yang lalu

    Superb! Great work.

  79. author

    mauricio chan8 tahun yang lalu

    beautiful time lapse

  80. author

    Oreste Gaspari8 tahun yang lalu

    @laurand80 Grazie!

  81. author

    laurand808 tahun yang lalu

    Bellissimo Oreste!

  82. author

    Max Turrican8 tahun yang lalu

    @culandr1 Se fossi stato di quegli anni avresti imparato il valore della classe e dell'agire con stile...

  83. author

    StortoNOFX9 tahun yang lalu

    '83 ma l'avere un fratello del '79 mi fa sentire più a casa con questo filmato che con quello dei '90.. ..raga non avete nominato Golion / Voltron XD ..e le gomme che scoppiavano in bocca!!!! :9

  84. author

    lecame10 tahun yang lalu

    questo vidoe dice le stesse cose del video degli anni 70 ... bah comunque la maggior parte di queste cose sono uguali per chiunque è stato bambino, sia negli anni 70 sia 80 sia 90, non centra nulla il decennio

  85. author

    mayorc10 tahun yang lalu

    Non dire cazate :)

  86. author

    Giuseppe Pelliccioni11 tahun yang lalu

    In quel periodo ancora non ero trentenne, che bei ricordi!!!!

  87. author

    longlifeluke11 tahun yang lalu

    cacchiarola...io sono del 1980...in pratica ero (e sono) tutto ciò.... ....lacrimuccie di nostalgia....ridatemi "Bem il mostro umano" e "I Ragazzi della 3°C"!!!!!!!!!

  88. author

    obrosmic8711 tahun yang lalu

    ad esempio io avevo lo zaino invicta (negli anni 90 arrivò la seven a rivaleggiare con lei) per molto tempo anche io andavo in bici,chiedevo se i miei amici erano in casa,vedevo bim bum bam vedevo bei cartoni animati e bei telefilm, mi prendevo i ceffoni se prendevo brutti voti a scuola eccetera eccetera quindi non mitizziamo troppo un epoca perchè ogni generazione ha un'epoca mitica più mitiche di quelle delle precedenti e future generazioni.

  89. author

    obrosmic8711 tahun yang lalu

    mi dispiace steganos77 ma non sono d'accordo con te per carità gli anni 80 saranno stati belli per te e gli altri che erano bambini e giovani in quel decennio ma proprio perchè hai vissuto gli anni della gioventù negli anni 80 io ho vissuto la gioventù negli anni 90 e i primi anni 2000 e molte cose che avete fatto voi le ho fatte anche io con i miei amici(dal dire fare baciare a cose,nomi,città all'album panini)e molte cose degli anni 80 c'erano anche negli anni 90

  90. author

    LadyShaker8411 tahun yang lalu

    i cartoni animati belli! puoi dirlo! ALTRO CHE I GORMITI DI ADESSO

  91. author

    Ettore P11 tahun yang lalu

    groppo in gola...

  92. author

    christian N.11 tahun yang lalu

    Noi che andavamo sotto le grate per vedere le gambe delle ragazze che portavano la gonna.... Classe 68 in pieno NOI....grazie steganos 77 mi riconosco in pieno

  93. author

    lupoluke11 tahun yang lalu

    grandi anni quelli.... che nostalgia...

  94. author

    elcondorgago11 tahun yang lalu

    noi che se la maestra ti dava un ceffone, la mamma te ne dava 2.........

  95. author

    CAIO X11 tahun yang lalu

    1981 presente:D

  96. author

    marcokin8011 tahun yang lalu

    Io sono dell'80 e quegli anni me li sono fatti tutti... Che ricori... quasi certe cose me le ero dimenticate. Sono cose che hanno fatto la storia e sono fiero di averle viste tutte :)

  97. author

    Ultra AleM11 tahun yang lalu

    Sono nato negli anni 90', che mi sono perso?

  98. author

    Mauro Tarantino11 tahun yang lalu

    semplicemente FANTASTICO. gran bel video... ho la pelle d'oca cazzo... e sono nato solo nell'85, immagino quelli nati a metà '70 che se li sono vissuti nell'adolescenza!!!

  99. author

    Valentina Beccaria11 tahun yang lalu

    io sono nata nel 1982 ..quindi son cresciuta a cavallo tra gli anni 80 e 90..be' penso di essere stata molto fortunata...è vero prima del 2000 non c'erano un sacco di cose che ci sono ora..ma da ragazzina ho respirato un'aria molto ma molto più pulita! Magari mi sbaglierò ma in quegli anni c'erano molti meno ragazzi depressi di quanti ce ne sono ora...è vero quando dici che chi non ha vissuto quegli anni non può capire tante cose! Grazie per il video :)

  100. author

    z3r11 tahun yang lalu

    si si difatti i gettoni ,chernobyl.... mah