Highlights from the CallMeCarsonLIVE Twitch channel

i will destroy themi will destroy them

i will destroy them

2 bulan yang lalu

We ruined this game...We ruined this game...

We ruined this game...

2 bulan yang lalu

this was a weird streamthis was a weird stream

this was a weird stream

5 bulan yang lalu

I tried to do a handstandI tried to do a handstand

I tried to do a handstand

5 bulan yang lalu

a game of betrayala game of betrayal

a game of betrayal

5 bulan yang lalu

You have to get acrossYou have to get across

You have to get across

6 bulan yang lalu

E3 2019 but it's funnyE3 2019 but it's funny

E3 2019 but it's funny

7 bulan yang lalu

true stupiditytrue stupidity

true stupidity

8 bulan yang lalu

a date with yodaa date with yoda

a date with yoda

8 bulan yang lalu

The UNO ExperienceThe UNO Experience

The UNO Experience

9 bulan yang lalu

losing brain cellslosing brain cells

losing brain cells

9 bulan yang lalu

a very scary puzzle gamea very scary puzzle game

a very scary puzzle game

9 bulan yang lalu



9 bulan yang lalu

Awful Steam GamesAwful Steam Games

Awful Steam Games

10 bulan yang lalu

We suck at Human Fall FlatWe suck at Human Fall Flat

We suck at Human Fall Flat

10 bulan yang lalu

A Violent UNO ExperienceA Violent UNO Experience

A Violent UNO Experience

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Yung Leem56 detik yang lalu

    why why why whyyyyyyyyyyy???

  2. author

    Comrade Waffle2 menit yang lalu

    Tbh, there should be a season two were Schlatt runs for mayor.

  3. author

    Andrei Diaz4 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    Dirty Danimals7 menit yang lalu

    its like watching the last episode of a show. theres a void now that cant be filled

  5. author

    Mr Suti and his budy not harry potter Larry otter10 menit yang lalu

    Carson be Brownshirt up in this shit

  6. author

    J O e L11 menit yang lalu


  7. author

    maybe kellen11 menit yang lalu

    oh god i can’t watch this. i will never be in the right headspace to watch this.

  8. author

    Baron Doom11 menit yang lalu


  9. author

    Devvy12 menit yang lalu


  10. author

    Flimsy Snow12 menit yang lalu

    Carson I will buy that map from you, I got a 5 dollar bill with your name on it

  11. author

    RumplyDerrick13 menit yang lalu

    SMP rip we all loved you

  12. author

    Enderbro59714 menit yang lalu

    I followed your orders carson. She was just confused so ill assume that means no lmfao

  13. author

    Swiss Chesse14 menit yang lalu

    Who’s here because SMPlive is over? :(

  14. author

    TitledANTHONY14 menit yang lalu

    moments that predict legendary things

  15. author

    Brunko Sproogle14 menit yang lalu

    what's smp live

  16. author

    ᏒᎧᏰᎧᏖᏁᎥᏦ 75 ᙭Ƴ乙15 menit yang lalu

    You just ended my vacation from depression

  17. author

    Spence McFence16 menit yang lalu


  18. author

    ᏒᎧᏰᎧᏖᏁᎥᏦ 75 ᙭Ƴ乙16 menit yang lalu


  19. author

    JqhnGame _16 menit yang lalu

  20. author

    JqhnGame _16 menit yang lalu

  21. author

    JqhnGame _16 menit yang lalu

  22. author

    JqhnGame _17 menit yang lalu

  23. author

    JqhnGame _17 menit yang lalu

  24. author

    Rubix Music19 menit yang lalu

    Even though it was only 10 months, it feels like it’s been so long. Goodbye SmpLive.

  25. author

    Deez Nutz20 menit yang lalu


  26. author

    Maisy Victoria21 menit yang lalu

    the video link to the first episode at the end of this video hit HARD omg :')

  27. author

    Nedd Bear22 menit yang lalu

    didn’t gumball fall into an endless void along with the other citizens of elmor

  28. author

    vive22 menit yang lalu


  29. author

    gangstagrinder 8126 menit yang lalu

    10:47 wtf was that laugh?!

  30. author

    Da Pixel Penguin26 menit yang lalu

    grunk typing ora ora in the chat jojo fans: go insane

  31. author

    SmartSouls27 menit yang lalu

    24:29 How the end of Earth went down 25,000 years from now.

  32. author

    Wandering Hermit Crab27 menit yang lalu


  33. author

    Squiddo SquidHead27 menit yang lalu

    gonna buy minecraft just so i can explore smp live's map

  34. author

    Jake White?29 menit yang lalu

    13:20 that isn’t a noise humans should make

  35. author

    bruh momento31 menit yang lalu

    Who else cried?

  36. author

    Enderbro59732 menit yang lalu

    "How do I join Carson?" "You can't, stop." Nah just wait about a year.

  37. author

    Matthew101 Desimone36 menit yang lalu

    You should have asked her to come in the room behind you than you could have made a joke

  38. author

    Callaghan Finnicum39 menit yang lalu


  39. author

    Breakfast Club Sandwich40 menit yang lalu

    I rememebrr when i got the call Smp Live Is Kil Noo.

  40. author

    Bacon Bro Joe40 menit yang lalu

    This is giving me series finale icarly vibes I dont like

  41. author

    loud42 menit yang lalu

    might as well rewatch all the smplive videos

  42. author

    HarleeDavis24644 menit yang lalu

    This is so sad to look back on. It was a good run.

  43. author

    solid snek44 menit yang lalu


  44. author

    machomano20744 menit yang lalu

    the music at the end oddly hit different;y

  45. author

    Kail Leaf201945 menit yang lalu

    There’s just no other reason to live no.. reason.. AT ALL!!!!

  46. author

    Gasoline Garry45 menit yang lalu

    S M P H A E R S N O I I U V S D E S

  47. author

    Tanner Barton46 menit yang lalu

    I cry

  48. author

    kira6446 menit yang lalu


  49. author

    RainBowCake201047 menit yang lalu

    What shader is he using?

  50. author

    Phalanx47 menit yang lalu

    the website for the map download is called "goodbye, friend"

  51. author

    Like Police47 menit yang lalu

    Where were you wen smplive die I was at home eat Dorito when phone ring "SMPlive is kil" *no*

  52. author

    Phalanx47 menit yang lalu


  53. author

    Emilija Slatkeviciute48 menit yang lalu

    Bruh, I literally saw the title and thought that it said ‘the end of my minecraft career’ and I got so panicked and was literally having an anxiety attack, and then I realised...

  54. author

    LVN49 menit yang lalu

    me:o really someone acually sponsered carson

  55. author

    Aleyna K51 menit yang lalu

    why.... why did i actually get sad

  56. author

    Ian Davis52 menit yang lalu

    Smp live season 2?

  57. author

    Trick Prower52 menit yang lalu

    What’s the outro?

  58. author

    frida shupenia53 menit yang lalu

    I cried

  59. author

    Ross FromFriends53 menit yang lalu

    What was the song playing at the end?

  60. author

    Oop I dropped my hydroflask53 menit yang lalu

    If I had money I’ll buy some cram😫

  61. author

    Xx_Epicdude_xX56 menit yang lalu

    Bruh Phil only has one death 💀

  62. author

    Jakub Szczepaniak56 menit yang lalu


  63. author

    Life Fruit57 menit yang lalu

    *[Insert Joe Swanson Here]*

  64. author

    Stamps ManJam Yang lalu

    eat pant conar should be the monument

  65. author

    Lotadfrom6genJam Yang lalu

    I was hoping for the line "The next page in the script is empty" to make it in here

  66. author

    Vinnu SweetJam Yang lalu

    at tge very end of the stream he said there is a season 2 comming

  67. author

    Don't Mind Me Just IroningJam Yang lalu

    Ok didn't ask

  68. author

    XDyanahKnowsTheWayXJam Yang lalu

    CallMeArson 🔥

  69. author

    oh em gee :3Jam Yang lalu


  70. author

    Raging Lion01 01Jam Yang lalu

    Bro this hits hard

  71. author

    無口Jam Yang lalu

    We need an end of Evangelion poster edited for end of smp live

  72. author

    Jack OtkenJam Yang lalu

    damn poke's editing game is on fucking point this episode

  73. author

    The OneyedsquiddJam Yang lalu

    When your girlfriend leaves you for a guy named chad: 18:47

  74. author

    steampunkerkaiJam Yang lalu


  75. author

    LordithJam Yang lalu

    I hate how this ended on 4443 subs

  76. author

    Anthony ReevesJam Yang lalu

    What a simp

  77. author

    JonathanJam Yang lalu

    This didn't need to be 26 minuttes long..

  78. author

    DRAW 4 DAYS PotJam Yang lalu


  79. author

    69,420 subs with no videos challengeJam Yang lalu

    I'm not crying, you're crying...

  80. author

    Stational MashupsJam Yang lalu

    gamer glitch number 2

  81. author

    CrashBrockstaJam Yang lalu

    the end of smplive, enough to make a grown man cry. and that's okay.

  82. author

    acidicmemecabJam Yang lalu

    the intro with stal and his twitch username was too well edited

  83. author

    Emo teen no.2958Jam Yang lalu

    I watched the Ted stream of smp closing and everyone was in a panic and a hurry to finish up the final touches and to finish the monument to his welth

  84. author

    Antonije LasicJam Yang lalu

    would be nice to see season 2

  85. author

    PythonJam Yang lalu

    actually crying

  86. author

    miniwy01 wyattJam Yang lalu

    Does anybody remember pink men slappin on eachother

  87. author

    Life FruitJam Yang lalu

    Wait Till' He Burns Her House.

  88. author

    MikeZzJam Yang lalu

    i cried

  89. author

    MossesXPJam Yang lalu


  90. author

    0rangeJam Yang lalu

    Why did those last 5 minutes of the video hit so hard wtf?

  91. author

    Choco LocoJam Yang lalu

    You just got *nae nae’d*

  92. author

    Minecraft YesJam Yang lalu


  93. author

    brobie 2Jam Yang lalu

    Never really noticed how much smp live really ment to me until it was really over.

  94. author

    BackwardsFacedFredJam Yang lalu

    Poor kara lol

  95. author

    Spencer BrownJam Yang lalu

    Sorry for bad English but where were you when SMP Live die I was at home eating Doritos when phone ring “SMP live is kil” No

  96. author

    TarttyJam Yang lalu

    The look on his face when he said “see you guys later”. That shit broke me😔

  97. author

    El FruteroJam Yang lalu


  98. author

    sofia molinaJam Yang lalu

    were real men cry

  99. author

    SimoJam Yang lalu

    I got an ad for Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop on this vid. Please help

  100. author

    YugenJam Yang lalu

    i tears up sad vibes all over