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Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is idreporter.net/title-oliviajadebeauty ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!

hi againhi again

hi again

6 hari yang lalu

GRWM for a date ...GRWM for a date ...

GRWM for a date ...

10 bulan yang lalu

im sorryim sorry

im sorry

Tahun Yang lalu

grwm FOR A DATE ...grwm FOR A DATE ...

grwm FOR A DATE ...

Tahun Yang lalu

my transformationmy transformation

my transformation

Tahun Yang lalu

sorry mom & dad...sorry mom & dad...

sorry mom & dad...

Tahun Yang lalu

sorry for this...sorry for this...

sorry for this...

Tahun Yang lalu

  1. author

    Spilled MilkMenit Yang lalu


  2. author

    Teo5 menit yang lalu

    Hi 👋

  3. author

    lorena casanas5 menit yang lalu

    Lmao is this supposed to be an apology??? Lol so you did what you did and thats it we are all supposed to take it and be ok with it. And welcome you back like you spoiled little brat. Taking opportunities away from people who actually want it and need it Because they actually want to learn and make themselves better and more educated .

  4. author

    MightyThor6557 menit yang lalu

    This lady is a piece of shit.

  5. author

    Feliciá Monét11 menit yang lalu

    You could have at least made a genuine apology during this.

  6. author

    sir cogent14 menit yang lalu


  7. author

    Yoga Bliss Dance15 menit yang lalu

    Yeah at first I didn't know who this is, but saw uge view count but yeah. if I were her of course just apologize- no not to us- but to the folks who got hurt, and left out of college who were real atheletes and or didnt' have $ to pay to play as it were but she didnt' even say that....ok wait--HOW COULD SHE NOT KNOW that she doesnt' row and is on a rowing scholarship??? I may be missing a detail but it's a bit fishy...

  8. author

    sir cogent17 menit yang lalu

    your dad could of paid to pro apologize video maker to make something more apologetic 😂

  9. author

    bella201922 menit yang lalu

    Stop with the hits - she is a narcissist- really - perhaps cause people can’t believe she is daft on things

  10. author

    Amanda b29 menit yang lalu

    Maybe she will apoligize when she CAN talk about it

  11. author

    Anthony Moore30 menit yang lalu

    The worst part about this video is that she's a spoiled rich kid whose pretending like she has no idea what she did wrong. Just admit what happened, apologize and get off youtube. You can still live your spoiled life off youtube. Such a disgrace.

  12. author

    Steve Walker30 menit yang lalu

    what happened?

  13. author

    Plant Me Ashley30 menit yang lalu

    You commited a federal crime knowingly there isnt forgiveness for you here on youtube olivia. youre a literal criminal >.<

  14. author

    Maiello Rocha33 menit yang lalu

    When should you come back to youtube? Never, you wont be missed cheating pretentious k*nt.

  15. author

    Kelsey Dzioba35 menit yang lalu

    Yessss come back! I miss your videos. 😊 Ignore the haters and do what you love. ❤️

  16. author

    andrea f38 menit yang lalu

    None of us have forgotten that YOU are not the victim. You consented to this fraud when you took fake crew pictures. Go away.

  17. author

    Rayana Mckee38 menit yang lalu

    Ignore the comments. Ignore the world. You do you. You are brave and that’s what matters.

  18. author

    Jacob Williams38 menit yang lalu

    literally listen to her, she obviously feels bad. everybody makes mistakes, some worse than others, but still she knows what she did.

  19. author

    inquisitor41 menit yang lalu

    I hear the frozen peas, baloney sandwiches and powdered milk are real tasty in cell block 3.

  20. author

    Kaylin Troiano41 menit yang lalu

    why she sound like she gotta cough the whole time

  21. author

    Emilia Huerta42 menit yang lalu

    she thinks she doing something 😂

  22. author

    Whitney Holliday46 menit yang lalu

    moral of the story? what?

  23. author

    SharonRenie48 menit yang lalu

    So your parents are going to jail for a long time and all you care about is yourself. You are an entitled brat and your parents are delusional if they think they’ve done nothing wrong. They didn’t even have enough faith in you getting into a prestigious university on your own merits, so they broke the law instead. That’s just low class BS! Try living in the real world where people actually have to work real jobs to make ends meet. Do you even know what a resume is? Start working on yours.

  24. author

    cmp071449 menit yang lalu

    What days will visitation be on?

  25. author

    Savi Hull51 menit yang lalu

    I’m sure everyone has made a mistake in their life. Some bigger than others. The fact that you are all trying so hard to bring other people down really shows the type of people you are. Yes her and her family made a huge mistake that they are suffering for and living through the consequences. But have you ever thought of what she is feeling? She lost everything. Everything she did work for, friends, some family I’m sure and all of you have the guts to say all these nasty things? What happened to forgiveness and kindness? Geez. The one thing you guys are right about is “what is this world we live in”? #goldengatemovement

  26. author

    Savanna R54 menit yang lalu

    knowing you stole an actual student's spot in college is regret you and your mom are going to live with for the rest of your. if you think you can just come back to IDreporter and pretend everything is fine, think again.

  27. author

    Cloud Burst56 menit yang lalu

    What parent ever says they are proud of their child getting back on IDreporter? There is a reason why Lori and Olivia are so disliked. Anyone who needs it explained is beyond repair.

  28. author

    Maria Lopez57 menit yang lalu

    girl boo. nobody likes you. you’re trash. you’re an embarrassment.

  29. author

    mia meixner59 menit yang lalu

    you’re so brave and strong proud of you 💓

  30. author

    Will RogersJam Yang lalu

    I harbor no ill feelings towards her for the scandal! What I hate are those stupid bird legs she has!!!

  31. author

    Daniela SalgueroJam Yang lalu

    I hope no brand enforces this narcissistic girl and even if (lets pretend) it wasn’t her fault, the fact that she shows no remorse and is trying to come back to youtube for personal fulfillment makes it even more pathetic

  32. author

    Essence SanchezJam Yang lalu

    And just because she has money doesn’t mean she can’t be affected by the situation she’s in. She’s still a person

  33. author

    Sasha CaldwellJam Yang lalu

    Your filming a yt video while ur mom is going to prison... nice

  34. author

    Essence SanchezJam Yang lalu

    What part of she can’t talk about do you people not get?

  35. author

    Robert PetramaleJam Yang lalu

    I must have missed the apology bimbo 😒 Now go away

  36. author

    rebecca ¡Jam Yang lalu

    y'all are stupid, her MOM commited the crime. not olivia. infact she probably didn't have much of a say in what her mom did. like damn just shut up and everyone saying "just admit it was wrong" and all that shit, as she said she legally can't speak on the case ✋👶

  37. author

    Swift CandyJam Yang lalu

    keep filming and turn of the comments! I love watching you and your family , you guys are legendary 🤩

  38. author

    S3RG1Jam Yang lalu

    Please come back to IDreporter and upload!!

  39. author

    Jessica HJam Yang lalu

    I’m rich white and privileged. Poor me. GIRL BYE.

  40. author

    noelle сексуальныйJam Yang lalu

    i know all these comments are about the actual situation but as i was watching this I just wanted to know where she got her shirt... so does anyone know where it’s from?? pls help a girl out

  41. author

    Will & RebelJam Yang lalu

    We miss you!!! Come back when you’re ready 💗

  42. author

    Daniel GJam Yang lalu

    Hi Olivia, It took a lot of courage to put yourself out there, we understand what has happened. Its ok no need to apologize, I know I've taken some selfish steps for my own self gratification along with I'm sure many of us here. Just so happens were not in the spot light and you are... Welcome Back.

  43. author

    Nadine JisaJam Yang lalu

    Don't know her, never saw her before, just know about the college stuff. So you see to me she is just another kid brought up in a spoiled rich house. I am lucky to have a couple bucks to my name, let alone imagine someone having 1/2 a mil or more to play with. What a waste of funds. Did they really learn anything from all of this? I doubt it. Glad I live in the real world. I would rather know I earn my way and not get hand outs.

  44. author

    Nasiphi MketeniJam Yang lalu

    Why bother making this video if you're not going to own up,what you did was wrong.

  45. author

    karismaJam Yang lalu

    Whilst I’m in no way condoning her actions (I’m all for forgiveness and change but it’s very difficult in this case, ESPECIALLY after that photo of her flipping everyone off, ridiculous) the reason she hasn’t apologised or said that she feels bad, etc. is because, like she said, she legally can’t. For her to apologise would be her admitting it was wrong and since her mother didn’t take the plea deal she can’t. Once all that is settled I feel like she should do something to help underprivileged students somehow, not to seek forgiveness but because it’s the decent human thing to do.

  46. author

    Brooke HillJam Yang lalu

    She did a bad thing but can we all just stfu about it. She didn’t ask for your sympathy. If you don’t like her then ok but like why is this still a thing. BEING A BITCH WONT MAKE THE SITUATION BETTER. Is there still a point to sit here and hate all over again?? I get it be angry but like stfu I’m so tired of the Fucking hate. If she deserves it or not idc what you think but can’t it just stop.

  47. author

    Arianna DelgadilloJam Yang lalu

    People including myself, work so hard to get into college universities, you guys literally took those spots away from students by just paying your way in... the least you can do is apologize and acknowledge that it was wrong

  48. author

    Marina Coelho CotiJam Yang lalu


  49. author

    Khin ThweJam Yang lalu

    Moral of the story: she missed her fame

  50. author

    Q&DNationJam Yang lalu

    Just apologize sis.

  51. author

    Kdubb815Jam Yang lalu

    Someone, please tell me what the hell this girl is trying to say. This is the girl who's mom bribed her way into paying for this girl's college right?

  52. author

    RJam Yang lalu


  53. author

    Tasia CreechJam Yang lalu

    Here's a good piece of advice: Just delete your channel honey. Thank your mom for fucking up your life.

  54. author

    beatlebob101Jam Yang lalu

    Pretty cool that if you’re rich you can lie your way into expensive colleges and then get to go home and sit in your nice bedroom with candles lit and complain that you didn’t get to make money off of people on the internet

  55. author

    vbddfy euuytJam Yang lalu

    She’s just trying to get back on IDreporter because she won’t be able to get a job anywhere else except flipping burgers. Smh.

  56. author

    Rabin DahalJam Yang lalu

    You’re the product of white privilege!

  57. author

    Nathaly LezamaJam Yang lalu

    Bruh she needs to go go

  58. author

    Sophie CJam Yang lalu

    GUYS please calm down and stop spreading hate. obviously what happened was not ok, but this is a perfect example of how cancel culture is super toxic and can actually real harm mental health. its totally valid that everyone is angry about what happened, but channel your anger into changing the system and actually being productive, not just sitting behind a computer and being hateful. she can't apologize because she legally cannot talk about what happened, like AT ALL. just try to have a little compassion and don't be cruel.

  59. author

    Amy GillumJam Yang lalu

    You shouldn’t come back. No.

  60. author

    andrew jamesJam Yang lalu

    Who are these "alledged" 123K people? 🤔

  61. author

    Connor MackayJam Yang lalu

    Social media is just toxic bad for anyone's mental health. Stay off it and live your life without the Internet unfortunately it has become such a obsessive problem for most people in this present moment in time. Just some advice which is about the only free thing and probably most valuable when you truly think about it.

  62. author

    c cJam Yang lalu

    I'm sorry little girl, you do not need to come back to IDreporter. It's best you live your life in privacy- that's the mature thing to do. Out of sight out of mind.

  63. author

    Blah BlahJam Yang lalu

    If your apology was genuine you wouldn’t cause my world to glitch out like this - 0:44

  64. author

    Doobie The ClownJam Yang lalu

    Is your mom single yet??!

  65. author

    Blah BlahJam Yang lalu

    My girlfriend went to USC and graduated earlier this year with a degree in STEM. I can’t even count the number of times she went through a mental breakdown because of her grades, and I had to console her through that tough period. I gladly did it because it’s the least I could do for her, but it makes me sick to the core of stomach to see entitled people like Olivia Jade who wanted to go to school just for game days and partying. Some have it so easy..

  66. author

    Madison LuceyJam Yang lalu


  67. author

    big booJam Yang lalu

    'I cried myself to sleep': Lori Loughlin's IDreporter star daughter, 20, tears up as she reveals she was mercilessly bullied and left with 'no friends' when she started making her online videos The 20-year-old shared a video with her 998,000 IDreporter subscribers on Thursday, giving them a raw glimpse into her channel's beginnings. Revealed that the people she considered her best friends turned her back on her as she started posting videos onto the platform. Olivia posted her first clip three years ago and has since become massively successful thanks to her beauty-related conten. Other teenagers didn't appreciate her videos and sometimes blasted them in front of her during parties, as she revealed in her latest vlog. In a heartbreaking account, she explained how she would sometimes ask her mother, who played Becky in Full House, why no one liked her - DailyMail.com article Hmm I wonder why , it seems thanks to Sephora and treseme, that's literally what got you your 2 million subscribers Mommy always comes to her little spoiled rotten daughters rescue , Lori and mossimo probably bought her sponsors. LOL

  68. author

    Azita RahmanJam Yang lalu

    Protect your peace, not your name. Keep moving sis!!!!

  69. author

    Savannah LeeJam Yang lalu

    Why do any of yall need her to apologize? Whatd she do to yall? She cheated her own self not anyone else. Who cares that much. Theres people murdering eachother lets move on

  70. author

    cgtalk !Jam Yang lalu

    See this right here... we call this SCUM in my neck of the woods

  71. author

    Azita RahmanJam Yang lalu

    damn I never comment on videos but the amount of hate you're getting is so ridiculous and unjustified. *if* there is any fault it was her parents, not hers. she's so young and clearly didn't sign up for this. @ Olivia whatever the full story is, which btw literally no one does so the internet needs to stFu -- just remember you don't need permission from ~anyone~ to move forward. Not strangers on the internet who hate themselves, not tabloids, not even your friends/family. You have every right to take charge of your own life, whatever that means for you. Posting this video was a huge step and I don't need to know you or the full story to be proud of you for that. Protect your peace, not your name. Keep moving sis!!!!

  72. author

    M Mac2 jam yang lalu

    You miss the attention

  73. author

    Hazel V2 jam yang lalu

    Don’t come back!

  74. author

    tenderness Nk.2 jam yang lalu

    The gag is you ruined many people’s lives by taking their spot when you didn’t deserve it, apologize you are just as guilty as your parents. Don’t come back to IDreporter until you learn to take responsibility please.

  75. author

    Awko_wallflower_2 jam yang lalu

    You’re a fucking brat

  76. author

    Esther Sunthang2 jam yang lalu

    Must be so nice to have a lot of money, you can go to college without even trying. Meanwhile, me barely keeping up with school stuff and life together 💀

  77. author

    Marisa Irish2 jam yang lalu

    Ok stop harassing this poor girl. Yes she did something wrong but it dosent mean you have to make her feel bad about herself. She is obviously sorry. And y’all are worse then her if you keep saying and calling her a selfish rich girl. No one deserves that. I don’t care if she cheated her way into college it’s her and her family’s business. And her and her parents probably worked hard to be able to be rich. She had to refrain from doing something she lover for 9 MONTHS

  78. author

    Kym Jacobs2 jam yang lalu

    I actually feel bad for her. She made it very clear that she didn't even want to go to college. It was obvious that she was pressured by her parents to go because they didn't, and they insisted on experiencing it vicariously through her. Now the career she had built for herself is ruined because they refused to respect her choices, and added insult to injury by making their own bad choices, to get what THEY wanted, which put her in an impossible position. Parents are supposed to set the example for their kids, not the other way around, so I really have a hard time understanding why so many people blame the child rather than the adults. Her life will be permanently affected by the scandal her parents caused. She is too young and immature to have understood the full impact and risk of doing such a thing, but they were damned sure old enough to know better.

  79. author

    Sophie Rodgers2 jam yang lalu

    She made a mistake, she probably didn’t want to go to college but she wanted to make her parents proud, so many other people were involved in this but it’s only her getting torn down, that’s not fair, she doesn’t need the whole world saying awful things about her that probably fucked up her mental health, let off the gas guys

  80. author

    Maddie Dyer2 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry but why exactly (if the allegations are true) is nobody else talking about how wrong it is of the COLLEGE to accept the bribe? All in all in the end it’s the schools actions that make what happen, happen. I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong on their end, but I just think that should be acknowledged.

  81. author

    vlogging with Hector Ronin2 jam yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-oIEGAFxMV58.html enjoy

  82. author

    Charlene Cathcart2 jam yang lalu

    A little disappointed there was no apology :( I loved this girl so much, I loved watching her videos but honestly what she did is really fucked up...I am a college student BARELY GETTING BY

  83. author

    Annika R2 jam yang lalu

    What have you actually contributed to society besides stealing someone's college spot?

  84. author

    J Krah2 jam yang lalu

    This reminds me of max headroom.

  85. author

    oreo Aregood2 jam yang lalu

    Didn’t even apologized

  86. author

    Megan Platten2 jam yang lalu

    Play it at 1.25

  87. author

    narekoh2 jam yang lalu

    guys why are y’all mad !! She is fucking hot 💓 and super cute 💓 sweetheart

  88. author

    Bart Simpson2 jam yang lalu

    Do your parents ever teach you to *Apologize* ?

  89. author

    Santana Adame2 jam yang lalu

    bahahahah is this a joke?

  90. author

    Kayla2 jam yang lalu

    You're supposed to apologize... Lol .. The way you're talking is as if your fans miss you and your videos and want to watch you... a lot of them dont even like you anymore because of what you did. You lost the majority of fans and you won't be getting any of them back if you don't see what you did wrong and apologize. End of story...

  91. author

    Walter's Heart2 jam yang lalu

    oh shut the fuck up and go back under your rock

  92. author

    My Guy2 jam yang lalu

    All y’all goofy mother fuckers acting like y’all never made a mistake it was mom and she didn’t even want to go to that school she wanted to go to AZ state to party

  93. author

    Trivyum2 jam yang lalu

    wahhhhhh, i can't talk about it. entitled criminal didn't learn shit.

  94. author

    Pierre Alarie2 jam yang lalu

    Do you also worship Lucifer like your Mk ultraed parents???

  95. author

    mishaila2 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    Oh hey look it's Sarah2 jam yang lalu

    It is selfish- bye girl

  97. author

    howl2 jam yang lalu

    You're a part of the worst people in our society, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, complicit with corruption and can't even take responsibility for her part in it. You have a lot of growing to do girl.

  98. author

    Brianna Star2 jam yang lalu

    Olivia I know what your parents did was wrong and all the people seeing this comment will hate me but you really have come so far to be able to show the world your meaning of why u came back and turning on the comment section was a lowkey brave move ✅💕

  99. author

    frog2 jam yang lalu

    why even make the video if you can’t talk about it, now i know why you paid your way into college LMAO

  100. author

    Kylie King2 jam yang lalu

    People who get into good colleges who Earn It and sometimes don’t even get to go to it because of they don’t have enough money stop being a brat your entitled and stop