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Viva Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cyber Baru5 jam yang lalu


  2. author

    GavinM915 jam yang lalu

    When he said “it would have to be some effort to get past the keeper from there” I thought, it fucking doesn’t ! Trust me

  3. author

    arif indriana5 jam yang lalu

    Cristiano could'nt do a free kick

  4. author

    uống Cafe nge nhạc Sến5 jam yang lalu

    Thuong anh 7 quá💕

  5. author

    Shahrul Aiman5 jam yang lalu

    He need to rest. Yeah like retire

  6. author

    Syahriani Ramadhan5 jam yang lalu

    Juve prom turine the nex legen futbol

  7. author

    김민수6 jam yang lalu

    꼴 좃다 새꺄

  8. author

    Deivide Miranda6 jam yang lalu

    Idolo Cristiano Ronaldo melhor do Mundo

  9. author

    bocah Sts6 jam yang lalu

    The king football cr7 👑👑💪💪👏👍👍

  10. author

    bocah Sts6 jam yang lalu

    Cr7 is the best 👍👍

  11. author

    Malibongwe Msibi6 jam yang lalu

    CR7 played well unless u only judge him wit scoring goals. His passes a great nd he's becoming more of a team player.

  12. author

    Krzysztof Zieliński6 jam yang lalu


  13. author

    Adil Chagdani6 jam yang lalu

    TOP CR7

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    JPI Tour7 jam yang lalu

    ຂ້ອມັກ ໂລນັນໂດ້ ຍິງຈຸດໂທດ ແລ່ນມາແລ້ວໃສ່ເຕັມໆ ບໍ່ແມ່ນຊິຄືບັກ ເນມາ ແລ່ນມາແລ້ວຊັບຂາຢັອກໆ I like Ronaldo penalty

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    Ewell Hood7 jam yang lalu

    Getting bored watching this guy play, no scored, worst performance, no idea. Zlatan getting better at 38.😂

  16. author

    Siim Julius Sooster7 jam yang lalu

    They obviously met before like in the la liga and ballon d’or

  17. author

    maryam melek7 jam yang lalu

    Dybala vs Locomotive

  18. author

    LeagueofFootball20197 jam yang lalu

    Tbh I don't think Perez is even happy. 🤔😒

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    Solomon Shin9 jam yang lalu

    He needs to use a better technique when taking free kicks imo. He only goes for power regardless from any distance from goal for some reason. I think he needs to strike the ball using his inner right foot instead of the outer which is for the knuckle ball free kick technique. This way he can generate a better precision with curving the ball.

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    Hiếu Phạm9 jam yang lalu

    Im wondering why people often compare him with Messi. Messi is really in higher level than him. See how he control the ball, it’s really amateur.

  21. author

    EPX Empty Pockets Xotics9 jam yang lalu

    After all that and the kid didn't even know who he was 😂

  22. author

    laki cadde9 jam yang lalu

    it would be better for ronaldo to have bernado silva or ozil in juve now does'nt get lovely through pass like used to in madrid it was huge mistake for him to choose juve, mancity and bayern would be good option to extend and take his goalss high level

  23. author

    Farid Hidayatulah9 jam yang lalu

    Ronaldo bagus

  24. author

    Dipesh Maisuriya9 jam yang lalu

    Game after game, my guy needs some rest!

  25. author

    Pradesh Debbarma9 jam yang lalu

    Just shooting what a player...

  26. author

    Da Peppa10 jam yang lalu

    5:48 Nightmare has awoken 😱😨😭

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    Lipman Wizzifi10 jam yang lalu

  28. author

    Emmanuel Michael10 jam yang lalu

    It is very sad that he did not score any goal in his last game for Real Madrid.

  29. author

    Dicephalous 9010 jam yang lalu

    34 years fucking old

  30. author

    Emmanuel Michael10 jam yang lalu

    I will never forget this match because he prove himself to the world here.

  31. author

    Fitri Nuraini10 jam yang lalu

    Wayah nya iklan meni dua kaliiii

  32. author

    けんぞう10 jam yang lalu

    0:42 ” oops, u don't have hair”

  33. author

    kazisaiful islam10 jam yang lalu

    like you

  34. author

    Justin K11 jam yang lalu

    Would like Ronaldo to pick up some assists🍎🍎

  35. author

    AJO ADV11 jam yang lalu

    i think a big mistake to let him go......

  36. author

    Thuận Trần11 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Thuận Trần11 jam yang lalu


  38. author

    Narco Love11 jam yang lalu

    He needs rest and needs to work on his free kicks they’re not like how they use to be 😔

  39. author

    Arnelly Filho11 jam yang lalu

    Ronaldo ja nao tem nada nos pés....nao é maior o mesmo...falhas incriveis

  40. author

    Chris Hector11 jam yang lalu

    Hey he wants to play let him play he proving age is just a number and for his age his doing good in a full game every time

  41. author

    MAz9n Alsalhi12 jam yang lalu

    very bad performance

  42. author

    Johhny Choper12 jam yang lalu

    Amazing amazing great

  43. author

    J7SportVideo12 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if CR7 practices his fk's anymore. He keeps hitting the wall. If only he shot them with curve like vs Spain.

  44. author

    Dan B.12 jam yang lalu

    This is a social experiment by Ronaldo

  45. author

    Aardik Acharya12 jam yang lalu

    1:57 that dive😂😂

  46. author

    Avilasa Magar12 jam yang lalu

    Overall good performance...juvi won it's great...don't hate is not going what you thinking it's hard game ,not easy like to see something ....

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    Atelier Arts12 jam yang lalu

    Like my chaine plz

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    Ali.CR7. Nike13 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    halim uddin13 jam yang lalu

    Nice all

  50. author

    mc lomo13 jam yang lalu

    I can’t understand why Ronaldo has completely lost his free kick ability and distance shooting. He’s consistently hitting the wall now. You’d think that practicing would help him perfect the technique, especially since Ronaldo is one of the hardest working players. Yes he’s turned into a pure finisher but he still should be able to shoot from distance. Look at Messi, who has had many free kick goals recently. Ronaldo is one of the worst statistically at free kicks in Serie A. If you didn’t know who he was, you wouldn’t think he ever scored one in his career. Ronaldo has been my favorite player. I’m not hating.

  51. author

    Aminudin 12313 jam yang lalu

    Kebanyakan gaya doank Ronaldo maen nya, yg terbaik tetem Massi

  52. author

    Mussa khassan13 jam yang lalu

    CR7_like MESSI_comment

  53. author

    Roxana Parra13 jam yang lalu

    Esa gente del Atlético Madrid creen que le van a pegar a Cristiano Ronaldo😤😡

  54. author

    William Gacha13 jam yang lalu

    Mano o Ronaldo Fenomeno ta mt gordo vei ;-;

  55. author

    RAKABIX rosales13 jam yang lalu

    CR 7

  56. author

    Joko Susilo13 jam yang lalu

    Cr7 kehabisan tenaga...butuh istirahat

  57. author

    Marcelo Santos Domingues13 jam yang lalu

    But Messi is better!

  58. author

    Omar Saleem13 jam yang lalu

    Then Real Madrid never recovered from CR7 loss , today is 23rd October 2019 and we are still waiting that recovery

  59. author

    JaNy KováČ14 jam yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂 3:45 what ??

  60. author

    precioustobbe tobbe14 jam yang lalu

    Let him stop taking free kicks to avoid embarrassments .. His free kicks annoys me already .. And I don't know where this resting issues comes from

  61. author

    Circhil EE14 jam yang lalu

    The best player is CR7 , no gol , no energy is ok , becouse you are human

  62. author

    Abdulaziz Alhajri14 jam yang lalu

    ISCO was amazing , 2019 he could get passed any player ! 💔

  63. author

    Circhil EE14 jam yang lalu

    I am JUVENtUS too, no like

  64. author

    Tahasin Nafi14 jam yang lalu

    Ronaldo played so well

  65. author

    Hernanf6t Quevedo coronado14 jam yang lalu

    ronaldo se perdio casi 10 claros goles asi nova ah

  66. author

    Kwesi Abruquah14 jam yang lalu

    Good passes

  67. author

    SkiN PXL14 jam yang lalu

    The worst decision ever taken

  68. author

    Prince L'oiseau14 jam yang lalu

    King cr7

  69. author

    ramzi Rin215 jam yang lalu

    Wow..i thought he rest..crazy..straight playing 3 games in 2 weeks..if i was dead 🤣...this is fucking tired man..why sarri dont reserve him..if he still in real..he wouldnt play today...he need good rest and condition..

  70. author

    Simo Lajustice15 jam yang lalu

    he must retire..enough football

  71. author

    Charles Rotchil15 jam yang lalu

    Messi is better than him

  72. author

    Charles Rotchil15 jam yang lalu

    He can’t play anymore 😢

  73. author

    Eric Lannister15 jam yang lalu


  74. author

    Goal machine15 jam yang lalu

    Cristiano ronaldo is always hard working

  75. author

    Makendy Facile15 jam yang lalu

    Ronaldo diserve a rest

  76. author

    Tas Pas15 jam yang lalu

    He played very good in this match

  77. author

    the legend of Algeria15 jam yang lalu

    Love From Algeria

  78. author

    derpy magee15 jam yang lalu

    This is basically a list of Ronaldo misses

  79. author

    Mrr oudom remix Mrr oudom remix15 jam yang lalu

    I Love Ronaldo

  80. author

    Killa Wenter15 jam yang lalu

    Cristiano ronaldo, please kembali ke real madrid #Halamadrid

  81. author

    AM 715 jam yang lalu

    He usually doesn't play like this honestly he needs rest he's been playing game after game they most realize he can't do this anymore and rest him series games so he's ready for the champions league

  82. author

    GIOK YOUTUBER16 jam yang lalu

    Siapa Yang Ngefans Sama Cristian Ronaldo...

  83. author

    David Saad16 jam yang lalu

    All juventus players played terrible, not only ronaldo.... except dybala

  84. author

    Mehmet Can Aksu16 jam yang lalu


  85. author

    VC Swirly16 jam yang lalu

    The 2nd Ronaldo clip was soo good btw great job on this video Ash!

  86. author

    Haider Mehdi16 jam yang lalu

    They need to rest Ronaldo, has he taken any breaks this season? If Dybala stays consistent with his form then it’s great for Juve because then Ronaldo doesn’t have to be their only outlet. Those two on form together is the closest thing to Messi and Ronaldo playing together

  87. author

    陈元舒16 jam yang lalu

    Age really matters...Just missing the CR7 with high speed and amazing techniques in the past. I’m not sure whether he could lead Juventus to UCL champion as what he did in royal Madrid.

  88. author

    adnaninho cr716 jam yang lalu


  89. author

    crt. 1KYNE16 jam yang lalu

    Im a big fans of cr7 but hey stop to COMMENTARY THIS AND THAT about him as long as his team win thats the important one is about TEAMWORK after all..

  90. author

    John Smith16 jam yang lalu

    Final score?

  91. author

    Mr voldemort16 jam yang lalu

    where's the goal lol 😒

  92. author

    Moncef Account 216 jam yang lalu

    bad performance ever

  93. author

    Junior Akueka16 jam yang lalu

    Y’all follow me on Instagram i’ll follow back so it’s a win win

  94. author

    Domna16 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or ronaldo's face started to ressemble dybala's Oo

  95. author

    عاشقة كرستيانو CR716 jam yang lalu

    Cristiano 👑👑

  96. author

    Miroslava Karailieva16 jam yang lalu

    Love CR7 ❤😊

  97. author

    Proud Lord17 jam yang lalu

    Horrible freekicks, by the way (one more time)

  98. author

    Sentinel X17 jam yang lalu

    He needs to stop going for power and more technique for his freekicks I think

  99. author

    Enrique Castillo17 jam yang lalu

    Didn't like his performance but At least his Bro Score two for him and his teammates😁😎🔥👑

  100. author

    Ronal Navas17 jam yang lalu

    Cuando tu novia te cela con su vieja :v 3:46