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    reality check2 detik yang lalu

    After all the effort Askren made to get into the UFC, what a pussy move to quit now !!

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    Racked Up Bubba18 menit yang lalu

    It was Nate in their because anyone else that took those licks would be done and Nate was still rollin but it wasn't nate at his best and that's what I think he needed to be. And whoever was saying Masvidal ain't strong does not know Jack sht. Masvidal is strong as it gets but he has so much better stuff like precision and fight Cardio and all that.

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    Jonny Nguyen23 menit yang lalu

    Rematch Francis vs stipe. Cormier gets winner

  4. author

    John O'Brien35 menit yang lalu

    See you soon boi - Ben askrens retirement

  5. author

    Ronnie Boyd44 menit yang lalu

    I knew the dude was all talk no action I fuckin knew it. Dude got paid for no fuckin reason

  6. author

    Rasul Avtorhanov48 menit yang lalu

    Are going to have a BMG title fight. -IDreporter text -Are you goong to have a PMS title 😂😂😂

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    Eric HardnettJam Yang lalu

    What an anticlimactic end to Ben Askren. Smart move to get out tho

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    Fart IngJam Yang lalu

    Paul Craig rearranged Rua's face and its just sad to see that - he too flurries of punches without moving his head or feet! Just retire now Shogun, you are not the superb fighter you used to be.

  9. author

    C AJam Yang lalu

    Rematch Shogun and craig

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    Kyle PayneJam Yang lalu

    Some dumb ass mother fuckers out there, " I bet my rent money on you, let's go baby!!".... wtf!! Hahahaha. It's not Nate Diaz's responsibility to pay your mofuckin rent bub....

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    Chris DupuisJam Yang lalu

    Dustin taking some oxys. Why his face slightly crooked? Lol Respect on the talk about adrenaline butterflies🙏

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    Chris DupuisJam Yang lalu

    Peace Ben. Wish him the best in the future. Good dude. Im one of the few who knew of him and watched his career over the past decade. Solid fighter no matter what. Always an Olympian too.

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    DTLAJAY2 jam yang lalu

    Lmao the moment i heard he was coming to the ufc i definitely knew an early retirement was coming this clown sucks

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    K O2 jam yang lalu

    Funky Hips

  15. author

    Bleachigo2 jam yang lalu

    He trash. One 4 second ko and he quites

  16. author

    Jordan Thistle2 jam yang lalu

    Boys is it just me or does fury look 1000% more intimidating training for ufc :/

  17. author

    Aaron Wood2 jam yang lalu

    I knew that Ben Askren was a trash fighter from the first time I seen him in the Octogon. It's funny that he retires after being brutally KO by Jorge and being choked out by Demian Maia...shows people that he wasn't what he says he is.

  18. author

    XXXCRSPL2 jam yang lalu

    Izzy I hope shuts that coke head up

  19. author

    ChuckYouFarley2 jam yang lalu

    How can Connor still be 3.... thats BS

  20. author

    Karim Halim3 jam yang lalu


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    Ni99awitavic 6153 jam yang lalu

    izzy would need a better reach to even compete i like izzy but bones and his reach would beat izzy senseless and eye poking izzy might need mma sports googles lol

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    Narloko323 cheechboozer3 jam yang lalu

    Fucken hate there's always commercials during your vids. Fucken frustrating 👊 🤬👊

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    Miesha Tate's fart box3 jam yang lalu

    It sounds so strange to hear Bisping talking to Jorge in a civil manner

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    whole273 jam yang lalu

    Jan vs Cory Booker for #1 contender fight vs Jon. Shogun is too pretty to keep fighting and taking damage. Retire. When is DC vs Stipe. Can't wait for that one! Also, Khabib vs Tony.

  25. author

    Jake3 jam yang lalu

    Askren suddenly has hip problems .... loo

  26. author

    Lawzey3 jam yang lalu

    Everybody has a plan till they get hit...Jones you gonna get hit really bad

  27. author

    Elliot Ness4 jam yang lalu

    In noway am I sayinh shogun won but people keep going on about his face proves he lost ? These casuals need to calm down look at nate and Connor it’s called scared tissue

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    Guy Williams4 jam yang lalu

    So glad that #greatwhitehype is retired!!!

  29. author

    Guy Williams4 jam yang lalu

    So you censor comments THAT fast when they question Dubai or any other "conspiracy"??? WOW!

  30. author

    Guy Williams4 jam yang lalu

    Dustin needs to stop... "we both got SMASHED by Khabib, LET'S GO"...

  31. author

    Guy Williams4 jam yang lalu

    So sick of these "fighters" EXPECTING/waiting for a title shot... just fight and EARN, UNDENIABLY that shot...

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    Predrag Jovanovic4 jam yang lalu

    Masvidal's knee to the head, fucked up Askren's hip... Damn. I think, that fragments of Ben's skull went through his body, and stucked into the hip like bullets...

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    Roy Normann Lee4 jam yang lalu

    Jacare was fat and flatt footed, this is his downfall

  34. author

    Lance H4 jam yang lalu

    Blachowicz is fooling himself if he thinks beating 2 middleweights grants him a title shot. Especially when one was a split decision and he already got TKO'd earlier this year.

  35. author

    Giovanni Deshazor4 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait to Jones slap👋 the shit outta Israel frfr

  36. author

    Brantson W5 jam yang lalu

    “Hip replacement” riiiight

  37. author

    Maximus Areilius6 jam yang lalu

    DANG 🙁 I wanted to see Askren get his ass kicked a few more times. What a bummer. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    Donald Trump6 jam yang lalu

    Ben finally fought professional fighters , he took more damage in his first 3 fights than his whole career ..all that shit talking and hype..and he just plain sucked

  39. author

    Shawn Kim6 jam yang lalu

    Usada comment just makes him sound like he never stopped taking steroids.

  40. author

    Alex Fitzsimons6 jam yang lalu

    Ahahahahaha Jan Blachowicz is on a 2 win streak against 2 unranked LHW's, and thinks he can wait for a title shot. It really is the most dead division, other than flyweight.... 🤣🤣🤣

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    jb barnes6 jam yang lalu

    Conor does have a point tho. Why did he try to punch his way out?

  42. author

    kaden atyim6 jam yang lalu

    Ppl saying jorge beat Diaz it's like saying "I had you for half of the marathon!" Still got another half to go lol . Cardio freaks Nick Diaz Army

  43. author

    The Progressive6 jam yang lalu

    after all of those fans wanting him to jump weight and never materialized, this guy decided to go war with someone who is under his division.

  44. author

    wotevazyo116 jam yang lalu

    Traded mighty mouse for a dud.

  45. author

    Manipur Athletics7 jam yang lalu

    Ben Askren vs Nate Diaz would be fun

  46. author

    Monkey D. Zoro7 jam yang lalu

    *They really should’ve had Mike Tyson the original BMF give the Title*

  47. author

    Justin Lyons7 jam yang lalu

    Haha askren made a bunch of money... Head got too big... Now social media picked him apart and he walked

  48. author

    lirbic7 jam yang lalu

    Dana, is that all you got? - Ben Askren 2019

  49. author

    Javier Clark7 jam yang lalu

    Ben "two and a half losses" Asskren made a smart move. He was one or two punches away from sounding like stipe

  50. author

    M B7 jam yang lalu

    Amir khan : where are we? Luke rockhold : I dont know bruh Chris weidman : jesus? Alistair overeem : we are in the shadow realm Ben askren : I swear I wasnt here 5 secondes ago James vick : welcome home guys

  51. author

    Brandon Nguyen7 jam yang lalu

    Rua hanging on too long....shoulda retire after jones demolish him....just another paycheck I guess

  52. author

    Brandon Nguyen7 jam yang lalu

    Jacares sucks balls....will never be champ, srry

  53. author

    WHITE DOLOMITE7 jam yang lalu

    How are you gonna call the man that broke your will n made you give up,a pussy? 😂

  54. author

    thefuqm88 jam yang lalu

    I really like Justin but he obviously just wants the conor fight for the money just like everyone else. Next week, both „Triple Cringe“ and Ngannou are gonna call out Conor because it would „make a lot of sense at this point“

  55. author

    Sami Folio8 jam yang lalu

    shogun won that fight like clinton won the election

  56. author

    Rodney Brooks8 jam yang lalu

    Well I’m sure Izzy knows he’ll never be in a weight class with Bones. So why bother! 💯

  57. author

    eazy Fig8 jam yang lalu

    Dustin Poirier has too many injuries if he loses it'll be another excuse. BECAUSE my INJURIES

  58. author

    Gargola188 jam yang lalu

    I remember when joe rogan used to hype up ben askren soooo much lmfaooooo idiot cant even throw punches

  59. author

    Butt Hash8 jam yang lalu

    he couldnt make in this thing of ours. GG Ben

  60. author

    Doug Powell8 jam yang lalu

    How the fook is Connor ranked 3rd?!?! 3 arrests probably. 3 DNA tests, certainly. But #3 lightweight? Gotta fight more than once every 2 years to hold a ranking like that.

  61. author

    Fear Dat D9 jam yang lalu

    Ben's soul is gonna be in limbo forever now.

  62. author

    DaevonTheSavage9 jam yang lalu

    Going 5 rounds with Anybody that knocks out Luke rockhold is not impressive unless it’s Yoel Romero. Cause he will damn near kill you with some of those strikes he throws

  63. author

    Luck The Gambino10 jam yang lalu

    Hey kids. Did you know that Jorge Masvidal could have KO’d Ben Askren 601 times before the end of this video..

  64. author

    matt helton10 jam yang lalu

    Does it bother anyone else that Ben askren and Chael call him George? Respect his name

  65. author

    lifted nissan10 jam yang lalu

    Should be john bones Jones vs brock lesnar that would be epic.

  66. author

    Stringprodigy10 jam yang lalu

    See ya, Rocky Dennis.

  67. author

    Graiden’s Channel10 jam yang lalu

    DP is the man

  68. author

    Bruce Wayne10 jam yang lalu

    Fairwell 👋 Ben Ass Cream 😂

  69. author

    420 Monster10 jam yang lalu

    Ben never should've been in the ufc to being with.

  70. author

    Augustus Gloop10 jam yang lalu

    My foot was a BALEWN

  71. author

    Brutal*Moses CR10 jam yang lalu

    He went from trolling Jorge to meeting his knee then to retirement lol.

  72. author

    D0M3 King10 jam yang lalu

    He’s got a boner

  73. author

    Nick McGinnis11 jam yang lalu

    10:08 = Ben Askren

  74. author

    Wiley Mangum11 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for retiring, you actually lost you fight with Lawler (thanks Herb.) You had no skills, boring, and terrible on the microphone. Dana made a terrible choice bring you to the UFC.

  75. author

    Farhan Daryanto11 jam yang lalu

    Now I want to see Jacare vs rockhold

  76. author

    mark putnam11 jam yang lalu

    Chael is a wad. Who really cares what that fool says. So now we should have to watch the other Prima Donna Diaz brother fight for what? Why does he deserve anything? When was the last time that loser won a meaningful fight? He’s a embarrassment to real UFC fighters who struggle just to get a decent fight and paycheck from that prick Dana or is it Dona?

  77. author

    Swolace Ferrari11 jam yang lalu

    Masvidal ended his career! Lesson to be learned keep your mouth Shut!

  78. author

    Isaac Smith11 jam yang lalu

    I’d be sick of getting slapped up too rip askren

  79. author

    H1TMAN Ru1Z MATAMOROS11 jam yang lalu

    We all know dam well if Askren got a hold of Masvidal it would have been over that knee he landed was lucky

  80. author

    Mark Harrison11 jam yang lalu

    That knee ruined Ben Asskream

  81. author

    1carpentrys11 jam yang lalu

    Ben Askren: murmurmurmurmur

  82. author

    Cole McLean12 jam yang lalu

    Jan needs to fight Corey Anderson. Winner of that Maybe gets title shot...neither is quite there yet but maybe after one more nigh rank win.

  83. author

    briansmad112 jam yang lalu

    The UFC is a different animal, even in Askren’s wins he got hit and hurt that’s something that was rare to him.

  84. author

    snakei0112 jam yang lalu

    Man dude at 1:00 looks sus and ugly asf

  85. author

    Captain Sunday12 jam yang lalu

    Let's remember that's it's actually very sad that this is happening to Askren. Think about it. My heart goes out to him.

  86. author

    Mike Mcmonahan12 jam yang lalu

    Nate didn't have enough turn around time

  87. author

    Reserved C12 jam yang lalu

    Lol tyron is funny with his cum dumpster shit

  88. author

    Dean Boyes12 jam yang lalu

    The UFC sorts the men from the boys. When he finally met good fighters....he quit

  89. author

    Jon Davis12 jam yang lalu

    I think Kamaru Snoozeman could beat Jorge but he has to maul him and get him tired

  90. author

    Frank White12 jam yang lalu

    No warrior spirit at all. He didn't retire he got retired like a chump

  91. author

    Elvira Hancock12 jam yang lalu

    Adesanya lives rent free in Juice Jones Junkie ass head! I LOVE IT.

  92. author

    Elvira Hancock12 jam yang lalu

    2:06 Tracy Cortez wow que bonita

  93. author

    Elvira Hancock12 jam yang lalu

    Masvidal did not take Diaz out! He did not win due to a finish. The doctor won the fight for him. Run it back. There will only be 1 man left standing. I guarantee it.

  94. author

    Jim Will12 jam yang lalu

    he really thought he was gonna take over the ufc. he's been garbage. no significant wins at all

  95. author

    A casuals guide to mma brian frumps12 jam yang lalu

    The earths flat...i looked into it Mind blown🚀🚫

  96. author

    iMPS Simmons12 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    Sean Mulholland12 jam yang lalu

    Bear jewwwwwwweww

  98. author

    msw5199513 jam yang lalu

    From We're here to take over , were here to take part to, were here to take our pension" -Ben askren

  99. author

    Julian Esparza13 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    King Juggalo13 jam yang lalu

    Dana- the BMF belt is a 1 & done Nick- The belt is mine that's my belt Jorge- Let's Get It Fans- Riding That Hype Train!