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Hi My Name is Armando and
I just want to share my passion for the game we love to a larger audience.
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    Jesús Düklå Rojas Yanez7 jam yang lalu

    Song 3

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    Vitor Silva9 jam yang lalu

    FODA 1000GRAU

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    Alejandro YT9 jam yang lalu

    song on 1:00

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    Warka1 -10 jam yang lalu

    Hey I have one question. How doe you upload copyrighted football videos?

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    The whole of internet right now:ErLiNgHaAlAnDsCoReSaGaIn

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    neymar JR22 jam yang lalu

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    Riyad mahrez 😱😱 0:26

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    Mujeeb Kt23 jam yang lalu

    Neymar change my style of foot ball

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    Samuel ManiHari Yang lalu

    Neymar please win ucl for us this season with PSG And score a hat trick against Dortmund in second leg

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    Haridev SutradharHari Yang lalu

    FROM india subscribe my channel for Football videos

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    PunkshengHari Yang lalu

    There is no colombian people here

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    Muktar KusumaHari Yang lalu

    Mantap gays ke mana sih caranya

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    Xotis GamerHari Yang lalu

    I'm tired of of the same song 😩😩

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    emaderaghiHari Yang lalu

    The music sucks for this kinda video!!!

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    Lucas VellesHari Yang lalu

    Menino Ney joga muito 👏👏

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    Draco TvHari Yang lalu

    2:09 ben sab3ini 💛💪

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    PunkshengHari Yang lalu

    There is better skills that cuadrado have the goal versus atl. De madrid

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    PunkshengHari Yang lalu

    Songs? (Name)

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    WolfitooHari Yang lalu


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    Tah SosaHari Yang lalu


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    All FootballHari Yang lalu

    First Part is with Skills from this season The second and third is mixed with skills from previous seasons. 😀 I hope you like it

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    Ruben FuentesHari Yang lalu

    5:28 yooo okay wtf..

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    sid abderraoufHari Yang lalu

    Riyad mahrez thé better 😍😍😍😍😍😙

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    GC11HDHari Yang lalu

    Good video my brother :)

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    Good Old DaysHari Yang lalu

    Dude I'm soo proud of you! I'm your subscriber since u hade only 3k subs! Keep up the good work

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    MD RahimuddinHari Yang lalu

    My best player neymar

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    players workout :

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    6:28 Mason Greenwood

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    00:20 broo nombre l de la musica👌👌👌

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    want to be trained neymar brother...

  52. author

    M subadar2 hari yang lalu

    want to be trained neymar brother...

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    Nice skills naymar jr

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    Long shot is most beautiful in soccer

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    Fifa 20 Clips2 hari yang lalu

    Who is 4:14

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    Just as good if not better than Ronaldinho. Fight me.

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    Isso ai Ney Sempre Fala menos e seja esse Misto sempre

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    Some of these clip are either random clip or couple years old

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