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We Broke Up.We Broke Up.

We Broke Up.

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Never Doing This Again.Never Doing This Again.

Never Doing This Again.

9 bulan yang lalu

My Pink VAULT Closet TourMy Pink VAULT Closet Tour

My Pink VAULT Closet Tour

9 bulan yang lalu



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  1. author

    Sylvia Nicole23 jam yang lalu

    this is actually so pretty

  2. author

    Adam Greene23 jam yang lalu

    No thank you

  3. author

    Ella Cruz23 jam yang lalu

    No were not sleeping together but i think we should start! "me taking the whole sentence out of context like the rest of the world!"

  4. author

    Anastasia Varg23 jam yang lalu

    This is ICONIC 😂😂😂

  5. author

    squeeze and pose23 jam yang lalu

    $3 sandals guys head over to my IDreporter channel for details and get ready for the summer☀️ Cool video btw luv❤️ I need purple hair 💜 we all do👍

  6. author

    makenly alisabeth23 jam yang lalu


  7. author

    Mary Bearden23 jam yang lalu

    and i thought american eagle was high end...

  8. author

    Jacob Christie23 jam yang lalu

    Why would I watch this

  9. author

    Sue LatinaBaby00723 jam yang lalu

    I love the purple!❤ Very beautiful!!💋..looking back, I still cant believe I wasn't in town when you came to Visalia ca in 2012 ..small town nobody knows about.. My uncle is the head chef at Little Italy Restaurant. hope you loved it. Hope you return soon❤💋❤💋❤

  10. author

    Michael Linn Jr23 jam yang lalu

    Baccafish pooped

  11. author

    Jamie Small23 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is this

  12. author

    michelleandpatch23 jam yang lalu

    Will it be in store at morphe?

  13. author

    Evelyn Flores23 jam yang lalu

    Damn Mitchell is so damn cute n so talented I want this palette so bad!!!

  14. author

    Zelda Spellman23 jam yang lalu

    Unlike most people, I followed Jeffree when he was just barely getting a start on MySpace. I had his first album. Iconic 🙌🏻 Long time followers like here 👇🏻

  15. author

    Escalera oHH23 jam yang lalu

    why do u guys stan a nazi

  16. author

    DJOreo23 jam yang lalu

    Eat your cereal

  17. author

    Jaylan Pittman23 jam yang lalu

    Mitchell is a FUCKING BEAST!

  18. author

    JOY GORDON23 jam yang lalu

    Geeeeezzz! Couldn't Taco Bell make 4 plates of each food so they could each have their own?

  19. author

    H. Lynn Kay23 jam yang lalu

    WOW!!!! THIS LOOK!!! 💜💜💜

  20. author

    ToePoke Tv23 jam yang lalu

    good video

  21. author

    hasssan albar23 jam yang lalu

    What happend to the humanati

  22. author

    *-Tinker Belle -*23 jam yang lalu

    OH MY GAWD Michael! You did amazing sis! Btw Jeffrey You rock that purple hair💜💟🟪💜

  23. author

    Swayam Satpathy23 jam yang lalu


  24. author

    Tai Latour23 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely ethereal... Stunned 😮🤤😍

  25. author

    Alexandria Lloyd23 jam yang lalu

    What was the product used for Jeffree’s waterline? I didn’t catch the name.

  26. author

    Pete Peterson23 jam yang lalu

    I think you have great chemistry with the dolan twins you should do something together

  27. author

    strange edgy cosplay23 jam yang lalu

    Weird thing is that I counted how many things I had that he used and I’m SHOOK CAUSE HALF OF MY MAKEUP IS MAYBELINE LOL

  28. author

    London Elizabeth23 jam yang lalu

    He is so cute😊❤️

  29. author

    I hate · starbucks23 jam yang lalu

    ok Mitchell is so hot like why all the hot guys are gay or anime. Story of my life lol

  30. author

    Nathan Kueny23 jam yang lalu

    Trump 2020

  31. author

    Chronically Uniquely Made23 jam yang lalu

    Cant wait for this to come out

  32. author

    Vids With Kenz23 jam yang lalu

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish this was clickbait, so do you.😢

  33. author

    Pete Peterson23 jam yang lalu

    make another video with the dolan twins I liked your videos together

  34. author

    Cammy Emmons23 jam yang lalu

    make up is so fun!

  35. author

    Benjamin Cameron23 jam yang lalu

    Yasss for the mukbang and make review lol...NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE FROM THE SOUTHERN SNACKERS CHANNEL

  36. author

    echo23 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Alicia Gallegos23 jam yang lalu

    Ah!! Purple my favorite color in the world Jeffrey!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  38. author

    Makayla Mckenna23 jam yang lalu

    I’m literally one of the biggest fans you’ll have 🥳👍😉

  39. author

    Zanni Burman23 jam yang lalu

    Love it! Absolutely gorgeous! I actually want this palette! I use those colors on the daily! However the pigment and all looks perfect! This will be my first JS palette! I love it!

  40. author

    LeonKnighT1ts23 jam yang lalu

    This is seriously in the top trending? Wtf is this?? 😂

  41. author

    Kourtney Moree23 jam yang lalu

    Yessss love this purple on you 😍

  42. author

    Outbreak thisdude Dude23 jam yang lalu

    Gay niggas be like:

  43. author

    Anja23 jam yang lalu

    Oh purple 👌

  44. author

    weilla23 jam yang lalu

    Me, a cajun during mardi gras when i heard “purple, a little bit of green” 😝🎉

  45. author

    Anthonylit yo23 jam yang lalu

    Mitchel so fucking hot am obsessed...

  46. author

    marshanna brock23 jam yang lalu

    Very lovely packaging, beautiful creamy shiny colors.... way to go jeffree star ....

  47. author

    Anime 2.023 jam yang lalu

    Oh um I’m not bysexsule but my sister and brother are talking about you ALOT

  48. author

    euphorickimchi지현23 jam yang lalu

    i forgot black cards existed and weren't just in those rich kid fanfictions, so when jeffree mentioned his black card i cried.

  49. author

    Charlie sending love23 jam yang lalu

    I want this so bad sucks being broke purple n vampy Are my 2 fav things 💜

  50. author

    Luz Camacho23 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    I love My Husband23 jam yang lalu

    Even though you’re smiling and flirting I’m so sorry you’re in pain. Love ya 😔

  52. author

    Shamila23 jam yang lalu

    I need this highlight. Tf.

  53. author

    Clown Lives Matter23 jam yang lalu

    Why are dudes wearing make up?

  54. author

    Coon Valley Outdoors23 jam yang lalu


  55. author

    S W23 jam yang lalu

    Sooo... What's the purple issues, clickbait?

  56. author

    Hayley M23 jam yang lalu

    I got an ad for purple mattress right before this

  57. author

    Jason Walsh23 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry, this is just not gay enough

  58. author

    Tiny little Bat23 jam yang lalu

    Y’all are bestie goals!

  59. author

    Lily Amber23 jam yang lalu

    i would get sooooooooo lost in there and i will be like where TF im i

  60. author

    King Nerri23 jam yang lalu

    Duo epic. I love you both

  61. author

    Jess Jalocha23 jam yang lalu

    Mitchell seriously killed this look. One of my favorites for sure! This palette is sickening!!

  62. author

    ines poinas23 jam yang lalu

    The background tho 😍😍😍

  63. author

    Lily Amber23 jam yang lalu

    i want to move in with you

  64. author

    Lilchucky B23 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    LilyRebecca23 jam yang lalu

    Anyone here in 2020 being hella confused at why IDreporter put this on your recommended? Because same. (Not mad at it though)

  66. author

    dozin23 jam yang lalu

    wallah this is KappaPride

  67. author

    Jae Maree23 jam yang lalu

    Those lashes are bigger than my future 😍

  68. author

    Melissa Macer23 jam yang lalu

    So I am sure you will not be reading this, but my daughter just told me she was Jeffree Starr as a kid and that she is about to do some make-up. She doesn't watch you, for ya know the adult content portions...that I find hilarious, but she knows I love to watch you. If you do see this I hope it makes you laugh, you have a 6 year old fan :)

  69. author

    Elena23 jam yang lalu

    Are you gay?

  70. author

    Kyle Nys23 jam yang lalu

    OMG! Can you please do a collaboration with MadeYewLook? Shes also amazing!

  71. author

    Reece Carpio23 jam yang lalu

    My fave colour is PURPLE and OMD... this palette is just WOW, ughhhhhhhhh LOVE IT

  72. author

    vZ- Bobo23 jam yang lalu


  73. author

    Kozm3tiks23 jam yang lalu

    The talent Mitchell possesses, the colors, ugh!!! 💜💜💜

  74. author

    Steve's art n fun channel Stephen hall23 jam yang lalu

    Palette looks like a movie prop. Pretty cool tho

  75. author

    Alicia C23 jam yang lalu

    For it to even survive a rock show, that’s something science cannot even explain.

  76. author

    Raghu Seetharaman23 jam yang lalu

    what is it?

  77. author

    Vicky Levesque23 jam yang lalu

    Bravo !!!!!!😋😊

  78. author

    DRO23 jam yang lalu

    Buying most of this line thanks

  79. author

    Vincent Coulombe23 jam yang lalu


  80. author

    Annalise Noeltner23 jam yang lalu

    All the support and more. Love y’all!

  81. author

    Vicky Levesque23 jam yang lalu

    Ses une garçon

  82. author

    Joshua Prince23 jam yang lalu

    I dare him to recreate this, cause it's gone be real iconic

  83. author

    Jewel Bee23 jam yang lalu

    when mots7 comes out the same day 😳 the 21st do be busy doe

  84. author

    Kim Hannaford23 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else take a hit when Jeffree said so?

  85. author

    Katelin Jenkins23 jam yang lalu

    That look is beautiful!! True artistry

  86. author

    Vicky Levesque23 jam yang lalu

    Ses nulle!😠😠

  87. author

    Alex Venturina23 jam yang lalu

    Ohh diminish me 😆😆😆

  88. author

    Edward Elrick23 jam yang lalu

    F a g s!

  89. author

    Debs A-nonymous23 jam yang lalu

    Can I just say that you have the perfect face to wear this make-up? You’re beautiful without, but spectacular with!

  90. author

    Emily Jordan23 jam yang lalu


  91. author

    fofiax23 jam yang lalu

    29:00 when he screamed I lost it 💀💀💀

  92. author

    Viktoria Plisetsky23 jam yang lalu

    Nobody is talking about Detox

  93. author

    Lauren Murphy23 jam yang lalu

    2020 anyone?

  94. author

    jessica leigh23 jam yang lalu

    I just want to be bestfriends with you S O B A D L Y. you seem like just the perfect person for my kind of personality. you're so amazing, & inspiring. you've been thru a lot of similar stuff as me, yet you haven't let it dim your light at all. you've used it to create a foundation to build off of, & grow from. because you now know where you don't ever want to be again. I wish I could be just like you. I wish you'd sometime create a "life coaching" class type thing. or come out with an autobiography of how exactly you do everything. I would go without food for a week just to buy it. stay true to you, we all love you, & are so extremely proud of you. 😍🖤😘

  95. author

    Joe Boy23 jam yang lalu

    I hate you 😠

  96. author

    The Dixon Family23 jam yang lalu

    Jeffrey your an icon, God bless Oh and Please check out our channel

  97. author

    mom spaghetti23 jam yang lalu

    the time it takes jeffree to give a tour of his whole house : 36:09 minutes the time it takes me : 5:00 minutes

  98. author

    NeXeR23 jam yang lalu

    That’s good

  99. author

    Windows Scott23 jam yang lalu

    Eat your cereal

  100. author

    Eat Your Cereal23 jam yang lalu

    Eat your cereal