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    Multifandomtrashygrass YehetkkaebsongHari Yang lalu

    This is why they were the first gg i stanned and they were my ult gg ever since the beginning and i have never switched my ult gg since

  2. author

    Bts BtsHari Yang lalu

    Imagine sitting so close to your favorite idol while they sing your fav song Can’t relate...

  3. author

    Pinky BlueHari Yang lalu

    *They're all visuals*

  4. author

    Thaís MoraesHari Yang lalu


  5. author

    EXO PLANETHari Yang lalu

    SMtown forever

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    Ivancha AnnaHari Yang lalu

    Grup KPOP favorit gw ada 2 Mamamoo sama Red Velvet. Ini salah satu alasan kenapa gw lebih suka Mamamoo daripada Red Velvet, mereka tiap ngerilis video di youtube pasti selalu ada sub Indo.. kalo ini emang ada subnya, tapi korea.. emang seluruh fansnya orang korea apa ya.. wkwk

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    이 긍 상Hari Yang lalu

    레드벨벳 사랑해 💖🧡💙💚💜

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    tran hungHari Yang lalu


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    Alpaca YoungHari Yang lalu

    The way Yeri handle her mistake low key annoys the shit out of me. I don’t find it cute or anything. I can sense the older were also low key annoyed. She one of my fave tho.

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    Chaeyoungie SonHari Yang lalu

    0:40 is so ugh

  11. author

    Francia RosarioHari Yang lalu

    Is funny if Yeri dont laugth will people said they where no singing live

  12. author

    anamie villanuevaHari Yang lalu

    Our Irene is really acting like a mother always want to cook🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗so proud

  13. author

    Francia RosarioHari Yang lalu

    The type of songs i aprecciate to get of their albums

  14. author

    Dharitri HazarikaHari Yang lalu

    Psycho is the best song of the decade... ♥️

  15. author

    kang FikarHari Yang lalu

  16. author

    Lutfi AzharHari Yang lalu

    Joy the best

  17. author

    anamie villanuevaHari Yang lalu

    I think you are more cute than the dog or both of you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Joy!!!!!

  18. author

    이원우Hari Yang lalu


  19. author

    Vampire BeautifulHari Yang lalu

    Who are miss Wendy ??? 😭😭😭😭

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    ninda SuralHari Yang lalu

    be honestly No one can dance like seulgi in "hey nom we'll be ok" part but no one talk about it:(

  21. author

    Шончалай ОоржакHari Yang lalu

    Vocal coooool

  22. author

    tioleeHari Yang lalu

    Joy and Seulgi in Black suit were on point, perfect, and Yeri in black suit..damn...she's grown up now...sexsehhhhhhhhhh

  23. author

    Stephanie officialHari Yang lalu


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    Ralh GadainganHari Yang lalu

    for the newbie out there.... Main Vocalist- Irene Main Vocalist- Seulgi Main Vocalist- Wendy Main Vocalist- Joy Main Vocalist- Yeri Welcome to our fandom!💕

  25. author

    Ralh GadainganHari Yang lalu

    0:33 okay something wrong with Joy's mic.

  26. author

    MomochiHari Yang lalu

    *can i just say these girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world*

  27. author

    Charlene PimentelHari Yang lalu

    I'll forever stan y'all Queens!

  28. author

    MomochiHari Yang lalu


  29. author

    Ana BarrigueteHari Yang lalu

    Rede vevet ARTE PURO!!!!!!!!!!

  30. author

    BAD GIRLHari Yang lalu

    Q hermosas chicas

  31. author

    Sana can steal your guy and girl anytimeHari Yang lalu

    Im Low Key liking them since Red Flavor era and this era is sooo goood i want to be a fan of them any tips or info from you guys? And one question also..Are They Gay just like twice?🤣

  32. author

    JUNOHari Yang lalu

    아이린 30살 ㅜㅜ

  33. author

    aeHari Yang lalu

    Came here for Wendy and god she really doesnt disaappoint wow

  34. author

    Ujink channelHari Yang lalu

    Gareulis nya

  35. author

    asparagus _Hari Yang lalu

    Seriously , i can't even take my eyes off Yerim. She just perfect !!!

  36. author

    Jian Angelo AgustinHari Yang lalu

    Wendy BB I love you <3

  37. author

    은제Hari Yang lalu

    수영언니 없으면 난 못살아 ,,

  38. author

    Zein ApiszHari Yang lalu

    Yeri : unnie,whats autotune? Unnies : we dont know,we red velvet

  39. author

    Player 0n3Hari Yang lalu

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando!

  40. author

    dino nugu aegiHari Yang lalu

    Irene y Yeri se cagan de risa todo el vídeo Jsjsjsjs Las amo ❤

  41. author

    marianne herreraHari Yang lalu


  42. author

    [롤린이 키우기] 헤이헤이거기정국Hari Yang lalu

    10:34 진짜... 사람인가...? 너무 예쁘다... 뭔데... 신기해 진짜 놀라워요.... 허어ㅓ거엏어엉ㅇ ㅠㅠㅜㅠ

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    Nadya ParamithaHari Yang lalu

    Like like likeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Aosksj QnsshHari Yang lalu

    슬기는 다른멤버들이 웃는거랑은 다르게 안웃는 이유가 부끄러우면서도 자기 앞에서 응원해주는 팬들보면서 고마워서 잘 안웃고 더 열심히 부르는거같다

  45. author

    최준혁Hari Yang lalu


  46. author

    Dillan LunnaHari Yang lalu

    Idk why but whenever i hesr this song it makes me cry

  47. author

    Evelyn MedinaHari Yang lalu

    I miss you Wendy, and KyungSoo

  48. author

    Leah SmithHari Yang lalu


  49. author

    Yuju De GfHari Yang lalu

    "Im original visual", yes you are My Irene

  50. author

    Stan SF9 And rm’s tiddiesHari Yang lalu

    Omg they sound exactly like the music video, the talent I will never have😔

  51. author

    Cedra CompanyHari Yang lalu

    Who's that girl at 0:40 she is so sweet

  52. author

    Benfata ZoubidaHari Yang lalu


  53. author

    Giovanni Viadão GoxtozoHari Yang lalu

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I Loooooveeeeeeeeee Uuuuuuuuuuuu Queeeeeennnnnssssssss💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👑👑👑👑

  54. author

    Macaroon UlfaHari Yang lalu


  55. author

    jams엔시티Hari Yang lalu

    Joy is queen

  56. author

    Lesleigh AranjuezHari Yang lalu


  57. author

    Park Te-hyunHari Yang lalu


  58. author

    cceo aHari Yang lalu

    난 진짜 레드벨벳 팬도 아니고 노래도 안 챙겨 듣고 이거 보고 이거 맨날 본다 진짜 노래도 괜찮고 라이브도 잘 하고 다 예쁨 근데 아직 팬은 아니다 이 영상에만 빠졌어

  59. author

    sweet sweetHari Yang lalu

    ¡ Qué hermosas y re talentosas!

  60. author

    gucci boyHari Yang lalu

    i really like wendy snd seulgi outfits👍🏻

  61. author

    SAZHari Yang lalu

    Its so crazy hope complete red velvet is with Wendy in it, if one member ever left it would feel so different, they all have something in them💛 I miss her, this was her era and she’s not able to perform it:(

  62. author

    Maree AlhashmiHari Yang lalu


  63. author

    jh KHari Yang lalu

    저 마카롱 가게 어딘가 아시는분 ....

  64. author

    DizzyLimesHari Yang lalu

    I loved the styling this era but why did they give Yeri that dress? She deserves just as much love from the stylists as the rest of the girls do.

  65. author

    jennie blackpinkHari Yang lalu

    Red velvet 💜💜💜

  66. author

    mXbHari Yang lalu

    i’ve been looking for this song for two days finally found it the bleached hair girl vocals wth this is so beautiful

  67. author

    AlyHari Yang lalu

    Okay I love them all but can we talk about HOW AMAZING DOES YERI LOOK HERE???? She's so grown up now 😭

  68. author

    apeechee1Hari Yang lalu

    The choreographer is 15 years old but she's really good.

  69. author

    Marisa BeardHari Yang lalu

    bad boy walked so psycho could run

  70. author

    KP MYHari Yang lalu

    I miss you Wendy :(

  71. author

    Giulia VisanHari Yang lalu

    It can be maybe with ro or eng sub?

  72. author

    Aelita StonesHari Yang lalu


  73. author

    Sua OpparHari Yang lalu

    0:34 joy looks like Taemin and Uhm Junghwa's daughter

  74. author

    chungshingHari Yang lalu

    lineları yeri'ye koklatıp bırakmışlar resmen

  75. author

    ParkJiminJamsHari Yang lalu

    I think sometimes Wendy's and Seulgi voice is sounds like Ariana Grande voice.

  76. author

    YouGotNoJamsHari Yang lalu

    Red Velvet is a whole meal course

  77. author

    sᴘɪᴄʏ ʜᴏʙɪHari Yang lalu

    This comeback didn’t really hit for me 😕

  78. author

    PokeDancerHari Yang lalu

    Psycho made me fall in love with Red Velvet so much...

  79. author

    JUST İMAGİNE İT BTSHari Yang lalu


  80. author

    박정민Hari Yang lalu

    미국 투어인데 다른 멤버는 어디가고 아이린 혼자죠?

  81. author

    Kaelin VirtusioHari Yang lalu

    Not a fan but Joy, man she's slayin'. I really like her voice so much emotion.

  82. author

    gurl wif luvHari Yang lalu

    You all not talking about seulgi voice 🙏💘

  83. author

    MuddeHari Yang lalu

    Wtf is sbs pls explain some1

  84. author

    changkyun's eyebrow piercingHari Yang lalu

    yeri killing that one singing line

  85. author

    Sal FarinhaHari Yang lalu

    Verry good❤

  86. author

    Haus of TiffanyHari Yang lalu

    So are we not gonna talk about how Yeri and Joy carried the chorus the whole time? Underrated queens.

  87. author

    나폴리팬Hari Yang lalu

    존나 예쁘다

  88. author

    Belen RoblesHari Yang lalu


  89. author

    Momo-JunhoeHari Yang lalu

    Thts y wendy is called "queen of vocal" Yeah i know u guys will say it for ailee and taeyeon.. Comeon.. They are legend.. But wendy is queen.. I bet u! I swear!

  90. author

    Evelyn MedinaHari Yang lalu

    I really miss you

  91. author

    Hida KilicHari Yang lalu

    Wendy and Seulgi 😍

  92. author

    Doha FattahHari Yang lalu

    Just perfect 😍

  93. author

    a trashHari Yang lalu

    Its 2020 but I still remember lucas iconic parody🤦‍♀️

  94. author

    위즈원영Hari Yang lalu

    외국ㅅㄲ들댓글 ㄲㅈ라!!

  95. author

    S. AineHari Yang lalu


  96. author

    zehra koçakHari Yang lalu

    0:42 mükemmel 👌

  97. author

    Alysha FarhanaHari Yang lalu

    Which one is seulgi

  98. author

    뭐라고Hari Yang lalu

    S:좃같은새기들 B: S:

  99. author

    Ahmad AmzarHari Yang lalu

    No hate but wendy sings the falsetto part way better than suelgi

  100. author

    Mel BraveHari Yang lalu