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10 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Justice WarriorHari Yang lalu

    Hahahahahahahaha How have I never seen this!! Tipical European granny house car

  2. author

    Astral NemixHari Yang lalu

    And that quality is why Hamilton is the best F1 driver in history!

  3. author

    FDKHari Yang lalu

    There are IDreporterrs who produce top quality content by doing script-writing, starring, filming and editing all by themselves. The BBC needs 4 guys just to follow a 5th guy around, and then tons of additional people in the later stages of production. No wonder the BBC costs a lot of money

  4. author

    Lee BerryHari Yang lalu

    I can't lie. First time I've ever tasted shine I reacted the same as Ruttledge without the vomiting. That brought back funny memories. It didn't take long for everything to start spinning.

  5. author

    superkai64Hari Yang lalu

    wow when James's mum laughs it really looks like him hahaha

  6. author

    Yoav BabnikHari Yang lalu

    Does Gordon never ages?

  7. author

    Lee BerryHari Yang lalu

    I can watch these guys, but I can't stand the new BBC version of it. They are boring as HELL

  8. author

    Vic WhiteHari Yang lalu

    After watching this video. I understand why TopGear has become the shittiest show in the World.

  9. author

    buddythegamer SmithHari Yang lalu

    Thats funny " it does understeer this lorry"

  10. author

    Razz0r ricHari Yang lalu

    Is it me ..... or is everyone munching on burgers & sausages all the time ?

  11. author

    Prometheus 2019Hari Yang lalu

    I could never stand this guy he's a CRY BABY who likes to get it all his own way and he's a sore looser. He also reminds me of POB the child's character in the video linked. What Nicole saw in him I'll never know the little puke.

  12. author

    Luke MaymanHari Yang lalu

    That is the single funniest clip ever on Topgear. When jeremy emerges from the ice cold water, he tries to mutter the words 'how dare you' before putting his hands above his head. Very rare someone gets one over on clarkson like that. Brilliant

  13. author

    The Wild Colonial BoyHari Yang lalu

    4:20 is when he really starts to freak out.

  14. author

    DrTenochtitlanHari Yang lalu

    "We're on a mission from God..."

  15. author

    KingEdwardsHari Yang lalu

    Jeremy was mad to pass on the Cortina.

  16. author

    Razz0r ricHari Yang lalu

    Hammond was awesome

  17. author

    Imna LongkumerHari Yang lalu

    Should've driven a gypsy

  18. author

    Benji B-SideHari Yang lalu

    Old ladys are class, I love conversations with them! : )

  19. author

    Philip TonneHari Yang lalu

    Harris verliert seine Basis - leider. Hätte ich nicht für möglich gehalten .

  20. author

    Martin RockportHari Yang lalu

    Top Gear directors: "So... er… where are the other two...? Oh, just Chris!? Ahh! Splendid! Carry on!"

  21. author

    cavespider6665Hari Yang lalu

    R.I.P that Class 31

  22. author

    pasteilaHari Yang lalu

    Five seconds in and I'm already dead 😂

  23. author

    Hendrie KelderHari Yang lalu

    The brits are smart, funny and got taste, all in this vid. From the netherlands..keep it going

  24. author

    BleakVisionHari Yang lalu

    It’s pure idiocy to drop the Golf name for this eydeefree nonsense. Also, it looks like a C4 Picasso.

  25. author

    Ken KazunHari Yang lalu

    All the brainwashed "I like gas powered cars because things" comments below

  26. author

    AlfredB12filmsHari Yang lalu

    Elderly women like those truly are gems, beautifully spirited

  27. author

    ZygisonHari Yang lalu

    3 men: suffering Cameramen: rookie levels...

  28. author

    AlfredB12filmsHari Yang lalu

    That gravel traction system Is evident that James is a rail fan

  29. author

    Rajan TuciHari Yang lalu

    Who is watching in 2020 a decade later 😂

  30. author

    AlfredB12filmsHari Yang lalu

    Tesla Cybertruck prototype

  31. author

    The StigHari Yang lalu

    It was rubbish

  32. author

    Piotr MaslakHari Yang lalu

    1:01 OH COCK!

  33. author

    Steven PadillaHari Yang lalu

    Chris Harris needs his own show, this man knows car guys

  34. author

    Benji B-SideHari Yang lalu

    Want to do a bank robbery and escape from the Indian police on a Tata Nano!!

  35. author

    Michael USS WisconsinHari Yang lalu

    Ford power

  36. author

    LKevHari Yang lalu

    5:32 I think I’m about to turn this exact moment into a meme template

  37. author

    Jay MacHari Yang lalu

    There’s no excuse for trains to be as bouncy as they are. The rails are supposed to be perfectly flat

  38. author

    Giammaria SponganoHari Yang lalu

    Aston is still better. It has nothing to do with Mercedes. It's a breed apart. It looks and sounds beautiful, buying an Aston Martin means owning a car with a unique and timeless design. They're currently the most elegant GT cars on the market.

  39. author

    Stevan SekulicHari Yang lalu

    Kosovo is Serbia

  40. author

    COD zombies OverlordHari Yang lalu

    I love how Chris is just stuck there next to the persons little wee with blood on his face and he’s holding it.

  41. author

    Dmytro BudiakHari Yang lalu

    4:19 lada 2105=)

  42. author

    ShareThisFastDOTcomHari Yang lalu

    makes me want to take off all my clothes

  43. author

    Grizzled GamerHari Yang lalu

    'proper offroader' ? Umm, no. If it doesn't NEED a winch and at least 2 locking diffs... then its just a 'high sided sedan' with all wheel drive.

  44. author

    THE BOSSHari Yang lalu

    I am here for speedtail

  45. author

    robert martinezHari Yang lalu

    I miss the old top gear

  46. author

    cameron phelpsHari Yang lalu

    2:45 reached for a shifter lol

  47. author

    kerim trHari Yang lalu

    preposterous paralogism.

  48. author

    Franklin ClintonHari Yang lalu

    Top Gear = Clarkson, May, Hammond. The Grand Tour is better than this Top Gear without Jeremy, James and Richard.

  49. author

    Luca sammartinoHari Yang lalu


  50. author

    SKIYxDHari Yang lalu

    The car looks nice, but they should have scrapped the logo cuz this is no Mustang

  51. author

    David DaivdsonHari Yang lalu

    More proof that Elon Musk just watches TV and copies the stuff he sees.

  52. author

    PURE IRONHari Yang lalu

    Lol when your mom has 9mins to get your ass to school ! :P lol

  53. author

    TheMilitantHorseHari Yang lalu

    "I'll see you in Spain lads." Epic words.

  54. author

    ALOK SRIVASTAVAHari Yang lalu

    It would look better if they wrote infinite infront of TUK TUK

  55. author

    CalvinHari Yang lalu


  56. author

    Tony BeckerHari Yang lalu

    It is beautiful but it is absolutely not better than that tennis girl ....

  57. author

    Cesar GomezHari Yang lalu

    1:37 Lol that is the best part.

  58. author

    Cod LND-ABRAQHari Yang lalu

    Any one seen in 2020

  59. author

    Cesar GomezHari Yang lalu

    7:27 What the hell......

  60. author

    Joey NHari Yang lalu

    I could listen to literally anything as long as Jeremy clarkson is narrating it.

  61. author

    ONSMORVS _Hari Yang lalu

    Лол фланкер мучают

  62. author

    fusionHari Yang lalu

    jeremy p45 has entered the chat

  63. author

    hupoHari Yang lalu


  64. author

    s cHari Yang lalu

    Dunno if i remember correctly but did they come back here again and have a rematch or something? I think it was a winter special that they did

  65. author

    Áron KristoforiHari Yang lalu

    This the most adrenalin. I've ever experienced.

  66. author

    FilipHari Yang lalu

    I'd admit, Chris is the best top gear presenter after Jeremy. Fact.

  67. author

    Andisa MagopeniHari Yang lalu

    i still wish James May could be sitting alongside him

  68. author

    sidahmed rotoHari Yang lalu

    we'll never see viper :'(

  69. author

    Steve InczediHari Yang lalu

    Watched this loads of times and Jeremy gets me laughing every time.....😂🤣

  70. author

    Samuel GrossHari Yang lalu

    Is this legal?

  71. author

    FreezeBurn 1Hari Yang lalu

    This dude Boris seems quite cool. I think he should run for prime minister or something idk

  72. author

    Palma123Hari Yang lalu

    aight then I’m gonna try get here in a TRANSIT VAN...

  73. author

    Bendegúz FarkasHari Yang lalu

    Is anybody know the name of the song at 1:00

  74. author

    Catatonic GalaxyHari Yang lalu

    real soccer sucks for watching... this is actually exciting

  75. author

    Ashkenazi ZionistHari Yang lalu

    imagine private ryan beach of Normandy meanwhile... oh look seat warmers thats nice

  76. author

    Cedric HuenHari Yang lalu

    Captain America, "I can do this all day!" Me, "I can watch old Top Gear all day!"

  77. author

    MikeycrzedHari Yang lalu

    First carbon fiber car was the Jaguar XJR-15 not McLaren. Although McLaren and the rest of the car companies soon followed.

  78. author

    GT HAUSHari Yang lalu

    We can make it louder! :)

  79. author

    GT HAUSHari Yang lalu

    Well done!

  80. author

    Ashkenazi ZionistHari Yang lalu

    i want to buy one, having a rolling cage and put it through a derby

  81. author

    Paul LombardHari Yang lalu

    Top Gear is nothing but Nationalism, but then May and Clarkson begged the public to vote Remain. Can't say I approve.

  82. author

    TwistedClown912Hari Yang lalu

    Have you tried hitting it with a Prius?!

  83. author

    xweert711Hari Yang lalu

    Of course the ricer was playing NFS Underground on the little TV Screen.

  84. author

    Adrian CakoHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one that noticed/loved the fact that they used brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys in the vid?

  85. author

    Isaak WelchHari Yang lalu

    Theres someone locally with a panamera. Its even worse in person.

  86. author

    RadekHari Yang lalu

    This is most probably the best video from Top Gear ever made, probably the best in the history of car reviewing.

  87. author

    Stephen FHari Yang lalu

    They had so much fun during this challenge what a joy

  88. author

    Adam MasonHari Yang lalu

    I am gay

  89. author

    Evory DejbighötHari Yang lalu

    If women in Australia are this hot, I'm not surprised about the Bush fires. Too soon?.. I'll see my way out.

  90. author

    MrAbuse96Hari Yang lalu

    I'd love to know the model of the aventador, cause when lambo makes a car, it's not to be second fastest, if it's a 2011 model vs a 2019 car, i'm not surprised. But make this dodge go against their last aventador svj with the last ever lamborghini athmospheric v12, u'll feel the dodge isn't event moving !

  91. author

    MightySatriaHari Yang lalu

    I miss the old top gear

  92. author

    Asif MohammadHari Yang lalu

    Should have put the “S” engine in the T

  93. author

    Brad FarmerHari Yang lalu

    That's def not how I drive my chevy. I'm more like Jeremy

  94. author

    Christian AquilinaHari Yang lalu

    I have never disliked hights, but God that s terrifying

  95. author

    Jack BoothHari Yang lalu


  96. author

    Jack BoothHari Yang lalu


  97. author

    T G T GHari Yang lalu

    Bugatti Chiron could do 300 mph

  98. author

    FAISAL JODUHari Yang lalu

    Please can u do the nissan 350z top gear BBC

  99. author

    Derek DavisHari Yang lalu

    6:56 “Jennifer’s Mclaren” haha

  100. author

    Meme PoliceHari Yang lalu

    Thanks, I bought my Jesko from IKEA and the building papers wrote this link for the tutorial.