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Selena Gomez - Bad LiarSelena Gomez - Bad Liar

Selena Gomez - Bad Liar

2 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    islam abbas2 jam yang lalu

    Me too ihave a hight ambitions

  2. author

    Kim Marie2 jam yang lalu

    The beginning reminds me of Indila - Dernière Dabse

  3. author

    Czy Del Pilar Huaman Vargas2 jam yang lalu

    2020 and I still love this artwork 😍🌟

  4. author

    Dayana Castillo2 jam yang lalu


  5. author

    Dragon Lord Skater2 jam yang lalu

    Ah this song would be perfect but then gucci mane ruins it

  6. author

    Sina Lagzian2 jam yang lalu

    Let me tell you It's everything

  7. author

    Jazmin Cardenas2 jam yang lalu

    I love u sel 😍

  8. author


    This be giving me belly dance vibes

  9. author

    Jéssica Pittzer2 jam yang lalu

    I loved this song but I hate who it reminds me...

  10. author

    Mechael Culbreath2 jam yang lalu

    Love it!

  11. author

    Itsashleycerda2 jam yang lalu

    this music video is so mesmerizing.

  12. author

    Carmen Medina2 jam yang lalu

    Selena Gómez, tiene un no se que q es imposible no quererla

  13. author

    fateme heydari2 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    fateme heydari2 jam yang lalu


  15. author

    marwa lassoued2 jam yang lalu

    I meaaaaan girllllll!!!! Loove ittt

  16. author

    Elem Erçırpan2 jam yang lalu

    This song is sick damn you rockkkk girlll

  17. author

    Jason Shiflet2 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    Jason Shiflet2 jam yang lalu

    Ahhahahahahahahah I love this dude ahhahahajaj. I do agreeee ahhahahahahahaha your THE BOMB💯

  19. author

    Vitória Medeiros2 jam yang lalu

    Queen 😍

  20. author

    Alexa Moonlight3 jam yang lalu


  21. author

    gamze3 jam yang lalu

    You didn't lose. he lost you ❤

  22. author

    bad girl 233 jam yang lalu

    Her magic is rare Wizards of Waverly place

  23. author

    GomezSelenafan3 jam yang lalu

    My favorite song ♥️

  24. author

    NORA3 jam yang lalu

    We are rare baby😍😗😗😇

  25. author

    Oman Balan3 jam yang lalu

    You’re crying for this type of bs to go number one before “the box”? 🤦🏾‍♂️ the industry has spoiled you too much

  26. author

    Cru3 jam yang lalu

    You doing your thing Selena much respect love but aye check this out

  27. author

    oluwakemi blessing3 jam yang lalu

    Love this song...

  28. author

    rascatrixe b3 jam yang lalu

    idk but somehow this song gives me THAT vibe of plants vs zombies background music.

  29. author

    Angie B3 jam yang lalu

    Let’s make this queens album number 1 Selenators let’s go!!

  30. author

    Sub To PewDiePie3 jam yang lalu

    2:05 who's phone number is that?

  31. author

    SK VLOGS3 jam yang lalu


  32. author

    Sarah Hendricks3 jam yang lalu

    2 months ? Geez

  33. author

    Dana Cheng3 jam yang lalu

    ILY Selena!

  34. author

    cns1807843 jam yang lalu

    A very nice fun woman too, a smoking hot Latina. Mmmmm, skin nicely tanned from the beautiful sun....she's 35 degrees centigrade smoking hot female of top quality grade. An exquisite fine sun drenched beauty who loves chocolate she loves herself. When i look at her, thats what i see, delicious chocolate cake. Just needs the chocolate sauce and thats it. A fine dining dessert. Delicious. Mmmmm :)

  35. author

    Jackie Araya3 jam yang lalu

    I'm so rare, yes always so rare...don't care what anyone else thinks. Thank you Selena for singing this for me 🥰

  36. author

    Angie Sifuentes3 jam yang lalu

    tkm weona

  37. author

    The Baphomet3 jam yang lalu

    Y am I even here?

  38. author

    A-list Anthems3 jam yang lalu

    Hey guys please check out my new release and subscribe please!

  39. author

    KAIET BIDAURRE3 jam yang lalu

    Can people stop talking about justin?

  40. author

    jon david3 jam yang lalu

    This video is so much better the the original. I see more emotion in this one then the other. Great song.

  41. author

    Jung Kook3 jam yang lalu

    هل من عربي/ة يوجد هنا 🐸💜😂

  42. author

    Malika Mohamed3 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE THIS SONG 😍😍😍 her words are amazing and so lyrical

  43. author

    Angie Sifuentes3 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    Logan Sheaffer3 jam yang lalu

    I love the dark change in tune in the 2nd verse ! So intense

  45. author

    Logan Sheaffer3 jam yang lalu

    I ❤ the change in tune at the start of the second verse

  46. author

    chami usma3 jam yang lalu

    You just wanna attention😃

  47. author

    DOPE TIZZLE3 jam yang lalu

    Who ever made that beat with her vocals...... Yes engineer! Get it!!!!!

  48. author

    cns1807843 jam yang lalu

    Shes just got one of those cute faces you never get bored of looking at lol

  49. author

    andreas NELSON3 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Brii Frassacaro3 jam yang lalu

    Aki el comentario en Español ke buscabas xdxdxd✌💜

  51. author

    Abby Richardson3 jam yang lalu

    I can see Euphoria using this,Grownish,Greys even😍😍😍 it's just soundtrack ready

  52. author

    Rob Jacobs3 jam yang lalu

    Why have i looked this music video up? and listened to it at least more then 3 times, i dont even like pop music that much XD

  53. author

    DOPE TIZZLE3 jam yang lalu

    I like the other video

  54. author

    Suzanna Rahman3 jam yang lalu

    So emotional, it's my favorite song lately!

  55. author

    Carmencita Ben3 jam yang lalu

    así se pronuncia la ll, te felicito niña.

  56. author

    andreas NELSON3 jam yang lalu


  57. author

    Giuseppe īøđix3 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    Abby Richardson3 jam yang lalu

    Jada needs to invite Selena to The Red Table, i need to hear about this journey in a interview format😂😂😂

  59. author

    Anissa Mokdad3 jam yang lalu

    You can think that you were in love with someone but then you can realize that finally you never were in love with this person, all of this, was fake by the way it ends up. She never felt real and true love. That man is such a piece of shit. Today, she is happy and not with him and he is depressed and married but not happy at all.

  60. author

    isidora topalovic3 jam yang lalu

    justin doesnt deserve you and your love because he is stupid

  61. author

    Maša Centner3 jam yang lalu

    Is it just to me or this song has too many Wizards of Waverly Place vibes

  62. author

    BleezyB TBL3 jam yang lalu

    I’d love to have her around, especially if she can’t keep her hands to herself 😌

  63. author

    Moonlight Bae3 jam yang lalu

    8 year old me wanted to walk on that ground

  64. author

    suyash singh3 jam yang lalu

    Achievement unlocked: The Scroller

  65. author

    Adrien Azl3 jam yang lalu

    Funny that this song came out right when I live this. a close friend of mine got close to other friends of mine and I became a stranger in their eyes as if don't exist. I feel lonely and damn it hurts....

  66. author

    alijah3 jam yang lalu

    okay but like why does selena have a wig on her dresser?

  67. author

    Triffawna Witt3 jam yang lalu

    Loving this new album its beautiful however wow...throwback to Cassie vibes with this song.

  68. author

    Isabel Sousa3 jam yang lalu

    I simply looooove this song!!!

  69. author

    Enrique López3 jam yang lalu

    Eso mamonaaaaaa😂

  70. author

    Angel Leftwich3 jam yang lalu

    The beginning sounds like never be the same by Camila Cabello

  71. author

    Catarina Ornelas3 jam yang lalu

    2013: "This love ain't finished yet." 2020: "Now it's goodbye, it's goodbye for us"

  72. author

    Rory McColl3 jam yang lalu

    Words cannot describe how much i love this song

  73. author

    Ashish Master3 jam yang lalu

    I love this 😘😘😘

  74. author

    Isabel Sousa3 jam yang lalu

    Simply the best, Selena!

  75. author

    Ash3 jam yang lalu

    this is just art.. i love it

  76. author

    jimins jams3 jam yang lalu

    Q U E E N

  77. author

    Rafaela Silva3 jam yang lalu

    Circle on me... suck on me? 🎺👀🌚🌚

  78. author

    Simon Drouard3 jam yang lalu

    Waoooo tout simplement waoooo ! ✊💐💓💞🌈🌠🌈

  79. author

    sam pjk3 jam yang lalu

    What a Queen 👑

  80. author

    Kimberly Ryan3 jam yang lalu

    Brilliant song. Thank you for your music and talent. #TheSecretLifeofHiddenDisabilities

  81. author

    ryszard klara3 jam yang lalu

    Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video) 1080p klara fragment

  82. author

    Brain473 jam yang lalu

    I chill in her garden without VR glasses

  83. author

    NoEffect3 jam yang lalu

    Who is this?

  84. author

    Crystal McKinney3 jam yang lalu

    These comments are hilarious! Here's an idea, how about just celebrating this awesome album release instead? She's worked extremely hard, let's appreciate that for a moment!

  85. author

    Zain Arshad3 jam yang lalu

    1:46 🔥

  86. author

    Santiago Sánchez3 jam yang lalu

    Let's appreciate the excelent production Ian Kirkpatrick made on this one!

  87. author

    vanesa hadid3 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    UrAverageHuman3 jam yang lalu

    Stream the box by roddy ricch

  89. author

    vanesa hadid3 jam yang lalu


  90. author

    Danizet Batyrbieva3 jam yang lalu

    omfg she is amazing.

  91. author

    Casandra Paniagua3 jam yang lalu

    Feels so good ❤️❤️ this song just does something to me

  92. author

    Adam Smith3 jam yang lalu

    No one: Selena Gomez: Burning toast in the toaster Her fans: wow that’s deep

  93. author

    Johnny Sparkleface3 jam yang lalu

    Obviously they spent some time doing her makeup, hair and clothing. So why is this video shot in such a way as to obscure her beauty? Its blurry, with lens flare and cutaways. I'm a guy who appreciates beauty, please let me see the pretty girl! (sorry, I was born this way) By the way, her voice sounds auto tuned to an unrealistic degree of perfection.

  94. author

    KD3 jam yang lalu

    Roddy rich on top always

  95. author

    James Justicz3 jam yang lalu

    notice how she is videod here with psychadelic imagry, the connection to Justin Bieber and the child sex/slavery ring that they were both involved in as children. Selena is showing us how the kids were controlled using high doses of LSD nd other psychadelic substances, like in Project MKUltra. This is not a coincidence.

  96. author

    spice njende3 jam yang lalu

    I feel the pain. It hits me so hard 😢😭😢

  97. author

    Viktoria's Queen3 jam yang lalu

    Selena 😍😍😍

  98. author

    Luis Herrera3 jam yang lalu

    Who is here because of the NBA video?

  99. author

    indie afraid3 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    miral mayar3 jam yang lalu

    أكو عرب بالطيارة Selena😍 سيلينا 😍