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  1. author

    T AJam Yang lalu

    What a MORON! He sounds like an entitled, self absorbed prima donna. Guess what Kap? Nobody likes you! There's a reason you haven't worked in 3 years! Get the hint and GO AWAY!

  2. author

    RF SOCALJam Yang lalu

    Melo is back!!!

  3. author

    Chris KizerJam Yang lalu

    Ben Wallace/ Ron Artest all over again ...person who starts it can’t finish it...

  4. author

    Dj EinsteinJam Yang lalu

    The NFL does not like KAP!

  5. author

    rastab337Jam Yang lalu


  6. author

    Andy HerreraJam Yang lalu


  7. author

    KaNeJam Yang lalu

    Stephen A is just facing the backlash for any one who steps off the plantation. Black folk on the left turn on anyone who disagrees

  8. author

    Erick RoseJam Yang lalu

    What about Derrick rose 🌹

  9. author

    anujRJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    Dj EinsteinJam Yang lalu

    Stephen does NOT want to see him in the league. Just be honest!

  11. author

    MrCowboy082288Jam Yang lalu

    As a black man I think black people need to be black and backidy black.

  12. author

    Jarvis JuiceJam Yang lalu

    What about the NBA ratings tho? 😂

  13. author

    Cubbie BlueJam Yang lalu

    Max is such a SJW

  14. author

    Cool SteezJam Yang lalu

    Now I know why people talk about molly, she’s brain dead

  15. author

    Bob BakerJam Yang lalu

    No one literally no one: Fergie trying to sing in jazz...oooOOOOoo000000AAAAAAAAAOOOooooOO00000

  16. author

    Noah WelchJam Yang lalu

    If KAT needed to score in the paint he would. But shooting 3’s is more efficient and that’s what they are taught in Minnesota. And they aren’t wrong.

  17. author

    CroPETROforeverNBAJam Yang lalu

    I thought I will never say this but I have to; Dirk Nowitzki was and is one of the greatest NBA ever seen, you couldn't stop that guy, but I think Luka will be even better than Dirk... there, I said it lol

  18. author

    Baljeet The BeastJam Yang lalu

    Honestly if the hawks didnt have a bye week, russ would still be unquestioned. It's that stupid bye week. I know players need it but still. Russ about to go off on eagles. Shut down lamar time. Hopefully Jalen Ramsey picks off lamar and aaron donald eats him alive and they lose. Man wooo. I am a hawk fan not a lamb fan but I hate the new tweedy birds called the ravens.

  19. author

    WSHERLEY1331Jam Yang lalu

    NFL set themselves up for resurrecting this headline. There is no team willing to sign him, given all that follows. Yes we understand he has an arm. Yes we understand his noble protest. Teams also know he’ll be a back up QB w/attention no locker room wants.

  20. author

    AlexJam Yang lalu

    everyone see lakers as the underdog.. even with anthony on the team.. that's okay i think everyone got something to show and they've proven so far on the court hard work and dedication from lebron can certainly impact the game and teammate... this is a type of leadership rarely seen on the court lebron.. the GOAT

  21. author

    db105Jam Yang lalu

    Does Mike Fiers wear his World Series ring with pride?

  22. author

    Ty EJam Yang lalu

    NBA players need to know u can actualy can touch a players palm n up without it actualy being a foul frm 3 just dnt fk up his landing, defense is just lacking out there

  23. author

    imazoo kaitouJam Yang lalu

    Two words "uncle Tom"

  24. author

    Alexia Is On FireJam Yang lalu

    Harden is the best player in the world, deal with it haters

  25. author

    Jesus HernandezJam Yang lalu

    !!! high school, division 1, division 2, division 3 !!! 1 percent of the population does twice its weight of an example of that 1% of the population their an ! a ! grade that does the 45 lbs plate symmetric weight of that 1% of the population their an ! b ! grade that does the 35 lbs plate symmetric weight of that 1% of the population their an ! c ! grade that does the 25 lbs plate symmetric weight

  26. author

    bwalsh1105Jam Yang lalu

    Did people even watch kaepernick throw ...he does not have the arm or the speed to be an nfl qb anymore... also kaepernick gets a lot of credit for the media’s creation of a problem... if people really look back and remember how this started : It was a cell phone video of him sitting on the bench during the national anthem taken from the upper deck. If he was really so brave he would’ve went out and kneeled from the get go but no he’s a fake piece of shih who allowed himself to be used as a tool by the media.

  27. author

    ProLeopardJam Yang lalu

    I wanna see how Matthew Stafford grips the ball

  28. author

    Insanity PepperJam Yang lalu

    A 20 year old Rooney trained Tyson was a freight train with no brakes.

  29. author

    Alexia Is On FireJam Yang lalu

    We all know if LeCringe or Stephanie Lurry were doing what Harden is doing now, everyone would be claiming them as the GOAT over Jordan. Just goes to show the biased hate against the beard

  30. author

    Mike ChanJam Yang lalu

    Man, she wears that weight so well. So sexy.

  31. author

    Harry HungriaJam Yang lalu

    That's the face of shame on SAS.🤣🤣🤣

  32. author

    Steeve CantaveJam Yang lalu

    The only suckers here are the people wasting time and money watching the NBA regular season.

  33. author

    David StitzelJam Yang lalu

    His contract should be prorated

  34. author

    BonjoviJam Yang lalu

    Great debate Stephen A squarely lost with absolutely no defense and if this was a Trojan horse attack then what’s this say about Jay Z if he infant organizes it

  35. author

    Julio MarleyJam Yang lalu

    Rachel was talking about James Harden

  36. author

    sam aboshawishJam Yang lalu

    “Pretty much”

  37. author

    JR RosalezJam Yang lalu

    I just saw the Blazer-Pelicans game tonight, Melo really didn't make a difference. I knew he wouldn't, the problem with Portland is that they need a big man. Josef Nurkic is out and that's the issue, they're missing a big man.

  38. author

    Sean WJam Yang lalu


  39. author

    Tony CarcamoJam Yang lalu

    so stupid giving these guy attention. stop the stupidity!!!!!

  40. author

    Jack WhiteJam Yang lalu

    All the people in the comment section calling a professional NBA player un athletic 😂. Most of you probably never played sports in your life or the most high school varsity. It’s comical

  41. author

    Brandon HawkJam Yang lalu

    I mean his cousin is from the Houston rockets that won the dunk contest

  42. author

    purvis wrightJam Yang lalu

    Sign him new orleans

  43. author

    Ghino SJam Yang lalu

    Butchered Sauga. So sad.

  44. author

    TURBO PepperJam Yang lalu

    Kat is soft af. His voice is like a modern day feminist soy boy

  45. author

    Michael ReyesJam Yang lalu

    Why are those two bozos even on the show just let tmac and Rachel work

  46. author

    Michael SpeerJam Yang lalu

    He off the bars tho heavy I can tell

  47. author

    dabby dabbyJam Yang lalu

    *And SAS still won't agree with this correct analysis....🤔🤔🤔*

  48. author

    Michael SpeerJam Yang lalu

    He off the bars tho heavy I can tell

  49. author

    HJ MCGJam Yang lalu

    The NFL is a billion dollar business and does not want players wearing their uniforms, using their stadiums, their network broadcasts to promote their personal causes. I think Kaepernick's stance against police brutality in African American communities is admirable but the league wants to remain apolitical. If he knelt to protest domestic violence, mass incarceration, immigration reform etc... I think the NFL's response would have been the same. They don't want players using their platform to promote their personal social justice causes.

  50. author

    Lj GlizzyJam Yang lalu

    I would be the happiest kid alive if I could meet any pro football player 🏈

  51. author

    Travis StevensonJam Yang lalu

    I will interpret what Wilder said to Steven A,........" I wanted to bless Oritiz with another fight(Even though I have already beat him, and I know the boxing world does not want to see that second fight), then I will fight Fury, and then fight Fury for a 3rd fight, because I know, and Al Haymond knows that I have a chance to beat those 2 fighters(Ortiz/Fury). That is why I am fighting them...I am doing that, because that will further delay a potential fight with Joshua(If he beat's Ruiz) or Whyte, Dubois or Joyce(Fighters that have a good chance of beating me). Therefore, I can come up with more excuses to continue ducking these fighters.. That's what Wilder actually was saying...I am no Wilder hater...The truth is this is all of Al Haymond's doing.. He has a meal ticket, and he is going to do all he can do to make sure that Wilder stays undefeated...and that is the card that he is going to play...That is why the boxing world is hoping that Fury win's, because Wilder then will be forced to fight some of the fighters I mentioned(Fury is not obligated to give Wilder a 3rd fight(A rematch if he win's)....Instead of fighting the Dominic Breazeal's, and Louis Ortiz's of the boxing world...Hard core boxing fan's(I am one of them), know that Louis Ortiz, and Breazeal are 2nd tier fighters(In terms of being quality. I don't care what their ranking is...The ranking system of boxing is corrupt, and is based on who promotes you vs your actual boxing acumen).

  52. author

    King CashJam Yang lalu

    Tracy's right. How can Melo make this team worst?🤔🤔

  53. author

    NateJam Yang lalu

    Max Kellerman is a puppet.

  54. author

    Alvin KamaraJam Yang lalu

    Imagine if Skip running this interview

  55. author

    Buzz ActuallyJam Yang lalu

    jalen rose told me to change the channel if talking heads making mvp predictions 12 games in.

  56. author

    Michael BuckJam Yang lalu

    Every QB knows where to throw the ball in drills.. try reading a defense..he sucks.

  57. author

    David KimJam Yang lalu

    This is such basic thinking Next Q, Rachel: What would this independent outside contracted drug testing service provider stand to benefit from if a nba player got bagged? More business. The fact that its an independent firm and not NBA Inc is irrelevant...

  58. author

    Linda lee LeeJam Yang lalu

    I’m 100% behind you Stephen

  59. author

    Harrison GibsonJam Yang lalu

    My only issue is with the value given to fans (that paid to be at the game) on a given night. If you're like Kawhi and more or less have this scheduled out in advance then they should have to make that clear to everyone including the fans. That would let the market for those tickets react accordingly and it would be more fair to everyone. Other than that I totally understand and empathize with the players using load management. This isn't a foreign concept in many other sports and is backed up by the science/medicine.

  60. author

    Michael SpeerJam Yang lalu

    This dude can talk normal and it’s a hit song. That voice a gift from God 💯

  61. author

    C JonesJam Yang lalu

    Stephen "It's interesting that we have to go to commercial break" Smith

  62. author

    KORN 1999Jam Yang lalu

    Stephen A. " Mason Rudolph should be suspended for getting hit in the head with his own helmet" like I've said MANY times before: LAY OFF THE CRACK STEPHEN A.

  63. author

    ICU361Jam Yang lalu

    Kawhi’s injury is very fixable. All the trainers need to do is push Ctrl+Alt+Del and Kawhi will reboot and be ready to go.

  64. author

    PistolgunerJam Yang lalu

    Much seaport to you

  65. author

    Dave ConlinJam Yang lalu

    If no NFL teams will sign Antonio Brown,arguably the best WR in the league for being a moron why would they sign a moronic mediocre QB?

  66. author

    LeonardJam Yang lalu

    A very good interview!

  67. author

    Nikko LushJam Yang lalu

    Mr. Foreman

  68. author

    Christian CastroJam Yang lalu

    Brehhhh what’s up with them antenas

  69. author

    ShadyLife101Jam Yang lalu

    What's wild is that just 2 years ago everyone on ESPN was spreading the idea that Kawhi was faking the quad injury to get out of San Antonio.

  70. author

    Shyt BrickJam Yang lalu he getting ready to fight

  71. author

    CyberAMESJam Yang lalu

    This is what I hope won't happen after they trade Russell. Nets had good thing coming for them if they're just patient and wait for a perennial star to come instead of forcing to sign someone. Nets org is to blame tbh. They signed ball hogging Kyrie, Washed Jordan, and K "with-the-worst-injury-in-basketball-ever" D.

  72. author

    Woah Kenny!!Jam Yang lalu

    Givenchy shirt 👀

  73. author

    quant turtleJam Yang lalu

    Who is sas talking to? Kinda confused

  74. author

    emmajlz363Jam Yang lalu

    who will win the 2022 championship is a cover for the real title: who will get giannis in 2022

  75. author

    313Jam Yang lalu

    Best crew for The Jump

  76. author

    Leon WoodJam Yang lalu

    Maybe him & Antonio Brown can put together a team of NFL losers and Diva's and they could play exhibition games around the country with real teams. I would pay to see them play at Lambeau field. Kaepernick vs. Rogers!!

  77. author

    M.i.c. haelJam Yang lalu

    The day LeBron says “I’m just a grown man from Akron.” I’ll die peacefully.

  78. author

    dabby dabbyJam Yang lalu

    *Read before you sign any documentation people.*

  79. author

    Behram KJam Yang lalu

    We need more people like Stephen not fakers like Colin Kaepaernick

  80. author

    adam ganjamanJam Yang lalu

    Alvarez is on steroids

  81. author

    Tanner CoxJam Yang lalu

    How is kawhi called the best when he misses every season? I just don’t understand why the praise him when he takes seasons off then shines in the playoffs because everyone else in the league that actually played in the season is tired. Kawhi is just cheating the system. He’s too good to have to cheat the system

  82. author

    Tony CarcamoJam Yang lalu

    i cant believe ppl keep talking about these jackass!!!! move on ppl stop giving colin attention. stop it!!!!

  83. author

    BuildFightJam Yang lalu

    How is it possible for Utah and Oregon to be ranked so high with their relatively weak schedules? I don't get the rankings this year at all...

  84. author

    Eddy FernandezJam Yang lalu

    Should've took his mom's name or hyphenated it...

  85. author

    Aaron HickmanJam Yang lalu

    Dude is just average ! Lol

  86. author

    Sparta KingJam Yang lalu


  87. author

    Wade SuhrJam Yang lalu

    He is finished in the NFL. Still an idiot. If he needs a job he ought to try the XFL in 2020...although standing for the anthem is required there per Vince McMahon.

  88. author

    Hemi FireJam Yang lalu

    George is extraordinary...

  89. author

    Baruch TrotmanJam Yang lalu

    I like how Richard Jefferson didn't throw hm under the bus but offerd that maybe Kyrie shouldn't always to be the one to have to bend

  90. author

    jody highrollerJam Yang lalu

    I’m black & I apologize for the idiot black people in the comments. They have terrible reasoning & always try to play victim.

  91. author

    The Cool KidsJam Yang lalu

    Kaep is too woke for the NFL. At this point, he is just trolling the NFL. He makes more money outside the NFL, more famous than any player in the NFL, and could probably find work in the entertainment business. Kaep needs to stop being sour about being kicked out of football and understand that he ruined his own NFL career.

  92. author

    AvianJam Yang lalu

    Desmond just hates Ohio State obviously so what he says carries no value

  93. author

    Kerrie BarnardJam Yang lalu

    Colin, you are a has been my friend. Give it up!! Go fight for all of your equal "rights"...all you are is a coward my friend....and an unappreciative one at that! Bye Felicia!

  94. author

    Nintendo Gaming56Jam Yang lalu

    Argentina should worry cuz there 3rd place

  95. author

    Caleb LooJam Yang lalu

    They lost kanter too. Why they never mention him lately? He was key in the playoffs

  96. author

    Ben JacobyJam Yang lalu

    lebron is better than kawhi

  97. author

    Mark KenneyJam Yang lalu

    Just remember that Shaq missed a practically stationary Brad Miller. And Barkley is way more athletic than Miller ever was.

  98. author

    B. FortuneJam Yang lalu

    If Colin was a repeat rule breaker or had an egregious criminal history, I would understand better. There's people with all of that who received more opportunities.

  99. author

    J HJam Yang lalu

    Why tf this dude always yelling smh

  100. author

    Michigan Wolverine'sJam Yang lalu

    34 dislikes??? Are you kidding me.