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    Tina C.OJam Yang lalu

    I really understand Meghan's sister and father! They are taking this opportunity to be famous and making their own money, not really want to be in connection with Meghan or her new family" because they don't love her and her mom

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    Elena MatotaJam Yang lalu

    Of course she'll be nice what do you expect she came to Canada and she is trying to get something from Canada so she can live good rich life.

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    Christine BrettJam Yang lalu

    Everybody hates her. She's just had enough. Breaking point as they say

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    Wow I love this couples /royals

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    Peace Love Happiness SceneryJam Yang lalu

    Anyway American acts like they are virgin 😂

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    Summer Snow2 jam yang lalu

    I am so happy Haile Bailey is playing Ariel....😝

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    Sonia Avra2 jam yang lalu

    Are these two morons coming to Canada as immigrants or as refugees ? enquiring minds wants to know !!

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    VIRGO SaggieRising ScorpioMoon2 jam yang lalu

    Aaaawe, that was nice of her to fly back to Canada to spend time with her sweet!!! Super cool mom!!!✊

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    elmzy etis2 jam yang lalu

    Samantha you are sick go to hell with your Dad

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    Joan Morris2 jam yang lalu

    I #wish #joan could get a #voice #over job with #disney R any company, ***** OMG 😪 #prince Harry 💞 his #family so much to #step down & give up all #royalty even #royal Powers, wealth. When a #man 💞 a #woman he is willing to #turn his #back on his #best friends who #puts her #down I hope #meganmarkle Don't #divorce #prince Harry months, years down the road R #ever But!?? Did #meganmarkle have all this planned in the #back of her #mind What if #meganmarkle should #divorce U #prince Harry?? Think #twice please. What will U do 😭#run 🤧😢 back to the #royalfamily, The #Queen & everyone?? 🙏🕊️🙏 Over #both the Duke & Duchess of Sussex royal family. 💞🕊️

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    carole Robinson2 jam yang lalu

    Why is Thomas Markle and his inhumane daughter getting media coverage? To disparage Meghan I guess. And this is why Meghan should stay away from them for good.

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    fatima zara2 jam yang lalu

    This is Diana all over again.

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    Pierre Lecouteur2 jam yang lalu


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    lorna constable2 jam yang lalu

    Whatever position a person is in , and it becomes overwhelming for you, only you know how much it affects your mental health( its abuse) RUN!!!

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    Kiki B2 jam yang lalu


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    Helen Boula2 jam yang lalu

    We all are so glad that Samantha was able to set it straight once again and the public believes her we all know which we have most of us knew from day one that Megan was a f****** liar anyone that could do her father that way was scum-of-the-earth you go back and look at my IDreporter I've said it from day one how's your father you are scum you kick them to the curb she is Relentless she is scum and may God have mercy on her soul. I think maybe now the royal family knows who Meghan really is Harris Harris in a box and he don't know how to get out of it but in time he will and they are being ever so careful because of his mother Diana how she died and Megan is not say she is not in a safe place no matter where she goes and I don't think she's smart enough to even realize this cuz she is such a narcissist may God have mercy on her and I think God again that Samantha was able to set the record straight again like I said now the people that wear the doubting Thomases they know the truth. Megan lights camera action

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    loveth oke2 jam yang lalu

    Jealousy @ its peak...The father is a total disappointment.

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    dani diversão2 jam yang lalu

    Eles nunca comeram cheetos?

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    Eunice González2 jam yang lalu

    Them were so right about Meghan. I'm sure we'll be hearing more of them in the coming days, and others also. I haven't seen her so called friends come to her defense anymore.

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    Renee Reese2 jam yang lalu

    Wow! What an awful family. Thank God Doria's side isnt showing their behinds like the fathers side is!

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    Isa J2 jam yang lalu

    Why are we allowing her step sister a platform. They never had a relationship. Just because they share some DNA does not give samantha any right or say anythingabout her. She does not know Meaghan Markle just because they share blood. Itmeans absolutely nothing and it is incredibly strange that the media is in full kniwledge if this lady's financial struggles and complete irrevelency to Meaghan Markles life and yet continue to give her a platform. It is entirely disrespectful. Relation does not eaual knowledge and does not give anymore weight to ones opinion. At 38 years old Samantha has a collective one or 2 years in total of actual physical time with the duchess of Sussex. Of that time it was during her non cognitive years as a child. Why are we giving this lady any more attention than a fan?? Blood does not give you special knowledge or awareness of someone that litterally does not intetact with you and hasnt for years.

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    Gina Steadman2 jam yang lalu

    Someone needs to put a freaking gag order on this woman and her father. Do they have any idea how hateful they sound? And how incredibly stupid they look acting like this? They are emotionally abusive. So sad. I think they're just ticked off that They're not part of the attention she's getting as part of the royal family. And obviously just plain jealous of meghan in general. And money hungry! I kind of see why they're not silenced by the royals though. Because this women just discredits herself more and more with every appearance. Well done Samantha. 😂 these talk shows need to take a stand on this and ignore them. Its so wrong to allow people to belittle others on their forum. Especially Royals!

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    Truth Hurts2 jam yang lalu

    Access producers you guys are reaching interviewing that low life half sister, that chick has NO relationship with Meghan. Everything she is saying is pure BS. Leave Meghan Alone already.

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    Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots2 jam yang lalu

    You know ... This gets me thinking of the words "We Are Broke" Is usually the same for "No More Kids" word. But, that's for the average poor royals mouths like myself. I make many excuses for unnecessary extracurricular events that shouldn't happen.

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    Scott67942 jam yang lalu

    Leave the girl alone for fucks sake.

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    Reverend Darlene Lindstrom2 jam yang lalu

    Samatha is disgusting ! They have the same dad ! The things she said was like a threat ! 😡

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    Idalina Oliveira2 jam yang lalu

    Samantha I have proof you have been in it institutional mental disorder. They have you on bipolar medication

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    risen user2 jam yang lalu

    Love this video, really well put together :-)

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    Velma Alleyne2 jam yang lalu

    Samantha you are a germ go and mine your own business

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    Mauleen Peart2 jam yang lalu

    This disgraced woman must now shut up! M&H has not a damn thing to apologize for! It was Samantha who packed her belonging waiting for an invitation to Meghan's wedding after trashing her! This jealous sister probably berated her father for marrying a black woman! She let it seems like they were buddy and twinny! Meghan did what I would have done and what most people would have done and that is put family who openly vilifies you straight in the garbage bin of history! Trash it is! What do we all do with trash? We dump it in the dumpsters! Now if anyone wants to recycle trash it's up to them! It's too much of a damn headache to recycle all garbage! Why is she recycling herself? I thought she was in ! abyss

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    Idalina Oliveira2 jam yang lalu

    So proud of you Meghan Markle You left the pedophilia family You up right smart and intelligent with good work ethics So nothing would surprise me you'll be fine wherever you go The royal family scrutinize you sanitize shoe that has not talk about sexism and racism Games on the cover off of prince Andrew the pedophilia They want the people to focus on you and your scandals instead of Prince angel pedophilia People should watch January 20th 2020 alive show. The scandals of Prince angel in the ex-cop to testify about the Royal Family

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    velvey waters2 jam yang lalu

    I wish her and her father would go somewhere and stop trying to get themselves known off of Megan.

  33. author

    mrsmoyster2 jam yang lalu

    been watching this show and this dude was at his bachelor party they had one woman come in who was big and she did a dance for this guy and he enjoyed it everyone did, then they had two exotic dancers come in and this bitch boy actually got offended and left the party just because two sexy women were gonna dance, i think he's a feeder some ppl think o their in love i don't think this guy or the married guy are in love with these women they have a fat fetish and its not cute or sweet, they will leave these woman and leave them heart broken after the show is over

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    chapo2 jam yang lalu


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    Brown skin girl2 jam yang lalu

    Perfect couple

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    Binky Ferrari2 jam yang lalu

    Stop bringing that vile wench. She's a nobody.

  37. author

    jesse selinger2 jam yang lalu

    Guess this guy likes chicks with hairy armpits 🤣 can see why her ex left her twice

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    Jim Jim2 jam yang lalu

    I love Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, but I do not like Chardonnays. Riesling are my favorite.

  39. author

    Jack2 jam yang lalu

    Sharon looks like the same age as jack 😂

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    Margaret Cinelli2 jam yang lalu

    Good luck to Harry and Megan!!!

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    مقاطع تيك توك2 jam yang lalu

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòòooooooooooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭we want fillie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm crying

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    Queen Bloody Mary3 jam yang lalu

    Maybe the fact that the bullying she was under was out of proportion? She wants to do her thing and not just to exist waiting for the British people to accept her..good for her!

  43. author

    chosm tamang3 jam yang lalu

    Blessed you both

  44. author

    Monte Owen3 jam yang lalu

    Seems like Mike Hill likes the camera on RHOA and attention as much as he loves Cynthia.

  45. author

    King3 jam yang lalu

    You need sex with your uncle.. Mmm only one touch to become pregnant

  46. author

    Rosa H3 jam yang lalu

    He is so cool. I’m so happy to know that, as a vegan, I’m in such good company. 😎🌱💪🏼

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    Rebecca Andrade3 jam yang lalu

    Interviewer: it must be hard to have a private life Jin: WOAAH WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!!!

  48. author

    Michael Lanaux3 jam yang lalu

    I love her and her smile

  49. author

    jay jay3 jam yang lalu

    who’s here after watching their new song “what a man gonna do?”.

  50. author

    timothy katana3 jam yang lalu

    She always looks like kloe kadashian

  51. author

    Yasrab Khaliq3 jam yang lalu

    This lady was so rude... It's not funny what I'd it was your family!!

  52. author

    Dina Simoné3 jam yang lalu

    Wow, just watched a clip where she was entirely different to him. Sooo nice and cozy and praising him. Now she suddenly hates him? No self reflection in the process? That is not genuine, thats acting.

  53. author

    sphincter3 jam yang lalu

    She need to be arrested for killing her babi

  54. author

    Asand dy3 jam yang lalu

    Yep I can see Keke and him being a love match

  55. author

    Telle Thomas3 jam yang lalu

    Good luck to them both. #blacklove

  56. author

    the truth hurt3 jam yang lalu

    Cynthia you still getting married in 2020. Congratulations. Let love rain. Send some my way for 2021.

  57. author

    Journey OnYahway3 jam yang lalu

    Kim definitely stole Paris’s whole vibe lmaooo sound & all

  58. author

    Marko Ivanovic3 jam yang lalu

    Arresting celebrities but bot regular people? Fuck the United States Corrupt Police and whoever else is behind this fucking abuse of power and scare tactics.

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    rhythm king4 jam yang lalu

    Vidi sine nemoj da blatis zivotno delo svog oca ,idi radi u pekari

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    liliciel bleu fr4 jam yang lalu

    She is so beautiful And nice to people

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    Anabel Meraki4 jam yang lalu


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    Kisha Nash4 jam yang lalu

    The most gorgeous handsome baby in the palace to cute to live in the palace around them

  63. author

    Kisha Nash4 jam yang lalu

    If his mom was alive she would have being very proud of him he just as his mom in very great an loving ways an action ur mom is shining down an u Harry so handsome

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    mrruud01014 jam yang lalu

    All Meghan acts are fake, in front of the camera's. It's all Narcisme with the message ''look at me how good I am with doing nothing particular at all exept her Pilatus exercises and her stay in a 14 million dollard villa for free''.. Then Sister Ursula, washing paralysed warvictims in Congo for more then 35 years never made a photo of of her.... Just glad there is a God at the end...

  65. author

    Sudha Taneja4 jam yang lalu

    O god , I miss him so much. Michael is only music n music. He is beyond the heights. Only music feels him truly happy . Love him till the end .

  66. author

    Lucy MacIntyre4 jam yang lalu

    If all you people below hate this person so much, that you don't know. Why are you watching this??

  67. author

    Dung Dung4 jam yang lalu

    Why mention on Megan and Harry , they should be talking about her ?

  68. author

    Christopher Tracy4 jam yang lalu

    U can't lie 2 Prince! I can't believe they tried 2 hide that from him. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 He can play 🏀, ask Charlie Murphy.

  69. author

    Victor Peralta4 jam yang lalu

    Bullshit,bullshit, bullshit.

  70. author

    danzer4 jam yang lalu

    She is a very talented actress. You just need to see her work to reach that conclusion. In my experience people are always very quick to assume a woman’s career success is linked to her sexual conduct rather than her talent, with no evidence. And not just in Hollywood, I’ve been in jobs were people were more inclined to explain a woman’s promotion with “she must have slept with her boss” than, she’s actually a good professional or even, she’s deft at office politics. So no, I dislike people jumping to such conclusions with next to no evidence. And then, comments like “she is the kind of person who would sleep with HW”, I mean, arguing about what someone would or would not do with that level of “certainty” just seems baseless.

  71. author

    Pat M.4 jam yang lalu

    I'm proud 🤧

  72. author

    Soso Sanchez4 jam yang lalu

    Let talk about the interviewers Hair 💯💯💯. On Fleek!!!

  73. author


    lol, fuck off. You won't be missed.

  74. author

    Esme du Plessis4 jam yang lalu

    He became different before Archie was born. Sorry this is what she planned from the beginning. They are unhappy with the press so how do they want to understand the press differently.

  75. author

    Renfore Edwards4 jam yang lalu

    Yes she can do BS but NENE can’t.

  76. author

    Shuvai M.4 jam yang lalu

    I feel like real women are slowly becoming extinct, that poor fiance now has to deal with the fact that he proposed to a dude. All these men impersonating women its sad because women keep being disenfranchised. All these men are profiting from looking like women ..... but dont actually carry the burden of being a woman.

  77. author

    Nathalie Dufour4 jam yang lalu

    The media needs to be informed on NPD. PH is an empath, codependant, and (sad ) victim of a covert narcissist.

  78. author

    ns2110theonly5 jam yang lalu

    Access, stop calling the Duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton”. Hasn’t been her name in almost a decade. Just stop.

  79. author

    Boss Shit5 jam yang lalu

    that's wuzup 💯 all Damn Day 💯 🌪️🔥 🔥👍🔥 🔥💣

  80. author

    Andi Close5 jam yang lalu

    Such a dick head. it's obvious the Queen is a diplomat that sentence said separate independent life's. Independent lifestyles

  81. author

    CMAenergy5 jam yang lalu

    Let them pay for their own security We did not ask for this,, Free loaders in the highest order, When you have someone related like Charles who was crowned in Wales and has a filthy statute already resembling the beast power and just needs to be placed on site where the statute speaks of Charles savor of the world and this is all tide into the bible depicting the mark of the beast, along with Charles name being tide to the number 666 in 2 languages ! One must ask how much will this all be related, Let them stay in England.

  82. author

    hive 44445 jam yang lalu

    THÈ QUEEN 😍😍😍😍

  83. author

    Carmelleen Warjri5 jam yang lalu


  84. author

    Love5 jam yang lalu

    I feel like the queen and prince Charles did try to make her feel welcomed. I think the press didn’t give her a chance.

  85. author

    M J5 jam yang lalu

    Says the N word, lies and says she has a dark skinned father, still gets promo from access Hollywood! ‘Merica!

  86. author

    Claudio Coppola5 jam yang lalu

    And this is being recommended to me a decade later because...?

  87. author

    Nadin Madi5 jam yang lalu

    Why though?? That song is dope af...been jamming to this very day.

  88. author

    David Maize5 jam yang lalu

    In shock ? oh bs.

  89. author

    Ingrid D Strudwick5 jam yang lalu

    Why do they keep interviewing these people. What are they mind is ridiculous, they say it believed or it's rumored . They know nothing.

  90. author

    Simply Rose5 jam yang lalu

    They're so lovely together ❤️ my eyes love them 💜💜

  91. author

    Electriclynn5 jam yang lalu

    I have no right to judge another, nor would I want to judge. No one is without faults. The unusual storm of race problems that seems to be emerging world wide is something I hope the Queen Mother lives to see subside. NFL Panthers hired an African coach for Cam & their S American coach was picked up by the NFL Redskins after he was fired. I felt it personally in Chicago last winter and even stronger now in Atlanta. The humpback whales have more humanity than humans do for all species. Glad to see Harry & Markle found a place to feel part of a community. This will be a good environment for little Archie's mental health! Namaste.

  92. author

    Eugena Stevens5 jam yang lalu

    Cynthia Denniston...🤔🤔🤔 Duchess Meghan is always nice...What exactly is the point that you are trying to make?

  93. author

    Stephen Yoho6 jam yang lalu

    Fuck this bitch! She had 20 years where he was set in the same god damn place and SHE had to be the one to come to him and didnt but basically tryna say he a bitch without saying it because he wont come and willingly be attacked on live air? Lol Her reason for not going to see him? (Always preaching how they deserve closure blah blah blah) He said I had to sign a non disclosure agreement so I said no! Because then I would have to use it only for me and my family and how the fuck am I suppose to make some money off that shit? Exactly I can't! And that is my friends her being told to act like it never happened lmao Dumb ass bitches like her crack me up lmao To sign the NDA and be forced to act like a normal human being when they find out information about their dead loves ones is being told to act like it never happened lmao If she cant go on a fucking tour like she's a rockstar as she hits these talk shows, if she cant put it on this *I hope this shit go platinum* Podcast!!! Or if I cant put what that famous ass RB told me in a book or a movie then nope! Not talking to him to hear what happened until he agrees otherwise. That had to be the most selfish shit I've ever heard

  94. author

    GH Z FF sparkle6 jam yang lalu


  95. author

    Eleven 0116 jam yang lalu

    I give them 6 months

  96. author

    Jamie Kirkland6 jam yang lalu

    As much as they are doing a great job, I am sure Steve's dad, who was the original founder by the way would have loved to be a big part of this. That's why I can't put a like on it as he was the first wildlife warrior.

  97. author

    Pat Boertee6 jam yang lalu

    Good for her! Wise woman 👍🏻

  98. author

    Nomzimasi Nyalela6 jam yang lalu

    We support you Meghan 100%

  99. author

    Nomzimasi Nyalela6 jam yang lalu

    We love you Meghan

  100. author

    Deelicious Grapes6 jam yang lalu

    She's 40 years old. Time to stop having kids at this age. Joe will be 50 when the kid is in kindergarten.