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  1. author

    Wendidy Zhang33 menit yang lalu

    the music is just cringy as hell

  2. author

    Seafox39 menit yang lalu

    what the fuck? that last one, still cant get over it

  3. author

    물리 이병숙57 menit yang lalu

    외모 대조 실화냐 ㅋㅋ

  4. author

    Dmitriy SintsovJam Yang lalu


  5. author

    DXMJam Yang lalu

    Korean coaches trying to push the most out of their players, senior coach keeps telling players to play until the very end - very interesting comments made, they shouldn't really televise coaching conversations in my opinion..

  6. author

    RyanWritesHomeJam Yang lalu

    modern day musashi. absolutely masterful

  7. author

    Yongxian Yang2 jam yang lalu

    Is Marin a woman?

  8. author

    Roshvisual Photo3 jam yang lalu

    wkwkwk... kamura jatuh bangun, gagal maning gagal maning son

  9. author

    Joel Wallenius3 jam yang lalu

    All of the Lis! xDD I like this commentator sometimes. The way he swoons over TTY's drop shots is "amazing" :DDD

  10. author

    supranto ortega4 jam yang lalu

    Panjang in durasinya... jossshh

  11. author

    vwq1004 jam yang lalu

    Why do they keep shouting something sounding like pizza? Does it mean something in danish or that’s how victor is pronounced in danish?

  12. author

    Daniel Norberg4 jam yang lalu

    Momota is fantastic!

  13. author

    rama bakti5 jam yang lalu

    Kok ga ada highlights finalnya yaa ganda campuran,tunggal putri Dan ganda putri

  14. author

    Ts On6 jam yang lalu

    Menit 3:09 Mas Hasan ngapain tuh

  15. author

    Buto Bu6 jam yang lalu

    Love u,tai tzu ying

  16. author

    Juangkrik Boss6 jam yang lalu

    Kenek kampung rambutan? Pohan 🤣

  17. author

    Aroma Mild6 jam yang lalu

    Publik china vs the minions 😁 The minions WINER 😘

  18. author

    Dany Hermawan6 jam yang lalu

    When u were momota, live is so easy

  19. author

    Akbar Official7 jam yang lalu


  20. author

    Akbar Official7 jam yang lalu


  21. author

    Rayray8 jam yang lalu

    Well you know what they say: You are your best teacher.

  22. author

    Akbar Official8 jam yang lalu

    Yg dri Jawa timur?

  23. author

    David Phillips8 jam yang lalu

    amazing how these guys have that extra spark that sets them above Alfian/Ard , Kam/Son, Ahsan & Setiawan. SOmetimes I watch Ahsan and Setiawan and it's hard to imagine someone beating them but these guys are just the best simply. But I wish they couls ask some more interesting questions at the end. They always ask the same crappy 3 questions. 1) How does it feel? - Great 2) What's next? - Work hard to play the best we can 3) what do you say to your fans? Thanks.

  24. author

    Sangita Khandual8 jam yang lalu

    Not available in India. Why?!

  25. author

    らてまっちゃ8 jam yang lalu

    アクセルセンのスマッシュ音エグっ しゅぱぁぁぁぁぁん

  26. author

    hindun hendayani8 jam yang lalu

    Aku suka ama md jepng ini terutama kamura , selalu senyum menng kalah.

  27. author

    Prada Sari9 jam yang lalu

    Share part-part yang seru dong 😂

  28. author

    Christian Tan9 jam yang lalu

    I can see the 2nd Marin in the court....

  29. author

    Fathu Pitek10 jam yang lalu

    Rank 1 vs Rank 2 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  30. author

    Siri Angkasuwan10 jam yang lalu

    What rubbish ! Since when that the umpire gets to deny the players to change a new shuttle ? Generally & more practically the players of both sides do, don't they ? On top of that,, more hesitations of the line judges in almost every match ! Go back to the recorded video's dudes !!!

  31. author

    laichun guo10 jam yang lalu


  32. author

    Johnny Chi10 jam yang lalu

    Momota is on the way to become a legend

  33. author

    최대환10 jam yang lalu

    너무 잘 했어요. 코리아 화이팅.

  34. author

    Apriz Rizon11 jam yang lalu

    menang cuma krna kesalahan lawan ga banget

  35. author

    Apriz Rizon11 jam yang lalu

    bakal ketebak bbrpa tahun kedepan zhou meng bakal jadi pemain handal sementara wardani ini paling jadi ayam sayur 🤣🤣

  36. author

    Hailee Jung11 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Aroma Mild11 jam yang lalu

    Itu service judge nya orang mna sih .. masa iya sih pmain pringkat 1 dunia kena fould mulu . Ngaco nih wasit nya parahhh.. kurang paham dia mungkin aturan service nya.. wajar lh mreka protes . Orang mreka pringkat satu dunia . Klo satu dua kli wajar fould. Ini sering banget di fould .. kesel gua liat nya..!!

  38. author

    Nungki VanDermulen11 jam yang lalu

    setidaknya pasangan china ud ketemu Legend ...bisa buat pengalaman.....

  39. author

    AgentJ200711 jam yang lalu

    Possible 10th title for Momota this week.

  40. author

    Siri Angkasuwan11 jam yang lalu

    Morten, heard you mentioned several times of the wind drift in the hall ! Hopefully you people'd do something about it soon, to prevent such annoying cause in the future!!!

  41. author

    Girly Angel12 jam yang lalu

    empinn tiada lawan 😋😋😋

  42. author

    Branch 050112 jam yang lalu

    Good Job Kento Momota

  43. author

    Nandy Muhammad12 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    Dendy Priambodo12 jam yang lalu


  45. author

    Theofilus Lopulalan12 jam yang lalu

    I'm still waiting for DANISA Denmark Open final highlight from mix double

  46. author

    Pavel Hristov12 jam yang lalu

    This MCDONALD'S employee is quite good! 😁😁

  47. author

    trii nyooot13 jam yang lalu

    Smash praveen Kalo gak nyangkut inii hasilnya mengerikan kerasnyaaaa

  48. author

    Raj Ray13 jam yang lalu

    Marin is the most complete player today. The no 1 .

  49. author

    Aniz Tanu black13 jam yang lalu

    Mantap. Awal mulah menuju peringkat 1 dunia

  50. author

    Truy Phong13 jam yang lalu

    Đẳng cấp số 1 TG có khác, sec 1 nhả thua chú Minh cũng chỉ là chiến thuật ... Sec 3 đánh thể lực vẫn sung mãn, chú Minh thể lực cũng bị giảm nhiều rồi ...

  51. author

    Jo Ko13 jam yang lalu

    Melati makin semok aja

  52. author

    tobias13 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    日西ディエゴ14 jam yang lalu

    Stop saying mamota please

  54. author

    hsnffh14 jam yang lalu

    Pake vpn apanii

  55. author

    Tran Donnie14 jam yang lalu

    17:00 man, that was hilarious expression :)))))))))

  56. author

    캐논장의 드론 풍경14 jam yang lalu

    Unbelievable Korea team

  57. author

    lianna sholichah14 jam yang lalu

    Semoga Indonesia bisa juara umum lagi kaya di Denmark open kmrn

  58. author

    daviswonghongkong14 jam yang lalu

    Her fake action is crazy,might even better than Lin Dan lol

  59. author

    Abyan Sf14 jam yang lalu

    Gimana cara nontonnya

  60. author

    โคซัง ยุน14 jam yang lalu

    Love all indonesia good game well play

  61. author

    Takis Sam kulinery14 jam yang lalu

    Semoga all indonesian final lagi d MD... Amiiin

  62. author

    austin santoso15 jam yang lalu

    celana ori minions beli di mana yaa....? Apa di Cipayung..?

  63. author

    Farid Musbah15 jam yang lalu

    New and Old's ❤

  64. author

    Winardi chenel Win15 jam yang lalu

    Akhirnya ucok dapet pelukan dari meli .gtu cok juara terus biar Banyak pelukan si meli hmmm

  65. author

    Ilaq Shinichi20115 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    totalChris15 jam yang lalu

    This is epic! I was getting myself ready for bed and thought some badminton may help me sleep better. Boom! Watched for an hour and my heart is racing. I may just go watch the whole series.

  67. author

    didi yyy15 jam yang lalu

    China,japan,denmark tanpa gelar md d negara nya sendiri,apa kalian berempat gak kasian,hahaha

  68. author

    Clamond Chiah16 jam yang lalu

    14:25 the umpire is perfectly good.

  69. author

    Lucky Abady16 jam yang lalu

    Hanya ginting yg bisa ngalain kemot

  70. author

    Rudolf Hitler16 jam yang lalu

    Remember, in 2016 kento went to garut west java, just to chat and coaching clinic, thats when he start to understand and start become the king. Greeting from king garut, kento!!

  71. author

    Prince Karna16 jam yang lalu

    Melati so sexy and goddess, she defence control really smooth

  72. author

    Maurice C16 jam yang lalu

    Even after BWF inserted a very clear disclaimer in the video description people still do not get it... If you can't watch it, it means the broadcasting rights has been sold to a broadcaster in your country... Which is good news as it mean more revenue for the tournament and players...

  73. author

    Ali Cengngel16 jam yang lalu

    Jonatan yg dapad penghargaan raket dr taufiq smg sukses km joooo

  74. author

    Jake Costas16 jam yang lalu

    Commentators love C long lol

  75. author

    dave costadine16 jam yang lalu

    ngga bosan bosan nonton bagian ini

  76. author

    Micheal 9817 jam yang lalu

    Aya sangu

  77. author

    Willson Cahyadi17 jam yang lalu

    ณภา หรด ุ เกล

  78. author

    Willson Cahyadi17 jam yang lalu

  79. author

    Hermant Wae Syah17 jam yang lalu

    What a final smash 😱😤 ... Gill n Morten 😍😍

  80. author

    tino kamkam17 jam yang lalu

    entah apa yang merasuki KEMOT.. kog semua bisa dijangkau, arah bola seolah bisa ditebak, cuma GINTING yang bisa kasih perlawanan, tapi sayang ginting belum beruntung

  81. author

    Kim Soo Jung17 jam yang lalu

    you know when both Kevin and Marcus play their best form, it's not exciting gets scary, too fast and furious... like what they did in China Open's semifinal to Alfian/Ardianto...

  82. author

    turtle luu17 jam yang lalu

    Semangat indonesia tahun lalu tanpa gelar semoga tahun ini bisa lebih dr satu gelar

  83. author

    MELER JUN17 jam yang lalu

    Please no vpn , commen discable 🙏bwf😘🇮🇩

  84. author

    alif mulyorejo17 jam yang lalu

    Semoga disini keberuntungan nya Fitriani untuk juara

  85. author

    Kim Soo Jung17 jam yang lalu

    31:24 Morten : he (kevin) is so fantastic to watch Gill : isn't he ? Morten : he's exciting, he's creating so many situations that is unbelieveable. You can't help but smiling of it. look at that !!! Gill : YEAH HAHAHAHAHA. i mean, i love watching the daddies as well, Ahsan & Setiawan bcs of their wonderful control and their court awareness but, yeah there's something about Sukamuljo. I JUST GET TAKEN TO HIM :)

  86. author

    andy firnand17 jam yang lalu

    weird.... when praven thrown his racket, it suddenly disapeared

  87. author

    Mey Rosalina Siregar17 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    Ayu Dia17 jam yang lalu

    Minion memang hebat,,, tp kalo di BWF dadies lah juara nya... Moga taon depan minion bisa ampe ke final.. Ngk tumbang d ronde awal

  89. author

    Masmin Betalino17 jam yang lalu

    Berharap XD Bisa juara

  90. author

    T Kg18 jam yang lalu

    桃田が最強なだけで、チェンロンもいいプレイしてるよな。ラリーの質自体がめちゃくちゃ高い、点差は離れるけど。 You know, l think not only Kento is the best ,but also Chenlong is good.This match’s rally is a very high quality despite the difference of last score. So I want you to be proud of this game.

  91. author

    Aditya Syahroni18 jam yang lalu

    wenny sebetulnya bagus cuma tontowi terlalu egois..... belum percaya sama wenny

  92. author

    Deni Kurniawan18 jam yang lalu

    Everything can't believed by Oma Gill ...

  93. author

    Muhammad Arif Pratama18 jam yang lalu

    why live streaming is unavailabale in Indonesian Country??? meanwhile mostly Badminton's fans come from Indonesia, you have to think about it, if you wnat to make this channel more famous than before, thanks.

  94. author

    Benny Rusli18 jam yang lalu

    Semoga ada 2 nomor yg all INDONESIA final😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  95. author

    sasa ro18 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    Billy Li18 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    nasbir aziiz18 jam yang lalu


  98. author

    ndoko official18 jam yang lalu

    First like

  99. author

    Patipon Vantamad18 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    Fitra Riyan18 jam yang lalu

    Coach naga api