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    craig Healey20 jam yang lalu

    LOL the 3rd

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    Adrian Lumibao21 jam yang lalu


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    Toya Roberts21 jam yang lalu

    Yes ghost

  4. author

    José Flores21 jam yang lalu

    How 😮🤐😯😟

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    John Schmidt21 jam yang lalu

    Tou shuld do a video on wildwood nj grate White

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    future by nature22 jam yang lalu

    Never liked the rides at Six Flags

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    Ashly Gryder22 jam yang lalu


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    Melissa Burdeals22 jam yang lalu

    That’s porn not homework

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    xZoid22 jam yang lalu

    I have iPhone x

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    Rachel Cartwright22 jam yang lalu

    I agree Ronald Ochoa! O_O Like if u agree 👇🏻

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    Chris Pap23 jam yang lalu

    That slingshot ride looked amazing, dude you asked who would ever ride a roller coaster...have you ever been on a plane, probably a better chance of tragedy on a plane. I actually am terrified of flying, I haven’t had a reason to since the early 90’s, I would fly if need be, but any vacation I have taken recently is driveable I have however have been on plenty of roller I say a quick prayer before the ride starts...YUP, but they are a blast...

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    Max B23 jam yang lalu


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    Onionhead 200223 jam yang lalu

    I got in trouble because I drink soda In the morning

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    twinskyalsin latt23 jam yang lalu

    My brother drop his phone but luck didnt break

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    Holly HarrisHari Yang lalu


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    mr fruitHari Yang lalu

    I was attacked by a shark it was scary I didn't know if i was going to live

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    Jesse BarianHari Yang lalu


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    Landen WilliamsHari Yang lalu


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    Linley KochHari Yang lalu

    I got bit by a shark

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    SilverPgmGamerHari Yang lalu

    3:34, do you even read the description??? It's all an act

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    BLAKE JOHNSONHari Yang lalu

    The 1 where he flings off the slide lol

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    Ava the kawaii panda bearHari Yang lalu

    What music is this in this video? Cause I kinda like it

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    Shadu ShaduHari Yang lalu

    # ghosts 😎😎😄😄

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    plainjosh124 yHari Yang lalu

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    Keavia BrownHari Yang lalu

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    The samuri Alianderp293Hari Yang lalu

    I make it rain I make in rain in the snow

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    Jamie HayesHari Yang lalu

    I use the Samsung Galaxy S4

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    feng daiHari Yang lalu

    i mean like sure but how REAL the creepyness is and HOW real it is?

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    FunnyChriz ChungasHari Yang lalu

    I skipped school by fake throwing up oat meal

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    X_BRONX_ FLVMED_UP_XHari Yang lalu

    Why destroy a good ride for a stupid mall thats dumb find somewhere else to put it the samething with astro world the theme park like the people really need a mall or stadium when there's a bunch of others already available

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    Jessica HHari Yang lalu

    Doll:*turns head* Girl:AHHH *throws Doll:I was just saying hi

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    Jessica HHari Yang lalu

    I watched the 1st one so creepy

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    Taylor HillHari Yang lalu

    What the what that so crazy 😮

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    Kacey SimonHari Yang lalu

    I was going to subscribe, but your commentary last longer than the videos. You do not have to explain to us what’s going on from beginning to end. We can figure it out.

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    Black WolfHari Yang lalu

    "I only got 50 bucks!"? Ungrateful brat.

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    D's gamingHari Yang lalu


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    Lisa DeascentiHari Yang lalu

    My dad found a prop car about a foot in size that was actually used in one of Michael Jackson's videos in the '80s! He found it at a garage sale and bought it for $5! He turned around and sold it for $3000 on eBay a few years later....probably was worth far more than that!

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    Matorix 003Hari Yang lalu

    Nr 2 is soooooo funny for me because I had the same case for my galaxy j1 He thinks his case can resist the hammer But the case is just to prevent fall damage from low heights and scratches It can’t resist theory of a hammer It’s some fake leather on the outside or something

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    Wolf GamingHari Yang lalu


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    Luka BroseHari Yang lalu


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    F*CK QUEBECHari Yang lalu

    1:47. Honestly I can see why the sketch helped! It looked almost identical!! Good job! 😀👍😄😄

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    Anthony HernandezHari Yang lalu

    B Br BRU Br B

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    Kate HallHari Yang lalu

    Someone stole my Halloween decorations

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    Brayden LeutzHari Yang lalu

    I’ll to the worst prank

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    Aeralyn FetterHari Yang lalu

    You said 5 then 3

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    LONEWOLF9701Hari Yang lalu

    Im greatful that i wassent spoiled when I was younger

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    Fortnite ForknifeHari Yang lalu

    😐 idk

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    Fortnite ForknifeHari Yang lalu


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    Jonathan MercuryHari Yang lalu

    Well playing call of duty does not make you a soldier

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    Kelly DavisHari Yang lalu

    Defamation is a big issue to the OP. People who worked at Action Park were not drunk nor on drugs. The wave pool was kept open because the deaths had nothing to do with the dangers but the stupidity of the guests. Most were from the inner city who could not swim. Guards were constantly pulling out non swimmers. If they kept going back in and drowned then Darwinism. You need to change your lousy commentary. Remember you’re liable for your words

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    Andrew LowesHari Yang lalu

    A kid getting there arm ripped off

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    Rias GremoryHari Yang lalu

    1:27 fuckin fatass

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    Yeet boysHari Yang lalu

    Top 10 most clickbate roller coasters

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    XxNickXxHari Yang lalu

    When prison is better than home:

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    Mom NonHari Yang lalu

    Number 10 was my favorite considering I’ve ridden it over 20 times

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    Mom NonHari Yang lalu


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    Diego OrdoñezHari Yang lalu

    I've been in six flags

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    Everyday TVHari Yang lalu

    25 most dangerous roller Coasters in world 2020,

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    Shalini JanadikaHari Yang lalu

    Try this :

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    Not FunkyHari Yang lalu

    6:11 Can someone explain to me how bouncing a skewer on your leg is innocent?

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    Jayden GrierHari Yang lalu


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    Noob Gamer17Hari Yang lalu


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    Tessy D.Hari Yang lalu

    go back to school and learn to see the difference between a flamingo and a red ibis damn .

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    Xx_Jaylah_Baka_xXHari Yang lalu

    Reason #728376272883837362 why I don’t want kids

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    Dominick SpearsHari Yang lalu


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    MoonbainHari Yang lalu


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    Marcelo Arredondo OrdazHari Yang lalu

    I got in trubel for not bringing my homeworck home

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    Jessica MHari Yang lalu

    I have been to the Six Flags

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    Yasmeen UHari Yang lalu

    I was spoiled too but I wa

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    GMan & MomHari Yang lalu

    If number 5 ever stops being a prison they can turn it into a hotel

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    Alex JayHari Yang lalu

    So the magician slams his own hand on the empty bag...and slams her hand down on the one with the spike 😂😂.. nice trick Buddy!!! lmao

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    Reza AdventuresHari Yang lalu

    Hi. it's good video Same one can help me and subscribe my IDreporter channel ?!

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    Alex JayHari Yang lalu

    When the magician slammed his hand on the first bag, you can hear the metal contraction drop to the ground when he tossed the "bag".....I don't understand how the spike was still there in the second bag😂😂😂

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    Heather WheatleyHari Yang lalu


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    sam KoppHari Yang lalu

    Toxic Elixer I agree

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    gja 111075Hari Yang lalu

    Top 5 get rid of your idiotic narrators

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    ꧁DeMoNZYTs Gamingツ꧂Hari Yang lalu

    Rip phones 1 like = new phone

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    Aprils PaperHari Yang lalu

    Smack the crap out of out of him

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    Logan's Learning Channel 2017Hari Yang lalu


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    TheSoul903Hari Yang lalu

    Like Netflix always says, don't f*ck with cats.

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    Alyanah Jane BuenaflorHari Yang lalu


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    Dan MalcolmHari Yang lalu

    This guy. Is why is Aussies Call some Americans Seppos

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    Ege SivginHari Yang lalu

    i was recording my mm was no so mad a bit normal

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    Baby SHari Yang lalu

    15, $100 bills is $1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars), not $15,000.00 (fifteen thousand dollars).

  85. author

    Baby SHari Yang lalu

    When you watch the Turbo Tax commercial thinking its apart of the

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    purplepassion1Hari Yang lalu

    Did the female on #3 survive ,since her seatbelt snapped and flew off

  87. author

    Abel OdiverHari Yang lalu

    Me watching this 5:22 rip kid

  88. author

    TheFirstMateFoxyShowHari Yang lalu

    When I was watching Sara Kate’s live stream, my eyes were burning.

  89. author

    Gabriel PeredaHari Yang lalu

    The kid that wanted to stay home sounds like he DOESN’T want to stay home. Instead of him sounding like he’s saying “now” it comes out with “no”

  90. author

    My name is banana Man #2Hari Yang lalu

    I was mad when I saw rice gum

  91. author

    So Many Humans, So Little Common SenseHari Yang lalu

    #1) It was Harding's EX husband. #2) It even made it into a Weird Al Yankovic video. LOL

  92. author

    Mikron20Hari Yang lalu

    "...Especially flamingos" THAT IS AN IBIS...a pink ibis BUT AN IBIS!!!

  93. author

    Joseph E. GarciaHari Yang lalu

    8:23 does it even matter what type we are I mean without Martin Luther king jr. my mom and dad couldn’t be together

  94. author

    XBT AliHari Yang lalu

    Im in 2020 but if u are in 2021 like

  95. author

    Travis ShowHari Yang lalu

    5:11 I'm dead!!!

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    Bryce StaplesHari Yang lalu

    I got an iPhone 6s

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    Kaden PerezHari Yang lalu

    Wait so u said that at 10k likes we would get a pancake but u got 100k likes and u didn’t give me a pancake gimme 10 pankakes

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    SpIlLiNg TeAHari Yang lalu


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    Aarya GharatHari Yang lalu

    When a cheap get a car this cheap the eat that this all they would some brain not a car it good for their in the vedio not parants wants good thing from you but the have the cheap wing enjoy cheap all

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    DidIEatUrCookiesHari Yang lalu

    6:31 that guy got a death sentence maybe they hung him or any other prison death activities but the point is he can stick up a middle finger or smile all he wants but he won't be smiling when he's the next world